Saturday, September 27, 2008

Don't gooooo....(clearing throat) I mean Good LUCK & Best Wishes!

(insert long sigh), I can't do this. I'm getting to old for this stuff. I am a big girl now! Gosh Darn it! (insert long sigh again!)

My baby baby sister is leaving. (again). And it's a little harder this time because we've shared some things as adults that just make you closer.

She's witnessed my daughters birth (and videotaped it...yes, she's dedicated and I'm sure it was through the lens that made her tolerate it.)
She's the godmother of my daughter and they were both baptized together along with her younger cousin Kai Kai.
She was one of the main "sitters" for her when I went back to work for the first year of daughter's life.

I could go on and on and on...and that's why I'm so sad because she's been an important part of my new life as a mom. Since her new job at "unsaid" airline she's slowly weened herself of us but we all still lived together. We ate together, shopped together, and became super geek fans of "THE OFFICE"
I even waited to watch the premiere with her as our last time watching it...(WAHHHHHH!)

Okay, Okay. Baby sister, I want the best for you, love you more than you could ever understand and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming home when you did!

I'm not crying, I'm not crying.....

(sniff...sniff... loudly blowing nose...sniff) the Rambler...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

not so lonely after all!!

Awe, you guys!

So, yesterday I had a mini alm
ost lame-o meltdown. For some reason I was in complete denial that my un-birthday was to take place today or yesterday if you actually your needing me to be technical. My photo was the face next to the definition of master Grouch Monster. I sucked on coffee and had some chocolate and still felt BAH HUMBIRTHDAY... Don't want, need it, just go visit someone else!

Today, I woke up and I had 2 text's on my phone. One of course being my mother. (I'd
feel hurt had it not been her), and the other from my BFF wishing me a Happy unbirthday day and hoping I felt better. I snicker to myself that'd be a big fat NO. I was insistent that I remain grumpy and be of the non sociable type.

The calls kept coming, and the emails a flowing. The happy bug was busy buzzing around my ears saying
you will not kill me today Mrs. Birthday girl!

My sister came into the bedroom and handed me a really funny card (tear, she's leaving in a couple of days and I'm not ready emotionally). We laughed and went to breakfast with my daughter who is still to oblivious to realize what day it was (good, should have been that way, but NOOOOO, you all shoved it down my throat!)

More calls, and funny text messages....

My husband came home from work with some flowers and a card signed by him AND our daughter. First time he's done signing of our daughter and it brought the tear to the eye. (No, no it will not work)

My father in law sent a card with some very touching words and I couldn't finish reading it because I didn't want to bawl before I left for work.

I check my phone as I'm walking
to my car and my super big boss from my corp. office sent me a birthday text...(wow, I rate? Sweet!)

okay, okay, so the grumpy pill is kinda wearing off, and I'm almost okay to walk into work.

I get there, my door's are closed and and open it to balloons with funny messages written on there AND a gift from my co-managers and my fav Starbucks ice tea!

My staff sang "that" song in our pre-shift meeting...All fricking right! I'm older, I get it!

Okay, all joking aside! It was extremely hard to not feel special and loved today! And for that I with my whole heart thank everyone for thinking of ME. It's more than you guys will know. ((Tear))

~A very teary eyed humble older Rambler

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

smile for the day

It's been a couple of days and I have alot to post, but haven't downloaded the photos to my computer!

I got an email from a friend today that had this photo that said in the right place at the right time with the right equipment. Those moments are priceless!

Friday, September 19, 2008

You win...O messy master of the universe!

I'm beat today. I have lost my will to keep up with my tornado of a daughter. I'm writing this after 4 hard hours of sleep. I left the house yesterday with this place relatively in brain went into serious crisis meltdown mode when I came home. I lost it when I saw

~the living room filled with some of her toys OUT of the basket its kept in. Random toy things in really random places

~The kitchen had more dirty plates

~Someone took my clothes out of the dryer, set to the side and neglected to realize the 4 jeans were still so damp so they developed a funky smell instead of dried in a natural unfunky way...(like it could but wishful thinking)

~bedroom which was so clean yesterday when I left was soooo dirty this morning.

~My give away clothes for Goodwill in different parts of the house.


You win! Uncle, Uncle (isn't that what you yell when your getting your hands broken in that game :) or is it MERCY.

Universe 100,000,000. Me 0.

