Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Went Friday's

Seriously. I saw this video and laughed, giggled, re-watched it, giggled again, made hubby watch it, he shook his head, stared at his daughter, smiled and looked ahead into the future. I CAN'T WAIT for that moment.

One of my employees got hit by a car this week while biking to school.

The lady that hit him said these first words, after he flew 5 feet from his bike after she failed to stop at the sidewalk that entered into the main street.

"I ride a bike, and I would have stopped at every driveway"


"Are you OK?"


"Do you need an ambulance"

She preceded to lecture him on being careful.

A witness stepped in and told the lady to shut it and called the police and an ambulance.

While the EMT's checked him out, and the police got witness statements on what they saw, the lady kept sighing how she she was gonna be late to work and how much longer did she need to be there??


*** He's OK and back to work after a couple days off. Bruised ribs and a slightly bum knee.


There's a cute new cartoon on Noggin called Toots & Puddles...pigs that travel the world.

I don't know why I thought this but I did when they chose Hawaii.

They wouldn't have come to Hawaii if they knew pig was the main course at EVERY luau ever.


I met the CUTEST old couple the other night. They came to eat in my restaurant and they were the absolute hand's down most awesomiest happiest people. They were in their early 70's, on vacation together and loved, loved each other and just loved that they were together. It was infectious. They kept saying thank you, and how lovely everything was. I wonder what their life was like.


I hate you Starbucks.

Why must you increase my waistline by adding these lovelies.

Double Chocolate Cupcake....Not how it looks at my location...but still yum-e.

Red Velvet Cupcake...DAMN YOU! I have zero will power when it comes to cream cheese frosting.

Vanilla Bean Cupcake....(sigh) I must unbutton the top button of my pants...mmm, or I could get out the maternity pants so I'll be comfortable!

I'm not gonna lie. Me and a co-worker got all 3 the other day and shared em. Technically I had one and a half . Not really 3.


Random Wednesday is a little miffed with me right now because we changed over to Fridays. FOR NOW. I explained that American Idol was just a temporary thing. It would go away as quickly as it came. She's pissed. I think she'll do a Hello, I'm pissed off post on me at Mama Locos next week. I'm worried.


Have a great weekend!

Flashback Fridays...

So I was reading Sandy @ The Adams Family today and she had posted a photo to play along with another readers TMI about our hard core fab life and wanted to also play along.

Me and my father, Hauoli (happy in Hawaiian)

I've written some posts about my father before here and here. He passed away my senior year in high school after 2 years of struggling with cancer it finally won. After passing away, I realized when going through scores of photos I did not have many with him. A lot of him but not together. I'm not sure how that happened, but because of it I find myself taking photos as often as I can WITH the people I love to capture that moment so I can look back on it.

So the photo above is one of few I have with him. And I absolutely treasure it. I don't remember taking the actual photo but it brings me back to that time of living abroad in Micronesia on an island that used to be called Truk but it's now called Chuuk. (My parents managed the resort there). Times of swimming, being on the hip of my nanny while she stuck her hand in the water and caught an octopus (I'll save that photo for next Friday....oh yes, someone was there and took a anxiety of water had been created maybe?), making fresh ice cream (crank, crank, crank), fishing off a dock with my first Sony fishing pole (and being hooked in the forehead by my fathers as he was casting off), racing with him while my sister drooled and cooed (eh, she was barely one or was that yesterday FLS :) and him letting me win.

This photo reminds me of the first time I thought he was stronger than Superman, more incredible than the Hulk, and wondrous than Wonder Woman (look I was a girl alright so she was one of my hero's too. Lynda Carter all the way!)

So if you'd like to join along, please visit Tara@ TMI and post your linky there too so we can enjoy photos from your past!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Think About It Thursdays...#6

It's that time already to Think About It!

I had so much fun with all your funny comments last week in regards to the question:

"if you were part of a band, what role would you take: lead singer, guitar, piano, drummer, back-up, dancer, or set designer? and what would your theme song be and why?"

Mamma Ducky @ Princesses & Pickles wrote:

Most definately lead singer, seeing as how I've been there done that, lol. Yeah, full on red leather pants, rock t-shirt and weird braids in my hair.
Anyway, my theme song would probably have to be "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Is that totally lame? Oh wait! Maybe "Brick House"!!!
My advice to fellow rock banders: stay away from the boys in the band. They can be so taching on your love life.


On to this week's question which again did not come from the book but a question Lady with a View had left me in regards to my Hello I'm pissed Off post. Blog material Lady!

"I know you will get creative and find some nonverbal ways to get him back into the game.....can't wait for that post."

So the question...

"Have you done creative and non-verbal ways to get back at the ones you love to get them back into the game?"

Oh and in keeping the word verification alive....BUREC, if you so accept the challenge. Anyone can leave me next week's WV word? (cough, cough..anyone)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

American Idol...Salt Lake City DVR didn't start, I again begged lil Rambler to give up her Gabba Gabba for just an hour and frantically turned it 7 minutes late into the show.

Cheri over at Not too Sticky (Oh, and love the new do on the site :)sent an email after watching it on her end of the world (lol) and gave me her thoughts so I know that I missed Osmond relative and she loved him! (grrr....can't believe I missed him. I'll get over it). Did Archeletta sing already?

The only Goth girl in Utah...whoa on the she has ESP...loved Simon's face when she walked in. Simon asked if her if she's gonna win. She says her ESP isn't that strong.

Oh, ESP stands for Extra Special Person. Gotcha! Did you all get ESP while we were waiting for them to decide.

