Thursday, December 25, 2008

A little Hawaiian Bing Crosby for you.

My sister found a song sung by one of my favorites singers of the Christmas season.
So in true sister tradition. I borrowed it. :)

Think about it Thursdays will resume on New Years Day...My book of questions was busy wrapping all my gifts last night. He's pooped out! (sigh, don't I wish :)

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Yaya said...

Merry Christmas!

Janna said...

Merry Christmas!

sandy said...

Merry Christmas!

peace and love,

Kalei said...

Hey check out my Raffle! I have a blanket drive going on through January....I will keep posting, but post back to it everyday! Hope you can make a smile on someones face, like you do everyday! ....maybe hand a blanket to one of the guys over by The Pier?.....or the animals at the Humane Society near UH Manoa back entrance....?

Verification word: noodi: a noodle that comes out through the nose in a fit of laughter!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Merry Christmas, albeit belated. And wishes for a beautiful New Year!

BTW, I REALLY loved your messaged you left over at my place yesterday. Hawaiian is such a gorgeous language. It was really neat seeing that. Thanks!

Tabitha Blue said...

Merry Christmas! Don't you just love 'borrowing' things from family!! I don't have a sister, but lots of brothers and a mom that I borrow from all the time!!


Alexis said...

Wow a blackout that is just crazy and a little scary. I hope everything goes ok and you have lot's of candles.

Have a wonderful day, hi from SITS :).

Michele said...

It wouldn't be Christmas without Bing! Love it!

Maki said...

My girlfriend, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with you family!!!

I just gave you an award on my blog:)