Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Random Wednesdays

I decided all the little tidbits I pick up in the week that "ramble" on in my noggin, could make for my newly "themed" Random Wednesdays.


Me and the kid made some sugar cookies yesterday. :) But then my cousin called in the middle of it and we started making plans for Christmas Eve dinner when I smelled my almost burnt sugar cookies...."Gotta go" :(

God bless my 2 year old for still making her MMMMMMMMMM sound as I pulled the cookies out. I'm gonna just take the fact that she dunked the crap out of her cookie in her moo juice was that she just loved both the cookie AND her moo juice.


My husband and I watched a movie this weekend (part of our anniversary date).

1. WHY are there always those people that annoyingly obnoxious? Where you say..."EVERYTIME, with the wiseguys?" I must have been in my bucket of extra buttery popcorn and deliciously cold caffienated coke-a-cola like it was my last meal....because I didn't hear the man next to them tell them "You heard me, don't make me say it again"...Damn, I would have got up and high fived you man! Hubby told me this in our after movie discussion.

2. We saw YESMAN with Jim Carrey. It was alright, but funny scene where he OD's on Red Bull reminded me of -parents/people that work really hard with not enough sleep- when we intake A.LOT. of coffee or any energy crazy stuff....or is it just me? Won't spoil it, but the end result of that scene had me laughing so hard my husband gave me that "Dork alert" look.

It didn't include the last part that prompted THE look but this is how lil ol me gets when I have too much coffee. :)


Listening to the radio on my mom's oldie station...cause they ROCK the 24/7 Christmas music in December...and heard commercials for dentures, second chance romances, living assisted homes, "Blue Pill" help, buying vacation homes....I guess it's age appropriate? Right?


I totally just met my twin. Everyone. Meet the RaMbLeR. (quiet noise) really her name is RaMbLeR also! Somehow we found each other :) FUNNY cause she's got a good sense of moi :) (tooting my horn here...and hers). Come to think of it....a commenter had said a while back she saw "me" everywhere and meant to check me out....Maybe she was seeing me and me everywhere...whoa... :) Go say hi!


Its gonna be farking Christmas tomorrow? I have some serious last last last minute shopping to do. Me and Macy's have a date after work. They are open late, thank GOD. On second thought, I better check it out so I'm not banging on the doors for the cleaners to let me in...


From my family to yours....

Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas my bloggy pals! I know I will, with my two cheeseballs above :)

5 ramblings of your own:

Tooj said...

Have a wonderful day/week/weekend! Be sure to ramble while we're all off so we have something to read. :)

Lyndsay said...

Yea! Love the rambling thoughts, maybe just because that is the way my mind works ?!?!?

Merry Christmas!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wonderful and funny, as always!!! You rock!

the RaMbLeR said...

Hey there Tweenkie! It's me - not you! LMAO!!

Hope you had a Holly Jolly Christmas!! I too was out late (as late as they would let me) shopping last a matter of fact (don't laugh - I KNOW you will) I even made a run to Walgreens Christmas morning! My original run was for that second gallon of milk Hubby was supposed to pick up and who woulda ever thought that 54 eggs would not be enough for our cooking but it wasn't... so I added an additional gift for oldest sons girlie!

Thanks for the word-up! I will be routing my buds your way soon!!

Have a blast bringing in the new year!!

the RaMbLeR said...

Oh - OMG!! I forgot to leave some love...awesome hats on your cheeseballs!

You are not alone on the coffee or energy crazy stuff.... we survive on that alone around here as the word 'sleep' escaped when I was about 8 months preggers with the baby! Maybe that's why we both RAMBLE so much, eh? ;)