Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random Wednesdays...the last of '08.

What a year.!

I can't believe it's the last day of '08.

Of course I decided to let my last post of this interesting year be my becoming normal Random Wednesday.


Me and my mommy friend took our daughters to the zoo today. They were insane! But the most interestingly strangest thing was seeing all the turtles "doing" it AND making grunting noises. I guess why wouldn't they make noises. Right? And then I thought one guy was gonna flip backwards cause he was getting a little crazy...turtle style. Seriously their were 7 turtles (I think Galapagos LARGE turtles), and 6 of them were getting it on. I felt kinda bad for the loner guys. It's like he was the third wheel turtle.

Hey, at least his friends are going out with a bang.....Ba-dum-bump-bump :)


I followed a man up an escalator the other day and he had shorts on that had cigars all over it. The funny thing was a bunch of the cigars seemed to be pointing (and burning) toward his butt holeio...The thought made a snicker come out and I of course told myself to not forget to blog about this one on RW.


My manager friend and I went to a hotel bar in Waikiki for one drink to "market research" for our bar was so nice to sit there and stare at the ocean and enjoy a good "market research" cocktail. They made pineapple juice ice cubes so my white wine sangria drink turned from clear to a yellowish color during the course of the "market research". gotta love "market research".


It's been pretty cool having President Elect Obama here in Hawaii.

And for me a proud feeling knowing he comes from the Islands!

My stepsisters mother had to do police duty for his home on Christmas day.


And I will end this with a bit of reflection on the year we call 2008. A lot of great things have happened for me.

  • In April I visited with my FLS and met my new niece Vai and for the first time in a really really long time I connected with my sister. A wall I had built up preventing the forward movement of our relationship came down. She's an amazing, spiritual, beautiful woman that I am so proud to call my sis!
  • I restarted this blog after many attempts and finally this time it took. I'm thankful for the many new bloggy pals that have come into my world and have allowed me into theirs!
  • A new President was elected!!!
  • My husband and I have also finally learned to be best friends again. We've veered off the path a bit being new parents and I'm thankful. We also just got the news that he did get his promotion at work. In this day with the economy the way it is, I am beyond thankful. Our goal to one day owning a home of our own gets closer and closer.
  • And finally I feel I am in a better place as a mother. This time last year I felt confused and convinced I was doing a horrible job. Too much of that or is it too little of this. But I guess this and that is part of the deal. Getting used to the new mother skin and allowing yourself to be OK with this role.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Or as we say here in Hawaii....Hauoli Makahiki Hou....(BFF & Krissy are snickering now...cause I'm the whitest Hawaiian they know:)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holy Island Wide BLACKOUT Batman!

I am completely pooped to the core. With Christmas finishing, going to work on December 26, 2008 was supposed to be another regular day. Schedules to do, people to feed, employees to talk to, things to think about for my next blog posting (yeah, it's always on our minds isn't it?).

A reminder for those who do read. I work for a restaurant in Waikiki.

Around 6ish pmish I was below at the outside portion of my place and noticed the weather being not the most paradise-y of paradise for those visiting. (When sitting in my office earlier, I THOUGHT I had saw lightening flash out my window, but put it to overtired mommy syndrome.) For a fraction of a second, the street went out and back on. It happens.

I went back up to the second level to my office and retrieved flashlights and made a plan with my head host "just in case".

20 minutes later.


My restaurant had just filled up with the dinner crowd. (Sigh). We have full floor to ceiling windows so all the guests started looking out and down the streets assessing the blackout debacle. I tell my hosts and other staff to make sure the guests were comfortable and that we'd wait a bit and see if the power would be back on. We propped open fire doors and escorted any that wanted out.

Over an hour later after getting most of the guests out, the restaurant in decent shape for the next morning managers entry (ahem, ME), we all braved Waikiki, sans electricity. Most of my staff live in Waikiki so they just had to deal with a gazillion other tourists, locals, whatever figuring out where their hotel was/how to get home without getting hit by drivers trying to remember how to stay civilized without power. Me? I lived a mere 20-25 minutes by car, but OUT of Waikiki.

