Sunday, November 30, 2008

777...The Mother :)

We have made it to the end of my 777 series...Have you had enough, um, I mean, aren't you so glad you learned a little more about me?

I'd like to close this epic story of my life with the woman who made it all happen (with donation from my father of course.)



1. Of all your daughters who is your favorite?

I love all my daughters equally. (What a trick question) The three of you talk to each other so my answer is all three are my favorites.

***Again, this WAS a trick question, so good job Mom....and don't worry. I won't tell them you told me last night I was your absolute favorite. Your secret is safe with me!

2. Do you think I'll ever be able to cook?


***Yes, everyone. I SUCK at cooking. I'm gonna tell you why. I have no patience. I'm an instant gratifier kind of gal. But, yes,I'm working on that.

I, too, will be someone to make Food Network smile and yell, she's our next star! (MOM, stop laughing, your hurting my feelings.)

3. Why was teaching me to drive so dramatic for you?

I was not brave.

***Ok, I'll admit. If I were teaching ME, 17 years ago, I would be scared out of my mind.

4. When I played for your women's soccer team, did you expect such a superstar?

:)) I knew you could kick ass.

***I only toot my own horn because if I even attempted to put these feet on the field, the Wahhhbulance would have to come get me. I'm a tired ol' hag now and just wanted to remind myself I can kick some bute. Thanks Mom!

5. What is your most favorite memory of moi?

Being with you when you got married and being with you when you had Maddie.

***Tearfully, I tell you thanks. For handling my stress with dignity and not murder, for wiping my tears with tissue and not the green scrubbie, and for listening when both ears, and not turning UP the volume on the TV. :)

6. When you look at your first born granddaughter and then your first born daughter, what goes through your mind?

She is a clone of you.

***So by that you mean absolutely gorgeous, brilliant, smart, witty...gosh Mom, you are too much! Stop it! No, come on, stop it!

7. As I went through such a drama queen labor with your granddaughter, what do you remember the MOST about that evening?

You saying that you could not do it anymore and then the way that you took a deep breath and decided to get it over with...Like, "Let's do it"

***I won't lie. That was the worst pain I'd ever been through...but like all mothers say...instantly went away when I saw here. It's funny how you can have an internal temper tantrum though. If you guys could have been there in my brain, it would have been a prequel to me and the little one....Me slamming doors saying, I DON"T WANT TO DO THIS....or NO, NO, NO...or WHY, WHY.


Thanks again to my mother for putting up with my crazy antics...(even now)..., for cooking me and my family dinner when I couldn't put them through the torture, for watching the kid when Mama & Dada needed to take a movie break, and for just....EVERYTHING!

Thanks to the rest of the 7 man crew for helping out....

I have to say, something possessed me the other day and my BOSS actually read this blog, he laughed while I paced outside my office, waiting for him to fire me, or just stare at me like a freak. Hehe, thanks again, if your reading this and letting me keep my job. Remember I just do this at home...(wink)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

777. My FLS

Well, I decided to go next door for this interview.....and when I mean next door, I mean over to my FLS's blog today.

We've gone looking for heavy parkas and snow I don't wear this commonly in Hawaii. I mean could you have picked a colder place Sis? :)

Hope you enjoy todays 777!

Knock, Knock....:)

***For some reason this did not post yesterday in conjunction with my sis's here we really go...:)

Friday, November 28, 2008

777...The pain in my behind...I mean Hubby

Well of course I would interview my Hubby.

I'm warning you that he is a man of few words. So few words that I'm sure I talk because the silence in the air bothers my positive aura...ok,I'll shut it :)

The HUBBY....

1. How did we meet? And how long had you been stalking me?

The Shack. And you were stalking me.

***First of all HONEY, we met because we were roomies. And why does EVERYONE say I, ME, stalk them?

2. If you could compare our parenting skills to action figures what would we be?

G.I JOE and Catwoman

***Mmm, interesting choices. I see the GI JOE thing, but not sure the characteristics that make up Catwoman...O wait, she's HOT and takes matters into her own hands. I get it.

3. What does December 17, 2005 represent for you?

The beginning of the end.

***If I were drinking milk it would have come out my nose. MEN, they are sooooo drama! (wink, wink at ya baby)

4. During the birth of our daughter what is the most memorable part of that day?

When the nurse said the epidural seized to work and you still had at least an hour more of labor.

***I don't recall much after the 2nd or 3rd time screaming for my refill. Or was that BFF screaming for the refill?

5. If we could be stuck anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Anywhere in Switzerland.

***Um, cause it's COLD? Or cause they have great chocolate? You couldn't pick Bora Bora in a shack on the water with de lovely island people serving us cocktails with flowers in them? ((sigh, must I go with my BFF or sisters?))

6. What's one thing most people DON'T know about me?

Cleanliness is not at the top of your list.

***Geesh, I was hoping for something like... Mother Teresa got nothing on my wife, or Oprah if you only knew how much my wife should be at MY FAVORITE THINGS day, or Buddha maybe your not the only Enlightened One...I mean, could that have HURT you?

7. What's a character trait of mine that drives you kooky?

Snorting when your sinuses are blocked

***Snort, snort...O sorry, what?


That was THE love of my life folks. Who I come home to EVERYDAY. Who looks at me in disbelief and stares at his ring to make sure we really did make it official when we have our "rough" days. The peanut to my jelly, the knee to my Fun, and the sane to my in. You and our Lil Rambler (and woof Barker Rambler) are my heart and soul. Thank you for all you do.

For the others if you missed em, see the sidebar for the series and pick your pick :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

777...The LBS (the bay bay of the pack)

777 Day 4.

Turkey Day. Happy Gobble everyone! Yes I am dedicated. Even on such a day....I find time...because Nablopomo, you've got me committed until Dec. 1...the countdown is on.

