Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Say no to coke....a cola :)

How many times can I do this???

So many I don't even know what finger to say I'm on. It's Day 2 of my say no to coke plan of attack thing-a-ma-jig..?? Long story short, I was raised on having cola be a part of my family life. I realized when having a BBQ with my mothers side of the fam and talked with my cousins, aunt and mother that we all share a "JOY OF COLA" fetish. We enjoy it warm or cold. Night or day! It doesn't matter, we LOVE our cola. My older parental unit and her siblings moved to the diet cola stuff. (I SWEAR I WILL NEVER DRINK DIET)...

Anyway, it won't be a long post as I am beat today...but wish me luck. 19 days from now I may have what my diet thing calls a cheat day :) mmmm, so looking forward to it.

Good night!

~A super cola loving Rambler

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Krissy said...

keep blogging mary.

Anonymous said...

on the wagon again?