A normal 15 minute drive from my work parking garage to the freeway entrance that would take me home took almost 2 hours. YES! ONE and a half stinking hours later of grumbling how stupid people could become on the road. "4 WAY STOP A-HOLE!" seemed to the phrase for my drive.

Listened to one of the only radio stations that was equipped to handle the state emergency and a couple old timer DJ's (who I totally LOVE...Price & Perry) handled calls and gave advice to keep Hawaii that had battery operated radios the lowdown...or those stuck in cars (smirk), interviewed all the important people of the state, Hawaiian Electric Co. Bigwig telling Hawaii it might be at the very LEAST a 12 hour ordeal and it was the thunder storm had created the problem the island of Oahu was facing, the Mayor and Gov. came on to say President Elect Obama was doing fine and that he commented on he was going to have an early night. These poor guys....they usually do the MORNING radio....

Finally, after the 10 minute freeway drive, I pull into the gated community where I live. And it's eerily dark. To be honest the whole drive was just eerie. But it gave me the eebie jeebies cause my paranoia kicked in a little and my mind jokingly seriously looked for zombies...(Hey, they come around in these type of movies...shut up Rambler...not you RaMbLeR, but me :l .....)

My husband. I'm pretty sure if I dissected his brain I would find a mini computer hooked up with super decked out techie whatever is important to a geeky computer geek. He was pacing and looked agitated. My 2 year old kept pointing to the light to flick it on, and wondered why EVERY time she pushed the TV button it wouldn't come on. I moved candles away from plants (er, honey what are you thinking?), made sure the dog had food and water, and prepared us for bed. Cause that's what us mommies do well in emergencies. We calm the daddy's down...joke....kinda...

My techless hubby praised my amount of candles (ridiculous prior to blackout, but genius after...thank you very much) and went to bed.

I cranked up the hubbys hand generated/battery operated radio to hear what was up to date with the black out and set my alarm on my almost dying boyphone (NOOOOOOOOOO) and prayed it would work until I needed to wake up 6 hours later.

4 1/2 hours later I woke anyway and decided not to chance the sleep. I called my Head Chef and we made plans for me to pick him up so we could go back into work to salvage what we could, wait out the blackout and be ready to re-open if possible. We arrived back into Waikiki, around 6am, with police at certain areas and it still as black as you could get.

We walked into our restaurant to see if we could do anything. But it being dark (a farking creepy dark if you walked around by yourself) we decided to sit it outside and wait for employees to show up and figure our game plan. I will say this, while by myself on one end of the restaurant, not known to me, the building maintenance manager and his security guard where checking on our floor....FRICK scared the CRAP out of me...(remember my zombie comment earlier?)

Around 7ish AM, parts of Waikiki turned on...including us. Mad scramble to reset our system from our main store on the mainland, triple check food to make sure it held through the night, and get ready for breakfast service.

All I'm gonna tell you is that I got my butt handed to me several times trying to serve the insane amount of people I served for breakfast and lunch!

11 hours later from arriving, my big boss kicked me out.

I had to attend an important family Post Christmas gathering that evening which I didn't want to miss. I don't know where the crack came from that allowed me the energy to continue but I made it to about 10pm. We drove home. We parked the car. And....

I crashed.


I woke up today and discovered my body was pissed at me! I kept seeing middle fingers everytime it had to move. If my husband could have a PULL UP on me and an IV of fluids this Rambler would have stay dissolved into the bed.

But I made it a deal. I had to blog today. If anything. I would stuff it full of bad food and lots of sleep and no work or exercise if it would give me the energy to write this story. I'm nearing the end of my time here so I'll leave you all now for another day.


I found this video from our local TV station if you want to click and check it out.


Click here for an article in my local newspaper with some photos.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

A little Hawaiian Bing Crosby for you.

My sister found a song sung by one of my favorites singers of the Christmas season.
So in true sister tradition. I borrowed it. :)

Think about it Thursdays will resume on New Years Day...My book of questions was busy wrapping all my gifts last night. He's pooped out! (sigh, don't I wish :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Random Wednesdays

I decided all the little tidbits I pick up in the week that "ramble" on in my noggin, could make for my newly "themed" Random Wednesdays.