If you haven't seen my other 777's they are just a click away....My boss, My BFF, and My Kids.

What can I say about this next person?

I was a little scared to ask her. She's like 10 years younger, rolls her eyes at me (she's doing it now, I can feel it), stares at me like I am the biggest moron ever to hit her planet...(yes, because we all live there and not HERE).

The one, the only....My little baby sister (LBS)

I kid. (kinda). I can't thank her enough for all she's done for me.


1. If I were a superhero, what would my name be?

You know the first name that popped up takes me back to my new home town. Well sort of. I would dub you Spaz the super freaker outer. You can still put a big S on your shirt, and no one will know the difference. Lil Rambler can hang onto your back like your cape!

**LOL. Just because I've been prone to overreact a little tiny bit, doesn't mean....OMG? What? the coffee grinds have spilt on the ground? I'm on it.....(insert superhero Mighty Mouse music) Here I come to save the day.....

2. Who's your favorite sister? And why?

Now that's a set up if I ever read one! I love both my sisters equally and differently. Oh and I would base it on whoever irritated me last. As of right now, its the season of Thanksgiving so I just have to be thankful that I get two Older sisters who like to be like my mother sometimes and like those crazy friends you like to get drunk with and sit back and watch them.

**Good answer....this was just a test. And ONLY a test. Got it FLS?!

3. What drives you crazy about me?

It drives me crazy when we go to Disneyland and you practically beg me to wear the same shirt but yet shun all my choices. With the exception of the one we actually picked. Hey it's not my fault I have better taste than you...Love you!

**To clarify! MY 1000 pound boobies could NOT fit into the cutesy teeny weeny girl fitted shirts you chose. I would have LOVED to, but I could not afford to have Disney PoPo kick me out for showing the belly button. Not because it's the style, but because the damn shirt would have been to small for my belly! (Get in my back, I want me my baby back, baby back ribs)

If we were both cars, what would we be?

I think you would be a Chevy Uplander which is a van that is safe and can hold alot.

***WHAT THE HELL does that mean? HOLD ALOT....are you calling me FAT! Your going down sistah!

I would be Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. It's an extremely fast SUV that can go into uncharted territory.

***Yeah, who cares...I'm telling mom you called me FAT! What? I don't care if I'm 33. I'm still telling!

5. Describe my mothering skills.

mmmm. That's a hard one. You love to see her happy and will do anything for her. You transformed your life so that it revolves around her. She really is mini you, which means more than likely she adores you more than anyone....except her favorite Aunty LBS. OF COURSE!

**Sniffle, tear...alright. I take it back. I'm not calling mom....yet! But if you call me big boned's on, like donkey kong! Got it?

6. What funny do we have in common? Why?

You should know the answer to this, but I will answer it for the readers anyway. We are addicted to the show THE OFFICE. I wanna say it's only Steve Carrell but its the whole damn cast. Especially Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight. This is the best clip from one of our favorite episodes.

***I'm not gonna lie. We both almost peed our pants. You have to watch the whole episode to appreciate it's entirety...OMG, great pick sis, great pick!

7. Talk about our first turkey experience.

You know I don't remember much except for....

"You do it"...
"No YOU do it"...
"EWWW, what is that?"
"Should we call Mom....again?"

Well everyone, that was my Turkey injection for Thanksgiving. I really am GRATEFUL to all that I have met on this thing we call Blog. I am blessed to have opened my eyes to a little bit bigger of the world I live in.

To my LBS....I love ya...No, I LOVE you, no no I LOVE YOU! (insert hand signals making a fake heart over my real heart and points at LBS)

Until tomorrow.....Just 3 more days of my fascinating people....and me!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

777....The Kids!

Day Three of my 777 series. If you've missed my ground breaking heart wrenching questions with power for my boss or my BFF, don't forget to check them out!

Kids! Hey, over here! Hellloooo.....

Mama has picked you two for a special...HELLLLLOOOOO!!!!

Well, don't look too interested in this....

There is Woof Barker Rambler. He came first. 2 years later his less hairy sister Lil Rambler came along. This is their story. About me. In crayons and cookie crumbs. They are sooo creative. And of course I've had to translate.


1. So, lil Rambler, how do you feel about being sprung from the loins of such a woman?

Um, why yes that is a pretty necklace, but aren't you going to give us a tear to the eye story of how much your mother went through the day of your birth?

How Mommy couldn't have fathomed the actual labor pain compared to the Braxton Hicks pain? How your Nana made it to the hospital with Papa before we did. Or when Mommy beggggggged the check in nurse to administer the epidural and reminded them that Mommy's doctor said she could have it? Or how upset she got when BLS, Nana, Daddy got McDonald's and ate in front of us?? Remember, Mommy hadn't eaten for 10 hours...Remember? Or when when push came to shove, when you were ready to pop out and Mommy's doctor to distract me, while they put the final touches in place for your complete entry into this world, said look at your daughter, she's coming and Mommy said....PULL HER OUT, PULL HER OUT, SHE HURTS, OH MY GOD, M'F-er! And then Nana asked BFF what M'fer meant? Remember?

Fine! I guess no one will ever know.

2. What is Mama Ramblers favorite time of the day?

In the morning. I know it is! Mom is always soooo much fun. She pretends she's still sleeping, so our game is I hit her face (sometimes soft, sometimes hard, when she's really pretending). AND then I say her name as many times as I can. Then Woof Barker joins in and barks at her face too. She says whoever says it the loudest and wakes her up, gets breakfast! Yeah!!!!

Woof, woof, woofie, woof.

3. What were some of your first words? How did Mama react?

I'm confused if it was Mama or Dada BUT I know my second words were....are you ready?

Oh S-it!

Mama yelled at Dada for such a long time. I don't know what the big deal was. I was just saying Washit like Mama thought. Big people are so complicated sometimes!

Woof, Woof, Woofie, Washit, Woof....

