Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Randomly writing here on Tuesday...like the others

Tonight while driving home I followed a completely drunk a-hole onto the freeway. I actually called 911 to report the driver because I was so sure he was gonna take someone out.

Followed him for about 10 minutes. No cop showed up. Whatever. I did my duty.


With the death of MJ, I've been for some reason into reliving my youth with his sister's music.

Like I went back to her Control album...comeon...you know your singing...


and how about a little

Nasty...Nasty boy..don't mean a thing...

Oh, Oh..whatabout

What have you done for me lately?

Yeah, I did move on from that one album but I won't sing the rest of the songs.

(how about the one with Antonio Sabato Jr? Yummmmm....)

You know...I met him once for my job. I almost had an orgasm when he smiled at me and said hello. No joke. His dimples were to DIE FOR.


For some strange reason since Jon & Kate plus Eight announced the divorce thing, I've been watching their past shows...analyzing. Wondering about when it started to go wrong.

Weird. I know.


Did I ever say that I have an issue saying shoulder AND solider. Like the d in solider should be like a j, right? But my brain malfunctions and gets lispy and tounge tied.

Try say the soliders shoulder hurts? Say it...

Just me?


I'm at the point in my diet that I have lost almost 17 pounds. When I got sick last week I was really at a total of 21 but I guess when you don't eat for 3 days that might do it to you.

But I hate diet. But I know I need it. I must forge on.

I have until October until a special person's special day that I said I wanted to have my waistline a little skinnier.

The skinny bitch is slowly emerging.


I have clean laundry piling up waiting for me to fold and put away.

I don't wannnnnaaaaaaaa.


My daughter will be three this August. I can't believe it. Where in the world has the time gone? How in the world did I even get here?

My mind flips a little and says

"Aren't we 19?"

"Why do you have rules now?"

"Why can't we have that extra piece of cake?"

"When did you say going to bed at 10pm was awesome?"

"And when in the world did you think we would be up before 11am?"

I can't really remember my life before her. And it's okay because she fills my every bit of my heart and soul more than I could ever hope for...(yes, a little awww moment).


Will you fine folks visit of real life friend of mine...The ChrysantheMOM...We met through my BFF years ago and she's been my standing 'date' at events we attend BFF related. She's absolutely hands down awesome. Please say hi. Please :)


I'm confused what day is today. I worked and closed last night (off at 12:30 am). I haven't worked a Monday night in probably 8 years. It really threw me off my mental schedule.


Alright...enough random for now.

Bye Bye!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Waahhhhhh....my laptop is out of commission

So, my hard drive decided it didn't want to work anymore.

Maybe it knew I wasn't "into it". Maybe this is it's way to say....

"Here's to disrespecting me, biznatch! I quit!".

I don't know. But I feel lost without my stuff. You know...the stuff that I don't need until my computer breaks down.

My super geeky husband is going to fix it (thank heavens for a man like him that lives in this house!). For now, I have his spare laptop (remember I just said he's a geek so of course he has more than just a desktop).

No favorites, my games are gone, and praise all that is holy that most of my pictures had just been saved to an external hard drive (um, that makes me feel like I know what I'm doing, but I really really don't. Imagine blank stare as anything computer-y gets discussed. Poor geeky husband.)


**Long sigh**

***Really long sigh***

P.S....Thanks to Olive Street Studios (who makes some awesome handbags...and other things) for the tag and Funny on my mind for the great award. Now back to sighing...


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #23....Um, Erm, Gimme a Question.

Thanks for participating in last week's "Are you where you thought you'd be?" question.

Some comments to share from the group.

K said...

My life is isn't where I thought it would be at all - but it's actually better.

I wasn't planning on even thinking about getting married until I was 30 and never in a hundred years did I expect to be a SAHM.

I was going to be a hard core career girl all the way. I even had the hard core job for 5 years and got the masters degree.

My second is due a week before my 30th birthday and I've been married 5 years. Who knew?

Can I tell you how excited I was to read that post. That you were pregnant. Oh.My.God. So excited. I'm silly. I know :)

WhisperingWriter said...

My goal was to be published by 25.

That never happened.

I'm working on getting published by 30.

I hope that happens.

Fingers crossed. Your an excellent writer.

Shan said...

In some ways, I'm beyond where I thought I'd be.

I do feel like a grown up who knows her own mind, something I expected by 28 but didn't really get to for another few years.