Me and the kid made some sugar cookies yesterday. :) But then my cousin called in the middle of it and we started making plans for Christmas Eve dinner when I smelled my almost burnt sugar cookies...."Gotta go" :(

God bless my 2 year old for still making her MMMMMMMMMM sound as I pulled the cookies out. I'm gonna just take the fact that she dunked the crap out of her cookie in her moo juice was that she just loved both the cookie AND her moo juice.


My husband and I watched a movie this weekend (part of our anniversary date).

1. WHY are there always those people that annoyingly obnoxious? Where you say..."EVERYTIME, with the wiseguys?" I must have been in my bucket of extra buttery popcorn and deliciously cold caffienated coke-a-cola like it was my last meal....because I didn't hear the man next to them tell them "You heard me, don't make me say it again"...Damn, I would have got up and high fived you man! Hubby told me this in our after movie discussion.

2. We saw YESMAN with Jim Carrey. It was alright, but funny scene where he OD's on Red Bull reminded me of -parents/people that work really hard with not enough sleep- when we intake A.LOT. of coffee or any energy crazy stuff....or is it just me? Won't spoil it, but the end result of that scene had me laughing so hard my husband gave me that "Dork alert" look.

It didn't include the last part that prompted THE look but this is how lil ol me gets when I have too much coffee. :)


Listening to the radio on my mom's oldie station...cause they ROCK the 24/7 Christmas music in December...and heard commercials for dentures, second chance romances, living assisted homes, "Blue Pill" help, buying vacation homes....I guess it's age appropriate? Right?


I totally just met my twin. Everyone. Meet the RaMbLeR. (quiet noise) really her name is RaMbLeR also! Somehow we found each other :) FUNNY cause she's got a good sense of moi :) (tooting my horn here...and hers). Come to think of it....a commenter had said a while back she saw "me" everywhere and meant to check me out....Maybe she was seeing me and me everywhere...whoa... :) Go say hi!


Its gonna be farking Christmas tomorrow? I have some serious last last last minute shopping to do. Me and Macy's have a date after work. They are open late, thank GOD. On second thought, I better check it out so I'm not banging on the doors for the cleaners to let me in...


From my family to yours....

Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas my bloggy pals! I know I will, with my two cheeseballs above :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Starbuck's customer protocol according to the Rambler..

Regurgitating an old post due to a visit to Starbucks yesterday. I read it and agreed the rules still applied....etiquette

I wrote this back in 2005 folks, (pre-marriage and pre-kid)! And the rookies are still killing me....


Original post Sept. 5, 2005

Ok, so I was at Starbucks today (I'm actually there everyday but who's counting) meeting my best friend for coffee (duh) and gossip (of course!)

I got there first and had nothing to do but observe. If you've been to a Starbucks you know the routine, right? You don't you say, well here is "the rules" according to the Rambler.

1. Don't get in line unless you know what you want. (Only get in line if it's long and you have the time to decide. But you better know what you want when they ask)

2. They have three sizes. The actual names they use are TALL (Small) , GRANDE (medium) and VENTI (large).

3. Have form of payment ready to go. (actually check your wallet before you step in line to save yourself embarrassment of having to cancel order)

4. Once paid, proceed to their "holding area" where they keep the straws, napkins, sugars and cream needed for whatever you ordered. Get out of the line, so the next person can order and pay.

5. Don't forget what you ordered! They will call out your drink and that's when you pick it up. (thank em' if possible, no one else does and it's just something nice to do!)

That's it folks, plain and simple.

Sorry, but today this lady kinda killed me and I thought hey why not blog it today!

Anyway, thanks A for coffee today, hope your show went well!

Da Rambler


Sunday, December 21, 2008

It was a good day....

Yesterday was a good day.

I'd worked the last 8 days and I was nearing that on-the-brink-of-nervous-mommy meltdown. Yes, I do my schedule. Yes, I know. 8 days. In a row? I work for a restaurant. We are open everyday morning to night. Holiday season has arrived so our schedule changes according to business. Without thinking when I hit send (to the other 4 managers that await what I schedule them), I'd realize what I did. Oh well, it was for the better. My first whole "real" weekend off. With my husband. And my daughter. :)

The awesomeness that my hubby is got him up in the morning and decided to let Mommy sleep until (really really past Mommy allowed time) LATE.