What is Mama Ramblers first memorable memory?

When Mama first went back to work, her boss was very nice and let me come with her for an hour until Dada could pick me up. Right before we were leaving, and Mama still didn't have a routine with getting me, the diaper bag, the movable car seat, her purse, my food in taker machine (the breast milk pump) and we were in a panic. Well, actually mama was, I just sat in my bouncy chair.

Right when Mama picked me up she made a face. She's so funny. I heard her say..."Oh, lil Rambler, poo. EVERYWHERE." I thought I felt something warm all over. It took a lot of wipe-ys and a mini bath, before we could get to the car. When Mama came home that night I heard her tell Dada she could smell poo everywhere last night. She told Dada the smell got stuck in her nose. Silly mama, my poo can't be stuck in your nose!!!!

5. Who's stronger? Mama or Dada?
Well, Dada fixes the car, Mama fixes me my ice cream. Dada, takes the trash out, Mama makes dinner. Dada goes to sleep with me at night while Mama is at work, Mama gets up with me even when she gets home really late from work.....mmmmmm, I think Mama.
MAAAMMAAAA, was that the right answer?

6. Describe Mama in ONE word?

Wickedawesome. (Mama said if I don't put a space in it, it's one word?)

7. If Mama were an ice cream flavor what would you think she'd be?

Mama would be Orange-Raspberry-Pineapple Sherbert (or you fancy people call it Sorbet). This is my current frozen yum yum of choice. It looks like regular plain ice cream, but once you get into it, it's soooo much more!


Well end of Day 3...thank you to any that have read me this far. We here at Rambler, Inc. applaud you!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

777...My BFF

Hi bloggy folks. Here we are in our 2nd day of my fabulous 777 series. If you didn't catch my first one, check it out. I think you'll enjoy today's person. She and I have been in each other's lives for tooo long...:) Well, she's one of my oldest friends. So of course I'd figure she'd know something about me to share with you! Enjoy.

My BFF...she's all kinds of funny! Thank you Miss A! (wink)

1. How'd you two meet? Was it friend at first sight?

We met our freshman year in college-we were partners in the lowest math possible-than she left me for another girl. True story.

I beg to differ!.....It was for another boy.

2. Has she grown since you've met?

OMG, with grace and with some stories to share!

**Whew, I was sure she was going to say in waist size too :) Thanks for my fluffy name...Heart you!

3. What drives you crazy in love with her? Why are you so obsessed with being her friend?

Her hair. And her unwavering loyalty. And really, she's obsessed with me!

**Damn! she must have seen my BFF shrine when she was over here last!

4. If you were listening to the radio, what song makes you think of her?

The Divinyls. I Touch Myself....snicker snicker.

**LOOONGGG story and involves a car and OLLLDDD boyfriends. And serious, you'd have to have been there in the car! What car? See, told you, you'd have to have been there!

5. If she were in a fashion magazine, what would the title be?

{I Bought it at} Ross

**Hey, whadda want from me? I'm a complete fashion victim....O, Tim Dunn, pick me pick me for your next show...I LOVE YOU!

6. If she were a character in Sex In the City, who would she be?

If I had to pick ONE...."One of Carries most loyal friends is Stanford Blatch, her gay galpal and confidante. Whenever Carrie needs advice or a stand in for a canceled date, Stanford is always there for her"

***OMG, that's so much better than being one of the girls!!!!! (also, for clarification, I am a woman :)

7. If we were both stuck on a deserted island, and could have one thing, what would it be?

It would be food, but if we had food, then filtered water with a twist, and if we had water-probably a dictionary or maybe a pair of dice (um, what is the plural of dice? Die? Die on the deserted island? Great!) Oh, did you say desserted island or a deserted island? Because if it was a dessert instead of a desert, it would be spoons!

**This is why I am in touch myself Stanford Blatch Ross buying love with this woman!

Thank you to Miss A for taking the time out to answer some quality research type biographical questions (thought of by me)! Every girls needs a BFF like this. One you can come home drunk late to your mothers house, and continuously shout about how quiet we both are! One that rode buses with you when no one else would....not the short bus, but that's up for appeal now. And one that would drop heaven and earth to be there for you. Muah I love ya!

Tune in tomorrow....Who's next you ask, again? Come back and see....

Monday, November 24, 2008

7 days, 7 fascinating (to me) people, 7 questions

I've been inspired by the number 7 since reading Shorty's post! And added my own twist to it.

Yes, that's right, for the next 7 days you will be reading post from 7 different important people in my life, and they will be answering 7 questions about....ME!

Rambler? How can that possibly be interesting?

Well, if you've read my past stuff, I find the funny! (I might embellish a little but for the most part everything will be true.)

So today for you folks....

My Boss

1. How long have you known the Rambler?

Too Long! Going on 10 years! But she's been here at this place since the beginning of time. Ok, more like 13 years.

2. What does the Rambler do for you?

She drives me crazy. I've been currently residing at a mental facility doing all the financials from my private room. She's worked that into our budget somehow. She's been promoted (forcibly by knife point) to being my #2 of our (I mean MY) restaurant)! We used to be friends?

3. If you could give her an award for anything in the world, what would it be?

The Your-Going-To-Put-Me-In-My-Grave-Early Award. I try to save money, but she spends it. (she says you have to spend a little to make a little). She's all about the the coaching and training, (eh, they'll learn on their own). She's into doing outings to boost morale, (I say, do your job and you'll HAVE a job!)

4. If she were a dish in your restaurant, what would she be?

The spicy Thai chicken sandwich. It's main infrastructure is chicken, a good strong foundation of protein. The pita bread we use is not the traditional sandwich bread which makes it not typical but unique, add a little spicy sauce and you've got quite a Saucy meal...(wink, wink, that's for you Saucy SITSa's)

5. If the place were on fire, would you feel she could take control?

Imagine the grand Marshall with the voice box, barking orders, her yelling "NO one's going down on MY watch...MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!" She did that once when we had a little spark from the bad outlet.

