Thursday, July 30, 2009

Think About it Thursdays #26...Your life on the big screen

Yes. We took a little break. But it's OK. We, meaning me and Think About It, are back to ask YOU what you think.

Thank you to those that really LET IT OUT about who bugged them...

Saskia said...

This question is easy-peasy to answer.


Urgh he is the most horrid man IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

~ He has the biggest beer gut
~ And an egg shaped head
~ He is red
~ He bought his wife from a website in Thailand specialising in pretty young wives for rich red old men
~ He has "enemies" by his own admission
~ He knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and is NEVER WRONG of course, by his own admission (and no one else's)

And yesterday he told me off for using a paperclip instead of a stapler!!!!!!!


And breathe.

I'm looking for a new job. Looking really, really hard.

Saskia x

Oh made me feel your pain. 'And breathe' was my favorite part.
Tooj said...

The fast guy in traffic.
The slow guy in traffic.
My stepson's mother.
My stepson's grandmother.
Sometimes my husband.
Sometimes my children.
Sometimes my siblings.
Sometimes my parents.
The KKK.
The Neo Nazis.
Lindsay Lohan.
Perez Hilton.
The Real World cast.
The Bachelorette casting directors.
Punk a$$ kids today.

Did you want to know why?

This was my favorite comment that day!!
On to this weeks question....

"If your life story were told on the big screen what would the title be and who would you want to star as you?"

Don't hold back...:)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Me and Time Out...are like this!

Just added my post to Cammie's Kids Say What Carnival.

In this house...I use my husband as the threat to get my kid that turns into some out of control 28 pounds of madness to "cool it".

In this house...The Rambler is usually on the brink of tiredness from the paying job and the non paying job (parenting) that it seems my child knows how to 'work me' over.

In this husband usually wears the pants of discipline.

In this house...Lil Rambler comes to me for comforting.

But something happened the other day that tilted our normal Rambler world. That shifted my husband's cosmic hold on Lil Ramblers way of disciplinary life.

Me and Lil Rambler (yah, yah...I should of said Lil Rambler and I...) had a timeout. And I thought for sure she would be the victor of the 'game'.

But I was persistent. I kept plopping back the angry little imp in her timeout seat.

The TV went off.

Toys were taken out of her reach.

Her juice was put in the refrigerator...(her one chance of trying to escape).

And we had ourselves a standoff.

Evil stares were thrown my way. I did not waver.

Runny nose was snotted my way. I did not falter.

I asked of her one thing. To say she was sorry. And I asked nicely.

While she temper tantrum-ly refused.

I have to say that I kept my cool, for once. My brick wall of "I am the parent, you are the child" was strong. Supernanny would have been proud.

She cried. I almost buckled. She knows my kryptonite.

But I said almost. Because I gently asked again if she was sorry.

And her little arms flailed and her legs kicked with venom. And her tears turned to an angry sea of terror.

Touche little one, you almost had mommy there.

Timeout sat next to me and said to keep it up. She won't stop loving you because of this. She won't hate you and start packing her toddler suitcase to look for a better mother. She will always love you and she needs this.

Then a half hour (that felt like infinity...since it was me and her in our stare down of the century) came and she had had enough.

With only drama that could come from my side of the family, she whimpered....

"You win are the are the light..."

WHAT? That coulda happened....Alright, alright....she didn't say THAT. (giggle.)


I held out my arms and our life went resumed back to normal. (If Timeout were a real living person we'd be high fiving like a bunch of crazee's)

Well, not exactly. When I said that our world changed a little. It did. Because that night, while out to dinner, Lil Rambler acted up and USUALLY daddy just has to look at her. And it didn't work. He said something. That didn't work. She put out a little more attitude than she usually does with her father. And it got to him.

But then all I said was "Timeout?" and the Lil Rambler knew who was boss in this house!

10 zillion for Lil Rambler.....11 zillion for Daddy Rambler....and finally...TWO for the Rambler.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pass on a high five, if you please...

Fiauna is someone that's been around my blog for a while...she posted the cutest thing today that her daughter kind of started around her home.

It's the high five coat...go check it out. It's simple, but I thought it would be nice if you drop by and say hey and give a girl a high five!

If you please. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

And happened.