My eyes, caked with eye boogy and a contact that crunched in one corner, opened on their own. Not because someone was hungry or wanted juice or needed a clean pull up. Or just for a morning kiss and hug (God, I love those). Must remember to take out crunchy contacts and let them soak.

Moms, don't get mad...but it was 11:15. Yup all the way to lunch. (disclaimer...I work nights, I get home by 1:00 am, I pass out hopefully by 2 :)

I stumbled out of the room in disbelief at how relaxed I felt. It'd been awhile. Gave my morning/noon hugs and kisses, chit chatted with the hubby and made plans with my mother to eat lunch and shop for hubby's xmas gift.

Hubby..."I'll watch Lil Rambler"
Me....."What? Serious?"
Hubby..."How long you gonna be?"
Me....."Erm, lunch and shopping? A zillion hours :)"

Later, in my car, excited, looking at the steering wheel and noticed my hand and fingers (darn, forgot my watch and ring), look in rear view mirror (damn, my contacts, I hate wearing my glasses), I was off. What can I say, I jumped on that offer of a kid free shopping day.

And yes, I wasn't wearing my PJ's and yes, I did brush my teeth!

My mother and I had a great brunch (they served a brunch menu ON a Saturday, AMEN), and got to talk about things that remind me I'm not 10. Funny to Serious subjects about my parents divorce, my self worth issues, her upcoming marriage, my sisters, my marriage...She even asked me to open her butter for her toast because she couldn't do it....I stared at her and smiled and joked that she usually does that for Grandma :)...

.....joke, not so close to Christmas Rambler (me smacking head)!

We ate, we shopped, we pooped ourselves out!

It was a GREAT day!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Award Day

It's crunch time here at my household...well, I guess for just me. 6 days before Christmas? How did it happen so fast? Where did the time go? Holy mackerel, it's almost 2009? How could I not be the only one at Hellmart at midnight?

On the lighter note, I wanted to thank a couple of people that gave me some pretty cool awards on their blogs. The Bush Family and Janna @ Janana Bee are really great gals and mothers. So thanks sooooo very much.

The award states "This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships!These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

And then I got this other one from a really talented younger blogger. I would have given my favorite purse to have half of what her fingers produce on paper. Thank you to Rhiangel at Penpusher. I am truly flattered :)

Here are the rules:

  1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
  2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude!
  3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
  4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
  5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
  6. The bloggers listed below are truly deserving of the Lemonade Award for having a great attitude. They have become dear blogging friends and inspirations!
Here's my little list of some that I hope you'll find as fun as I do.

Lady With a View
Penz Life
The Bush Family (yah, I know she gave me one, but I'm giving her the other one :)
same with Janna @ Janana Bee
Kels @ Authentically Me
Janah @ So Not Mom-a-licous
Anna @ Life just Keeps getting Weirder (and the author of the awesome blogtalk to the right)
Lyndsay @ I used to be Witty
Sticky @ Not too sticky
My sis @ Bloggedy Blog Blog

Take both awards or just one. Whatever you feel like!

This could be longer, but you have blogs to read, children to feed, chocolate to eat....

Thanks again and if you have time please check out the above blogs. They are all pretty great!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Think About It Thursday #2

Thanks to you all for throwing in your thoughts on the first question. Pretty much the census was if sleep came, thank goodness! :)

But my favorite was from Shorty at Securityville....

"Here's just a rough would involve Daniel Craig (James Bond), I would be wielding an elegant pistol alongside him as we're chasing agents gone bad, then it would end with a steamy love scene. And, of course, he would fall deeply in love with ME, never to want another woman again! We would retire in the Caribbean with gobs of money and live happily ever after.

One can dream....but of course, I would dream this with Hubby, too. On a different night, of course!

Daniel Craig...have you seen this man? (lovestruck shudder)

Okay okay now that I'm done googling over this chocolate cake of a man (with extra yummy on the side) lets get to our second question of my Book of Questions series....