6. When dealing with international clients, are you confident leaving her to handle them?

She's been known to use a massive amount of hand signals. I guess from having a child, they've grown to be championship potential. Also, her talent for being try-lingual...Japanese, (as it's mandatory here in Hawaii for high school) and her fathers teachings of Spanish. She tells us if you just add O to the end of every word, your IN like FLINN! We-o would-o be-o lost-o without-o her-o! Ahhh, she taught us well!

7. Would you say she's worth what you pay her?

Well, I believe my payroll stopped processing her check a while ago. She just keeps showing back up. I would turn a corner and she would be right there. This is what I keep talking about in my therapy sessions...O, hey there Rambler, you always seem to pop up...what, haha, noooo, not talking about you...what, your buying new coolers for the kitchen....haha, no I'll find money somewhere....

And THAT was my boss! Obviously I had to ad lib for him as if he ever knew I did this blog, he'd ask when I had the time to do my job! No, boss, not on your time. Yes, boss, I sacrifice sleep and peace of mind to do this.

Tune in tomorrow for my next interview....mmmm, who could it be?

Guess you'll have to wait and see. ;)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Bababoring Waahtahs...

Reporting live from the living room, (slightly dirty, I mean how dirty can a 2 year old REALLY inflict on a house?), of the Rambler!....

Rambler told the blogging world yesterday she had the secret of all secrets to spill, that lives were gonna change, that people would never forget where they were today once they hear what the Rambler has to reveal.

Babs Waahtahs: Sooo, Rambler, you look tired? Has this secret been eating you up inside?

Me: What? (insert sigh) Baba, I work long hours, my 2 year old took the biggest poop of her toddler life, my husband....

Babs: Oh, how nice, how about you just tell us what we came here for!

Me: Well, here it is...

Babs: Yes, yes, look into the camera if you don't mind, (I feel an Emmy coming on for this big reveal)

Me: My mother is getting married!!!!!!!!

Babs: (mouth open, rips mic off dress, stands up and scrambles over toys and toys and more toys toward the door) WHAT! I gave up the Olsen twins Secret to skinny! For THIS?! Who cares if your mothers getting married?

Me: What you said about my mama?

The Rambler leaps faster than any human possible and takes Babs down!

Me: No one talks about my mama like that! EVER!

Lil Rambler joins in....and sticks out her tongue and blows...(I swear I don't know where she learned that from)

Lil Rambler: Bad Babsie, Bad! (while batting Babs with her plastic bat)

Cops show up, Rambler and lil Rambler are taken away to Naughty Girls Corner for 5 years, I mean minutes or until Daddy Rambler can bail us out...whichever comes first?

Babs asks cameraman if he got everything...that fight might make it on Youtube and be the next hit!
On a more serious, Hallmark-y way.

My mother has been "single" since the 80's. She dated off and on, but put most of her effort into raising three children. Tough, if you consider how obnoxious we were.

Her call, (expected as we talk sometimes too many times throughout the day), came while at work. I happened to answer and I think this is how it went,

Me: Hi Mom!
Her: Guess what?
Me: What? (while I have a multiple chat with a co-worker in my office... OOO that dress is so you!)
Her: Guess who has a ring?
Me: What?! Middle sister got a ring?
Her: No, ME!
Me: Whoa. OMG! YOUR GETTING MARRIED?!!! What, What, Where? Mom, I gotta go before I start bawling at work.
Her: Yes, I gotta call your sisters.
Me: Tell FLS to call me immediately after you tell her!

We've joked that we have to book an appointment to have some kind of physical interaction with our mother since her courtship that led to this moment with our soon to be stepfather. But secretly....she deserves it.

She deserves to have found a man that adores her, quirks and all. That when we all go home, she has him to snuggle with (sorry sisters, but you know your happy about that too!). She has him. Now that we are all gone, and have started to give her grandchildren.

my LBS (last baby sister), FLS, me on wedding day, Mom, Stepdad :)

For the mother that has always put us first, tried to give us every rainbow, every bit of adventure even on the rainy days....WAAAHHHHH, we are so happy! :)

And that folks, is all she wrote! I promise :)

**disclaimer...we here at the Rambler household do NOT condone violence. Only when provoked will the adult members protect and defend.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Junkie vs. Not so Junkie

It started off real junkie....

I woke up at 5:30...(Junkie #1)

It was pouring rain...(Junkie #2, if you have to go to work)

Bad accident within 5 minutes of driving (Junkie #3, but not involving me)

Did I mention I had to work? (Last junkie of my day, #4)

But a couple things happened to completely turn this around. :)

This was one of them....I adore this website...You saucy ladies!...Anyway, someone there thought I was pretty saucy and included me in their Saucy Blogs to read. Sheepishly thanking you with my saucy self....Can I say the word Saucy anymore?....Saucy, Saucy, Saucy. :)

Did you read my post yesterday??? Yes, I'm still in boyfriend (er, IPHONE) heaven.

Right now, I just learned to use Itunes. Yeah, I'm lame. I have a laptop, cell, a DVR, and I don't own a music enhanced piece of mp2, 3, what? The last thing gracing these ears was attached to a CDwalkman. Apparently those aren't in anymore, a little too big to use at the gym...(I got some looks of pity when I had mine). Sometimes it takes me awhile. Boyphone, I LOOOVEEE you! Yes, that will be his name. :)

Okay, I am sooooooo super stoked about this next one...

I'm gonna have to keep you in suspense because it's not ready for posting....BUT, I have to tell you, if all the others didn't happen today, it wouldn't have mattered. This was the cake and the frosting for me. THIS one brought tears to my eyes, a quivering lip smile (at work, trying to contain myself, you know how that goes?), and a very relieved and grateful sigh. This will be all I say....(sorry, I did tell you that not only am I SAUCY, I'm a little dramatic!)

