Thursday, November 27, 2008

777...The LBS (the bay bay of the pack)

777 Day 4.

Turkey Day. Happy Gobble everyone! Yes I am dedicated. Even on such a day....I find time...because Nablopomo, you've got me committed until Dec. 1...the countdown is on.

If you haven't seen my other 777's they are just a click away....My boss, My BFF, and My Kids.

What can I say about this next person?

I was a little scared to ask her. She's like 10 years younger, rolls her eyes at me (she's doing it now, I can feel it), stares at me like I am the biggest moron ever to hit her planet...(yes, because we all live there and not HERE).

The one, the only....My little baby sister (LBS)

I kid. (kinda). I can't thank her enough for all she's done for me.


1. If I were a superhero, what would my name be?

You know the first name that popped up takes me back to my new home town. Well sort of. I would dub you Spaz the super freaker outer. You can still put a big S on your shirt, and no one will know the difference. Lil Rambler can hang onto your back like your cape!

**LOL. Just because I've been prone to overreact a little tiny bit, doesn't mean....OMG? What? the coffee grinds have spilt on the ground? I'm on it.....(insert superhero Mighty Mouse music) Here I come to save the day.....

2. Who's your favorite sister? And why?

Now that's a set up if I ever read one! I love both my sisters equally and differently. Oh and I would base it on whoever irritated me last. As of right now, its the season of Thanksgiving so I just have to be thankful that I get two Older sisters who like to be like my mother sometimes and like those crazy friends you like to get drunk with and sit back and watch them.

**Good answer....this was just a test. And ONLY a test. Got it FLS?!

3. What drives you crazy about me?

It drives me crazy when we go to Disneyland and you practically beg me to wear the same shirt but yet shun all my choices. With the exception of the one we actually picked. Hey it's not my fault I have better taste than you...Love you!

**To clarify! MY 1000 pound boobies could NOT fit into the cutesy teeny weeny girl fitted shirts you chose. I would have LOVED to, but I could not afford to have Disney PoPo kick me out for showing the belly button. Not because it's the style, but because the damn shirt would have been to small for my belly! (Get in my back, I want me my baby back, baby back ribs)

If we were both cars, what would we be?

I think you would be a Chevy Uplander which is a van that is safe and can hold alot.

***WHAT THE HELL does that mean? HOLD ALOT....are you calling me FAT! Your going down sistah!

I would be Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. It's an extremely fast SUV that can go into uncharted territory.

***Yeah, who cares...I'm telling mom you called me FAT! What? I don't care if I'm 33. I'm still telling!

5. Describe my mothering skills.

mmmm. That's a hard one. You love to see her happy and will do anything for her. You transformed your life so that it revolves around her. She really is mini you, which means more than likely she adores you more than anyone....except her favorite Aunty LBS. OF COURSE!

**Sniffle, tear...alright. I take it back. I'm not calling mom....yet! But if you call me big boned's on, like donkey kong! Got it?

6. What funny do we have in common? Why?

You should know the answer to this, but I will answer it for the readers anyway. We are addicted to the show THE OFFICE. I wanna say it's only Steve Carrell but its the whole damn cast. Especially Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight. This is the best clip from one of our favorite episodes.

***I'm not gonna lie. We both almost peed our pants. You have to watch the whole episode to appreciate it's entirety...OMG, great pick sis, great pick!

7. Talk about our first turkey experience.

You know I don't remember much except for....

"You do it"...
"No YOU do it"...
"EWWW, what is that?"
"Should we call Mom....again?"

Well everyone, that was my Turkey injection for Thanksgiving. I really am GRATEFUL to all that I have met on this thing we call Blog. I am blessed to have opened my eyes to a little bit bigger of the world I live in.

To my LBS....I love ya...No, I LOVE you, no no I LOVE YOU! (insert hand signals making a fake heart over my real heart and points at LBS)

Until tomorrow.....Just 3 more days of my fascinating people....and me!

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Krissy said...

why you gotta rub it in that you're ONLY 33 and have BIG BOOBS??? Happy Thanksgiving.

Shorty said...

Very entertaining and inspiring! Makes me want to make a list of questions for my lil' sis to answer so I can post them. She's got a very dry sense of could be quite funny. Hmmm...what could I ask that would provoke entertaining answers???? Ok, gotta get to work on this. Stay tuned!

Michelle said...

Too funny. I am lovin' these posts.

Holly Tried It said...

From are brave to interview people about yourself.