Monday, June 27, 2005

how much are you worth and crazy dancing...

I was searching the internet tonight and came across this website You enter in all this information about your life and it tells you how much in american dollars you are worth if for sale. It's interesting. I'm worth a million dollars after entering all my information.

Anyway, it bases some of its questions on educational background, IQ, height, weight, color of hair and eyes. I thought some of you's who reads my blog might check it out. You are allowed to leave some answers blank if you don't know it. And at the end before you uncheck the box for some jury for you newsletter, pick your member name and password first than submit survey. Hope all of you let me know how much your worth!

OK, than I found this guys website and he's a computer dork that made his blog by dancing where ever he is. Click here for video He does this stupidly funny dance in his living room to Whip It by devo and you guys have to check it out. You won't be sorry. If I know most of you, you will laugh your a-s off! I did!

A most satisfied Rambler

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Good friends, wine, garlic and way too much food..

(Denise, Edie, Ana and I) Happy Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Happy Birthday to you!
Happppyyyyy BIIIrrtthhdaayyy dear Deniseeeeeee!
Happy Happy Birthday to you!

Whew. Now I have sung (wrote whatever!) this to you twice today! Hope you enjoyed it?

So last night us girls went out to this restaurant called Ninniku-Ya, (Garlic Restaurant), for Denise's birthday. For Garlic lovers, this is a place to absolutely try again and again. If you can't stand it, and I mean revolt at the thought of garlic, do NOT go to this place unless you want to
just drink wine and eat their chocolate decandant cake. (Yummmy!)

Ana, Denise and I polished off a bottle of white wine (more like ana and I put she still had a glass). Later, Ana and I attempted to tackle the red wine when our entrees came. (we couldn't even finish what was in our first glass of it)

We had all skimped on our meals for breakfast and lunch to have room for our garlicy meal. This proved to be a little on the wrong thing to do since we ordered more food than our tummy's could handle. By the time our entrees came, we were taking those deep breaths you take to make room in the stomach for more. A little while later and some small bites of our food, we called it. Can't do anymore! Absolutely can NOT eat another bite! You can't make us! Please take out boxes. No more!

What, did you say dessert? UMM, we really shouldn't? But OK! ;o)

So us fatties rolled out of there, as we kept saying just one more bite of dessert, but not without begging our server to take our pictures so we can remember the night.

The girls joked with me (since I was a garlic lovers restaurant virgin) that I will reek of garlic for a couple of days. I know that I made it home (and if you read my last blog you know what happened), and tried to relax but no matter how much teeth brushing and listerine gargling I still tasted it in my mouth. My dog kept biting the air when I would breath his way. Forget about the burping and farting!

Well it was a fun evening with the girls, as always! A nice reminder how important it is to have friends in your life!

Happy Birthday D!


Saturday, June 25, 2005

small kine scare....

As I got home from a long day at work, and dinner with friends for a birthday, I park my car on the far side of the parking lot and as I get out of my car and start walking to my house, my little 18 pound dog Mookie comes charging across the parking lot from some bush. Which by the way is not normal by any means.


(Story from this point told in third person)

He charges across the lot because he realizes his "mommy" is home and wants to greet her. And maybe because he's running at super speed, so his mommy has to grab his face to stop him from passing her to prevent a high pursuit chase of dog through the townhouse community which covers a lot of ground. "Mommy" grabs him, and storms to the front door of their house and almost feels sorry for the piss words that are going to come out of her mouth to "daddy" for not realizing the dog was cruising the neighborhood.

With the door already open which was a given, and carrying a excited dog, "mommy" screams "daddys"' name down the hallway.

Ding Ding Ding. The gloves are on and "mommy's" a swinging. Of course the dog has no idea why "mommy" and "daddy" have started world war three at 9:00 pm at night. (ring a bell aunty?) It's obvious that nothing can be change what happened, so the yelling stops and each boxer retreats to their corners. After some mellowing out time, and an obviously unhurt dog a truce was called between the two!