I do have more than one child, something I wasn't sure would happen and almost didn't (they're 15 years apart), but nowhere near the eight I "knew" I'd have when I was younger.

The man I'm married to is frequently the stuff dreams are made of, with not too much real life "guy" thrown in. Not sure how I score like I did, so don't tell anyone.

We own a home... a dream only recently hatched and very recently achieved.

But I'm not a nurse, which was my back up plan for the eight kids. I've looked into it, but my tolerance for school isn't what it once... oh, who am I kidding? I don't have the attention span for it.

This is off topic, but this foggy-brained morning a song came on the radio. Something by Kenny Chesney, where he sings "I was going fast as a Rambler goes... " The visual image that usually comes with that song has now been replaced by some sort of amalgam of you pushing a stroller and working in a restaurant at warp speed. As I said, foggy-brained morning.

Where have you been my whole life? I completely enjoyed your comments this week!!

"I'm stumped people. Gimme a question. I'll use these questions for the next couple of Think About It Thursdays post"

I haven't been really feeling the blog life lately. I can't understand it. I look at my laptop and sigh rather than burn it's lifetime in battery life down. Maybe like Mammatalk said, it's summer and maybe bloggers prefer this as a winter sport?

However, I did read a post yesterday from It's a Fine Life. It really resonated with me and I completely understood what she was writing about. About filling your emotional cup. Please go over there and check it out. Interesting read.

Until next week folks.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #22..Are you where you thought you'd be?

Thanks for last weeks comments on your Senses!! A lot of GREAT comments :)

Martha said...

Smell- my husband's scent - He smells yummy.

Taste- Chocolate, preferably See's.

Sound- Nature: birdsong, running streams, sighs of the trees as the wind blows through their branches.

Sight- The smiles of my family, my hubby and our two sons.

Touch- Hugs

Grossest stuff, after 27 yrs as RN I have so got this covered.

Smell- Patients with GI Bleeds - it is so bad that it is necessary to do the clinician survival trick of putting Vick.s Vapo.rub under your nose and then putting on a surgical mask.

Sight- Patient smoking through their tracheotomy.

I will spare you and your dear readers anymore grossness. I mean unless you want more, than you know where to find me.
Thanks, Rambler.

Martha...whoa. I could never survive in your neck of the professional world. I am way too skirmish. People like you deserve medals for a strong stomach. Even if you gotta put Vapo Rub :)
andy said...

i'm gonna go against our flow here girls.

just 'cause i'm like that.

here are my LEAST favourite of the five senses:

touch: pulling styrofoam out of a box. can we all say "squeaky hell?"

taste: that four day old half glass of wine from my computer desk. totally disgusting, but it's all that is in the house and you need a drink so you're forced to swig it down.

smell: the boyfriends mothers cooking. i love seafood, but her fish smells like a rotten can of sardines thats been sitting out in the sun for two weeks. or she burns it. which is awesome too. makes me think i'm about to have a seizure, but then i notice that it's just her burning toast again.

sight: seeing that i only have a couple of reeelax pills left in the bottle and realizing i have to ration them until i get back to my awesome doctor.

sound: kids puking @ 02:00am. nuff said.


p.s. does that make me sound too negative?

p.p.s. don't care.

Andy...for real. You crack me up!! Like I'm almost pee'ing my pants. God I heart you!!


Flipping through some highly intelligent literary read (um, alright...it was People...sue me) I came across the topic for today's question to ponder.

"Did you set life goals for yourself, like what you wanted accomplished by a certain age? If you did, what are some and have you hit the mark? Knowing what you know now, would you have still made this a goal? Or stressed it's importance?"


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is why I'm not a girlie girl!!!

So it's been a little rough since coming home from vacation to get back into the swing of things here in Ramblerland.

I tried getting back in the saddle, but I hadn't strapped the belt right (or whatever you do for the horses and the saddle).

I've started a stupid amount of posts that all lasted as long as two sentences and it's fire went out.

But while trekking through blogland tonight I found an inspiration for a post. FINALLY.

One of my faves and oldies (not age girl, meaning length of time I've been reading her) So Not Mom-a-licous posted something today that somehow mentioned eyebrows.

And I have to tell you all a story that happened...of course..to ME.

I am a girl that wouldn't be in the fashion tent in NYC. I don't know how the frick makeup works (ask the BFF's...I make them cringe).

With that I try to go to others when attempting to beautify myself. Manicures, pedicures and lets just say waxing.

