Thursday, September 29, 2005

please pass this on

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This ladies grandson was taken by his mother who does not have custody of him. Please click above and pass along to help her get her grandson back.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Party

So here are some pictures of the party my mother threw for me to celebrate coming into middle age (as my aunt says)

My favorite cousin in the whole world...Leigh

My bestest friends in the whole world..Miss A and Miss D (Miss A was having a hard time on the hammock)

My crazy aunty Nola! Love her to pieces. She gave me some "sexy" clothes for a gift.

My littlest guest and his wacky mommy!

Last but not least was my little dog Mookie on the right and his girlfriend Dragon on the left. She doesn't care for him much but is a normally terrified dog so Mookie hangs on her until someone pulls him off.

Well, I wish I had more pictures to bore all of you with but they are on another camera. Thank you to my mom for doing all of this. The food is still sitting on my hips (thank you very much) and I'm trying hard to get back to the diet.

See you all later...

Da older Rambler

Friday, September 23, 2005

the last meal...(I know get over it right?)

Okay, so most of you know I have been on a diet since I knew a wedding was going to actually take place. I've lost 14 pounds and some of it has been sucky but other times, I have been surprised at my will to not put crap in my mouth.

Well today Matt and I went to watch movies since he got off early. We ate sushi, popcorn and M&M's with some sprite. We got home early this evening and with some hours left to the day of not being twenty something I thought you know I've been really good this week with what I put in my mouth (Miss A. don't think dirty). I think I want a Cheeseburger, fries and a soda. Why not! I haven't had one in almost 2 months. Cheeseburger that is! So I took a picture of it for laughs and decided to post it.

"I'm loving it"

Da Rambler

Last day

Today is my last day of being in my 20's. I know you guys are all just sick about reading my last week countdown, but I just can't help it. I want to look back and realize how ordinary my life was and is during this time.

So last night I was doing managerial paperwork in the office and some of my "kids" as I call some of my employees were also getting their financials done so they could leave. We all got to chatting and we were all trying to make each other laugh. It went on about 30 to 45 minutes. They were all 20 years old. Exactly 10 years younger than me. I laughed to myself that here I am chatting with them and listening to their 20 year old something points of view. Sighing to myself while I remembered being there mentally! (some would say I still am! ;o)

Well, nothing is planned for today except to chill out, maybe clean the house for the significant other since he is sick.

Oh yeah, another step closer to the wedding plans. Meeting the wedding cake lady next Friday at 1:00! (Thanks aunty!)

See you tomorrow when I'm another year older and hopefully another year wiser (don't laugh too hard Miss A;o)


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Almost there

Just today and tomorrow left for my 20 something years. I'm ready?? No, I am?? Right?

Yesterday I had a nice lunch with a friend at his restaurant in Waikiki. After that I had to work, which is always a downer...kidding. It wasn't so bad. My shift resulted in me only yelling at my staff twice and threatening for them to find other jobs if they want to follow certain procedures. (they were empty threats on my part but made my point) and I had to get a super duper drunk guy out of my restaurant ( side note: did not get drunk at my place but he stumbled into my downstairs cafe from another bar that probably kicked him out.) and into a cab to the airport. I felt kinda bad for the cabdriver, but hey how else was he going to get where he needed. I highly doubt the airline was going to let him on. Anyway, it ended and I went home and watched a DVD that I got from one of our photo guys. It was funny until I passed out on the couch with my neck in a position I would pay for when I woke up.

hope all is well for my fellow bloggers.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

3 days closer

Work last night was interesting. I met an old lady that needed help to the bathroom from our downstairs cafe. We got to talking and she told me she was 84 and her and her husband have lived in Hawaii for the last 50 years. She was such a neat lady. She was French but born in Cambodia but moved back to France when small. When old enough she moved here to Hawaii. How interesting. Anyway, she was a neat lady and I met her husband who was waiting at their table. She hugged me goodbye and told me how nice and precious I was to have helped her and talked with her.

