Tuesday, November 25, 2008

777...My BFF

Hi bloggy folks. Here we are in our 2nd day of my fabulous 777 series. If you didn't catch my first one, check it out. I think you'll enjoy today's person. She and I have been in each other's lives for tooo long...:) Well, she's one of my oldest friends. So of course I'd figure she'd know something about me to share with you! Enjoy.

My BFF...she's all kinds of funny! Thank you Miss A! (wink)

1. How'd you two meet? Was it friend at first sight?

We met our freshman year in college-we were partners in the lowest math possible-than she left me for another girl. True story.

I beg to differ!.....It was for another boy.

2. Has she grown since you've met?

OMG, with grace and with some stories to share!

**Whew, I was sure she was going to say in waist size too :) Thanks for my fluffy name...Heart you!

3. What drives you crazy in love with her? Why are you so obsessed with being her friend?

Her hair. And her unwavering loyalty. And really, she's obsessed with me!

**Damn! she must have seen my BFF shrine when she was over here last!

4. If you were listening to the radio, what song makes you think of her?

The Divinyls. I Touch Myself....snicker snicker.

**LOOONGGG story and involves a car and OLLLDDD boyfriends. And serious, you'd have to have been there in the car! What car? See, told you, you'd have to have been there!

5. If she were in a fashion magazine, what would the title be?

{I Bought it at} Ross

**Hey, whadda want from me? I'm a complete fashion victim....O, Tim Dunn, pick me pick me for your next show...I LOVE YOU!

6. If she were a character in Sex In the City, who would she be?

If I had to pick ONE...."One of Carries most loyal friends is Stanford Blatch, her gay galpal and confidante. Whenever Carrie needs advice or a stand in for a canceled date, Stanford is always there for her"

***OMG, that's so much better than being one of the girls!!!!! (also, for clarification, I am a woman :)

7. If we were both stuck on a deserted island, and could have one thing, what would it be?

It would be food, but if we had food, then filtered water with a twist, and if we had water-probably a dictionary or maybe a pair of dice (um, what is the plural of dice? Die? Die on the deserted island? Great!) Oh, did you say desserted island or a deserted island? Because if it was a dessert instead of a desert, it would be spoons!

**This is why I am in touch myself Stanford Blatch Ross buying love with this woman!

Thank you to Miss A for taking the time out to answer some quality research type biographical questions (thought of by me)! Every girls needs a BFF like this. One you can come home drunk late to your mothers house, and continuously shout about how quiet we both are! One that rode buses with you when no one else would....not the short bus, but that's up for appeal now. And one that would drop heaven and earth to be there for you. Muah I love ya!

Tune in tomorrow....Who's next you ask, again? Come back and see....

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Maki said...

Aw this is funny. I really loved the answer #6... Really, this is hilarious post. LOL

RebeccaMom said...

I love the idea of the 777! Great blog, just stopped by from SITS to say hi!

Valerie said...

That's so neat and interesting. I am a little late but I wanted to hop over and wish you a happy SAUCY week. Happy Thanksgiving.

Andy - Instafather said...

Let me again say how good of an idea this is... your BFF is very funny, too. Too bad you tried to leave her for another woman.

Krissy said...

that was a good one.

Shorty said...

Hilarious! I love your twist and think your posts are great! And, just for the totally unofficial record, I think "dice" is plural and "die" is singular. I could be wrong...but my anal self is telling me I'm oh....so....right! : P

Happy Thanksgiving! And, btw...I'm very thankful for all of your comments on my blog. I look forward to reading them!