Waxing. Waxing. Waxing.
(God, it's so much taking care of ourselves. Ugh.)

So a very 8 month pregnant me and a cousin (who was more pregnant) decided to mall shop. She takes care of herself wayyyy better than I can/do/have/will.

So when she spotted this new salon at the mall and said lets do our eyebrows, I was like....

Um. M'kay.

She says. You go first. I have kid #1 acting up.

Um. M'kay.

I go into room.

It's peaceful like I'm gonna get a facial.

I tell the nice lady how I want the eyebrows.

I lie down.

We small talk about when I'm due. Sex of the baby. Blah Blah. Blah.


Some cleaning lady comes in and starts making all this noise looking for something.

She distracts nice lady WHILE waxing.

Nice lady yells at cleaning lady to hurry and leave.

Yah...awkward. My eyebrow feels 'weird'

Cleaning lady leaves.

Cleaning lady comes back.

Nice lady freaks out again.

Ramblers thinking WTF. But remains calm.

Cleaning lady leaves.

Nice lady looks back at Ramblers face and gasps.


She gasped.

The fricking nice lady ripped off almost 2/3 's of my eyebrow OFF.

She calls in makeup lady while I sit and process and think maybe it's not that bad.

Makeup lady covers up, calls me sweetie. The owner comes in and says I look beautiful. I'm rubbing my belly getting nervous.

I come out of the room. My cousin looks at me and says she doesn't need any waxing. I smile in some delusional stunned way. And we leave. I am so stunned I don't make a big deal about it. Which might explain the breathing out on the whole staff's part when we left.

I go home. I show my husband. I cry most of the night and avoid the mirror.

For 2 months, I had to have my employees at work help me put a effing fake eyebrow on with a pencil liner (remember I am clueless about makeup) and some fill in eyebrow tracer thing.

I have NOT had my eyebrows done in over 3 years now.

Wait...I do them myself...just they aren't so 'professional' looking.


I am NOT a girlie girl!!

But I will not have a UNIBROW!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Does anyone have this feature on their phone?

Seriously. That would be great to use on my husband. (alright, only on the days we don't like each other!)

I'm sick.

Like did not get out of bed for two days sick. On the third crawled to wash dishes and sweated like a whore in church, and crawled back to bed sick.

On the fourth day, I went to work. That really really really sucked.

So all you guys get is this hilarious video that I hope you watch and this stupid post! :)

Tee-shirts to follow.

Did I mention I was a little delusional?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Interviewing can be interesting....

I've been in management for over 10 years and I have to say...

I've interviewed some really interesting characters.

Before an interview I usually like to designate someone to 'watch me'. Just in case I don't know how to politely end the interview. I don't care what they say just please come by and say it's the effing President on the phone and I have to end the interview.

Below are some of the people I get to interview at least once a month...

The Over-Talker-InterviewEE-turned-InterviewER.
(The OTITI..I know what it sounds like)

The person kind of sneaks up on you. Beware. It's innocent really, because they are dressed nice, good eye contact. They brought a pen to the interview!

(My pet peeve. To me, it's like going there without a shirt on...always be prepared. Bring a pen. You should only have to ask me for an application.)

The OTITI immediately takes over the conversation in an instant.

She/He speaks quickly and without breathing. While you stand there and attempt many inserts of your own questions, they rattle on. Oblivious to the fact the manager has not been able to ask one question except to say..."Hi, my name is Boss Rambl..."

My mind wanders a bit in between attempts. "How many pots of coffee has she had" "Will she shut up so I can ask a question" "Too bad, she looked normal"

My Designator was busy 'flirting' with a pretty gal who'd just come to his bar. (Damn him, must remember to pick more reliable Designator)

The Awkward-Quiet-My-Mother-Told-Me-to-Get-A-Job

This is a kid that usually sits on their behind at home. Just graduated from high school, maybe. Completely unmotivated. Their mother just wants them to get OUT OF THE HOUSE. (I don't blame her).

This makes for a most awkward interview because of their one word answers to all your questions.

Or blank looks because they can't believe they had to dress up with a nice shirt and tie and sit at a table with an "old" lady and answer questions.

For me, this is an easy interview to end quickly.

Don't call me, I'll call you kind of thing.


I grew up learning to shake hands firmly and look people in the eyes. Shifty eyes can be unsettling and uncomfortable.

