Wednesday, January 28, 2009

American Idol...Salt Lake City DVR didn't start, I again begged lil Rambler to give up her Gabba Gabba for just an hour and frantically turned it 7 minutes late into the show.

Cheri over at Not too Sticky (Oh, and love the new do on the site :)sent an email after watching it on her end of the world (lol) and gave me her thoughts so I know that I missed Osmond relative and she loved him! (grrr....can't believe I missed him. I'll get over it). Did Archeletta sing already?

The only Goth girl in Utah...whoa on the she has ESP...loved Simon's face when she walked in. Simon asked if her if she's gonna win. She says her ESP isn't that strong.

Oh, ESP stands for Extra Special Person. Gotcha! Did you all get ESP while we were waiting for them to decide.

Whoa...sheep girl...Whoaaaaa.

Creep alert...strange guy with weird eyes and mad licking of lips.

Friend with big pink bunny. The bunny's a little distracting bouncing behind you while you sing.! LOL. I think the bunny is more bouncer than cute thing with ears..

Pretty stay at home mommy...aww, cute baby...Amy Winehouse sounding...I like her. 4 yes's...this mommy isn't a stay at home mommy much longer...

Another pretty stay at home mommy...talking about divorce...sounds kinda like Natasha Bedingfield..I like her too. Judges? Absolutely yes.

Cute Blondie Class President High School student...Really, they wear letter sweaters still? Cool. Just haven't seen it since"Leave It To Beaver". I don't like the song he's the second song better. At least I did. Weird song choices. Cute kid made it!!!!! (Have to agree with Sticky here, he's gonna get eaten up at Hollywood.)

This girl Rose they keep leading up to seems interesting so far.

How do the judges decide who's gonna say No, not this time OR Your going to Hollywood?

A cute 16 year old Samoan girl...from Samoa...but living in Utah...cute, cute, cute...she's tall she says. 5'11 without shoes. She's cute. She's singing Joyful Joyful. CHICKEN.SKIN. I just love when I hear gospel songs sung well.

Aren't they supposed to play Kelly Clarkson's new song tonight? Did I miss it? Was it in the first 7 minutes of the show I did NOT see and realized DVR did NOT start recording? (WTH)

Rose is up...and telling her story...listening to her tell of her fathers passing. Oh, AND her MOTHER died. Geesh, you poor girl. Listening to the brother talk of how proud he is of her...Damn it, I'm crying. I told us yesterday there was NO CRYING in IDOL. She's barefoot...reminds me of my First Little Sister. Not sure if they will like her. They liked her. I think I like her.

I'm not sure if I didn't have a favorite this night because there wasn't one for me OR if the fact that my 2 year old kept saying...Mom, Mom, Mom, MOOOMMM, MOMMMMYYYY...every 5 seconds. And my husband went for a walk. "You don't mind right" (grumble, it's my only day off this week and I've been in kid land since this go ahead...please, you need it)

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Michelle said...

And this ... THIS is where I start looking at Hulu and ABC HD (it's on ABC, right?) instead of trying to watch tv when the wee ones are awake! It sounds like you have the same interruption issues that I do!

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day. This has been so much fun, and I hope you come back soon to visit!

Martha said...

Reading your posts about AI is way better and more entertaining than watching!

Penz said...

I love the updates, i never get to watch it, hubz takes over the tv and he wants me to "wife" it with him....ugg... thats okay though, I have you! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I love your comments. They crack me up.

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Hey thanks for coming by today! I apprecaite your kind words.
I loved reading your post about Idol.... so much fun to watch and they were in my hometown!

"Nana's Box"