#18 pg. 24

"If you could wake up tomorrow morning having gained any ONE ability or quality, what would it be?"

Okay peeps, pipe in with your answers...cause I'm always curious!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Wednesday

Completely random moments by me.

Look, my Boyphone took this yesterday! I'm telling you, I fall in love with it more and more everyday....not as much as my daughter but its a close second :) with my hubby falling right behind it. (shhh, please don't tell)


I went behind the TV the other day because I noticed Baby Jesus from the Nativity set had been flung there by "accident" via Lil Rambler. Strangely, I whacked my head hard enough that I blurted out "GEESUS CHRISTY"...and then stared at the Baby Jesus in my hand and thought

"Uh, weird".

And then whined more about my head...then felt more weird because, ahem, Jesus went through was a really strange thought process. Really. I heart you Jesus.

And of course told myself to not forget to blog about it.


I ran in a Marathon this past Sunday. The Honolulu Marathon. My time....10 seconds.

It was tiring, exhilarating, unexpected....

Alright, actually me and my employee needed to cross the street to get to our job. 14,000 runners were "hogging" the road. I asked the police officer if they had "breaks" in the run so people could cross. Without calling me a moron, he suggested to run with the pack and slowly zigzag our way to the other with my jeans, sweater, and a large mommy purse (cause you know that's how us momma's roll :), and my fellow assistant, dressed in flannel, long pants and a large awkward size backpack, entered our first marathon.

"Uh, Squezee....Hehe, pardon, just need to..... oops sorry did my purse...morning to you too....good day huh?....soorrryyy, just need to....AAAA, made it"

We high-fived each other and laughed so hard we almost pee'd our pants. Maybe not her. She's 19. My I-gave-birth-who-ha-thing down there doesn't quite clench as good as before. TMI?

(Mental note to self again...Don't forget to blog about it.)


I have a Charlie Brown Tree....on our table....I have a cute Lil dog that enjoyed tearing up all gifts his first year with us and mistook the tree for an outside fire hydrant and peed on it. So to avoid confusion and additional cleaning of torn up wrapping paper we decided to use the table that should be used for our dining purposes (but is not) for our Christmas Charlie Brown Tree. ((sigh)) day with a bigger place, this may not be the issue.


3 years ago today before this moment, I was running around like a crazed lunatic, trying to do everything, getting my hair did (thanks Sterf), my makeup purdy (thanks Dee) and my table assignments redone (loooong boring story), my dress on (thanks BFF, FLS & LBS).

Happy Anniversary Honey!

You work this morning, I work tonight... :o sigh again...two ships passing in the night.

We'll get our anniversary on this weekend! Promise!


For EVERYONE that left me very sweet and kind comments yesterday regarding my dad's birthday....ONE BIG HEART TO YOU ALL! This bloggy land has been a great place and I've met some really wonderful random people!


I believe my sister is still giving away stuff still so go check it out.


Tomorrow is Think About It Thursdays....don't forget to check it out!


Oh, Oh, and on my sidebar I put the funniest thing from the funniest blogger...SHE. IS. FUNNY!
It's bloggy talk. We ALL have to have our bloggy talk.


Birthday wishes to The Bush Family!!!!'s gonna be good! Promise!


And that folks, is all she wrote!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I knew today would be a post I was unsure how to start.


First. My FLS (First Lil' Sis) is doing a cool giveaway. Please Please Please with a cherry on top, stop by. Say hey. Tell her I love her :) Maybe she'll throw in an extra entry if you say "Rambler loves ya!"...we haven't discussed that. But....I'm the big sister.


Today is hard. Emotionally.

This time is always hard. It sneaks up on me. With a great big surprise like opening a dusty trunk and seeing a life laid out that seems so long ago.

They say it gets easier. Maybe they is someone who hasn't lost "it". The physical presence of my father is missed on different levels as my life progresses. Without him. I searched for something that could convey my feelings for today. Then thought. Write one yourself.

I miss him. Everyday.

Was that you?