This person from the moment you shake hands looks over, around and below you. I find myself secretly brushing past my mouth, nose and eyes blindly searching for remnants of food, buggers and or crap attached to my face in an unattractive way. Or checking to see if my bra strap is showing or toilet paper is stuck on my shoe. All at the same time. Because shifty eyes makes me nervous.

I ask my questions. I get answers but with very little to no eye contact. Again, I wonder if the spinach I ate days ago is somehow lodged still between my two front teeth. Very distracting for a person like me doing an interview.

And usually after the interview...I go to a mirror to check myself out.

Gotta catch another thing...Person

"Dude...you the manager?"

"Yes?" (Oh God)

"So, do you have to work hard here?"

"Um..." (Oh Lord. Really?)

"Cause I need money...but I don't enjoy working. Dude."

"Erm...I'm not hiring right now" (As I hide the Now Hiring sign)


So words of advice from Boss Rambler here.

Bring a pen, shake hands firmly but not WWF-ly, make good eye contact, and let the interview be a two way conversation.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #21...Tell me your Senses...

Thanks to those that participated in last weeks influential person question last week.

Some comments to share with the classroom today :)

OliveStreetStudio said... Thanks for your story - very nice that you had the unexpected opportunity to thank this supportive man!! I have two minor bits to contribute:

To the woman who gave me my first job in an ice-cream parlor when I was 12 - I worked for her for 7 summers and she really helped bring me out of my shy-shell. I eventually ran the shop and placed our orders. She trusted me with running her business. To this day I tell her that job was my absolute favorite in the world (and not because i got to eat ice cream everyday!)

My negative on this: My Aunt, who when I told I wanted to major in Biology, told me I'd never make any $$ or I'd have to go to med school....she discouraged me at 16 YOs and I got nervous so I switched my major. To this DAY I regret not pursuing my love of science...BUT I have gone back to school and taken bio, chem, and physics classes and one day hope to teach HS Chemistry. :-)

I loved that you had someone that was an influence on both ends. Great comment!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Wonderful post.

To be honest, I think it WAS my parents who were quite influential in my life. You see, my Mom was an Officer in the Air Force and she battled all sorts of sexism. She never gave up. Then my Dad decided to stay home with me because he walked in to pick me up at daycare once and he didn't like the tone the providers were using at the children. So he quit his job and became a SAHD. Back in those days, it wasn't done as often so he was mocked quite a bit. Both of my parents have always fascinated me.

As I grow older I find myself looking at my parents lives at the age I am now, their decisions in life they made and looking at it with the eyes of an adult. I understand a little better why things were the way they were. I'm glad you had parents that weren't scared to not be the cookie cutter type of parents that were expected!
vanover521 said...

i would have to say the wife of the youth pastor i hated.

confused? ok let me explain.

he was a guy who just rubbed me the wrong way.

his wife was sweet, caring, thoughtful, loved God with everything in her. she was everything i ever wanted to be.

well... except for being married to him.

she was someone who would listen to anything, was supportive, helpful. she cared so much about each of us girls. it's amazing when i think back to her.

and no, i don't think that i've ever been able to tell her h
ow i feel about it because they've long since moved and i've lost touch with her. not that i couldn't find them with a bit of detective work.

but she was amazing. and probably still is.

I have always been fascinated with finding someone that is absolutely wonderful and to find their partner to be someone you would never want to be in a room with.
Okay so my sister Antibloggedy inspired my question for today....

"Tell me your favorite/funny
/gross thing about the 5 senses. Sense of Smell, Sound, Taste, Touch & Sight"


Smell...Chocolate and hot bread....especially if together...mmmmmm.
Sound..My daughters laughter.
Taste...The chocolate and hot bread (What...I can have this has two things right?)
Touch...My daughters hugs.
Sight...Lil Rambler...EVERYDAY.

Okay people...


Monday, June 08, 2009

Mental Note to Self.....

Mental Note to Self'ing for future reference....

...When Lil Rambler and I play catch and throw with Jack N Box Antenna Ball....pay attention.

...Don't smile gloriously when husband whines he's "exhausted" from watching the kid for almost 2.5 days straight....(Buwahahahahahahaha)

...When scheduling myself the "this 40 hours in 3 days will kill you schedule" tell myself I'm stupid...no, no, tell me it's ludicrous and you (wait, isn't it I?) should be confined to a crazy home.

...Be better prepared when something like my 300th post came and went...WHAT..yah, it totally did! Yeah me.