I know I've been bitter Betty lately....or Negative Nancy.

Whatever name that describes crankiness and as non-tolerant as one can has my picture next to it.

But for a brief moment this week I was given a gift.

I witnessed for the first time the birth of a baby.

Yes, that's right. My first time.

I know I'd given birth to one, but it's quite different being on the other end of the spectrum.

If you ask around these Rambler parts, I do NOT have the strongest stomach. My gag reflex and vomit button are connected to my 2 senses that are vital to being of any help.

Smell and sight.

So just because I might be able to close my eyes to help you, if something is pretty narly smelling on you chances are.....the gag reflex is gonna trigger the vomit in me and I'm a mess. And you still need help...well, now WE both need help.

My own mother wasn't sure how I was gonna deliver.

When my cousin (you know, the one who I mentioned forced me to read Twilight...I swear, last time, as I've managed to slip in Twilight AGAIN) called me Monday morning and invited me to be in the hospital room as she gave birth later that first and most natural instinct response was

"Of fricking course. Call me when you actually get a room and settled"

Erm, who am I and what did I do with myself?

It was her third and that crazy it's my first child I'll get to the hospital a zillion hours early with my family and a BBQ in tow was of her past.

I had prior plans to meet the BFF's and have a girls night out and still had time to do it.

While dining early with the girls, I had had a glass of wine and had received text messages that she had finally got a room...cause it was 'busy' and so the low priority pregnant ladies had to wait until a room was available. Can you imagine? Waiting for a room and being pregnant and wanting to just give birth already?

Anywho....I'd had a glass of wine like I mentioned and I had questions. My two BFF's were present at the birth of Lil Rambler and I asked..."How bad was it?"

They know me. They know I'm weak in the stomach.

My BFF was funny.

" smelt like vagina??" said not in a disgusting way, just trying to get across to be prepared.

"WHAT?" me totally being a drama queen and thinking I was going to vomit.

"Maybe wet vagina, I guess?" Important because I use this very sentence front of medical professionals.

"Oh. God." Me...sweating BFF's laughing cause again, I. am. dramatic.

Another glass of wine and I was on my way to the hospital...with words of wisdom from them.

"Don't pass out...remember it's about the baby."

I get there. I call for the room number again because my two glasses of wine brain couldn't remember and the last thing I wanted to do was walk into the wrong room with some pregnant lady and whoever was supporting at some inappropriate time.

I threaten my cousins husband via the phone that if he sends me to the wrong room because he's bored...I'll kick his ass in the hallway. He laughs. I swear more, but whisper swearing out of respect for where I am.

I open the door with hesitation.

Whew. Its the right door.

My cousin and I have been with each other since her birth. Our mothers are sisters. We did EVERYTHING together. It's like we are sisters really.

As cousin-sisters we reveled in the art of drama. We live it, breathe it, love it.

She says as I appear a little nervous and says she's sorry and if I wanted to turn around and run, not to worry.

I plop down on the chair next to her husband and say...I'm here for the long haul baby.

The nurse is there. Checking the baby's vitals, my cousins fluids that seem to be plenty that are hooked to her arms. I'm nervous. So...

For some damn reason.....I actually asked...(not really sure who I directed this question to)

"So...does the room really smell like wet Va-jay-jay when it gets near?"

Goddamn glasses of wine!!

That's it. My cousin and her husband laughed. The nurse giggled.

Hours later. My mouth in check...the big moment came.

I did good. My cousin was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

New found respect for Mothers. NEW.FOUND.RESPECT.

And then folks....a new little 'drama' queen was born to my family and the biggest smile my face had graced all month showed itself.


Happy Birthday to my littlest sister today!! 24. Where does the time go!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

So what...

So what...

...if it's Thursday and I usually post Think About It Thursdays.

...I've had a bitter edge to myself the last couple of months and I unloaded after 2 glasses of wine to my BFF.

...if I 'hurt my employee's heart' the other day because she stood in front of me while I was extremely busy to ask if she still needed to be at work...and I didn't answer nicely.

(Really? I'm busy and sweating and you actually think I'm going to send you home so I can work even harder? And when I answer the first time no, you actually asked me 2 more times in a different way. And you wonder why I didn't answer in my "oh so cheery self"?

