Sunday, September 11, 2005

Comedy night

Saturday night!

Usually, Matt and I are homebodies (don't be shocked), or I go out with the girls leaving him home to play with his online buddies. But last night we went out with the girls! (we meaning Matt and I). Maid of Honor Ana had fundraiser tickets for a comedy show for her hula halau (god help me if I spelt that wrong! But ana will forgive right?) Anyway, the show started at 9:00 so we figured we would grab a bite to eat before hand. Dinner went great, good conversation and good company. We had decided that Matt would be Ana's "wing" man in case of meeting men. If she liked the guy, Matt was the brother, if not, he was DA PIMP. (I'm only adding that cause he was going to be with Me, Ana and Denise). Anyway the comedy started before we left the restaurant. We had ordered dessert and I had started talking after a bite of chocolate and had some on my tooth. Ana decided it would be funny to mock me (I think if gives her pleasure to showcase my downfalls). Well, we all went into hysterics and Denise started to put some chocolate on her teeth. We begged Matt to take pictures and here is the result.

I was sure through the insane laughter from our table someone would ask us to leave. How beautiful do we look?

I don't know what possesses us to do things like this but I realize it's moments like this that make me laugh (like retard, right denise) in times when not appropriate because the memory sneaks up on me. I had tears in my eyes and when looking at the picture after it was taken I fell into more hysterics.

But of course, we asked Matt to do it and he obliged.

You gotta love your man that will humor silly girls! So, it was a good start to a funny evening. The show was funny, but we were all a little tired being that our age was soon coming to the big 3-0 for all of us except the young one Denise. Well, that was our Saturday night. Lots of laughs, good times, and a little bit of chocolate.

Love Love,

Da "toothless" Rambler

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The young one said...

How cute. You guys are weird. but I love you anyway. oh and I'm tired.

RT said...

That was great!!!! Will those photos be in your wedding slideshow? =)

old person said...

I promise this will be there or I'm making flyers!

Anonymous said...

Wait, I didn't make fun of you... I told you while Matt and Denise just watched you continue to talk story and carry on without telling you! THEN, and only then, I made fun of you.

Becky said...

I couldn't decide whether to laugh or be creeped out by that shot:) You know, in seeing a picture of Matt, he looks awfully familiar... He didn't go to Leilehua, did he?