Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Starbuck's customer protocol according to the Rambler..

Regurgitating an old post due to a visit to Starbucks yesterday. I read it and agreed the rules still applied....etiquette

I wrote this back in 2005 folks, (pre-marriage and pre-kid)! And the rookies are still killing me....


Original post Sept. 5, 2005

Ok, so I was at Starbucks today (I'm actually there everyday but who's counting) meeting my best friend for coffee (duh) and gossip (of course!)

I got there first and had nothing to do but observe. If you've been to a Starbucks you know the routine, right? You don't you say, well here is "the rules" according to the Rambler.

1. Don't get in line unless you know what you want. (Only get in line if it's long and you have the time to decide. But you better know what you want when they ask)

2. They have three sizes. The actual names they use are TALL (Small) , GRANDE (medium) and VENTI (large).

3. Have form of payment ready to go. (actually check your wallet before you step in line to save yourself embarrassment of having to cancel order)

4. Once paid, proceed to their "holding area" where they keep the straws, napkins, sugars and cream needed for whatever you ordered. Get out of the line, so the next person can order and pay.

5. Don't forget what you ordered! They will call out your drink and that's when you pick it up. (thank em' if possible, no one else does and it's just something nice to do!)

That's it folks, plain and simple.

Sorry, but today this lady kinda killed me and I thought hey why not blog it today!

Anyway, thanks A for coffee today, hope your show went well!

Da Rambler


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RT said...

Ha!! I was just at Starbucks today and that same thing happened with these guys in front of me.

On a better note, Kalani and I are booked on a flight to Hawaii to see you walk down the aisle! I wish we had more time, but we dont. We are flying in on Thursday and leaving Sunday. I cant wait!!!

Shorty said...

ahhh yes...Starbucks protocol. I agree with you 100%!!! I've wanted to go there all day today, but am trying to be a good girl since I was just there yesterday. Who know, I may give in any moment. 'Tis the season, eh?

Have a wonderful weekend! From the sound of RT's post you have quite a big one planned! I hope all goes well my dear!!!

The Rambler said...

Shorty....RTs comment is from 05...:) how time flies.

Becky said...

This could be applied to virtually any place. I will admit, though, that since I don't drink coffee, I only go about once a year for hot chocolate and I can never remember their size names. I always say "medium." :)

Kalei said...

Uhhhh Sis....You forgot about tipping the peeps! They are usually making minimum wage and "just getting by"

....I don't have a starbucks near me, so I just make my favorite drink at work....ha ha suckers! My work has a huge Espresso machine and all the add ons for a lovely espresso of choice....I just have to wait till someone heats up the chocolate and caramel....Enjoy your Christmas Eve...I will be at work around 3 am! ouch!

Verification word: Spatatio...I made a fabulous Spatatio Dish for Christmas Dinner. It has Potatoes and spuds, and tater tots and you eat it on the patio....Enjoy!

the RaMbLeR said...

OK...LMAO-seriously! AGAIN, I was freaking out... I thought, ok, did I just mess up? It WAS really late (or early) when I cruzed over here. Hmmm.. maybe I just goofed up and sent myself a comment. *rolling eyes* Ok-so I may be a tiny bit air headed at times but I swear it is due to the lack of sleep! LOL

So, I figured out how we can tell ourselves apart when we comment on each others blogs...
you = The Rambler
me = the RaMbLeR

see?? so maybe we won't be freaking out everytime we see it.

I know you are in Hawaii but did you come from Oklahoma? Maybe it's the air from here...lol.

sticky said...

Funny - I think most of those rules could apply a lot of places!!

Everytime I pop onto your blog, that photo of your little girl just jumps out at me - she is gorgeous!

I hope you and your beautiful family have the best holiday ever...

The Sticky Family

Rhaingel said...

(thank em' if possible, no one else does and it's just something nice to do!)

Really, that's something nice to do. You gain something without losing anything. I mean, if you thank them, they will feel somehow relieved because they made a customer happy and contented and that will give you the contentment, too.

I am so glad that you include that in your blog. What a very nice post! Merry Christmas. :)

TuTu's Bliss said...

LOL Have a great Christmas!! I am relieved it wasn't me..I'm the one going oh umm please add a cranberry bar..Oh and what the heck, a toffee bar too. :)
Hugs, Jen

kels said...

Oooo yes!! Hawaii would be PERFECT for me! :) So be on the lookout... :)

AngieS said...

Merry Christmas to you too!!!!

Heather said...

It's like that Seinfeld episode with the soup nazi. You step up, put in your order, step to the right, pay, step to the right and get your soup, or in this case coffee.

I couldn't agree more. No deviating from the rules here, people. It's really quite simple.

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

We're lucky, at our Starbucks, they actually call your name so you don't have to remember what you ordered. I guess they know people in Utah aren't all that bright!

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!