...if I lost my blog mojo and can't write anything creative.

...if I'm feeling a little lost having read all the Twilight books and wanting just a tiny bit more.

So what?

You have any So What's for me today?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Trading one addiction for another...

My supergeeky husband has fixed my precious.

I am one again with it.

It got a little strange to not just pop on the Internet to surf the world of somewhere else. I hadn't realized how much I did it. (probably a little sad really)

But it reminded me of when I started my diet.

You know. you hate the diet so much. You look at the food and highly calorie filled beverages you shouldn't be drinking and again, hate the diet that much. A little sane voice in your head tells you it's good for you, the diet. But you tell her. "Your stupid. I hate you." But then something clicks and your more into it, you realize the benefits and you see some progress. If your lucky, you get hooked more on the losing the poundage than not.

(Um...I don't know where I was going with that. Can you tell I'm slightly still on a diet? I'm sure it had a point.)

Back to my story....

But you know what happened? I found a very intense substitution for my laptop being in the shop for repairs.

I said I would NEVER (and I meant NEEVERRRR) do it.

I. Read. All. The. Twilight. Books.

DAMN it all to hell. (Actually the blame lies on my 9 month pregnant cousin for insisting...hard to tell a preggo girl no.)

I was the one that scoffed at so many for reading it, and being so infatuated with that silly vampire kid. I couldn't understand while reading blog posts, hearing my employees say that hadn't slept much since starting the 4 book series. What was all the hullabaloo about? Another love story? Eh...who cares?

Me. Always shaking my head.

Me. Always leaving comments that I wouldn't waver and do what all the others were doing by being sucked in.

Silly girls, I thought confidently.

But....I get it now. I can say honestly that I didn't think in the beginning of book one,"Twilight", that I would even finish it. But something in that book got me hooked.

Probably the intense love that was between the two main characters. Edward & Bella.

I'm not going to sit here and review it. Don't worry.

Here's a confession. My laptop has been fixed since Friday. I was in the middle of book three, "Eclipse" and petted my precious and told it that when I was done with all four books, I would be back. That my fingers would be feverishly typing away, surfing the net like we do, maybe even get back into really posting on a more excited level. My husband couldn't believe I didn't test his finished product. He wondered at how long I would actually keep my head buried in a book.

I have finished the series. It took me since last Sunday. 7 days. I rarely get a chance to read anymore being a parent of a young active child. And more rarely do I find a book that sucks me in so.

I neglected certain domestic duties around the house, I packed the book and read at red lights in traffic, me and some girls at work had lengthy discussions on how we felt about certain topics Edward & Bella related, and text messages between a cousins wife about how we didn't think much of Rob Pattison before but as Edward wanted him to suck our blood (weird..I know...but maybe you diehards understand that?). Some girls even talked a little about their 'grieving process' after the last book.


I read the last page of her 4 book series, last night about 8 hours ago. I was relieved it was over. I needed to go back to my life. I needed to sleep.

I really wanted to come back to blogging.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some quickies...

Not gonna believe what happened?

My husband's spare laptop crapped out on me. I'm thinking summertime does not want me to be attached to the hip of my precious like wintertime. So now I stand hoovering over my husband waiting for him to get off his desktop so I can spill as much as I can.

I had decided to wait a bit on fixing my precious since we had a spare. I'll be responsible and not use up money right now.



While on the way to work the other day while sitting in traffic, two ambulances were making it's way through traffic to get to the hospital a couple of off ramps down. The first one passed. The second one passed and as I looked in my rear view mirror, I noticed a douchebag car following close as to not be stuck in traffic. Like I said. DOUCHEBAG.

Guess what?

That second ambulance stopped. The EMT got out. In the middle of the freeway...(remember, traffic so no cars were moving)...and gave that car friggin hell. NO JOKE. The EMT came toward the car who had stopped (and was probably pooping his pants a little) and told him "Are you f*cking crazy? Put your window down....beep beep beep more stuff I didn't hear"

The owner of the car put his window down just a crack. (Chicken)

I think all the cars actually applauded the EMT for 'checking' this guy at the "are you a dumb ass curb".

I know, that might have been a little dangerous and the whole thing lasted maybe 1 minute or so. But man, that made my day.

One for the good people...and nothing for the douchebag.


