Wednesday, November 26, 2008

777....The Kids!

Day Three of my 777 series. If you've missed my ground breaking heart wrenching questions with power for my boss or my BFF, don't forget to check them out!

Kids! Hey, over here! Hellloooo.....

Mama has picked you two for a special...HELLLLLOOOOO!!!!

Well, don't look too interested in this....

There is Woof Barker Rambler. He came first. 2 years later his less hairy sister Lil Rambler came along. This is their story. About me. In crayons and cookie crumbs. They are sooo creative. And of course I've had to translate.


1. So, lil Rambler, how do you feel about being sprung from the loins of such a woman?

Um, why yes that is a pretty necklace, but aren't you going to give us a tear to the eye story of how much your mother went through the day of your birth?

How Mommy couldn't have fathomed the actual labor pain compared to the Braxton Hicks pain? How your Nana made it to the hospital with Papa before we did. Or when Mommy beggggggged the check in nurse to administer the epidural and reminded them that Mommy's doctor said she could have it? Or how upset she got when BLS, Nana, Daddy got McDonald's and ate in front of us?? Remember, Mommy hadn't eaten for 10 hours...Remember? Or when when push came to shove, when you were ready to pop out and Mommy's doctor to distract me, while they put the final touches in place for your complete entry into this world, said look at your daughter, she's coming and Mommy said....PULL HER OUT, PULL HER OUT, SHE HURTS, OH MY GOD, M'F-er! And then Nana asked BFF what M'fer meant? Remember?

Fine! I guess no one will ever know.

2. What is Mama Ramblers favorite time of the day?

In the morning. I know it is! Mom is always soooo much fun. She pretends she's still sleeping, so our game is I hit her face (sometimes soft, sometimes hard, when she's really pretending). AND then I say her name as many times as I can. Then Woof Barker joins in and barks at her face too. She says whoever says it the loudest and wakes her up, gets breakfast! Yeah!!!!

Woof, woof, woofie, woof.

3. What were some of your first words? How did Mama react?

I'm confused if it was Mama or Dada BUT I know my second words were....are you ready?

Oh S-it!

Mama yelled at Dada for such a long time. I don't know what the big deal was. I was just saying Washit like Mama thought. Big people are so complicated sometimes!

Woof, Woof, Woofie, Washit, Woof....

What is Mama Ramblers first memorable memory?

When Mama first went back to work, her boss was very nice and let me come with her for an hour until Dada could pick me up. Right before we were leaving, and Mama still didn't have a routine with getting me, the diaper bag, the movable car seat, her purse, my food in taker machine (the breast milk pump) and we were in a panic. Well, actually mama was, I just sat in my bouncy chair.

Right when Mama picked me up she made a face. She's so funny. I heard her say..."Oh, lil Rambler, poo. EVERYWHERE." I thought I felt something warm all over. It took a lot of wipe-ys and a mini bath, before we could get to the car. When Mama came home that night I heard her tell Dada she could smell poo everywhere last night. She told Dada the smell got stuck in her nose. Silly mama, my poo can't be stuck in your nose!!!!

5. Who's stronger? Mama or Dada?
Well, Dada fixes the car, Mama fixes me my ice cream. Dada, takes the trash out, Mama makes dinner. Dada goes to sleep with me at night while Mama is at work, Mama gets up with me even when she gets home really late from work.....mmmmmm, I think Mama.
MAAAMMAAAA, was that the right answer?

6. Describe Mama in ONE word?

Wickedawesome. (Mama said if I don't put a space in it, it's one word?)

7. If Mama were an ice cream flavor what would you think she'd be?

Mama would be Orange-Raspberry-Pineapple Sherbert (or you fancy people call it Sorbet). This is my current frozen yum yum of choice. It looks like regular plain ice cream, but once you get into it, it's soooo much more!


Well end of Day 3...thank you to any that have read me this far. We here at Rambler, Inc. applaud you!

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Maki said...

OMG - this is way toooooo sweet. So cute and soooooooo warm. I love, love, looooove this post:)

Hey, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my girlfriend:D


Krissy said...


Abounader Photography said...

Great Post!! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving!

heathersister said...

Very cute post oh saucy one. I am sure we have made new friends this week.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Shorty said...

Very cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

MammaDucky said...

Men are so good at teaching small children curse words. Why just this morning my 3 yr olds called Daddy a "Basshole." Yes, they used it in the correct context.

Kalei said...

Kai soooo said. Oh S-it yesterday. I panicked and thought Oh Sh*t till she pointed at the push car seat and told the baby "sit baby sit" while pointing directly to the seat....phew!

my verification word today: amidowse