Thursday, August 23, 2007

Couples night Out.

The Girls...
Dee, Miss A, Me, Kellie, & Michelle

It was a rare night were me and the husband do some "adult" things. I don't mean THAT you sicko's but that we went out with 4 other couples and had a nice dinner, drank a little alcoholic cocktails and dessert later on. (Again, with the sick minds, just some ice cream in a waffle cone, nothing X-rated. Not even PG, totally, G rated)

Girls love taking pictures so of course we all were ready for the camera when we were ready to leave. Miss A, took some extra shots by herself cause she's such a diva.

A little later we took some other photos to and decided that our "boys" were such dorkies. Dee, I have 2 photos of you with your eyes closed....

Well, I included some photos below of some of the rest of us. Hope you enjoy. Sorry for the lameness of my blog today, but I've been creative all over town trying to plan Baby's first party next week.

Me and the hubby. We actually liked each other this night! ;o)

Dee and her new man Pat. (Pat, Patrick, Patty, he's like whatever you like! Super nice guy. Good job Dee!)

The other "girls"
Mr. K (belongs to Miss A ;o), Pat, my hubby

Peace out folks!

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