(end third party version of story)

Sooo, although I meant to come home and blog about my fabulous dinner this evening, I will save this for tomorrow night.

Freaked out by small kine scare,

(And in this corner....Feisty and Crazy

If you have nothing nice to say....

So, my aunt blogged tonight that we have been so negative in our blogs and need to find the "nice" things in life and write about them.....


Okay, sorry I just can't do it. I don't know why but I must have been suffering Monday work blues. I could not be nice at all for the first 20 minutes of work. Picture above says it all! I work in Hell. I just know it!

I tried but:
my fake smile was more fake than it should have been,
I rolled my eyes in front of the person instead of behind their back,
stared at someone with your the stupidest human being I've met today glare,
told my boss I really didn't want to be there (and not because I felt sick),

I could go on but I will minimize my negativity and look at the bright side.

(Insert cricket noises and tumbleweeds blowing implying again long pause)

Oh, I have dinner with my girlfriends tomorrow. Whew, I found something nice to blog about.

All my bitter love,

An unhappy Rambler...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

How was your day?

My eyes opened barely with overnight sleep sealing some of my lower and upper eyelids together until I peeled it off. The time was 7:58, the reason I was up, because some moron thinks it's OK to call another person at that time. (No, it wasn't Leigh either) I didn't answer the phone because it was out of reach on the computer desk and lord knows it's so much more comfortable under the covers than out of the covers.

So far I've had 4 and half hours of sleep. I think that if I get up now I could do laundry, finish schedules that I could not finish the night before, vacuum all the dog hair around, clean the kitchen up, and maybe get to that cleaning of the spare bedroom project I've been meaning to do.

I opted for more sleep. (are you surprised?) I'll do all of that later! Right?

I think I slept another hour, before the phone rang again. This time it was the other half trying to tell me what he did to the computer the night before. My brain had not turned on yet so everything he told me sounded like a foreign language. After not responding to him like I should have been, he got the message and let me sleep again.

My eyes fluttered open on their own, looking for the time on the cable box. 9:45 a.m. Ummmm, I should get up. I turn over and Mookie the dog is sleeping next to me but on his back totally in lala land. Who could blame him, it was so damn comfortable sleeping today. Back to reality, must get up and get started with my day. Phone rang a little bit later and this time it was my cousin Leigh. She wondered if she woke me and I told her only if that was her before 8:00 which she quickly said "That wasn't me this time!" We made our plans for the day.

Day off of work, but still had some work business to finish and email off so I could continue my day in peace. Vacuumed, laundry, kitchen, fixed bed and I was good to go before the sister and cousins came over for our weekly pool date.

Had fun at the pool, everyone left to do their other things and I did an errand for the other half. Came back home and told myself I deserved a nap. TV on (cause that's what helps my family fall asleep), pillows all propped up and off I went to the happy place called NAPLAND. Drool and heavy snoring followed.

AND how was your DAY?

Da Rambla

Full Moon

I just got home a little while ago. Its about 2:30 in the morning. Still have to stay up and do some schedules for work. Probably another hour and I'll be done.

Anyway, tonight had to have been a full moon with all the weirdos I dealt with at work tonight. First of all, I mentally was in no mood to be at work, (but I was there!). Second, it's so hard being the manager trying to tell your staff to stay positive and be motivating. Too much energy needed for something like that.

I can't shake the tired feeling, couldn't do it all night.

I think I will continue this blog another time. Got to get back to finishing my schedules for work so I don't spend my day off doing it.

AAAAOOOOOO (wolf howl, full moon, get it?)

Rambling on

Monday, June 20, 2005


My mother is going to kill me!

I won't say what but lets just say that certain things should not be said to ones children. She knows what I am talking about and her younger sister knows what I am talking about. I don't know why but I don't understand why some love to say things to others just to watch them squirm, keel over, vomit, turn absolutely white, or and plain just run away.