Until tomorrow gang. I promise!

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's gonna be a 3 way, and I'm in Love!

Did I get your attention?

Well guess what?

My hubby brought home my new boyfriend....


Yes. Since 5pm Hawaii time I've been playing, touching, breathing heavy on it, and loving my husband the WHOLE time! He's into my new boyfriend, I mean Iphone. In fact, the only reason I'm even typing this right now is because he has it...oh and that Nablowhatever thing (damn you!...I joke...I love you, Nablopomo, I do.)

Me and my 2 year old were doing the happy dance in the kitchen while our fearless male of the home was getting it out of the box (for dramatics, cause that's what this household thrives on)...she had no clue what an Iwhat?-mommy-me-eat-cookie-peeesee, and did whatever the bigger version of herself (a.k.a ME) was doing.

Well, to all I bid a good night.

Me, the husband and the Iphone are tucking in for the night.

My husband's hands only better be on me and not my new lovah (er, I mean, Iphone).

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'm feeling whimsically romantic-ee and wanted to share a song, by Jason Mraz and Colbie Cailat, that I have been listening to since the summer. It always puts me in a mood...(Oh hubby!)

Hope you enjoy...

p.s. Just 11 more days of straight posting. I've booked my virtual no blogs allowed travel arrangements. Just for a few days maybe to re-group, re-funny, and allow my fingers to go in that cast to reset it's bones. Maybe Sherpendipity will want to come visit??? Or maybe we'll be sipping virtual Cosmos while we get rubbed down by our virtual hottie massage men, while being fed grapes by our virtual hottie grape feeders...alright. I'll stop.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Take a ghostly journey with me.

After work, waiting for the Ghost tour bus to pick me and my fellow ghost busting staff up, we partook on some liquid courage and greasy yum yum to get us through the next four hours. It's the only way to start such a night. Am I right?

Snippets of our conversations were about if we believed, what we believed, no spooking or I'll kick your eyeballs out of your face (that would come from my mouth), counting how many were nominated the skeptics of the group, and of course....hey bartender pour me know the usual stuff?

We were chillaxing in our outside dining area and noticed the bus pull up 2 drinks early (sacrilege, if you ask :) ! I go over to introduce my slightly inebriated self and make friends with our driver for the night. He's funnier than hell and when I ask if he wanted something to drink (soda or H20) while waiting for us lushies to, as we say here in Hawaii,....SUCK EM UP, he joked that he already took in a 6 pack before he got there.

Haha, your joking right?
Wait, your not?!? Um.
got it...
you WERE joking!

I yell last call to the group and we tank what's left in our glasses and file like ants to an ant hole after a long day of carrying crumbs to its queen (or whoever gets the food?).

As I mentioned in the last post, we had our own bus so with all of us feeling groovy, we got introduced to the driver via his microphone, and drove to another area to meet the other half of the tour. We would be meeting our "tour" guides Uncle Joe and Robert. We are urged to go pee pee and we decide that would be wise. I know I wasn't gonna pull MY pants down in the dark! (you know, outside...not in my house, without my husband... :)

And then, the de-brief from Uncle Joe. He was a little intense and I was trying to get out of my cosmo-buzz and be focused. For fear of being yelled at for not taking it seriously. Or thinking I heard something like, throw this salt at any ghost if you see one.

Mr. Tourguide to the ghost, did you say to pelt this salt at the ghost if they appear?

...(yeah, I asked that and got a look...a dirty one...)

Back on the bus we head to the first of five places...

GHOST STOP #1Pali Lookout.

It's a pretty popular place for locals and tourists to visit. It's got a beautiful view overlooking one of our towns and is the location of a great battle, it was a large battle where many died and it's said at night, warriors roam the mountainside. (Dum, dum, dum...supposed to sound like that theatrical sound). I'm sure right as we were coming, the ghostly gang were sitting around, sharpening their spears, smoking a cig when their chief boss said...Back to work boys, the tour is here....

We are encouraged to use our cameras to see if we can catch Orbs (aka spirits). We were clicking our cameras in the dark like our life depended on it. Yah, I caught some orbs on my camera, yah when you zoom in on them, it could look like a face...but I don't understand science and how light zapped in the dark plays out on a camera. You tell me.

We stayed in the area for about 30 minutes and left for the next place...

GHOST STOP #2 Morgan's Corner.

It's pretty dark as you can see by the video (if you clicked on it:)...and some of us were stupidly inspired to grab branches and twigs and try to spook some of the "believers". Which didn't fare well with Uncle Joe and he soon put everyone back in respect mode.

Walking down a pretty long road, listening to the was all interesting.
Uncle Joe told us if we took photos to look for 2 orbs together and that might just be the two men responsible in 1940ish for murdering a woman, Theresa Wilder. Below you can catch two things. The woman with the leaves in her hand...(yah, she's with us) trying to spook the boss. And in the left hand side of the photo above the person's head are two orbs?!? You tell me?

I have to admit, our group was very large so I felt safe, too safe. And not scared. Like I wanted to be.

Being complete adolescents in high school, there were many a time 6 of us smashed into a small car and braved that dark road by ourselves...(THAT was ALOT scarier).

GHOST STOP #3 heiau...

Again, with the group so large, the scare factor wasn't there....BUT I grew up here and heiau's are very very sacred to the Hawaiians. You can hear Uncle Joe here talking about this site...

Back on the bus and onwards....

GHOST STOP #4 Manoa Chinese cemetery.

Children's graves were on one side, buried together so that their spirits can play with one another.

The part of this that was interesting was we were told about this tree that was supposedly a center for spirits coming and going...they called it the "PORTAL" We would all be given a chance to step inside and might feel the spirits coming or going....