The day your soul left this place
The day your pain went away
I felt a feeling a 17 year old girl coming of age
Does not know how to explain
I knew you were gone
Before mom told me
Was that you?

The day I wore my cap and gown.
The day I received THE paper that said I made it.
My first achievement in life
The first real smile in months
Since you left.
Was that you?

The day I met THE man for me.
The moment I knew.
He was like someone I loved too.
Was that you?

The day I walked down the aisle
With mom and sister
The sky was clear
The sun was beautiful
The trade winds blew gently
Like any bride would pray for
Was that you?

The day my beautiful baby
blessed this earth
A familiar smell filled my room
Your smell.
Was that you?

The days my baby
giggled to herself.
Coo’d by herself.
Smiled to herself.
Was that you?

The days I felt
And imagined a hand in mine
Was that you?

This day,
your day of birth
I see myself.
My sisters.
Our children.
Their smiles….

….I smile

Was that you?

Friday, December 12, 2008

7 weird things....

So my sister over at Bloggedy Blog Blog tagged me the other day to list 7 weird things about myself...

I joked that I think I could be considered normal.

FLS snorted and said whatever.

I responded with...Yah, well you put a photo up of your bum, butt, cheeks with a crack in the middle..whateva you want to call it. Weirdo :)

Sister love.

It's what it's all about!

Here we a backwards transition.

7. When I was pregnant, the only thing that I could put down during that morning sickness period was.......lemons, soaking in soy sauce, pepper and vinegar.....I sense some of you may have puckered. Sorry. :)

6. Ever since I heard that nursery school rhyme... step on a crack, break your mothers back.....yup, you guessed it. I subconsciously find myself avoiding cracks....It's like a have a little miniature mother sitting on a rocking chair in the back of my head knitting and every time I step on a crack, she screams "Oui-vey, for the love! The crack..."

5. I gag real easy. I could give random examples here...(gag) but I'm a little worried that (gag), alright theirs a movie scene in Big Daddy where Adam Sandler teaches the kid to spit (gag, gag) and bring it back up...(massive dry heaving now). Please. (gag) Make (gag). It (gag). Stop (heavy breathing...nope GAG).

4. I need to fall asleep with the TV on. This drives my husband nuts. Like bonkers. Either the TV is off and he sleeps the instant his head hits the pillow and Rambler is left there staring into space, trying tirelessly to count sheep that turn into chocolate bars, that turn into Pepsi cans, that turn into Jim from the Office....:)Or the TV is on, and drool leaves my mouth (gag) within 5 minutes and angry husband searches for remote to turn off TV leaving him UP until his over tired brain calms down enough for him to join me in slumberland. Watch out for Jim though Honey. :)

3. When driving, my brain totally plans the cutoff route and I get in the lane needed like a trillion miles back. No zipping and cutting in at the last minute for this girl. I can't do it. I have anxiety issues in my head. Again, I drive my husband and my little sister kooky when I am their passenger. In fact, it's better for all if I just close my eyes until we get there.

2. I cannot use a eating utensil or straw if someone takes a saliva swipe at it. (GAGGGGY GAG)The only one I've been able to do this with is my daughter. I think my brain rationalized she's half me, so it's ok. I'll share with you but bring your own fork and sippy straw and my gag reflex won't show up for the party.

1. I have a ridonkulous fear of birds. No matter how small. I am terrified. Case in point. I mentioned I worked in a 2 story restaurant. We have an outside cafe. Birds have been known to walk/creep/fly (shuddering at the thought) inside. My staff knows how I am and one of them tried real nicely to help get one out.

Begin scene.

Her, inside with bird by full floor to ceiling window near open door. Me, outside said window, watching while clutching to the cocktail tray I'm holding. My guests wonder why I am parked outside staring at the window. She jumps to "startle" it toward the open door. But it freaked out and flew INTO the window, not OUT, which freaked her out, which freaked me out. A stifled "I'm gonna die" left my mouth and my lame butt ran around my building.

End Scene.

....Would you like an umbrella in your drink sir?

