Monday, November 21, 2005

Food for thought

Saw this tonight and wanted to comment

....On TV tonight, there was a man talking about toxic waste being dumped at the local university, and he only had one tooth right in the middle. When he talked I swear the tooth was going to fall off. Yikes.

My first question...Why not just yank it out brother? It's kinda distracting.

My other question...He was well spoken, so why not fix his teeth or should I say tooth? Too judgmental?

Almost last question...Did the toxic waste make his teeth fall out and he didn't know it yet? I'm so not nice..

Last question...Was he the "ONLY" one around to put on TV. No one else (with all their teeth) was around this toxic waste incident and wanted to put their mug on the evening news?

K guys, write you later.

Full mouth of teeth Rambler

3 ramblings of your own:

older sister said...

I think they chose him for visual effect.
Probably to make you think.....
"You would look like that from toxic waste too"

Becky said...

I think it's a perfectly valid question, Selena. I would've had a hard time watching him.

RT said...

You crack me up! What happened to your Aunty Nola's blog? It's not there when I click her name. Strange.

It was nice to see Sammy and Makana last week. I think we are going to dinner with Sammy and Jon on thursday when they come back.

almost 2 weeks and counting til we board our flight!!!