I will say this though, the whole time we were being given the lowdown of the place, it was dead calm (no pun intended here) for it being 11:00 at night, in the back of a valley.
We talked about the cemetery for a bit before we all went to have a go at the Portal.

As soon as we walked toward the Portal, the winds gushed like something fierce! Weeirddd.

We were told to stand with certain people inside, and told to close our eyes, and asked if we felt tingling in our hands, or a warmth coming over us, etc...

Part of me knew this couldn't be real, and some small part hoped that maybe my dad would "stop" by. You know, to say hey! Tell your sisters I said hello!

NOTHING :( oh well...


The Night Marchers at the Manoa Valley Park Trail. Not to far from the Cemetery. I'd been there in the day, but NEVER at night...that's like inviting a lunatic, wearing a bloody white shirt licking his knife like an ice cream cone, in your car.

It was dark, and some of us were a little scared...just because you don't know what's in the dark. I asked my other friend who grew up here like myself...

Me: "Don't they have wild pigs up here?"
HIM: "Yah"
Me: "I'm running if I hear a squeal"
stupid HIM: "Oink, oink..."
Me: "NOT funny"

A plane had flown overhead, giving a rumbling noise causing some uncertainty amongst us. Something crackled in the bushes to our left, making me completely paranoid and push past the old lady on the tour that was being helped by her 60 year old son (sorry he he nervous laughter), the winds kicked it up into high gear. And then....

It was over.

The Tour.

So, was it The Ring part10?


But, I had a great time with a bunch of my staff, who I've affectionately named my second pair of kids along with my boss who's been nicknamed my work husband (I'm not sure who I argue with more? The real one or him.), AND learned a little more history of my native land I call home.

Thank you. This ride is get the hell off! :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I know, it's not the review..

I'm in the middle of writing how my :"spooky" evening went last night and want to make sure I don't half butt in the meantime...please enjoy this funny video...

This could be me and my husband (or either of my sisters) if we chose to spook people in our afterlife.

Until tomorrow. I promise.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dare we?

Later tonight, I planned an outing for my training staff and managers (20 of us)....

Wanna know what we are doing? Look at the Orbs Of Oahu Tour...

I don't know what's wrong with me.
I scare easily, I'll probably be the FIRST to scream or rip someones shirt. I will repeat in my head "I am not scared, I am not scared, you are the ghostMAN! " with my eyes firmly shut. And I'm sorry but I if open my eyes and that chic from the Ring was up in my face....OMFG! I'd probably be the first to slip in her own poo, while choking on her puke....unless...that's happened to someone else??? Anyone? Takers on that?

I got us our own private Mini-bus. So I'm sure some of us will be up to some shenanigans...spooking each other, you know high school stuff acted out by my hardworking staff. I did mention I was OFF limits. We'll see! :) I'm not counting on it.

So wish me and my bowel movements luck! And I will post my review Tuesday :) If I'm still around....(insert evil ghostly laugh)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What? Someone actually likes me?....

I pondered all day at work, not knowing what to post for today.

I get home, and in my Moderate Comments box is this fab thing from one of my favorite blogs to read....holla at ya Shorty @ Securityville...(insert dance music...what, what... and whatever stupid dance hand move that goes with it).

I'm not gonna lie. She made me feel special. And now we are blogger bff's forever....(I was gonna tell you Shorty, but....:)

"You had me at Bubblewrap, Shorty!.... At bubblewrap! (sigh)"

Okay, so here it is. A pay it forward kind of award....

The Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites that:

~ inspire you ~ makes you smile and laugh ~ gives amazing information ~ is a great read ~ has an amazing design ~ and/or any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing!

The rules of this award are:
  1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
  2. Nominate at least 5 blogs that for you are Uber Amazing!
  3. Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.
  4. Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.
I would like to pass this award to the following blogs...

It's Sherendipity
No Ordinary Rollercoaster
Bacon is My Enemy
Searching For Oz (she's the whole reason I started blogging)
w/love, Sincerely-Posh Mom's Diary

Thanks to all that read and comment. You help fuel the fire that has burned in me to want to express myself through writing. Just the fact that you comment and enjoy what stumbles from my brain, out my fingertips and onto this page, validates me on a level I never expected. A big sincere MAHALO...(thank you in hawaiian. Betcha didn't think you'd get a language lesson :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This mama is beat...

Nothing long today.

Just that work was long. and weird.

In a nutshell... work day started at 6:30 am

...a man farted in response to my question of needing a coffee refill.

...I spent 2 hours as a plumbers assistant fixing a pipe of my restaurant that busted open in my neighbors scuba shop. (THAT SUCKED!)

...a woman sucked down ONE alcoholic beverage in 2 seconds and got so drunk in the following 2 seconds, I thought I might have to call an ambulance, (in between scrubbing the walls of the scuba shop with what my pipes puked out. did I mention that SUCKED!), until she hiccuped herself awake and walked out to her husband.

...saw an old classmate that came in for lunch with her family (and I didn't look good. that's gonna be her first time seeing me in 16 years and I look like I'd been scrubbing walls...did I say that SUCKED yet?) for dinner and only needing 3 items. 15 items later, I came home (Damn it, why can't I just stick to my, cookies on sale...stick to the list, stick to the list....mmmm, chocolatey chocolate goodness on sale too...).

I'm home. Dinner was cooked, the kid was given her bath, the kitchen was cleaned and this blog has been written.

Folks, until tomorrow!

Friday, November 14, 2008

When it snows in hell...

Destination: Northstar, Lake Tahoe
Objective: To break every bone of spirit and humility in Ramblers body
Age: 28

I was inspired by Ben at No Ordinary Rollercoaster to write about MY experience on the slopes. (thanks buddy, for the regurgitation!)

About 17-20 of us congregated in the Tahoe area to do the "family" thing. Of that bunch, it would be my FIRST time in snow. I'm not gonna lie. I was excited.