So in the spirit of keeping the weirdness going around the bloggysphere, I hope ALL of you will play along. Again, please come back to let me know....I need the reassurance that I'm not the only weird one...along with FLS.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Think about it Thursdays

Back in the early 90's I was given this book. I've kept it and pulled it out for parties, long car rides, and whatever else I felt appropriate. I even bought another in this series that was called Book of Questions: Love & Sex.

So I decided I will make every Thursday.....


I'd love for you all to think about the following question and leave me your answer either here in my comments section or on your own blog, but don't forget to let me know so I can check out your response. :) I'll post some of the responses the following Thursday.

Today's Question. #209 pg. 172

"If you could script the basic plot for the dream you will have tonight, what would the story be?"

Happy Thinking!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Want a tissue?

I came across this the other day when I was checking my email and something about it touched me in the heartstrings that tugged at my tearstrings and before you know it..

Yah, yah, seriously, can you give me my tissue box back. Didn't I tell you I was a sucker for crying!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Human Etiquette would be nice....Jerk

If I were 10.....BUT no, I am instead a "classy" (wink wink to ya Lady with A View)33 year old.

I live in a large gated community. There a lot of families, kids, a lot of dogs, and yes....jerks.

Today, my Woof Woof Barker and I were meeting up with his girlygirlwoof friends and we noticed a man sprinting....yelling...sprinting...(let's call him dadajerk)...he disappears behind the houses.

Me and Mommy girlygirlwoof looked at each other and laughed. Been there, done that...but insert my husband...running, sweating, with a half crazed woman ( saying..."uh, Stitch, owie, owie stitch, Woof Woof Barker Come back....Yes, HONEY, I AM Running!"

So of course we want to offer Dadajerk help, if we can. I pick up Lil Rambler in case a rhinoceros (yah, I'm paranoid) actually comes running out of the bushes, and we look and wait to bait the other dog with our woofie woofs....

Whew, he's little....
and curious...
it's a Yorkie and he heads right for us! (yeah, one for kindness, zero for....???IDK, fill in the blank)

I yell to the sprinting Dadajerk...

33 year old self..."Does he have a collar?" (so I can grab it to hold him.)
10 year old self..."I'll grab his tail if he runs by me"
Dadajerk......."mumble, mumble" (alrighty sir, just asking)

The escaped prisoner of Dadajerk makes doggy pals with our little gang. The dadajerk yells

"Don't let him go"

33 year old me thinking....I kinda don't like that tone mister, but maybe your trying to catch your breath, maybe I didn't hear you right?
10 year old me thinking....Mommy doesn't like when Daddy talks to her like that....mmm, in fact Mommy makes a not so nice face when Daddy talks like that?


When I was helped?

I practically made out with the poor old bastard that wore the Supermanletmehelpyousaveyourdog cape, and then offered my husband. Just in case, because I was SOOOOO grateful.

You know what Dadajerk did? He picked up the dog, yelled at it, and walked away. Did not say ONE word! Not ONE!


Dude, we just "saved" your dog! (hey, you never know. our neighbors dog just got hit and didn't make it {sniffle, sniffle})


He put the dog back in the house, and came back out....

What, your not a jerk? Your gonna tell us thank....

(Car starts, JERKOFF leaves)

Nope, not ONE farking word.

Etiquette buddy. Etiquette!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

I know, I know....I couldn't help myself.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

I'm sorry....

I couldn't help myself....

Part of me was like, just wait a couple more days....

But I don't...







...hehehehe (don't hate me for another video)

Please Elf yourselves! Don't forget to come back and let me know so I can check it out :)

Friday, December 05, 2008

I hear a Christmas song coming on....

I found these cute little guys back in October and they sang my BFF happy birthday. So in the spirit of Christmas, I present to you my first (well, really second) Christmas related post.

To our 2008 Christmas! (chink, gulp...aaaaaaa, more bubbly please!)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sher, you make me feel so....ARGHHH and bootylicious

I love when people think I'm bootylicious! Well....ok....not actually me, but my blog....

Sher over at It's Sherendipity has bestowed upon me this fab treasure (get it? Pirate? Treasure? for me. This gal is the FUNNIEST! She has me rolling on the ground peeing in my pants while laughing with milk spitting out of my nose....(no pressure Sher to keep up the funny :)

So, of course you need to pirate it forward soooooooo...I have 3 that I want to Booty up their blogs...


