Friday, August 31, 2007


This will be a short one tonight but I wanted to say that I feel like someone was watching out for me tonight.

We got out early tonight from work and I had a co-worker that I was taking home. We had been saying we were hungry the last hour and we would "polish" off our favorite dessert at the end of the night during our "boring restaurant" stuff. When I went to make it, I realized we had run out for the night so therefore we were to be left not feeling completed or satisfied.

We leave work, and mumble to each other that we could eat, or not eat, or eat, or not eat....We chose to eat. We found a local 24 hour diner and sat for about 45 minutes to an hour and than took her home. On my way home, I ran into 3 huge police roadblocks on the freeway due to some accident that had ambulance assisting whoever.

I than come on to my exit and there was a massive accident where it looked like a big commercial vehicle collided with a small sedan and they had become one. There were police, fire trucks, ambulances, and anything else you would need. The accident looked like about what would have been the time I would have been driving through had I not chosen to stuff my face with a grilled cheese sandwich.

It chilled me looking at it because I wasn't so sure all had survived that accident. Could I have come close to that accident? Could that have been my car instead of the smaller sedan? What would have happened had we actually had the dessert at work and we didn't feel the need to dine at the 24 hour place? A lot of questions raced through my brain while myself and the late night traffic were flowing to a fair left median lane to get past the accident. I truely believe someone was watching for me and I'm grateful (and maybe a bit dramatic, but hey, if you saw what I saw and realized you should have been somewhere near this...)

Wow! ~The Rambler.

Friday, August 24, 2007

little things go a long way

I was flipping through some old emails and found one I had completely forgot about. I do a lot at my job and needless to say am thanked 2 out of 10 times. I don't do it to be told thanks but when someone does "recognize" you for helping them either to advance themselves or just get out of a rut, it's nice.

An old server of mine who I made a bartender years ago, was having "Oh, my God, I'm so weeded, my head's up my butt" all the time. It was weird cause I knew he totally had potential he was just allowing the panic to set in and he couldn't handle. I told him, I used to be just like that (sometimes still am ;o) and my manager at the time told ME to take a second to realize the world is not going to come crashing down. So that advice completely helped me be better at my job (of serving customers) and still helps me today as a manager to take care of the bigger problems that come my way. I handed that little tidbit to him and he actually took my advice and was able to eventually become promoted to bartender. (which is a big thing for most servers or at least the next step)

We never really talked about it much and he eventually moved back to the mainland. A year later, the bar he worked in had an article in it's local paper about him, and how great he is. blah blah blah. He wrote me saying thank you for giving him the chance to make him what he is, and sent me a copy of the article...(tear)

My day became a little easier to handle today with that little reminder.

;o) ~ I too can be helpful.

The Helpful Rambler

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Couples night Out.

The Girls...
Dee, Miss A, Me, Kellie, & Michelle

It was a rare night were me and the husband do some "adult" things. I don't mean THAT you sicko's but that we went out with 4 other couples and had a nice dinner, drank a little alcoholic cocktails and dessert later on. (Again, with the sick minds, just some ice cream in a waffle cone, nothing X-rated. Not even PG, totally, G rated)

Girls love taking pictures so of course we all were ready for the camera when we were ready to leave. Miss A, took some extra shots by herself cause she's such a diva.

A little later we took some other photos to and decided that our "boys" were such dorkies. Dee, I have 2 photos of you with your eyes closed....

Well, I included some photos below of some of the rest of us. Hope you enjoy. Sorry for the lameness of my blog today, but I've been creative all over town trying to plan Baby's first party next week.

Me and the hubby. We actually liked each other this night! ;o)

Dee and her new man Pat. (Pat, Patrick, Patty, he's like whatever you like! Super nice guy. Good job Dee!)

The other "girls"
Mr. K (belongs to Miss A ;o), Pat, my hubby

Peace out folks!

Da Rambler

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ghosts, Harry Potter, Hurricanes...oh my!

The last couple of days, I've talked about certain things with friends of mine that I told myself, don't forget to blog about it. A co-worker and I were talking about ghosts and if he had seen any while he worked overnight (BY HIMSELF). He smiled but said he tries not to talk about it or look into we got more into the conversation, sharing ghost encounters back and forth. Some that were forgotten by me, and one that literally chilled me enough to give me chicken skin.

An old manager that used to work at my "unnamed" work, was closing up, sitting at our bosses desk that looks out the big floor to ceiling glass window. At night, pitch black outside, the window becomes more of a mirror and you tend to see things behind you if you just look up. Well, that's what happened. Late at night, all by herself, she looked up and swore she saw a figure behind her which automatically disappeared when she spun around to run out of the door.

I sit in that office every night I close, by myself finishing up notes to the next day's manager. I don't think I will anymore, because that one freaks the bejesus out of me. I've had my brushes with our friends twice. They always say you get that feeling and I tell you it's true. If it's my mind that is playing tricks, it sure does work.

I thought I would NEVER get to read the last book of Harry Potter. I am pleased to say that I was okay with how the book ended. For those who didn't read, I won't spoil, but it finished off how I would feel complete and not needing more answers to the more questions an ending can create if not done right. I had decided for about a week or a little more that the only time I was going to get to read uninterrupted it would be from the 10:00pm-1:00am time frame. Yes, I killed myself, but it was for the "greater good". Anyone who read that, did you get it??? Well, I can say that my sleeping pattern will commence back to normal (thank goodness).