Whoa...sheep girl...Whoaaaaa.

Creep alert...strange guy with weird eyes and mad licking of lips.

Friend with big pink bunny. The bunny's a little distracting bouncing behind you while you sing.! LOL. I think the bunny is more bouncer than cute thing with ears..

Pretty stay at home mommy...aww, cute baby...Amy Winehouse sounding...I like her. 4 yes's...this mommy isn't a stay at home mommy much longer...

Another pretty stay at home mommy...talking about divorce...sounds kinda like Natasha Bedingfield..I like her too. Judges? Absolutely yes.

Cute Blondie Class President High School student...Really, they wear letter sweaters still? Cool. Just haven't seen it since"Leave It To Beaver". I don't like the song he's the second song better. At least I did. Weird song choices. Cute kid made it!!!!! (Have to agree with Sticky here, he's gonna get eaten up at Hollywood.)

This girl Rose they keep leading up to seems interesting so far.

How do the judges decide who's gonna say No, not this time OR Your going to Hollywood?

A cute 16 year old Samoan girl...from Samoa...but living in Utah...cute, cute, cute...she's tall she says. 5'11 without shoes. She's cute. She's singing Joyful Joyful. CHICKEN.SKIN. I just love when I hear gospel songs sung well.

Aren't they supposed to play Kelly Clarkson's new song tonight? Did I miss it? Was it in the first 7 minutes of the show I did NOT see and realized DVR did NOT start recording? (WTH)

Rose is up...and telling her story...listening to her tell of her fathers passing. Oh, AND her MOTHER died. Geesh, you poor girl. Listening to the brother talk of how proud he is of her...Damn it, I'm crying. I told us yesterday there was NO CRYING in IDOL. She's barefoot...reminds me of my First Little Sister. Not sure if they will like her. They liked her. I think I like her.

I'm not sure if I didn't have a favorite this night because there wasn't one for me OR if the fact that my 2 year old kept saying...Mom, Mom, Mom, MOOOMMM, MOMMMMYYYY...every 5 seconds. And my husband went for a walk. "You don't mind right" (grumble, it's my only day off this week and I've been in kid land since this go ahead...please, you need it)

Random Wednesday...will move to Friday until American Idol is done

Regular programming of Random Wednesday will resume when American Idol takes only one day a week of my time...until then, RW is moving to Friday.

(In case some of you are wondering.)

American Idol....Jacksonville

I love when Simon and Ryan banter back and reminds me of me and my sisters.

First contestant....he looks like the Justin Gerdinnie (what what, I didn't really start watching Idol until the Fantasia/Jasmine Trias (Hawaii, represent...)time)...
Oh geesus...just sing already. Oh a little Marvin Gaye. Why does he have to rub up his tummy like that...Yah okay "lets get it on" It's kinda strange. Simon called him Inspector Gadget. They all say Yes...

Cute dog girl. (So far I like the dog better.)...lets see. She's so cute. Simon looks like a dog lovah. I don't know if I like her singing (she's better then me, but that's not saying alot.) The boys said yes...The girls...are.making.out. WHAT...okay,back to the show. They all say yes.

Paula's drunk.
I'm pretty sure. (anyone?)

Shakka Kan girl...yikey

Cute confident girl with mom....only 16...awww...darn...not good...they bring mom in. Simon is telling her she's horrible. They're so nice. It's cute.

Oh crap. Someone with a crown and a sash. (no joke)..She can roll her tounge. ruffles with ridges, remember that commercial. Do they still make Ruffles?...I like her voice...not sure the judges do. They don't like her laugh. Paula took her behind the AI banner thing the contestants sing in front of. Probably trying to make out with her too....and they all say YES.

Commerical Sidenote: PIzza hut commericals...are they real? Like really do all those people really think their eating the chef's cooked food and then Pizza Hut springs on them?

Darren...the ambassdor of friendly...yikes his pal didn't make it so he's pretty bummed. he's crying...Theres NO CRYING in IDOL! (well, alright, I lied, at least save the crying for AFTER they say no)....he's singing "It's so hard to say goodbye".

Thank you Simon for stopping the guy.

I need to pee girl...brings friend in to meet Randy...cause the friend LOVES him. What the hell is going on..everyone is sitting on everyone's lap. Ryan on Kara, Paula on Simon and friend on Randy. All this hype girl...and you SUCK. Is this a joke? No, really. Looks like me and Simon agree. Simon just made her cry. Everyone BUT Simon joined in the group hug to console her. I really thought she was gonna be good. What kind of friend lets you audition when you sound like that?

Day 2.

Another 16 year old Jasmine Murray. She's pretty. All her sisters are pretty. MY FAVORITE. I got chicken skin in my cheeks. They all loved her too! She did Fergies Big Girls Don't Cry.

Amish looking guy...Ryan trying to be funny, this guy trying to be serious. Realizing they don't understand each other. Amish looking guy loves physics....can you say ackward, Ryan? What, he's only 18. Don't ask him questions Simon. (ugh, you did)...He wants marble floors in his simple home in his wildest dreams. Simon trying not to laugh made me laugh out loud and it's 2am. (shhhh).
Simon asked if he'd sung before in front of his friends.
Amish guys says yes.
Simon, what did they do.
Amish guy, they rock climb and have different interests!!
OMG, I died. Er, Amish guy Simon meant what do your friends DO when THEY hear YOU sing. Yeah, the strangest one so far. It's funny to watch him with Ryan.