Who am I kidding, I love spilling the beans, or grossing someone out or being the reason why someone gasped at what I just told them! Anyway, not much else to say that yes mom, (aunty and cousin), I do realize my mother has done everything (if not more) than I, and I may not like it. But tough!

One day my kid will be gossiping with Kaha about how silly their mothers are and I too will not understand or believe they are just like me.

Damn, were getting old!

Love yah mom and mean it!

A most deaf and blind rambler after taboo facts were unfolded to me the other night.
(mercy Aunty, mercy)


Saturday, June 18, 2005

Kids...I don't know

The other day at work, (remember I work in a restaurant), we had a party of 37 hyped up kids (ages 11-12) and 7 haggard looking adults (chaperones if you will) that came in for a pre-set menu dinner. What I mean by that is instead of 40 choices on the menu they had only 4 to pick from. No problem, I thought, their kids, it will be fast, quick and painless. For goodness sakes, we've had 200 people come in at a time with this type of menu and it went as I described above.

Well, lets just say that fast, quick and painless was not any part of what took place. It started easy enough. Pepsi or Sierra Mist were the beverage choices. That took 5 minutes. Whew, just need to take the food order and then were home free.

I seem to have forgotten how 11 year old kids order food. It went something like this...

Server: "Pizza, Ham and Cheese sandwich, Spaghetti or Kid Tenders?" (is the only question asked to the kids. Listed below were the some of the non-typical answers or questions)

Kid #1: "I don't want any of that! Do you have hot dogs?"

Kid #2: "I don't like meatballs or red sauce, can I just have noodles?"

Kid #3: "Even though I'm allergic to peanuts and you told me only to get pizza or spaghetti, I want the French fries!"

Me: "Remember sweetie, you can only have the pizza or spaghetti. So which one?"

Kid #3: "I can eat French fries!"

Me: thinking only..."No way in hell are you going to have an allergic reaction because once you had French fries. Not in this restaurant! "Sorry sweetie, (gritting teeth), pizza or spaghetti!"

Kid:3: "fine, I'm not hungry!" and gave me a look that told me I was starving her to death.

Kid 4: "Why can't she have French fries???? I'm not going to eat either! Your a mean lady!"

At this point I ask in my head where in the hell is the chaperone. But than I realize maybe their at the bar taking some shots of tequila so they can deal with this for the remainder of their trip which by the way lasted 2 weeks without parents. Maybe I might join them if I can't get the rest of the kids to cooperate and order their damn food.

Of course, you think it ends here. We take the food out and kids started taking other kids food cause it looked better, than stared point blank at you and said they ordered what they stole. Trying to negotiate and bargain with these kids was insanely hilarious cause I don't remember being that smart. I always listened to my elders (I think?). After 30 minutes all the food was served and me and the two servers made it out with just minor trauma to the head. I felt for the chaperones because although my time with them was ending, theirs was not.

I know this is what kids are supposed to do, or what their supposed to be like...Whatever. All I know is that I am only going to have 2-3 kids max!

To my cousin who is a teacher for kindergarteners...God bless you! I couldn't do it! I hope the school system provides you with tranquilizers (for the kids) and valium (for you)!

To all a good night!

Da Rambla...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

things to make you laugh...(another boring blog)

I was looking through my archives of pictures and came across this one that made me laugh. Sometimes I've been the friend farting and sometimes I've been the one in the back taking a whiff of the unexpected surprise.

I just love hanging around people that make you laugh out loud. My friend Denise told me "she laughs out loud at computer like retard" (or something like that) that crack me up.

My friends and I love laughing and when we do it's mostly obnoxiously loud. She was at my work one night with another friend and was laughing so hard, one of my staff members asked if they were high! That's how much we love laughing. (and no they weren't high).

My family lovessss to laugh out loud like retards. Mostly at the expense of another family member and of course mostly meant in jest. I remember one time on vacation back in 1993 the whole family went to Disneyland. My cousin Leigh and I along with my sisters would laugh too much it drove Uncle Troll under Bridge crazy. He separated us at dinner one evening because we couldn't control ourselves when Bob the Indian (INDIA) waiter was waiting on us. "HELLO, my name is Bob!" in the accent that for some reason got us spitting out at each other with laughter.