We arrive at Reno airport and our small caravan of cars drive the hour to our temporary home for the week. I stared out the window on our drive like a kid waiting for Disneyland to appear.

There it is....OMG...there it is...SNOW!!!!!!

My husband asks me to peel my face off the glass.

Flash forward to our first day on the mountain.

It's "recommended" for the first timers to take a series of classes through the day for us newbies. So what if my class included a bunch of 10-12 year olds.

The first class was something like...

"Learn-to-put-your-snowboard-on-the-right-way" class.

No problem. I aced it. I got my good-to-go high five from my 16 year old instructor. Come back in an hour and you'll move on to the "learn-how-to-NOT-slide-down-the-hill-on-your-ass" session.

While I was waiting around (by myself cause remember it's my first time in snow, so the other people with me were skiing/snowboarding like olympic medalists), while one of my boy/man cousins who was on "break" said to come with him. On the "easy" hill.

I stared at it, and the ski lift and felt okay.

I mean, I passed my first what's the big deal?

We stood in line for the lift. I'm not thinking until we get on and I ask him...

ME: "Soo, they turn the lift to super duper slow so you can get off right?"

HIM: "Yeah!." With mock sarcasm.

Panic set in, and in the next 45 seconds he tries to cram the lesson of how to get off the chair when we get to the top. In my frantic state, I recite what he tells me...push your butt toward the edge of the chair, turn in an angle, remember only one foot is in the board, when you get off....wait, what the hell did he say about when I get off...Fricken holy hell, what did he say? Think, think....

Now I want you to imagine this, cause it's exactly how it happened...

I tried to get off the damn chair with panic-ridden determination, I really did. My not strapped in foot didn't know what to do, so I tripped. Yup, tripped. And THEN, I tried to get up and SMACK. Right, the chair behind my chair, right in the head. So, I'm thinking this is what will happen until I clear the whole thing. I start to crawl like an army guy in boot camp doing that crawl in the rain through mud with your guns crawl....(back to me) dragging my foot and snowboard and cursing myself. And then, to add humiliation syrup to my bruised ego pancakes, the ski lift operator (who by the way must have been the twin of my 16 year old instructor), walks over and tells me he has SHUT the lift off until I can get out of the way.

HIM: Do you need help Maam?
ME: O, you shut this monstrosity of metal with seats off?
HIM: Uh, yeah (in that cocky high school tone)
ME: And I'm continuing to crawl like a moron?


Well, after an HOUR of me trying to get DOWN a 2 minute hill, I swear to HOLY God above that I will never go on this again.

Crap, and I've missed my second class.

Third class, and finally an employee of the mountain that is legal to drink is my last instructor for the day. We learn to snowboard down the really really small bump of snow we are learning on called a bunny hill aka the kiddy hill. (That might have helped going down the first time).

Toward the end of the class he tells us we are all going up the Hill of Death.

What girlfriend? (head snap) I don't think so!

After some coaxing and the fact that he was hot and he promised to go on the ski lift with me, I actually convinced myself it would be okay. I don't know what happened but I got on the chair and my foot (damn you, don't you know what to do in the snow?) did something and I was slipping off the chair. The hero hottie that my instructor was tried to save me and we both landed face down in the snow. 5 seconds. That's how long we were on the chair. We barely left the staging area. GEEZUS! And I just know at that moment my hero hottie was questioning his certainty in my ability to be normal.

He said to try again and my slight concussion of a brain said ok...I got on and your not going to believe it but when I got to the top I just threw myself off the chair and did a duck and roll thing. Why fight it? The lift operator wasn't sure to turn off the thing or not.

He did, just because I guess they are taught to recognize crazies on the mountains.

3 times in one day. From one person. Is that a record?

-The Rambler

p.s. Sorry so long (insert guilty cough)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mental Nablopomo Block

Yes, they tell you it happens.

When you engross yourself into posting for 30 straight days it's like the creative juices are sucked from your fingertips and your brain recedes as far back as it possibly can (maybe I pooed it out?).

The attention span needs to be focused so at a moments brain fart of ingenious banter of letters put together can joyously spill on the page. Today, I've started 2 posts. When I say started, that's all. There is no middle or end.

I wrote a title and thought how I wanted to tackle the subject....and then my mind wandered....and then my dog barked at me to give him water...and then my daughter just learned to push her stool to the sink and I hear the water (lots of it) going...OH GoD....What?...Rightttt, my entry for today's blog???....I'll get to it later.

That was this morning. No motivation whatsoever to sit and write. I've read alot today, hoping for a kick in the brain to find something to write about. I did, but only great titles with no substance to attach.

So, while sitting at the drive thru for dinner (because I was also unmotivated to make a home-cooked meal) a dim bulb went on and I knew. Blog about the fact that you can't blog today. While eating a McTeri Burger in one hand and one eye on my daughter munching her grapes, apples and plain cheeseburger I typed.

Whew. It's over. I've done it. Please, my brain is begging me. Just stop now...:)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Memo in my box...


To: Rambler
From: HR Exercise fairy in charge
RE: Um, really, you don't know why your getting this?
DATE: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow?

We at the Human Resources for Exercise Inc. have noticed your attendance to Exercise land has been...well zilch!

Yes, we received your email stating you were pregnant and that your toes resembled little pork sausages. (clearing our throats here Ma'am but that was 2 years ago.)

Yes, we understand as a new parent you prefer sleep. (Look, your not gonna get it back, so you need to face it. Stop whining about it!)

Yes, we received your other emails stating your frustration that running up and down your 2 level restaurant, moving kegs of beer, boxes of soda, and lifting trays of food does should count as your daily dose of exercise. (Look, I could say the same thing here as I type this memo out to's hard fingers need a break...ow, ow, ow, I'm tired...get my point? There needs to be more!)