Look, I'm not naive to the fact that I have a child and this house cannot be clean longer than 15 minutes. But don't we all have a reset button so that when a tired mommy comes home from a long shift at work at 1:30 am she won't have a mini meltdown?

So hence my picture. It's actually how I look minus the coffee. Don't worry, me and the daughter are off for breakfast and leaving this place. My hand shall hold a cup soon.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Arrrghh...I'm off to see the Pirates! Disney part One

A couple weeks ago I took a "magical" trip to Disneyland! It was awesome!

The last week leading up to my 3 day adventure with my kid sister was dreaming of riding my most favorite Disneyland ride of like forever :)

Pirates of the Caribbea
n. ((sweet sigh))

I was so fricking excited I kept telling everyone I was pee in my pants ready for the best PARK EVER!

The night we arrived we checked into our hotel and headed over to Downtown Disney for Dinner at House of Blues.

I begged my sister that night when shopping at Downtown Disney to pleeeeassseee wear a matching Disney shirt to the park with me.

"Uh, really?" was her first words to that request.

But she complied after many many negotiating snappy looks of disgust over each others color and style. She's like the size of a pencil and let's say I'm the size of the tree they cut down to make 100 of her. So while I pick out all the t-shirts that would look good on both of us, she's pulling out skinny tees where it barely comes below the bellybutton. We stared at each other and was convinced we would be not Mickey tshirt happy the next day. (I daydream if I could just look like her while shopping)

5 minutes to closing we find a shirt. Of course there is no dressing room and I pray my really large woman's tee will look ok the next day.

Our hotel was right down the road and offered a free shuttle to the park every 30 minutes. Our first day we ate some breakfast and waited with all the other Disney fanatics for the first shuttle of the day. As soon as that shuttle drove into the hotel front lobby area, it took all of my power to not rush the shuttle van like all the kids. :) I didn't want the adults thinking I was lame.

Stepping foot into the gates of Disneyland it really was an experience I'd never remembered having before. Even my sister who's the "cool" one. (You know being 10 years younger and all.) was a little in awe of it. Nothing big, but we entered the park a tiny bit early so they let everyone into Main Street. When you get to the last shop everyone's waiting for a tiny rope to be lifted. When that's lifted the park is officially open. We wanted to get as close as we could to those ropes. I politely pushed my way past parents with strollers, kids with their mickey gear on, and a couple "disney princesses".

See the man here to the left? In the Disney ranger hat facing the crowd? He held several hundreds of us back with his witty Disney chatter and first of the day smiles. The overhead speaker was announcing the park would soon be open. Something was in the air because all of everyone waiting seemed to be turning into small smiley, giggly, gonna pee in your pants good-crazy folks..

Somehow someone started a countdown...maybe the ranger guy...and I was soon shouting 5,4,3,2,1!!!! With that the ropes were lifted and EVERYONE clapped and you felt like you were part of some opening day ceremony or something. My sis and I looked at each other and my completely dorky self told her that was SOOO AWESOME.

We all scampered to the lands that housed our favorite rides. We veered/semi ran/walk fast left and headed to the Pirates. We must have been the second boat/ride to shove off that day. I sat in the boat and had the stupidest smile across it. If this was all I rode that day I would be OK.

Of course we rode more and the really cool thing about that day was in front of the castle we won these

DREAM FAST PASSES. You don't wait in any line, and you go WHENEVER you want. OMG, could this day get any better? It was cool and for both Disneyland & California Adventure Park. You just walk up the exit of a ride that is a fast pass ride or where ever their fast pass entrance is
to the ride and walk past ALOT of people. :) That was sooo sweet.

Well, I think I'll end my first part of the story here and continue another time with the rest....

~A very tired but happy Disneyland freak Rambler!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Say no to coke....a cola :)

How many times can I do this???

So many I don't even know what finger to say I'm on. It's Day 2 of my say no to coke plan of attack thing-a-ma-jig..?? Long story short, I was raised on having cola be a part of my family life. I realized when having a BBQ with my mothers side of the fam and talked with my cousins, aunt and mother that we all share a "JOY OF COLA" fetish. We enjoy it warm or cold. Night or day! It doesn't matter, we LOVE our cola. My older parental unit and her siblings moved to the diet cola stuff. (I SWEAR I WILL NEVER DRINK DIET)...