Anne Marie...she's sucking up to Kara. she sings a song she heard at Kara's concert. Oh, nice. Simon asked her to star up and come back. Cause she sounds good, looks pretty but to glam it up.

TK...cute cute guy. Big smile. John Lennon, Imagine. I'm smiling. God, I love this song...I like him I like him....Simon no like.

My dog is curled up next to me on the couch...he can't even stay up.

Michael...loving on his guitar. I like him in the before his audition segment. He's freaking OUT cause he can't sing with his guitar...he's crying. WHAT?? I like him. I think. He looks like he's gonna cry, don't do it. I'm confused...ohhh, they said no. I thought he would have been OK. Despite his anxiety over not having the guitar.

Pretty Anne Marie is back. She did her face up, tossed up the hair and put cute shoes on...Simon totally likes her. I LOVE HER. She's a tie with my other FAVORITE. She sang Bubbly by Colbie Coilat.

Well this wanna be judge is tired. Here's to tomorrow. And a day closer to Hollywood.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Getting it off my chest....

Today while parusing (??) through my google reader in an attempt to conquer the items not read number, I came across Mama Loco's Hello I'm pissed off post. (see it, above us, right there...yeah that sticky). She writes what bothers, er rather pisses, her off.

And you know what?

Today I am.

And I'm gonna release.

About just ONE thing.

Back story...

My husband and I work opposite schedules. Which make for prime no babysitting options, which saves us a butt load of money.

I have day duty and he has night duty. I wish it were the other way around. HE says HE has the crappy end of the stick....WHAT? He has a normal day at work (in the morning) and gets to go to bed with the kid at a normal human time of sleep. Mommy here is up from 7ish in the morning until about 1 am on work day. Sometimes NO nap! I know, I know the violins are coming in loud and clear.

Okay to the pissed off part of the post (what, the above wasn't?).

The last 2 nights I've come home, he's let our child strew her toys, shoes, blankets, and whatever else a little child can do (while her daddy plays on the computer...a-hole),


(here's the pissed off part because puhlease...all kids are tornado's, the viscous cycle of clean, they mess it up, we clean again, they mess it up, again. It's part of parenting...)

leaves it for ME to clean after an almost 12 hour work shift. There is no STRAIGHT path to anywhere from the front door into our home. The only path I saw would be to walk back to the car and drive to a hotel with room service and barricade myself up in there.

(but, I have kid duty in the morning)

So, I mumble profanities about dear old man of my life.

And "reset" the house.



Thanks Mama Loco for letting me unload. My bloggy need to unload? Grab her badge, visit her site and link up...

And hubby, if you choose today to read this post. You can SUCK IT! (That all caps allowed right Mama Loco? :) )

Saturday, January 24, 2009

200 and still going....

Holy 200 posts already? When did THAT happen?

Don't worry, I am not going to post 200 interesting things about myself. Lord knows I couldn't even begin. It makes me yawn and my short attention span gets a little antsy when it thinks I might attempt it.....HELLO, miss attention thing...back over here, please.

But what do you write to mark such a momentous post? (Ha!)

And I figured I'd start (and stop) with the question...

Why blog?

Originally this blog was thought of because my BFF showed me a friend of hers who blogged ("what's blog?" "Girl, you need to get out more! On the Internet" )... and the blog thing evolved from staring at THAT girls page, with admiration for someone who put out their real thoughts for others to see, to convincing myself and some family members into creating our own.

1 aunt, my mother, a sister, two cousins and myself. 6 blogs were created.

Something for us to read, laugh, and to encourage each other as women and family in our writings. Who better to critique your writing then your own familia?

We told our stories. We laughed, cried, whoa'd, and enjoyed the chance to be in each others lives without the big parties and even bigger clean ups.

We knew nothing. About blog. Graphics, posting, templates,blog etiquette, what do you mean ANYONE could read your blog. How? Why would anyone that doesn't know me WANT to read it?

It was fun/frustrating while it lasted.

One by one though, we slowly stopped blogging. Somehow something got in one aunt's computer (through the blog, my uncle proclaimed, stupid girls!) and she disbanded from our writing group. Soon my mother followed because if her sister's computer can be infiltrated, well so could hers....and probably cause my uncle called us stupid girls again.

Not sure.

Soon, all that was left was me and my little Ole' blog. I kept at it for a bit. Learning, trying to figure it out. I found myself enjoying the diary/journal/web log thing. I wrote for myself mainly and started critiquing myself. It rivaled my diaries of my teen years.

Then I got pregnant, (news came 2 weeks prior to my wedding). And slowly, I fell away from this place my words called home.

My words...they tried a couple times to get comfortable here again. But it had to take a back seat to becoming a new parent and still a fairly new wife. I think it knew we (me and words) weren't ready yet. I was still trying to figure myself out.

Two and a half years later I joined a mommy site and found a support for how I wrote I never quite got before. Perfect strangers found what I said, important, witty, comical, humorous, and insightful. My words found a place to come alive again. The outlet for my feelings had been reignited.

I thought...Do I dare attempt this again? What if I can't follow through? Like before!

But me and Words had a conference call about it and we felt ready. Ready to release all the pent up letters that formed words that formed into my daily thoughts. It was time. We put on our Sunday bloggy best and started out...for bloggy land.

It's like riding a bike...(I hate this expression because I suck at riding NO, it's not like riding a bike)...let's go with...Its like eating chocolate...(much better Rambler).

You forget sometimes how delicious chocolate is and when you take that first bite (again) your reminded of how much you enjoy it. (chocolate and blogging).

I poked around a little and figured how the 2008 version of blog life was supposed to be like. I spit polished the laptop keys and away we went.