All I could think about was I hope if my grandparents ever needed help when they were on their own, stangers would be there to help them.

3 days and counting to the big 4-0....ha...RT thought it funny to say I was turning 40. Do you hear my slap through this email...;o) love ya anyway RT

Love love

Da Rambler

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

4 days left

A little closer to the big day.

I was talking with my boss yesterday and asked him what he was doing when he turned that magical age. He told me he doesn't "do" birthdays anymore. Just a reminder he's getting older. That helps!

The Rambler who's almost there.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

6 days and 2 hours left

Yes, I told you I was counting down to the day of reckoning.

Nothing to report today except that I worked. I had a busy shift but one of those shifts that took forever to get to the end. When I finally got out of work, the fiance took me to the movies. We came home and have been watching TV, laughing at the dog and pretty shortly going to go to bed.

Write more on my adventurous 20's tomorrow ;o)

Da Rambler (hanging on to my 20's with every bit that I can)

Saturday, September 17, 2005


What does this number mean, your probably wondering? I almost hate having to explain. Some close to me know! I can actually see my baby sister smiling in my head telling me "don't worry sis, remember that MR. B is 10 years older!"

Yes, you guessed it. If you add 20 and 10 that is what age I will be in 7 days. When did this happen? When did I become "older"? (I don't mean to sound offensive to my older family and friends.) Why is it that this particular age is so "scary" to turn? I haven't really heard a nice story or someone excitedly say they were turning "that" age. See I can't even say/write it.

I wonder how someone that still enjoys cartoons, high school style gossiping, giggling at "hot" guys that walk by could be 20-10. Aren't we supposed to be more sophisticated? I mean don't get me wrong, I pay rent, have car payments, more than enough credit card bills, own a dog that I need to take care of but....I still love watching the Flintstones. I know I am holding on!

I was chatting with my mom about it the other day and she told me I could be 54 instead! In other words, stop complaining and get over it! Mom's, there so helpful and honest!

Well, friends and family, the countdown begins to my "coming of age" and hope my last 7 days of being in my 20's is a blast! (not that I have much planned! I'm only working, working and uh oh yeah working!)

love love,

A not so sure we want this age Rambler

Friday, September 16, 2005

one more thing down...

So,wedding invitations were ordered today. I felt so bad for the manager who had to bare with me while we filled out the paperwork, got names corrected, times, dates, and proper wording. She sat wth a smile and her pencil, which turned out to be a good idea, as there where a couple times that I said...

"Um, sorry, but could I change that to ...."

"Whoops, sorry, what if we said this instead.."

"Crap, sorry, do you hate me yet.."

"What if...sorry!"

She said I wasn't the worst bride she had to deal with. I took only 1/2 hour (which I felt was longer than necessary, but she's had couples that sat in their backroom for a couple of hours.) She even said I was nice! Ha! Anyway, that's the story of my day.

To Miss A- I enjoyed croaking out my first words of the day to you! I hope your night goes better! Watch the back!

Anyway, gotta run and do something I'm sure needs done!

Da crazy Rambler

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Normal photos of my friends and Matt

I thought only fair to post pics of my friends without stuff in their teeth and show their real beauty! (for real). And to Becky, Matt graduated in Florida! ( A little further than Leileihua)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Comedy night

Saturday night!

Usually, Matt and I are homebodies (don't be shocked), or I go out with the girls leaving him home to play with his online buddies. But last night we went out with the girls! (we meaning Matt and I). Maid of Honor Ana had fundraiser tickets for a comedy show for her hula halau (god help me if I spelt that wrong! But ana will forgive right?) Anyway, the show started at 9:00 so we figured we would grab a bite to eat before hand. Dinner went great, good conversation and good company. We had decided that Matt would be Ana's "wing" man in case of meeting men. If she liked the guy, Matt was the brother, if not, he was DA PIMP. (I'm only adding that cause he was going to be with Me, Ana and Denise). Anyway the comedy started before we left the restaurant. We had ordered dessert and I had started talking after a bite of chocolate and had some on my tooth. Ana decided it would be funny to mock me (I think if gives her pleasure to showcase my downfalls). Well, we all went into hysterics and Denise started to put some chocolate on her teeth. We begged Matt to take pictures and here is the result.