Its so crazy! But we might get some hurricane "touching" the islands in the next day or so. We had our managers meeting today before I was done for the day and our topic fell to the possible storm coming to us. What were our plans if SHE hit? I had a call earlier from my husband that he had been watching and he felt we might get some residual from FLOSSIE as she passed by. I normally pass on stocking because it had always been to far for anyone to be alarmed. But something made me feel that I needed to be more concerned. I decided that I would drive by the Kmart and grocery store to see if the store was overwhelmed with mad rushes of people stocking up. It didn't look too bad so I pulled in and went to stock up. I have to say part of me was surprised but all diapers that my daughter normally wears were limited to a brand we don't usually take. And there was only 2 boxes of that so I took em, the shelves were half barren with cases of water, the batteries section was empty except for the size no one uses. I decided on Poptarts to be my source of food (a moment of weakness, I like em cold, so I figured...) So, $142.00 later, I was on my way back to the car, EVERYONE I saw coming out of the grocery store next door had huge bags of rice, huge water cooler size tubs of water, propane tanks. I packed the car and remember how my aunt said the hurricane control center advised to fill your tank up so I rolled over to fill my almost kind quarter full tank. As soon as I got in line, it seemed like all of my neighborhood had the same idea. I've never seen lines like that before. So needless to say, we are ready if she comes, (don't want her to, but not my decision)

Okay, so if I don't post for a while it could be that Hurricane Flossie was more than we thought! Best wishes for a safe next couple of days.

xoxoxo~ The Rambler

Thursday, August 09, 2007

One Year Old!

This time last year at 10:39 pm I was in the process of pushing my guts out (actually this little one above). It wouldn't be until 11:11 that she finally made her appearance to this fine world. My "team" consisted of my husband, baby sister, mom, Aunty Nola, Miss A and Miss D and a slew of nurses and doctors. My cousin Leigh stopped by right around when my epidural wore off. That was at 8:00ish. I hated life at that moment. But my aunt and Miss A were on top of it trying to get them to notice that my "pain" reliver had worn off. Or was about to. Anyway, here we are a whole year later and I can't believe it. My little girl is ONE! Ha, blows my mind.

Well, more later.

xoxoxo a tired Rambler

Saturday, August 04, 2007


So, I can't believe I did it but I kinda broke my #1 pet peeve from my last blog....thou shall not make people behind you in line wait (AND think your an idiot).

But in my defense the first time today, (YES, this was a multiple crime on my part), we had just completed a run through of all of Sam's Club, waited in line for what felt like a longer time than it was. The baby was ready to get outta there, along with the husband and when it came ready to hand over my Debit Card cause it's that or Cash, I could not find my card. I panicked and for some reason thought of my blog entry from last night and called me a hypocrite, cursing me every name in my head. I looked at my husband and told him it was his card or we walk out of here like A-holes with no purchase and letting them put everything back. He paid. We semi-argued all the way back to the car about where my card could have been. Of course when I put baby in her car seat, I found my card at the bottom of my purse. And yes, it was Clean, I was just in panic mode and my fingers must have brushed past it to many times, along with my blind eyes.

Okay, the second time today, (how pathetic) was at Kmart. I had just gone to the bank to deposit something so I again threw my card back AT my wallet, not really back in it's spot like I normally always do. At checkout, a lady ahead of me was writing a check ALONG with a salesperson who kept talking to the other salesperson and not pay attention to the fact that the lady couldn't read the total so we all waited for either her to squint enough to see the numbers on the small computer screen OR for the saleslady to realize the lady hadn't heard her the first couple of times. The lady squinted hard enough and we got to me. I laughed again in my head as I was being rung up and AGAIN realized that I left my primary debit card somewhere else. I paid with an emergency card and swore to myself that I was so super lame.

I must have made someone upset about my blog and this was their retaliation. I bow down to you and apologize. Please please don't make me lose my card and look like an idiot...please???

Humbly yours,

The Rambler who's kinda learned her lesson for today.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Things that make me "irk'd"

I couldn't' think of anything more interesting for my current blog than to write about some things that make the mind a little insane for me....

Here we go...

I hate

1. Standing behind someone in line for a zillion hours because they appear to have never purchased something EVER.

2. People that whack into me when I'm holding the baby...(this makes me want to kill)

3. People that lie to my face and they totally believe what they are saying.

4. LAZY LAZY people. They make my job harder.

5. Driving into Waikiki and dealing with tourists that believe all roads are a big sidewalk.

6. People that eat at my place and need to comment and TELL me that it would never be like this in the states...(um, look at your kids history book a-holes, cause Hawaii is a part of the United States of America).

7. People that one-up others all the time. You know those people right? You'll say you found 10 dollars and than this person says he found 100 dollars and continually steals the thunder from anyone else that may try to one up them. They always win! Bastards. It's about me, me, me.

8. Dumb drivers that don't originate from this in God's name does the DMV give these folks a legit driving license?

9. Downright mean people that enjoy being bitches or jerks.

10. Sales people that sorta help you and than walk away leaving you to realize that they are not coming back and your in the same predicament as when you walked into their store.

I'm pooped out...I can't do this anymore...for now.

Love Love,

The Rambler