Never in a zillion years would I have expected anyone to read what I wrote. And I NEVER expected anyone to hit that Follow me button thing. I put it there because other blogs put it there but didn't understand it at the time. (And now secretly I stare at it and hope someone likes me enough to click it).

And the bloggy people I've met...WOW.

You guys are some of the best people a girl who's never met face to face could ever have. I learned a lot from them all. And continue to every bloggy day!

Don't worry I won't post 200 things I've learned from XYZ blog person. (Cause it would not be justice to only post 200 things when I've learned so much more).

I blog because YOU make me feel good about writing and expressing myself in a place where it is heard and read. YOU make me feel my words ARE important and that this small fish doesn't feel so small in the big pond!

Cheers my bloggy pals! (special thanks to BFF and Becky)!

To the next 200 posts! (God help us :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dear (insert pet name for child),

Dear Lil Rambler/Mini-me/Tornado in a box/Bad-ass on three wheels this side of the Pacific,

Today is just an ordinary day. Not your birthday, not an anniversary of your first poop, or haircut (we've yet to experience that). We aren't going to the doctors for your check up (that's soon though so be ready)

It's just another normal day.

With you.

But before you came into my life...

I slept in late, I went out late. I complained I always felt I didn't get enough sleep. (I scoff at that old me, she doesn't EVEN know!.)

The last kid show that was shoved down my throat was Barney
. (and he will NEVER come into this house EVER, thank your sweet Aunty LBS for that).

I left on a whim if I felt like it to meet friends, your Nana for lunch, or if work called. (We have whim moments, but it's more like give me an hour to get us both decent for public and we'll call you from the road)

My clothes were stained with my own crumbs of food loving pig out eating with Aunty BFF
. (not babykidtoddler throw up or little chocolate hand prints)

I was a last minute packer. And the constant forgetter of things at home. (But has mastered the gazillion days before packing. Baby Tylenol, desitin, diapers for days, extra clothes, the spare sippy cups, cookies, wipes, the list goes on and on)

Your father and I were (key word, were) movie junkies. We'd be the first in line on premiere night. (We don't even know what's in, or who's the new up and coming star....well actually Hanna Montana is pretty popular and didn't the Cheetah girls just come out with their new movie?)

The living room would look exactly how I left it when I left for work (and now while cleaning the bedroom after the living room, it's like a hurricane hit it. You don't mess around, and I've clocked you at mach 10)

I drank coffee because it was "cool" (feeling of acceptance in society, not temperature) and tasted real good with dessert. (It serves a more practical and necessary reason...keeps mommy up for her other job. The one that pays for the bills.)

I had fears of doctors and rarely saw them if I could help it. (And now every doctor possible needed for us are on speed dial, and mommy had to Mommy up (man up) like your nice Dr. Pediatrician told me too when we did your first shots.)

I realize that I CAN function with only 4 hours of sleep. I'm a little slow going at first but mommy kicks off auto pilot once she/me realizes she's alive.
(eh, who needs sleep ANYWAY. Sleep is for wussies, but if you want a nap right now, Mommy's down.)

You help me see the world with a different set of eyes, hear things I never stopped to listen to, and to really smell the flowers.

You help remind me how fun bubble baths are.

Your infectious giggle when the baby powder comes out puts a smile on my heart.

Your excited body squirm and frantic sureness that I see the passing helicopters when they fly pass our house, always makes me chuckle.

You helped mommy become a masterbaby language decoder...well actually Aunty FLS has the corner on that one....and how adding Y to the end-y of-y everything-y seems more fun-y :)

Watching strangers smiling at you and waving hello because you've shot them your award winning smile with the cutest Hewo ever makes mommy proud.

You are my first and last thought of my long winded days, my sweet, and Mommy smiles happy thoughts, tired, but happy, when her head hits the pillow.

YOU are the most unselfish part of my life, in a life I didn't know how to be.

I thank God everyday I am blessed with you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Think About it (Late) Thursday #5

Hello bloggyland.

Thanks so much for playing along last week. And to Tooj for picking the question! It made for interesting comments :)

My favorite was from The RaMbLeR...
the question was:"When you are with your friends, do your interactions include much touching-for example, hugging, kissing, roughhousing, or rubbing backs? Would you like to have more of this?"
"Weellll, now you are gonna think I'm a freak! Guess I will have to go over and hang with the Bush Family... If I don't know you well then I think we should stay in our respective 'zone'..but with my best buds I will tend to touch your hand or arm briefly...not in a 'I wanna hold your hand' kinda way but in a giggly girl 'you so funny' clagged way! I don't do a whole lotta kissin, maybe a kiss in the air with a hug for the best of the best. ;)

hehe-my WV is taching - so would you define that as the sound of money or to stay with your line of thought here..'Hey, that chick was taching my @$$!' ......ROFL!!"

Okay, so this week's question....

"if you were part of a band, what role would you take: lead singer, guitar, piano, drummer, back-up, dancer, or set designer? and what would your theme song be and why?"

This actually came from my sister a couple posts ago...Not from the book, but thought it would make for funny comments. And in spirit of using the WV thing....Please use RaMbLeR's word "taching" if possible.

Think away. Looking forward to the places you all take in your own rock band! Hey Cammie @ Life in the house of no sleep, this goes kinda with your theme questions for today :)

American Idol Night....Louisville

How do you say Louisville?