I'm a little excited. As I work in a restaurant I don't work normal consistent days/hours. So when I get two days off in a row, it's rare and exciting. It's like summer school a little bit. The whole one day of school work is actually one week of school work...blah blah.

One day gone from the restaurant can bring A LOT of changes. So when you miss a lot of consistent days it's 'interesting' always coming back.

It just so happens that my boss decided to give me off Tuesday so my Sunday, Monday day off thing turned into 3 friggin days off...THAT folks is a long vacation in restaurant world.


I need to log off husband's stare as I nervously and quickly finish this so he can continue his normal computer geeky rituals...

So if you don't see me around this week. You all know why.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #25....Who bugs you?

Friends...YOUR comments were so fantastic last week with the whole would you or would you not want a tail?

Housewife Savant said...

We recently had our long-haired cat shaved which is Just. Too. Easy. [but go ahead, insert your joke here].
It's called a Lion Cut, and his tail is so SWEET I'd surely want one just like it.
Screw function.
I'm all about the swishiness.

Housewife is one of my favorite ladies that is so brilliantly witty and snarky! I always so look forward to her comments.
Mama Nut said...

Well, I suppose what kind of a tail it was. If it was like a dog's dail which doesn't seem to have a function besides letting everyone around it know how it's feeling, (okay, and probably cool themselves off and shoo away flies) then I would probably tuck that sucker in, in an effort to thwart being a completely open book. I prefer a little mystery. BUT, if the tail is a functional one like a monkey's or a gecko's then I would totally whip that baby out and multitask away!

Chuckle. You know, it would be good to have an extra thing (aka..tail) to swat the flies away when I'm too lazy to bend down and swat with my hands. But I'm so with you on the mystery thing :)
Martha said...

I don't want a tail, I have more than enough "Junk in my trunk" without more stuff back there. Heck, my cat doesn't even have a tail, she's a Manx.

I don't know why but you made me think of Sir Mix A Lot's song...OH.MY.God. Becky...look at her butt....I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny...
Thanks. Thanks for that. :)

Vivienne said...

If I could tuck it UP through my shirt, I would use it to stuff my bra. Otherwise I would probably just pull it up and tuck it into a ponytail to keep it out of my way, like the rest of my hair.

Buwahahahahahaha....this was my absolute top comment for sure on uses for a tail if we had one. You my friend are genius :)
Shan said...I've been racking my brain for a suitable question. Now that it's all stretched out and kinda dry, I've realized, I used a couple of good ones recently in a class I teach:
Can you tell us about a person who irritates you?
(This came from a recent trip to Vegas... ahem... and was very cathartic for me and apparently for the people in class as well.)"

I chose this question because this past week has brought one of my employees to an all code red type of annoyance at work that even before she walks in I prepare myself mentally for the exhaustion that I find myself in when working with her. She's one of those people that just says something in a tone that just scratches the nail across your brain. And the evil in you comes out.


Okay friends. I'm curious. Anyone in particular?

Thanks so much Shan @ Counterfeit Fake for the question!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dear Money I don't have,

Dear Money,

Why? Where do you go so fast? Why can't I save you?

I work hard. Really hard.

My husband works hard.

I get my paycheck and before I know it...


Electric bill...check

Phone bill...check

Fuel for cars...check

Pull ups for kid...check

Food for family (mainly kid)...check

Cable bill...check

Gas bill...check

Stupid bills accrued from stupid younger stupider unknowing days....check.

Fine...I know where your going. But could you at least leave a little for me to not sweat donkey balls every other week? Just a tiny bit?


Sweating Donkey balls until payday Friday

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #24....Tail or no Tail?

Oh wow.

I really loved all the questions you gave me to use for my Think About It Thursdays!

And here's the funny thing.

My favorite comment/question to start off my readers questions for everyone was from an Anonymous commenter. What? Come on! Well hopefully you'll come back and let us know who you are...or at least read what others have to say about your question. that you? My dear friend?

So here we go people of Blogland.

"Anonymous said...

If you had a functioning tail, would you tuck it in your pants/skirt or use it openly... I wish I had an extra hand regularly so I would probably use it."

Yeah. I'm gonna say use it, openly.

You can NEVER have enough help when being a parent.