I was sure through the insane laughter from our table someone would ask us to leave. How beautiful do we look?

I don't know what possesses us to do things like this but I realize it's moments like this that make me laugh (like retard, right denise) in times when not appropriate because the memory sneaks up on me. I had tears in my eyes and when looking at the picture after it was taken I fell into more hysterics.

But of course, we asked Matt to do it and he obliged.

You gotta love your man that will humor silly girls! So, it was a good start to a funny evening. The show was funny, but we were all a little tired being that our age was soon coming to the big 3-0 for all of us except the young one Denise. Well, that was our Saturday night. Lots of laughs, good times, and a little bit of chocolate.

Love Love,

Da "toothless" Rambler

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

So little sister has finally left the nest! All the way to Las Vegas. (sigh) It's been a couple days since my mom and I dropped her off and part of me can't believe that I don't have a sister living just a couple of minutes away from me. Call me selfish, but I miss her big time!

On her last day my mom came over and we went out to breakfast and ran a couple of errands that Sammy needed to take care of. I knew it was coming, but when the moment came to drop her at the airport it took all of my might to try not to cry! I almost got away with it cause my mom asked me to park the car and meet her and sammy at check in. I figured there wasn't enough time to do that so I told them I would just stay here. I kissed Sammy real quick on the cheek and proceeded to go back to the car. Sammy realized that I wasn't coming in and put her bags down and came to hug me goodbye. So much for holding back the tears. I straight out cried, lips quivering, nose running...everything. Thank goodness mom had the Kleenex. Sammy consoled me a bit and just went ahhh (like a soft don't be sad ahhh). I love that girl!

I realize how much she means to me, and I'm glad that her and I forged some type of friendship this last year. She has become that close sister you hope to have when you see other woman around you with a very tight bond with theirs. (for example my mother and her 2 sisters). At least for me Sammy, I hope for you! We hung out together for a week while her man went ahead to Vegas and my guy was in PA for family visit.

Well little sister, have a great life and I'll see you in December!

love ya

Big sis Rambler

Friday, September 02, 2005

No matter what you do?

Have you ever had one of those days (weeks, months or years) where you've done all you can, taken care of things better than you normally do but others around you undermine you by saying something HAS to be wrong? You must have missed something? You can't be done, right, correct, or understood!

I wonder who I do this very thing I am complaining about to. Probably my baby sister, and I gotta think why do I do it? (Just so I can understand the other people around me that put this "gotta be doing something wrong" attitude)

I think I do it because e are 10 years apart and I have always done things she needed taken care of (if not my mom or other sister). If my mom was unable to get her after work, I grudgingly took her. If I my mom needed a babysitter (which was all the time since she worked 50 jobs to make ends meet and provide us with a home) my sister and I took care of it. If she needed a ride to friends place I (grudgingly) took her. If she needed help with her homework (when she actually told us she had it) I tried to help her and stopped when it was further than I went in school. I developed that "I always take care of you and give you the answers" complex.

She's now 20 and moving to Las Vegas (major sobbing in the background) and I as I try to put upon my big sister wisdom, it dawned on me to step down and talk to her realizing everything she does is going to be OK. I don't need to have my hands in everything she wants to do. I love her and it's time to move into a "forever" friendship role (of course maintaining big sister position when needed)

There it is, my ephiany of why others do the same to me...So I guess maybe when I grow up, others will realize that same thing and start giving me a break.

Hey wait, but I thought I was grown up! But I guess maybe I still have a little more to go.

So littlest little sister ( i have two), I'm sorry but know it's cause I love you and I couldn't help it!

Rambling ON....