I'm hoping for a better show than last night's San Fran contestants...tryout's...whatever :)

Sure bet gal....Oh goodness...almost seems like another bad prom dress girl from last night. Lets see if she still walks out with a positive attitude if she doesn't make it. Like she states. Song choice....Hero by Mariah Carey. Simon called her a donkey...comparing it to the racetracks of horses at the end line. Surprise. She didn't make it....and she's a little pissy about it. She belts out Mariah while mom stands there and closes her eyes and sways to the "beauty" of her daughters voice.

Joanna P....trying to make it, since 16....she's cute. You wanna like her. Cara recognized her. I like her too Cara! They all say yes. And she's crying. Your gonna make me cry girl. Stop! Your good.

Mark Mudd....he's had bad luck...almost died 5 times....a little scary. Be careful?? Threat?? You tell him Paula! WEIRD. Mark, not Paula (hahaha)

Brent...He's a hottie...I'd blush if he looked at me while singing and winked...(cause they do that sometimes)....The judges are bantering back and forth while this guy stands there. They all say yes.

They keep bringing up the Supernerd...he better be interesting.

Commercial break thought: Don't people have friends, enemies, parents to tell them gently, politely that singing is not for them? You know, as I sit here, I hope I have the fortitude to be able to tell my kid if she sounds really bad that maybe she should sit it out. I don't know, could any of you?

How was that sheep girl?

Zebra guy. NO WAY!

Very large Michael Jackson crack me up.

Piano guy...lets see if you can do it. You seem sweet. He makes me think of Robin Thicke & Elliot Yamin..(me and Simon were right there). Your through to Hollywood.

oh, oh, it's Supernerd....dude your losing me with this Chinese stuff. I hope all this studying can help you sing. Dude, your losing Paula again. Kidding, she's curious why your here. It's a singing contest. I'm not sure how to describe you and your singing. You laugh, so I laugh. You make a funny. No, you did! I'm laughing so hard right now cause you just took a drink of Paula's water and made sweet love to her straw. I'm dying!

Day 2 auditions...

Stay at home mom....her daughter is so cute...Aretha go girl. They all say yes.

Stop yawning you Paula, Simon, Randy, Cara....I'm tired, it's late.

Loving the pumped up Whooaaa guy! Loving the energy. Wish you could wake me up in the morning. Aaron....he's gonna be....whoa....screaming it, not singing it....LOL. Ryan has come in to check out the commotion. Awww, he's didnt make it and deflated. Too intense! Bummer, get em next year.

The News gal. She looks tall. She has a cheatsheet on her arm. Ewww, stop singing...please, please...No really, STOP! I bet the News guy is hitting himself cause you look like you can sing. Tall News Gal, I AGREE with Simon. Give up music. I'm sorry they made you cry though.

Felicia...I like your Natasha Bedingfield...I love her.

Here's the touching story part of the show. Wow, her mom looks more like her sister. And mom is funny. This is love...watching them appreciate each other...a little tear. Hope you sound good. Wow, I like-y your original are fun. I hope you make your mama those millions :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Wednesday

So my blog twin from OK, the RaMbLeR had this on her blog the other day and of course I wondered just how addicted I was...

72%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?


Peanuts do grow underground....according to case you were wondering.


On my way to my coffee heaven to get fueled up before working, I was waiting patiently to make my left. I'm a blinker user 98% of the time. It's helpful. To the OTHER drivers.

So while waiting, this truck, coming toward me, was going a little too fast if he was gonna go straight but slow enough for me to zip my left in if he was gonna make his right. (confusing?). He was not a fellow blinker user.

I mumbled the word moron (remember I hadn't HAD MY COFFEE yet), and followed him in. Lo and behold he and I were going to the same place. He went in first and for some reason seemed nervous I came in behind him. (Like I was following HIM because he didn't blinker love others, watch out for the crazy lady!!).

We stood, and I continued to allow his presence to annoy me, especially when he kept staring back at me. Part of the nasty me wanted to say WHAT. But I'm a classy lady (right Lady with a View?), and I thought of just nasty thoughts.

It' not very often you are in the presence of the other driver that pisses you off.


My 2 year old had her cute little teacups out the other night. She had her juice from McDonald's. She brought me over a little cup ,while I was blogging, with some juice. Aww, cute Lil Rambler....sip, sip, sip, AHHH. Here you go...she smiles contently.

I wondered how she poured the juice in without spilling it. So I looked over the laptop and watched in horror. She sipped her juice through her straw and spit it back out into the cup.

Gaggy gag gag. I know she's my kid. But still.

Nuff said.


I'm a little not feeling well. And I work the next 6 days. That blows.


I completely enjoyed your answers to the boogy in the nose would you tell them thing.

Most of you would tell....unless, they were clients and it's a little awkward (thanks Becky ) or yelling it for the world to hear (thanks @ Janah @ So Not Mom-a-licious), or my funny favorite...telling someone I completely think is an A-hole then she LOVES telling them (Tooj)


It's all I can muster for today. I wish someone would work for me today. So I could sit here and not work...wait I already said that.

Until next week my bloggy pals. (Sneeze, cough, cough)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American Idol...San Francisco

I'm feeling a little under the weather today. :( Not feeling as Simon-y as I think I could.

Tatiana...pageant queen feeling here.
..Your laughing is a little strange. AI, how long are you giving this girl???? A press kit for the judges? That's your gift? She laughed again. Dang, her voice isn't that bad. I don't think she really knows what they are saying, the contestant, not Paula. They are gonna tear her apart in Hollywood, again contestant, not Paula! (pageant kiss, pageant wave) Creepy Creepy laughing thing and again, contestant, not Paula.

