Thursday, July 28, 2005

I think I can I think I can

So, I just realized I used my moms title of her blog in mine. Helllloooo Selena, be somewhat original!

Work is killing me. Everyone is asking me if I have things layed out for the wedding yet and that is a big fat NO. I seem to be working more now that my life seems to know it's important for me to start the serious planning process.

I guess I should use this time now to do that but damn, I'm tired and I just got the female's favorite monthly friend! GGGRRRRRR. That got me thinking about if on my wedding day, please if there is a heaven above, grace me with the absence of my friend during that week.

Tired, exhausted, pooped out


So much to do, so little time

I did it to myself. But by God, I will get it done!

Matt and I decided to get married in less than 5 months. You can plan a wedding in that amount of time without killing yourself. (Or anyone trying to help you Right?)

Since we decided on the date, I've been dieting like no other. Damn proud of myself. One week and a half and I've lost six pounds. Aunty, on the boat with you. We can keep track together. I've been on this tuna fish sandwich, carrots, grapes, salad, yogurt, lots of water kick. Are you to tell me that if you actually watch what you shovel into your mouth makes a difference? (hehehe)

Everyday, Matt gets better at saying the word wedding, and says it more frequently. The first week after he decided that we should get married this Christmas, anytime I brought up anything pertaining to white, marriage, money (that one was tough), rentals, food, bridesmaids, groomsmen.....he totally freaked. I don't mean like run and never talk to me again freak. He likes low key, non stress, low budget kind of events. (did I mention, he'd really prefer not to be sweating.) So all this planning, which I enjoy since at my restaurant that's all I do, has gotten him worked up. The funny-sad part about it is that I have barely told him everything. Most of my ideas have bounced off my mother, sister, best friend, or cousin. The serious gotta ask him questions are handled gently and carefully, leaving him feeling that he didn't just get his teeth pulled out.

So, this weekend is the bridal expo and the bridal crew (along with the 2 grooms, they were told beer is offered. Hope to god it is!) are checking it out and making a list. More to come than.

So, all this while working 6 days a week at work, than doing part time billing for a doctor, trying to read the new Harry Potter book (come on!), cleaning the house, making sure the dog is taken care of, I am trying to plan the wedding.

Night Night folks.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Holy engagement rings batman!

Below are 3 couple who have become engaged with 7 days from each other!

Kalani and Rachel engaged July 3, 2005 (supposed to be July 4th but according to Rachel, Kalani was scared he might lose it and decided to pass the losing part on to his FIANCEE!) kidding Kalani! They haven't exactly told me the story of their engagment. But Rachel mentioned July 4th, was their 2 year anniversary of being together.

Next is myself and Matt
July 9th, 2005.

I had come home from a long work day. He was acting a little funny, but what else was new? After one attempt of coming into the living room, standing behind me with me looking back asking him several times what was wrong with him? Are you trying to buy beer? Why are you acting weird? Sit down and watch TV with me! Why are you leaving?

5 minutes later after downing a big gulp of his beer in the bedroom he came out and asked me to shut the TV off so he could ask me something....ding ding ding. BIG GULP (from me and him),trying to keep the tears to a minimum (from me and a little from him), he got down on one knee and proposed.

"Oh my god, are you serious? Holy crap, Yes" Not exactly romantic words but them what they were.

Now moving on to my "sister", I mean cousin...

July 10, 2005. Leigh and Didoboy.

After a long day at an amusement park of worrying of a possible lost ring, not talking to people, older cousin Kalani wondering why Didoboy hadn't done it yet on the rides like he said he was going to do, making it back to Grandparent's house and finding the ring where he had left it the day before, he pulled the slightly-worried-wondering what she did-I didn't mean to say that- Leigh in the bedroom, got down on one knee and...She stopped him with I have to change Kaha's diaper. While she probably pooped her own pants figuring what was happening, she finished and went back to the poor man on his knee and than....Grandma walked in. Leigh got down on her knees with Didoboy so Grandma wouldn't figure out what was happening yet. After some chit chat Grandma left and Didoboy FINALLY proposed!

These two culprits are what started it. (From the bottom of my heart, thank you, seriously and I'm sure that's from all of us!) Brian and Kahea! They got married June 4, 2005. Their next venture is their child being born in December! Congrats. My cousin Rachel (at the top) sent us cards saying

"whatever they put in the food at the wedding, it worked!"

Sure did!

And that folks is all she wrote.

Now it's just a race to the alters guys!

A very happy engaged bride to be...along with my other bride to be's

Saturday, July 09, 2005

oh my god!

As you can see by the picture, my significant other has lost the bet with Kalani and Didoboy! (joking) I just wanted to share with everyone Matt's and my exciting news that we are engaged! I'm too excited to try to be witty and funny so I'll leave you all to write later.