As a result of this lack of physical activity that should produce
weight loss we have decided to send you out our BEST motivational personal trainer. He's a little on the rough side, but hey we here at Exercise Inc. will never give up on improving the quality of your life. That is our commitment to you!

Here's a snippet of the program your new trainer may put you through...

For security measures our personal trainer likes all his recruits...I mean clients to have a safe word in case the training gets too intense. Yours from previous trainers have been..."MOTHEROFGOD" We didn't think that was one word, but you were extremely adamant that this word would come out as one.

We hope you enjoy this second chance at becoming the skinny you again...or some version of it.

Best wishes,

The HR Exercise Fairy in Charge

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yes...WE CAN.

I just wanted to share this from another blogger who got it from another blogger :) ...simply put

for us, for we, for you, for me - together.

Monday, November 10, 2008

30 posts? Can she do it?

So, I joined some of my blogging friends on their bandwagon called Nablopomo. Just like it says. 30 posts in 30 days. I missed November 1st but that's because I only read about it on November 2nd...I haven't stopped since. I'll "officially" stop my last post on Dec. 1. That will make it 30.

Simple things in my life have led me to making commitments and sticking to them. (I'll actually credit that to my daughter and the small start from my first Lil sis who I'll call FLS.)

Anyway, it started small for me. When I say small, please don't laugh. But I NEVER watched a TV show on a continuous basis. I randomly watched whatever. Not really committing to any one show. Unable to talk with others about what was on, did you see that haircut? Did you see who's he's doing now...I didn't have that water cooler moments discussing the latest and greatest popular shows. I was lost when trying to figure out the one liners that made it to the trendy way to talk for the season.

Well, my FLS got me hooked on Sex In the City. HOOKED. It went from there
. I was like, hey there's something in staying "committed" to a show. Slowly, but surely I developed a relationship with the drama's and the comedy and mini poured into my daily non television life...slowly...I paid attention and stayed with it. It meaning, LIFE.

Then, my daughter was born. It kicked into high gear.
As a parent you can't make half-ass promises (even though some do), you can't decide today you won't feed them, or bathe them, or not for supporting their emotional and physical growth. You have to be all in. ALL the time! (Man, I love it, and her!) You become to grow as a person. I grew as a person.

And here I am today "committing" to posting 30 posts in 30 days, :) I believe I can...because I've committed to a lot of TV shows AND my daughter smells clean at least a couple hours a day from her bathe given daily. :) Thanks FLS! <3 U forever.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Vince Vaughn...he make a funny...

I can't help it. But I love Vince Vaughn's movies. His sense of sarcastic humor leaves me crying in laughter heaven. Seriously! So I posted his new movie trailer for you to enjoy. I died (not literally obviously) at the closing scene for the trailer.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Loan required...:)

I've jokingly, (but really meant seriously, sorta), spoke with my mother if she wanted to contribute to the "help-a-rambler-get-an-Iphone" cause.

My mother: Laughs, stops, laughs again
ME: No, Serious!
Mother: Laughs again
ME: No, REALLY, wanna help a daughter out? (wink wink)
Mother: Isn't there more inexpensive phones? Do you NEEEED this?

My mother, the ever practical lady! ((sigh))She's right.
Yes, I am a sucker. Yes, I don't NEED it, I just WANT it. I'm 33, married with a kid...

....I should be bothering my husband! :)

Friday, November 07, 2008

to my husband...a non Rambler

Last night I came home, expecting to straighten up as I've grown accustomed to. An uphill battle that I felt would never been won. Funny, this coming from me.

When my husband and I first moved in together we had different "cleaning" habits. I was a slob and he was military clean. Over the years with many frustrating protests from the only "maid" this house really had, he went on strike. (I don't blame him!)

Now having a child, this put me into full mommy Oh MY God mode. I've become more aware of the dirty plates, the carpet needing vacuumed and the laundry that's not going to wash itself (if only!). YES mom, I get it now! (I imagine her smirking as she reads this entry)

I understand his frustration because it is now mine. He lifted his little strike last night and I envied his thorough art of cleaning. (Only this once). My body and mind went completely relaxed. I almost didn't know what to do. Almost. I enjoyed my shows that were recorded, while I was working, wished I had a beer, kicked back on the love seat, and this mommy thought happy thoughts for her husband who was passed out in our bed.

Wow, this house is CLEAN. And I didn't do it. :)

Thanks Hubby! I DO love you! And I DO understand!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dear Dad,

I watched a show today Dad and thought of you. It was about a man that claims to be a medium for the people on the other side. He is the communicator to the living to help them be validated in their lives. He assists the "other side" by helping them help "this side" to move on and enjoy what's left on "this side". I've watched him before. I wonder. Would you'd come through if I ever was in that audience?

If your a believer, you'll grip onto his every word as he tries to translate the cryptic messages for deceased. If you believe, you'll cry when he hits the bulls eye with the key word that lets an audience member know they are the fortunate one to have their loved one waiting in line to get this "communicator" to pass on their message. If you believe, you think for a second was the message really for me? I mean I'm sitting on my couch with tissues watching a woman receive a message from her deceased father and I can't help but relate to her story.

Today, this man with the show said to his audience that sometimes you get a sign and maybe it's "them" saying hello...or maybe it's just what it is, a gentle breeze in the wind, or the bulb burnt out because it was time. One never knows.

You have a popular name, but I don't always hear it. And when I seem to miss you the most, this work truck passes by with your name as part of it's logo. I've turned down a wrong road and I always (from a different direction each time so I don't realize it) and the street I find myself on has your name for it's street sign. I laugh sometimes and whisper to myself "Hi dad!" when I'm on that street. I don't know how I get there, I just do.

I write this knowing I won't get a response. But it feels nice to write your name down today. Dad. Daddy. ((sigh))

I miss you Dad.

Your daughter~The Rambler