Ugly coat personality. You would so be my little sisters friends. Great smile. Whoa. Seriously fun. HAHAHAHA he just told Simon the "carpet" matches the "drapes" AWESOME.

(By the way, I begged my 2 year old to watch this show now and not later...PLLEEZEE, PLLEEZEE. Totally owe her extra park time!)

Jesus/Dad...awe nice guy thing...cute kids brought in for extra support & guilt. He sings Unchained the song...yeah, they passed Dad through. Simon just went up a notch for hugging the kid. Whudda thunk?

Rubik's cube guy. How long can it take to do....25 seconds., stick to the Rubik's cube thing.

Rambler side note: San Fran is my favorite city to visit. One, my grandparents are there. Two, half my aunts and uncles (with cousins) moved there so I heart them.

Simon & Cara...hate each other?

The medical heart trachea girl...HA. She told Ryan he was saying traShea wrong until he told her it was traChea. I don't know about this one. (Weird Science for her background music) And she confused Simon and Randy. Bad singing and she said it came from the wrong rectum...(oh crap, I'm dying, HAHAHA, no pun intended) Oh if you could hear what she told the judges about themselves.

Annie Murdock...cute blonde...Sometimes I wish I could visit the place you guys are at in your head. Do you see Paula there?

Hollywood guy...long segment of him...mmm, is he gonna make it or be the worst singer EVER?...Ohh, Cara winked at you...singing Queens. Thank God. I was thinking San Fran wasn't gonna put any good singers out.
Randy. Yes.
Cara. (don't look at Simon.)
Simon. Yes.
Back to Cara. Yes.
Paula. Yes.
OH, a little flirt. I think Cara has the hots for you! (You are cute) MY SAN FRAN Favorite.

Kai Kalama...(are you Hawaiian? A little Iz playing in the background)..his mother is sick.
Mom, you raised a GOOD son! A GOOD man! I almost forgot we were watching AI. Please make it, please make it, please make it. I have tears listening to you. (because I'm imagining you singing it to your mother.) If only my husband could sing. ((Cara/Simon cat fight)) YESSSSS, you made it. Sorry, cute Hollywood guy. You just got bumped one. But your still fantastic.


I don't know. Was anyone else disappointed in today's show? It didn't feel like it had last week's...I don't know the word...che magnific thing? Just me? Am I that sick?

Tomorrow I work. So I'll have to DVR post Lousiville when I get home! A fellow blogger Kels at Authentically Me: Living a Life of Love has someone she knows in tomorrows Lousiville show. Steven. Look for him!

We now resume regular kid fun programs. (Ugh, MOM-EEEE!! Thanks kid!)

American Idol Night

Can't wait for tonight's show...come back for my thoughts (and gasps) as we watch tonight's eposide my fellow AI-ian's (mmm, our new word?)

My sister made it to the Inauguration and said it was the most amazing thing. I wish I could have been with her! To see the nations first African-American president be sworn in. And another sense of pride because of his roots here in Hawaii.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I have a Dream...

This is how I'm picturing him up there looking down on what's going to be happening tomorrow :)

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Brrr...Honey, it's coooold outside!

I think it's my turn to take the trash out. Thinking, thinking, thinking...gave the kid a bath, fed her three meals and a snack yesterday, did her laundry, cleaned the kitchen....thinking, thinking, nooo I am pretty sure hubby owes me!

Plus...'s 60 degrees here in Hawaii (I know, I know my cold weathering friends and sisters) but it's not normal. It's caused the locals to bust out the vacation ski gear to stay warm. While some of you leave the snow for sunshine, we go toward it with glee. That whole grass is greener on the other side thing.

But not today.

I'm layering at the moment. Because it's to farking cold for this island girl.

I wouldn't last an hour in your snowy neck of the planet...(brr, me shuddering). Must go back to bed, it's a lot warmer there. Plus, I have to work later and it's nap time.

Um, no honey, I think it is YOUR turn. I'm pretty sure of it, plus I gotta take my make me pretty for work nap time thing.

Thanks, your a peach.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mini Staycation is OVER...

So I had the last 4 days off.

I died and went to no diet allowed heaven.

No work. Bonus points in this place called no diet heaven.

Well actually, I allowed for more aggressive domestic duties as I knew I wouldn't have to conserve any energy for the 9 hour work shift, therefore killing myself.

It's been fun, relaxing, looking at my husband saying I didn't take off 4 days in a row so you can play with your online buddies, hung out with a cousin and her kids, cooked a new recipe (Shoyu Chicken and it was De-lish and I usually am a little skeptical about cooking out of my Hamburger Helper zone), convinced my mother to take a day off from work and hang with me and the kid, did the zoo thing and discovered a mother's new best friend that I'll post about sometime next week. boss text'd me tonight asking if I was ready to come back?

Erm, NO! But what's a working girl to do?

(Me waving at any millionaire that wants to give to a spectacular person with no strings attached...anyone?...hello??...damn it!)

Well, it was good while it lasted.

I wanted to thank Janana Bee & Maki for giving me this award. YOU GUYS!!! (bashfully accepts :) Go visit these gals. Maki is from my neck of the woods (Hawaii) but currently living in Florida and Janana Bee is another awesome blogger that is a great read!

There is a whole bunch of rules I'm supposed to follow....

The honorees are to: a) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap."

As I've embarrassed myself enough by posting here AND just look over to the sidebar somewhere and you'll see my 777 series I did a while back. Those people did NOT hold back :)

Oh and another thing I want to tidy up and get done is from Martha. You gotta love this lady. She's just all kinds of awesome. She tagged me to pick from my 4th folder, 4th pic thing.

Lil Rambler...contemplating life for her 2 year old self.

so I'm tagging the following for both (cause I can)....

Michele @ Mammatalk
Sticky @ Not too sticky
The RaMbLer @ err....The RaMbLer (don't be confused, she's my blogtwin from OK)
Anna @ Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder

I'm gonna stick with the number 4. Because I liked what Martha said about it being sacred in many cultures.

Aloha 'Oe everyone! Until we blog again :)

Dream House

My BFF sent me this the other night....I laughed and imagined my husband and friends doing the same thing :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #4

Okay...yes...last week was a little "deeper" than I'm known to write.

And I read the comments and was moved by Mrs. Bush's post inspired because of last week's question. It moved me and it was an incredibly touching post! So if you have the time please stop by for the read.

My sister and Tooj had very similar answers and I'd have to say mine would fall in the same category. Having young children and not having them know me like I'd known my own parents.


So, Tooj has agreed to play along and has chosen this weeks question from a book we BOTH have still lying around our homes.

Her: I turned to #192 on page 160.


Her: And if you could somehow work the verification word into the post...I'd love it. It was:


Me: You heard it bloggy friends....if you could find a way to include Tooj's word verification in your answer or just give it a definition...have I mentioned I SUCK hard at making up definitions!

pg. 160 #192

"When you are with your friends, do your interactions include much touching-for example, hugging, kissing, roughhousing, or rubbing backs? Would you like to have more of this?"


I'm gonna do something here I haven't done before....and answer!

The only "touching" that goes on with my BFF's and others are huggings of comfort or congratulations and kisses goodbye.

If I get a back rub, it's because my repeatedly pathetic attempts tired them and they gave in.

And your CLAGGEDity stupid you think this tired mom gonna turn down back rubs!

I'm NOT picky! :) Just make sure your hands are clean.


Ugh, Tooj, that word thing for me was hard...but I tried. Thanks sooo much for the question this week :)

If YOU would like to be a question picker for a future Think About It me and I'll email you some questions to pick from!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Idol Night 2

Night TWO...Look, I know, how much of this American Idol can one take?

For me?

The whole bear with me! I never intended to do this. It started as a small thing in my Random Wednesday thing that I realized was too long to be random and I made it it's own thing....which might turn into a weekly thing...IDK...we shall see!

On with the show...with my minute to minute commentary.


**Interested in hearing Jason Castro's bro**

First gal...catjumper off Empire Building...Eek....stop singing that Mariah song...PLEASE STOP! Darn, though, cause I liked you WAY BETTER than Bikini girl.

{Still trying to figure if I like Kara (new judge)...}

Ashley...footprints...not footSTEPS...I like-y you.

Casey Carlson...Minnesota girl...{I think Paula's drunk? Anyone else think that?} the song, love the girl...

Big guy, big heart person....He's got the David Hasselhoff jacket thing going for him...I waited on him once...The Hoff...he was pretty cool...back to big guy, big heart person...holy funny...Aretha?...aww, dude, you make me feel bad for you...stop, your not Josh Grobin either....

Crying segment....this is tough (sorta) to watch...because, this Idol gig, some see as their only chance to make it.

Billy (male)...the nurse...are you trying to be the voice for a Disney princess?

Von the hat...Over the Rainbow...when your not YELL SINGING...I like your voice....commerical break to find out what they think.....and they say...Randy...YES...Simon...YES...Paula...YES...Kara (or Cara)...YES

Jason Castro segment....hes so that dorky way...whoa he's brother makes me think that Jason just cut his hair...Hahaha, he called his brother girly...loved how Ryan left being in the middle of them...

Jason's bro is up now....uh, I like...and he's through...thank goodness...or it would have been bad to take your cocky butt outside and face your bro...

Banana guy...Oh My God...yeah, you made me spell it out.

Bald guy with goatee/welder...I'm praying you sound good....{Paula I think your still...} are INCREDIBLE! least I think so :)My FAVORITE of the night...Randy, WHAT!...{Paula??}

****What's the many votes do you need to go? Three? Cause I thought last night it was two, but that confused me...what doesn't?****

Jazzy Joseph chic that goes by seem sweet yet creepy? does anyone think her rainbow hair was for the song? Or just how she has it?...LOL, she didn't even get a verbal NO, but knew and just picked up her hat and walked out.

The 93 grandmother was AWESOME!

Oz chic....crossing fingers, hope your good...almost achieved chicken skin. Yeah, they passed you through! And it was your birthday!! You just got on my favorite list! Not cause it's your birthday...but because you sound great.

The rapping girls are fun...I wanna hang with you girls...seriously FUN. Your so fun I don't want to really it...glad the India sister made it.

Jamar/Bartender...why do some people yell-sing? But I like him too!

Jamar's BFF...sooooo sad....his wife....I like..I like..I like you!!

Harold & Kumar got vocals...:)

The I think you sang 3 different song gal...whoa

WAIT...did I just see a tiny blurp of Bikini girl...How dare you American Idol!

For the love...Cheerleader girls...what the hell? The big girl did the splits...I'm jealous....oh, your the intro for the guy doing My Girl...

Music band director guy...awe, you gotta love a man that knows how to be a good daddy...Crossing fingers....for some reason, you gave me chicken make a me feelllll....your my Two Show favorite so far.

The sweet guy...that has been told by his mother he can't sing...I think he was changing some words in his original song while singing...Sweet guy? Always listen to your mother!

Backflip guy...that dreamed about Simon...alot of better be very very very very very good in Hollywood!

The falling asleep make me scared.

Last girl...I heart your shoes and wish I could wear heels while looking at you....damn my husband for being mad about the screen door at the moment you started singing...will have to watch the replay.


Can't wait for next week!!

Random Wednesday

It's that time...again.


Did I tell you all that I took 4 days off this week? In a row? Holy CRAP I'm so excited about that!


I have two preggo people in my life. So glad. Congrats.


Peanuts? Do they grow underground? Or in bushes, or in trees? This came up at work. I think underground and wanted to wait before I googled it to find out. I wanted some of you to answer :)


A drunk man stumbled to my host stand one morning (8:30 AM) talking about this and that. His friend got a little embarrassed and left not just I'm walking a little to get you to walk a little and leave the girls alone but like DUDE, I'M SO GONE, and your so WALKING BY YOURSELF.


Alright. What kind of person are you?

The kind that TELLS someone they have something in their teeth


The kind that pretends it's not there and avoids eye contact with big black pepper screaming HELLO until you convince yourself its gone....AND then BAAM it comes back again and you start the process all over again?

Just wondering? :)

I'm 80% teller
20% pretender...
but if your an a-hole
100% your on your own.


Until next week...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol Night

Yep. My name is Rambler, and I'm addicted to American Idol.

You will get a my commentary of who stuck in my mind.

The cute pink haired girl...I like you :)

The crying rocker...geesus up a little, it's national TV.

The 16 year old that gave me chicken skin...because he's too young to be tainted. So it's pure sounding. He's 16. HE should be crying.

The kid that was was "freaking" then I got creeped out by his singing, including the second song he attempted...sorry dude. Then he got all drama and needed to sit down after the audition. It's all good dude. I'd be all drama right next to you.

The Adopt A Grandfriend girl...MY FAVORITE so far.

Barry White voice sounding guy...seriously? Is that your real voice? Is this for TV? I really do like him though...I'm secretly cheering him on....I don't care what you say Simon!

Etta James singing young girl....your my SECOND fave.

Dang it Bikini girl....I was really hoping your snotty butt was gonna sound bad...but you have a good voice....and you farking made out/force kiss (yeah, that's what I'll call it) Ryan? Erugh. To be young and hot in a bikini again.

Sexual Chocolate (not making it up)..He got a car for trying and NOT making it.

Ohmygosh girl....(you kinda look like my Budweiser rep??) Simon got a new name out of couldn't not like her.

Blondie southern sounding gal..Deanna...YOUR MY new FAVORITE. All others move down one please. And a little tear when she called her mama to tell her she made it and (sniffle sniffle sniffle don't cry Rambler, don't cry Rambler)how proud she was.

Horror movie making can SANG!!!!

Don't hate on me....I give ALL those people credit. And BFF you BETTER smack me down if I ever tell you I think I can sing and I'm auditioning....(ALRIGHT, I know I'm too old, but you know! Whatever!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

A good deed to start off the year...

Yes. I've been a little MIA...a little bloggy funk feeling.

I started a couple pathetic attempts but didn't "feel it". I was reading Nicole over at A Mommy's Musing, nodding the whole time while munching popcorn and M&M's and realized she said it fact I was convinced I was gonna just linky love her post and just have these words for my next entry... GO HERE FOR my POST :)

But I knew what I wanted to write tonight...thank flowed and it felt right to write (hahahahahaha)...sigh...still a little pathetic left in my big toe. Sorry.


As we all clear out our closets to make room for new items, that get put away for "another time". You find yourself with old items that need a new place.

Anywhere but in YOUR home.

You know those things...(maybe not Shorty cause she's wow wow organized!) the skinny pants you swear you'll fit one day (or hey Lyndsay...even those short pants your hubby created!)

...your old favorite sweater (pre-baby...if it only went below my belly, I could wear it again)

...those shoes (they WILL come back, like the disco shoes with the fish swimming..not mine, I swear, I'm only 33)

...OR maybe some BLANKETS that have NOT been used for a very LONG time.

There's a point to all this.

And it's a good one.

I promise.

My sister, FLS, has a heart that I envy! One that doesn't judge so harshly, one that is more sensitive and patient, that stops and appreciates what she has and NOT what she doesn't have. It stops for what others do NOT have but need and how she can change that for them.

She's always been that way.

I've always watched from afar, with admiration and secret longing to have that special quality she has.

But it's OK.

God blessed me with having a sister like her and I'm lucky. I don't realize it sometimes but when I do, I can't help but let MY heart be so so so proud of her and who she is.

With that I want to make sure I lend her any kind of support I can....and hopefully some of yours. (shyly asking of you, head looking at ground, kicking the dirt hoping for a yes)

(Thanks Mrs. Bush for already contributing, you awesome lady you!)

And it's soooo simple...(well, maybe a itty bitty cleaning on your part)

Purge your closet of unwanted blankies or "something else", take a quick photo, send me or her a copy of that pic and donate to a charity/homeless shelter near you, the next time your driving by.

She's doing a raffle of all who donate and you could win a gift certificate to a pretty cool restaurant! They have enough of them around I'm sure someone you know if not you could use it. Take your honey or BFF out for a drink. (Girls night RULE!)

Or just do it, because it's a "good deed to start off the year"!

So my bloggy pals...can we do it? Can you find a blanket or "something else" to help someone less fortunate stay warm or "something else"?

Friday, January 09, 2009

Have a (insert adjective) weekend!