Saturday, July 16, 2005

Holy engagement rings batman!

Below are 3 couple who have become engaged with 7 days from each other!

Kalani and Rachel engaged July 3, 2005 (supposed to be July 4th but according to Rachel, Kalani was scared he might lose it and decided to pass the losing part on to his FIANCEE!) kidding Kalani! They haven't exactly told me the story of their engagment. But Rachel mentioned July 4th, was their 2 year anniversary of being together.

Next is myself and Matt
July 9th, 2005.

I had come home from a long work day. He was acting a little funny, but what else was new? After one attempt of coming into the living room, standing behind me with me looking back asking him several times what was wrong with him? Are you trying to buy beer? Why are you acting weird? Sit down and watch TV with me! Why are you leaving?

5 minutes later after downing a big gulp of his beer in the bedroom he came out and asked me to shut the TV off so he could ask me something....ding ding ding. BIG GULP (from me and him),trying to keep the tears to a minimum (from me and a little from him), he got down on one knee and proposed.

"Oh my god, are you serious? Holy crap, Yes" Not exactly romantic words but them what they were.

Now moving on to my "sister", I mean cousin...

July 10, 2005. Leigh and Didoboy.

After a long day at an amusement park of worrying of a possible lost ring, not talking to people, older cousin Kalani wondering why Didoboy hadn't done it yet on the rides like he said he was going to do, making it back to Grandparent's house and finding the ring where he had left it the day before, he pulled the slightly-worried-wondering what she did-I didn't mean to say that- Leigh in the bedroom, got down on one knee and...She stopped him with I have to change Kaha's diaper. While she probably pooped her own pants figuring what was happening, she finished and went back to the poor man on his knee and than....Grandma walked in. Leigh got down on her knees with Didoboy so Grandma wouldn't figure out what was happening yet. After some chit chat Grandma left and Didoboy FINALLY proposed!

These two culprits are what started it. (From the bottom of my heart, thank you, seriously and I'm sure that's from all of us!) Brian and Kahea! They got married June 4, 2005. Their next venture is their child being born in December! Congrats. My cousin Rachel (at the top) sent us cards saying

"whatever they put in the food at the wedding, it worked!"

Sure did!

And that folks is all she wrote.

Now it's just a race to the alters guys!

A very happy engaged bride to be...along with my other bride to be's

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old person said...

It's just like your mothers. We all got married within 1 year of each other, so it's not a surprise that our children would do the same. FYI- Nola,Lynette, Carla. This time it will be Selena, Leigh then Kalani. Congrats Brats!

RT said...

I think I will be the last! We were thinking October, but that is too far away. Looking more like late June/early July. I'm trying to secure a date! How are the wedding plans?? The only useful help I can pass is what my sister has given me.
Other than that, I'm useless!