...Being more prompt when thanking people like Janana Bee and Mama Loco for being a winner to their giveaways!!!....Janana Bee made me a kick ass CD to workout to (like 1o zillion years ago..bowing for forgiveness for my complete rudeness). Mama Loco...oh man, you gotta check out what I won from her...If I wasn't so lame you'd be seeing photos of my Boyphone (IPhone for you newbies) with Janana Bee's playlist labeled Kick Ass Playlist....and photos of me fawning over my goodies from Mama Loco.

That will conclude today's post folks...as when I mentioned I worked 40 hours Friday to Sunday any creativity or excitement for writing was zapped when I wrote the title. (tee hee). This does not include Wed and Thursdays 16 hours.

I know...eat some cheese with that whine Rambler!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Hi, my name is Zombie Mom.

You know her.

Maybe you are her.

She's the woman who slides out of bed while leaving barely an imprint of herself in the bed. She fights with the eye boogey that has attached itself to the top AND bottom eyelash. And prays that the toothpaste is really toothpaste and not husband's shaving cream.

The eye boogey has been washed out with remnants of water and traces of toothpaste left on fingers. Searing pain still does not wake her fully.

And stumbles out of the bathroom.

She dresses.

She looks in mirror. With one eye.

She re-dresses as her yoga pants are on backwards.

She answers the pleas of Juuucee & Eat.

The toddler of the Zombie mother has already gotten up. And has already lined all toys out on the floor from front door to her bedroom.

Toddler has the energy that defeats the family of the energizer bunnies and wants Zombie mom on full attention.

All before a decent cup of coffee.

Do you know her?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Think About It Thursdays...#20. Your Influential person.

So here's the moment I turn off the funny and ask the serious bone in my body to come forward.

Last week I had a client, from a local school, throw a function at my restaurant for their junior and senior students. Their vice principal was to show up and be the "official" representative of the school to make sure the event is 'respectable' from start to finish.

When I went to introduce myself I was surprised to find it was someone from my past I hadn't seen in almost 15 years. My high school counselor. This man got me through teenage angst over lost loves, my parent's divorce, my father's death, and almost not graduating high school. He was a rock that stood in the storm of my life at the time. He gave me stability when I had none. He stood and really believed in me as a person.

Gently he prodded and never gave up on me.

He was one of 2 people in my educational life that had a direct impact in my believing in myself.

I hadn't expressed my thanks properly while a senior in high school, so I gushed and told the other teachers and party go-ers NOW how special their vice principal was. How much he had done for me.

I really hope that he knew how important he was to me in that part of my life. I really really hope. I hope that he felt I had done something with myself. Running a restaurant with about 80 employees.

Because if he told me then back in 1993 that one day I'd be here now, I might have never believed him. But then again, he is part of why I can be here today.


"Who has been influential in your life (not including your parents) and were you able to express gratitude for their role and what it's done for you?"

Monday, June 01, 2009

Oh Dear God....B-52 Cockroach & The Rambler.

Just when I was sitting here yearning for something tangible to write.

This happened.

When I say B-52, I am completely implying that they fly.


It's hotter than a pig sweating the chopping block in Hawaii. The trade winds have taken their own vacation. Somewhere. Just not in Hawaii.

(Yeah, Yeah...You all are like take a friggin number Rambler. YOUR hot? Puh-lease)

Dream sequence fingers back to me.

Being hot, I had my lanai (porch) screen door open for extra air flow. Not realizing that the mammoth of a cockroach (which is extremely COMMON in Hawaii..Ask Pseudonymous High School Teacher or Tutu's Bliss. Or my other local blogger pals.) flapped it's ugly wings into my living room. It's movement distracted me to the point of getting uncomfortable.

I had a little big girl talk with myself (and the fact that my "not talking to my husband" pride wasn't dare going to ask him for help) to get a towel and whack the crap out of it.

:extreme shuddering:

I wildly and blindly went for the monster who took to walking on the ceiling. As I landed my first crazy whack....it took flight...for my face...



It's still somewhere and I just might take refuge in my car.

Because if I don't...this might happen.

Alright...tell me...how many of you just erched your back?

I need to go now...as I am writing this in the middle of the living room while sitting on my daughter dinner table.

It's safer.


The last time one of them suckers hid in my couch while we battled a year ago and what happened in the video happened to little ole' me.


Think I'll kill the car battery tonight if I leave it on? You know, for the AC?

Cause if I leave the window open I can only imagine the nightmare of the shenanigans that will take place if the roach follows me to the car.

:shuddering intensely: