Sunday, February 25, 2007

Things I adore about Maddie

Let's see....I decided to do a post on my beautiful baby because she was so sick yesterday which was her first time being sick. I missed her non-sick side.

I adore the way she...

....looks at me in the eye and flashes me a huge smile

.....holds her toy over the edge, looks at me, and just drops it and laughs, especially when I go to pick it up in the bathtub she splashes so much their's more water outside the tub, than in

....focuses so hard on her toys when she's sitting there playing with them

....giggles at her dog when all he does is pass her with no mind that she's there

.... flirts with her daddy

....pops her head up trying to look out her crib to catch someone's eyes to get her out

....grabs at my face like she loves me huge

....does a 360 in her crib everynight

Well, I could go on and on but I understand that only I might want to read this over and over again, but for those of you who made it this far, I appreciate it!

Love love

the Mushy Rambler!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Me and my anthesia

So, today I went to the hospital to have minor surgery done. Obviously, I'm ok due to the fact that I am writing 9 hours after. I warn you that I am still under anthesia like trauma which means I'm on maybe a 3 second delay of the brain.

So here's the funny thing...I've been super scared to have this done. As you read yesterday's blog, I got sick and thought that I would have to put this off...thank goodness I didn't.

I had to wait in the waiting area with the husband and I dressed in the fabulous hospital gear they give you. A stunning paper gown with an open back and this gorgeous hat made out of see through blue stuff with a white lining. Oh, yeah and you don't need any undergarments either. It's a lot more airy, from what was told to me. ;o)

I waited as nurse after nurse came in to tell me what was going to happen. One nurse IV'd me (ouch) and another drew blood and another came in to take my blood went on and on. During all this, my husband got a crossword magazine to keep him and his large brain occupied.

Finally, it was time, my doctor came to visit with me and we chit chatted like we were just having coffee and than it hit me that I would be in lala land soon. It petrified me. Like on TV, the nurses wheeled me out of my small room toward the operating center and before I went through the big doors, my husband gave me a kiss goodbye as he held my purse (what a guy). I started to cry like I was there for major surgery. God, I'm such a wuss. They stuck me in a curtain closest size room and I met with my nurse for the operating room, my anthesiologist (who also happened to deliver me my epidural with my child), and a doctor who was assisting my doctor. Let's just say as I was sitting there trying not to cry I sent a little prayer out to my dad to make this go right and let's just say he did! No joke, I got a huge laugh before going into my surgery. Only a select few know what it is, but to protect the person who was the object of my insane laughter, we shall keep him nameless.

No joke, as I got wheeled into the operating room, all my doctors and nurses had these types of masks on you see in the photo and I was put under a light like how you see on TV and like the baby that I am tried so hard to hold it in, but I cried. The nurses wiped my tears and my doctor (the awesome woman she is) rubbed my shoulder. Than a wonderful thing happened. My anthesia kicked in and the last thing I remember is telling my doctor

"This is wonderful....zzzzzz"

I end my story here, cause I wake up, I beg for ice chips, I'm take to the original place I waited, had to show them I can pee by myself and got released home!

Thank you to mom for babysitting (along with Aunty Sister) and thank you to Miss A for bringing us dinner....I ate your food too, Mom after I threw up everything from my first dinner. I'm sure your's will come up too later in my sleep ;o)

Peace out,


Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm sick...

I'm sick...not only in the head, but actually seems like I've got a cold. I have no creative juices to share with you today but just wanted to leave my mark this fine day.

My nose has put out more mucus that I thought possible, therefore leaving my top lip red and swollen like I've been crying....

I leave you all now and wish you all a fine day. More tomorrow maybe....

Nyquil, take me away....


The Rambler

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is it just me??

Tonight was weird....

I work in a restaurant and it can be interesting at times. It never fails that you have nothing to do but all of a sudden EVERYTHING happens together.

Had a group book a dance party for the evening and that was to start around 8:00. While I was trying to deliver a check to a guest for a really busy server a woman threw up all over my escalators. Right where people need to step off when getting off the escalator. I was like ummm, do I drop this check off, or do I try to help this lady who looks like she's going to hurl again all over my merchandise (did that sound like I didn't care for her well being?). Of course I assisted the woman first and went to her table to inform her friends and OR husband that she wasn't feeling good. I just said that, and one of the friends said,

"We know!"

"Um, no, I mean she's at the bottom of the escalotor and did not make it to the restroom." Me wondering why no one on the table is getting up to...I don't know...check on her!

"Uh, uh" says the table of friends

"Ok, well, she's got her head in a trash bucket puking and she's thrown up all over the escalotor, did one of you want to help her or should I send her back here when she's done?" Swear to goodness, I said that. Well who seemed to be the husband put his food down and got up to check it out.

All I know is, my husband better walk me to the bathroom if I thought I was as sick as this lady and he better jump in 5 seconds if it seemed like I was in trouble.

OK...on to the rest of the night...Oh yeah, I was able to still drop off the check to the other customer who patiently waited and understood.

Back to the dance Party....these are kids and I mean high school kids on an excursion trip from all over the place. All I can say is that I pray my daughter when she gets to that age has more respect for herself and others to not act the way some of them were...and I will leave it at that.

It's late and I have just a couple hours before the kid wakes up for her first feeding of the day....God Bless her and her 5:30 Am feeding...;o)

A tired tired Rambler

Monday, February 19, 2007

Thoughts of today

If your time was up today, have you done what you've wanted to accomplish in life? Do you feel you made a difference in someone's life? Not by doing something heroic or giant, but by just your presence? Are you important to someone in this world?

I can honestly say that if I went today I can't find something that I wished I did, but didn't. I first of all have a wonderful mother and sisters who have helped shape the way I am today. I have a fabulous extended family that I can't imagine families any other way. I've met people in my life that I could have done without but understand that is part of the journey. I've met people that have turned into some of the best friends you hope to have in your grown up years. I met a man who is my soul mate and that helped me become the woman I am supposed to be. He has given me my most beautiful daughter who has completed my life in ways I thought didn't need completing.

I've experienced loss and pain in my life thus far, but the love and experience in life far outways the negative.

I stare at the picture above and to me it seems like she's content. I'm not totally there yet, but I want to be her. Sitting in the grass reading a book in a beautiful setting. Her nakedness represents to me that she's got nothing to hide, she is who she is, she's happy with who she is! Take her for what she is OR leave her alone...Or so, that's what I would say. ;o)

This is where my brain is tonight so sorry so non-funny, but more mmmmmm.

-An almost content Rambler

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Yep, I'm back! I was in a rut and didn't feel like writing, being humorous, serious, thought-provoking...and all the above.

So, I start off this blog to write about being a mommy. I will try not to bore you all with the details, but it has been at times funny.


Your sleep cycle changes! Dramatically. Anyone that tells you different has a lot of money and has a nanny there 24/7 and THAT person wakes up with the baby! The first days, the family (which consists of our dog Mookie, if you recall previous blogs about him, me and my husband) was getting used to our what to do when baby sleeps on her own schedule...I don't think I've ever experienced such exhaustion but we all (and I mean ALL) were showing signs of fatigue. The baby was crying on the bed and me, the husband and the dog were all staring at her. We all zoned out and the husband said to himself..." I don't know who looks more tired, the Mom or the Dog??" Eventually we've all been on a schedule and I'm pleased to announce everyone sleeps...(well with me closing at work and getting home at 1 am in the's at least 4-5 hours)


I'll admit, I'm the last person you want to go with you...ask my mother! When we met with the pediatrician I let it out that I'm the real "baby" and he pretty much told me I would have to MAN up cause your kid's gonna need you! Umm, ok, Rambler, grow some cahones. Because of him and of course the fact that a month later when pushing a almost 9 pound baby out of your who-ha, you suddenly don't have that anxiety about needles being pushed into your child's thigh's. But can I tell you the first time she got her shots, she went from normal coloring to bright RED in about 3 seconds and gave the angriest cry I had heard. Also glad to report that we get through our monthly shots with minimal damage and a couple of band aids.


Holy Lord! We've had our ups and down's. Maddie's experienced some constipation problems that required Mommy and Daddy to help her. And I mean help her! I won't go into details because for those of you who know, You Know! And for those of you yet to find out, you're not missing anything so enjoy it now while you can ;o) And I don't know about you guys, but buy some stock in Diapers cause they are making a killing of me!!!!

Well, this is all I have for look forward to keeping you up to date on my life now as a Sleep Deprived (But sooo worth it)Rambler...

ZZZZ....whoops I mean, Good Night! (please excuse my p's and q's)

Da Rambla (oh yea, she's back)