Saturday, November 29, 2008

777. My FLS

Well, I decided to go next door for this interview.....and when I mean next door, I mean over to my FLS's blog today.

We've gone looking for heavy parkas and snow I don't wear this commonly in Hawaii. I mean could you have picked a colder place Sis? :)

Hope you enjoy todays 777!

Knock, Knock....:)

***For some reason this did not post yesterday in conjunction with my sis's here we really go...:)

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Kalei said...

wow nice idea sis! I totally think I did a great job~ I am much funnier than all the rest of your 777 series =) BTW who ever is your final 777? They will have a lot to compete with I mean they will do a good job. =) =) Hahahaha.