Anyway, it won't be a long post as I am beat today...but wish me luck. 19 days from now I may have what my diet thing calls a cheat day :) mmmm, so looking forward to it.

Good night!

~A super cola loving Rambler

Monday, September 15, 2008

fashion victim

Mmmm. How to start this one? Well I could start with me :)

I'm not the most fashion lame-o person around BUT I'm not the most fashion forward person either. I'm sorta stuck somewhere in the middle I guess. Listed below are my three excuses for not being a project runway star!

1. my size
Due to my somewhat lovely child bump left by my 2 year old, I don't fit pants the way I would like AND my boobs that used to be of large size anyway before I got pregnant became mammoth once I hit my last trimester and those breastfeeding months. To quote my husband, "dear God, they're massive!" That said, I can't wear certain tops because my boobs make the it look either too small or too small or too small.

Mammoth boobs + skinny tee/tops with buttons/halters=disaster.... you get the picture.

2. Money
If I had money, I'd be able to purchase the right items that didn't make me look the size of a condo apt. With all my money going to bills, rent, and my baby what's left over is very little and I have to stretch the coins that are left. That's leaves me with not the most quality of merchandise. Hey, I make it work. Sometimes I'm happy with it and sometimes it's worn once and I realize that's why it was as much as it was. I don't shop much so most of my clothes is so very 2 seasons ago and I'm frightened one day that a reality show camera will jump out and tell me my friends and family "JUST want to HELP, your on OMG, you wear some badddd clothes" SHOW. I'd die.

3. Time
So here's the lame part. When I do have some money to spend, I can't find the time with my demanding job and my sweet child that is not quite there yet to go shopping. If we shop together the 2 year old and I do what's called Speed Shopping. I need to have a list. We do not deviate from the list or my special package from above will stop cooperating with me. I envy those moms that have the sweet obedient child in their stroller content with vegging out. Their sipping their Starbucks coffee, talking on the cell, browsing slowly through the racks of clothes. While me on the other hand has a child that has me frantically searching for her through the racks of clothes and I hear the store clerk paging over the PA system for the mother of a lost child (a very displeased, gonna call the Child Endangerment Agency voice) to please come to the counter as the child is causing disarray. (((sigh))) not really that bad, but it's not easy to shop when it's not a 2year old's favorite thing to do.

Anyway, this is why I am content to sit in my Old Navy clothes watching shows like Top Model and Project Runway wishing I was fierce but knowing if Heidi Klum was sitting next to me she'd tell me "Selena, you are out! Please leave the runway!" kiss, kiss! ((sigh again...))

~Skinny wannabe wearing Rambler!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My long last!

Soooo, I'm back! It's been over a year since I've written anything. Part of the reasons are that

1. I couldn't access my stupid gmail account to get to my blog. (I was in a state of confusion (brand new mom brain) when the transition happened from regular blog to this gmail blog thing.)

2. I couldn't access my stupid gmail....O, what I already said that!

3. Damn lazy to try to find it after being so impatient.

So here I am today, and with some frustrated patience I was able to relax, breathe and retrieve my username and password! I was worried I'd have to resign this blog and attempt a new one.

Alright, so my new life consists of being a mommy. You know that if you go back and read some of my past blogs. I absolutely adore it and everything that comes with it. I get told by my non parental friends why do I find poop a fascinating topic of conversation! (Cause I do, and my daughter has issues...).

I recently joined this new mommy club from my local newspaper and it truely has been one of the best things. ( )

The mom's I've encountered have inspired me to write again and to do something about it. Practice makes perfect and hopefully one day I'll accomplish a dream of mine. To them I thank for renewing in me this passion to write again.

I don't claim to be a whiz at vocabulary or grammer.

In fact, I'm horrible. I can't write about anything serious (because I'm not), my IQ isn't of Yale-or-Harvard-knock-at-my-door-and-come-teach-there IQ, but I've written things with my funny sense of humor (at least I think so) and have gotten comments throughout my time that I'm pretty interesting to read. From my smart friends and my serious ones. For them both to tell me I made them laugh is addicting. I want to keep going. Why don't I become a comedianne? Because I'm too chicken to face a crowd and get boo'd...but I'll write and sit and bite my nails and see what comes of it!

Anywho, here's the start over of this.

Peace out!

Rocky da Rambla! (get it, coming out fighting? and my blogger name?...:))