So today, while at the post office, the Boyphone and I are waiting in line to mail something off to LBS in Tahoe. My Boyphone dings...alerting me of email. (Squee, I love email, and I LOVE my Boyphone).

I check...(Squee, AGAIN)'s a comment for my blog.

I LOVE hearing what people have to say. The comments and the awesome people that deem me worthy to follow are what drives me to want to do this.

(Major record screeching to stop, dead silence in my world)...What? My comment is not such a happy one? But...But...But...huh? No, I don't get it, I'm nice. I love all people, animals, nature, girls AND boys. I thought.

The poor postman had to deal with a very detached Rambler. He had to tell me twice my postage was going to be $4.80 and not a zillion dollars. I'm sure he thought I was high on whatever these kids are doing now days.....I pray I didn't send my LBS's package on the 10 year plan for delivery.

Anywho, back to me and my not so happy comment. Me and the Boyphone frantically tried to leave a comment back trying to make peace. His comment mentioned that I didn't spread the love amongst some of the men that might read me. I realize he, the commenter, was a husband of a woman that followed my blog. I was completely flattered as most of the people that follow or comment have been women, with some exceptions (Ben & Andy...these guys are like the funniest rock star blog dudes EVER! Yes, you are!).

I've been drowning in this all night long trying to figure out how to approach it, or should I not even worry about it. The later didn't seem to fly with my voices inside. Talk about it, vent about it, WRITE about it. That's it, I will dedicate this to my guy who wasn't happy with me today. To show I care. About him and his opinions.

And for that...


I wave the white flag and hope we can go back to before the post that turned you against me (a bit to dramatic?).

Why do I care, some of you may ask. Because I actually do like this person's blog. And I'm a completely insecure person who feeds on positivity...and just because I hate when someone doesn't like me when I like them....(WAAAHHHHHH).

Alright. Mr. Unhappy with Me, please leave me a comment. Let me get back to before I was in the post office. Pleasseeeeee????

Signed....The Rambler

p.s. did I totally misread your comment cause that would really have made this a different day?

Monday, December 01, 2008

Merry SITsmas

I completely enjoy this new site I joined recently and we've decided to do a Christmas theme'd post. If you don't belong to it, check it out. But for my ladies that do belong, this one's for you!

(Sung in Jingle Bells tune...)

Dashing through this post
On a laptop made for one
O'er the blogs I read
Comment don't forget to leave (yah, I know an extra 2 syllables :)
Fun on Rambler's mind
Making readers laugh
What fun it is to write and write
A christmas post tonight...


SITSa Bells, SITSa Bells,
SITSa's all the waaayyyy
O what fun it is to blog
About a bucking bull today

O, SITSa Bells, SITSa Bells
SITSa's all the waaayyyy
Mammarazzi's giving extra points
If you put her on your blog today.....


MERRY SITSmas my Saucy ladies!

I am so thankful for this age with my daughter. She's two and we both decorated our tree along with Dada who's not really into that kind of stuff. It's like seeing Christmas through different eyes...

It's OVER...Goodbye Nablopomo!!

Yes, Nablopomo, you have officially kicked my a$%! Betcha thought I was gonna drop...well, you can kiss my behind, cause I'm still standing!

I'll admit, there were times (many) that I stared at this computer and stared and stared. Got up, played with my daughter for inspiration and to know I'm loved, stare again during her nap, (wait, but I want to take a nap too!!!!), stare, start a post, stop the post because it was uber lame, stare, watch TV, make dinner, entertain my daughter again for know!

But I'm gonna tell you the best part of this thing. I have blogger friended a lot of different people that I don't think I would have. This door has been opened (and no matter how hard you push me out, I'M NOT LEAVING!).

Thank you Nablopomo gods for showing me I can be creative and when push came to shove, I have the stamina to keep up.

I have one little thing to do tomorrow for one of my favorite SITSa sites. After that, I'm on a 2 day VAY-KA! I will re-enter my normal life in time for Christmas and will enjoy.