Sunday, February 18, 2007


Yep, I'm back! I was in a rut and didn't feel like writing, being humorous, serious, thought-provoking...and all the above.

So, I start off this blog to write about being a mommy. I will try not to bore you all with the details, but it has been at times funny.


Your sleep cycle changes! Dramatically. Anyone that tells you different has a lot of money and has a nanny there 24/7 and THAT person wakes up with the baby! The first days, the family (which consists of our dog Mookie, if you recall previous blogs about him, me and my husband) was getting used to our what to do when baby sleeps on her own schedule...I don't think I've ever experienced such exhaustion but we all (and I mean ALL) were showing signs of fatigue. The baby was crying on the bed and me, the husband and the dog were all staring at her. We all zoned out and the husband said to himself..." I don't know who looks more tired, the Mom or the Dog??" Eventually we've all been on a schedule and I'm pleased to announce everyone sleeps...(well with me closing at work and getting home at 1 am in the's at least 4-5 hours)


I'll admit, I'm the last person you want to go with you...ask my mother! When we met with the pediatrician I let it out that I'm the real "baby" and he pretty much told me I would have to MAN up cause your kid's gonna need you! Umm, ok, Rambler, grow some cahones. Because of him and of course the fact that a month later when pushing a almost 9 pound baby out of your who-ha, you suddenly don't have that anxiety about needles being pushed into your child's thigh's. But can I tell you the first time she got her shots, she went from normal coloring to bright RED in about 3 seconds and gave the angriest cry I had heard. Also glad to report that we get through our monthly shots with minimal damage and a couple of band aids.


Holy Lord! We've had our ups and down's. Maddie's experienced some constipation problems that required Mommy and Daddy to help her. And I mean help her! I won't go into details because for those of you who know, You Know! And for those of you yet to find out, you're not missing anything so enjoy it now while you can ;o) And I don't know about you guys, but buy some stock in Diapers cause they are making a killing of me!!!!

Well, this is all I have for look forward to keeping you up to date on my life now as a Sleep Deprived (But sooo worth it)Rambler...

ZZZZ....whoops I mean, Good Night! (please excuse my p's and q's)

Da Rambla (oh yea, she's back)

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Rachel said...

Yes! I love it. Now I can see pics of Maddie and read all about her. And you guys too of course!! Love ya!