Thursday, September 18, 2008

Arrrghh...I'm off to see the Pirates! Disney part One

A couple weeks ago I took a "magical" trip to Disneyland! It was awesome!

The last week leading up to my 3 day adventure with my kid sister was dreaming of riding my most favorite Disneyland ride of like forever :)

Pirates of the Caribbea
n. ((sweet sigh))

I was so fricking excited I kept telling everyone I was pee in my pants ready for the best PARK EVER!

The night we arrived we checked into our hotel and headed over to Downtown Disney for Dinner at House of Blues.

I begged my sister that night when shopping at Downtown Disney to pleeeeassseee wear a matching Disney shirt to the park with me.

"Uh, really?" was her first words to that request.

But she complied after many many negotiating snappy looks of disgust over each others color and style. She's like the size of a pencil and let's say I'm the size of the tree they cut down to make 100 of her. So while I pick out all the t-shirts that would look good on both of us, she's pulling out skinny tees where it barely comes below the bellybutton. We stared at each other and was convinced we would be not Mickey tshirt happy the next day. (I daydream if I could just look like her while shopping)

5 minutes to closing we find a shirt. Of course there is no dressing room and I pray my really large woman's tee will look ok the next day.

Our hotel was right down the road and offered a free shuttle to the park every 30 minutes. Our first day we ate some breakfast and waited with all the other Disney fanatics for the first shuttle of the day. As soon as that shuttle drove into the hotel front lobby area, it took all of my power to not rush the shuttle van like all the kids. :) I didn't want the adults thinking I was lame.

Stepping foot into the gates of Disneyland it really was an experience I'd never remembered having before. Even my sister who's the "cool" one. (You know being 10 years younger and all.) was a little in awe of it. Nothing big, but we entered the park a tiny bit early so they let everyone into Main Street. When you get to the last shop everyone's waiting for a tiny rope to be lifted. When that's lifted the park is officially open. We wanted to get as close as we could to those ropes. I politely pushed my way past parents with strollers, kids with their mickey gear on, and a couple "disney princesses".

See the man here to the left? In the Disney ranger hat facing the crowd? He held several hundreds of us back with his witty Disney chatter and first of the day smiles. The overhead speaker was announcing the park would soon be open. Something was in the air because all of everyone waiting seemed to be turning into small smiley, giggly, gonna pee in your pants good-crazy folks..

Somehow someone started a countdown...maybe the ranger guy...and I was soon shouting 5,4,3,2,1!!!! With that the ropes were lifted and EVERYONE clapped and you felt like you were part of some opening day ceremony or something. My sis and I looked at each other and my completely dorky self told her that was SOOO AWESOME.

We all scampered to the lands that housed our favorite rides. We veered/semi ran/walk fast left and headed to the Pirates. We must have been the second boat/ride to shove off that day. I sat in the boat and had the stupidest smile across it. If this was all I rode that day I would be OK.

Of course we rode more and the really cool thing about that day was in front of the castle we won these

DREAM FAST PASSES. You don't wait in any line, and you go WHENEVER you want. OMG, could this day get any better? It was cool and for both Disneyland & California Adventure Park. You just walk up the exit of a ride that is a fast pass ride or where ever their fast pass entrance is
to the ride and walk past ALOT of people. :) That was sooo sweet.

Well, I think I'll end my first part of the story here and continue another time with the rest....

~A very tired but happy Disneyland freak Rambler!

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