Love Love,

The newly engaged Rambler

P.S. Aunty I would have called you but it was late and I know your sick. If you read this, call me! love love

Monday, July 04, 2005

Little Reminders

Okay, first of all this is not my normal haha, funny, sarcastic PMS kind of post. It's a little sentimental and about my dad.

My dad passed away over 12 years ago from lung cancer and I struggle with the fact that he is not in my life anymore. Somedays, I "forget" he's not here and other days, it's extremely difficult. I don't talk much about the pain of his absence just because I absolutely hate crying in front of anyone except significant other (and even that is tough). Funny, me coming from a mother who's super sensitive characteristics was passed on to her three daughters.

Anyway, in these 12 years since his death, certain things will pop up to remind me of a time with him, or just about him. Sometimes I like to think it's his sutle way of letting me know he's still with me and keeping an eye on things from above. When I'm driving to work, dreading it, I always see this company truck that has his name in their logo. It always puts a smile on my face. He smoked a lot and I always had that smell of his cigarettes in my throat, and every once in a while at home by myself, I get that smell. Little things like that.

A couple of days ago at the movies, I was behind a family with three daughters. The mother and two youngest went to get seats while the oldest stayed with her dad to help with snacks. I watched them and tears started to form as the father put his arm around her and kissed her and laughed about whatever they were talking about. And I realized I really missed those kinds of moments with him. I put the sunglasses on and thankfully for my lack of holding it in, they moved to a new line that opened up. The tears and sadness lasted for but a moment, when I thought hey, I wasn't even thinking of him, and I'm having a really rough week at work, and here is a reminder of my dad letting me everything is going to be OK. I smiled and thanked him silently and ordered my popcorn and soda and went on with the rest of my day.

Thanks for reading today's' blog if you made it this far.

By the way, my mom had done a kick ass job being two parents for me and the sisters for longer than 12 years! Nobody better could have done a better job!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Pet Peeves when going to the movies

Tonight significant other and I went to watch a movie. I should have known it was not going to be my usual pleasant movie going experience from the moment I stood in line to get the tickets.

I should start off by first saying I wasn't feeling well. So,I was notmentally or physically in the "right" state.

Here are some of my rules when going to the movies. (in story form of course)

1. As we stood in line, we were told to wait by the ticket seller, while some lady had a problem with changing the time for the show she bought. There were 2 other open tellers and their just staring at me, but never said "We can help you!" Hello, I obviously want to watch a movie, not stand here in line waiting for someone to figure out what time show they want to go to....BEFORE YOU STAND IN LINE, DECIDE WHAT MOVIE YOU WANT. WHEN YOUR READY, GO AHEAD, HAVE YOUR MONEY READY, DON'T ASK THE TICKET SELLER QUESTIONS ABOUT WHICH MOVIE TO WATCH. SHE DOESN'T CARE!

2. Get in the theater and AAAAA, not so busy so we find seats were no one was in front of us, or the back. As the movie starts a family sits in front of us and the back. Darn, but oh well. The first preview starts and we realize the front seat mother is one of those loud talkers and she begins to annoy me. She talks through all the previews and I start to squirm in my seat, (because I am still feeling sick and again, she's annoying me). As the credits begin to start for the show her goddamn cell phone rings (several times, cause apparently she thinks other people keep their phone on). She fricking answered it and talked for like 2 minutes. I kinda slammed by bag in the seat next to me and her husband realized maybe his wife was annoying. Didn't stop her. I waited a moment and told myself if she was still talking by the time the movie people started talking, she was going to get my voice in her ear to not be so rude. That didn't happen. She was so lucky. (empty threat folks) DON'T BE RUDE, TURN YOUR PHONE OFF, OR AT LEAST LEARN ENGLISH SO YOU CAN READ THE SIGNS THAT SAY TURN OFF YOUR PHONE FOR THE CONVIENCE OF OTHERS.

3. 10 minutes into the movie. The same damn family decides maybe their hungry. A bunch of What do you want, etc...before the loud mother sends her three kids off to the snack bar. They come back and passing around, and saying that's mine, and whatever else a family needs to settle in. GET YOUR SNACKS BEFORE YOU COME IN PEOPLE! IF NOT, DON'T MAKE LIKE FIREWORKS WHEN YOU INTERRUPT OTHERS WATCHING THE MOVIE WHEN YOU COME BACK TO YOUR SEAT.

4. I settle down, and before you know it the lady behind me has her phone ringing in her bag. This had got to be a joke! She says something than hands the phone to her kid. Come fricking on you guys! I listen for a moment as the kids gives his uncle a play by play of the movie so far, before Matt looks back at the mom and she tells them to get off the phone. REVERT BACK TO RULE #2.


Maybe it was just me, but I felt like it was candid camera and someone was going to see how much I could tolerate.


I hate stupid people. They annoy me.