Well, I am gonna go now. By the way, my cousin Leigh and her boyfriend made me laugh so damn hard tonight when I called them. I guess that's why I blogged about laughter.

The Laughing at Computer like Retard Rambler (thanks Denise'o)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

kids make the funniest faces!

I don't know if you can see the hilarious face my nephew/cousin Kaha is making at his older cousin Hannah. If not, click on the picture and it should give you a bigger shot of it. It's almost like he's saying
"duh, hannah, I think they want a picture of me...(older kids, they just don't get it)"
I don't know if you've ever watched Family Guy. Its a funny cartoon about a family that consists of a tard father, smart mother, missing-a-couple-brain-cells older brother, smart but misunderstood sister, a talking dog that drinks martinis and a baby that wants to blow the planet up but is not taken seriously. He's the most cynical babies in cartoon TV right now. Anyway, one thing lead to another in my head and I got to thinking of Kaha and all that cute baby talk and what it really means. Instead of what we might think it is.

anyway, not much to report tonight so love to you all.

The rambler

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Monday, June 13, 2005

movie night and old married couples

The other half and I went to watch a movie tonight. "Mr and Mrs. Smith" with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. (These two actors are so damn good looking together, sorry Jenn Aniston).

I won't spoil the movie and go on about how funny it is for couples to watch together. I think no matter what type of person you are, you'll relate in some way to the way this movie couple portray a married couple who hit a rut. ( oh yeah and discover their both spies for rival agencies but somehow managed to marry each other with secret identities.)

My sister blogged about old married couple syndrome. How it affects those even under the age of 60, even 50 really. She referenced how my relationship had moved into that phase almost whole heartedly. It's as if she pictures me as an old jewish lady yelling at her semi-deaf, semi-bind husband that wears wife beaters with pants that need to be held up with suspenders. The other day we were eating breakfast and noticed an older couple where the husband was pushing his wife in her wheelchair. Matt (other half) said that could be us later in life. I said he'd be senile by than and I'd probably be still waiting in the garage for him to put me in the car for breakfast while he was eating it! Some of you reading might think it's funny, (and it is!) but I fear that this could be truth.

Well, not much else to say except just 2 more days until my weekend. (mine lands on Thursday this week). Counting down.......49 hours, 53 minutes and 20 seconds to go....

The Rambler

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Things you wonder about....if you were me!

I was driving home today wondering what I could blog about and weird things popped in and out of my head and thought why not blog about the weird things I wonder about. I warn you that some of these might make you laugh, make you scratch your head, wonder why I would even write such a thing, but again if you don't want to get swallowed in my strangeness stop here and come back another day for another blog.... ever wonder why no matter what lane your driving in why the slowest person moves right in front of you.

...if I die, will a lot of people come to my funeral

...why is it that I can't lose weight to save my life but can gain a pound a second just thinking about it.

...why some people that come to your restaurant and order food from YOU and are completely rude and dont' realize that I get their food first, not them....if you know what I mean...(don't worry, haven't done it, only thought about it!)

...why can't their be enough money in the world

...why some people lie point blank to your face and don't give two sh-ts about it.

...when you hit 30 do you really get depressed like everyone says they do.


Friday, June 10, 2005

This is my cousins at their wedding reception. It was so beautiful! Kahea was so beautiful. My cousin Brian of course was a hanesome man despite his cold that he had. June 4th, 2005! Posted by Hello

My crazy cousin Kalani and his girlfriend Rachel had buffet line duty! He was a pig, I mean he was serving the ya kalani, mean it!!! Posted by Hello

This is a moment when my cousin and I were trying to regroup and figure out what we needed to do, when it needed to get done, oh yeah and figure out how we were going to do it! She was my partner in crime that evening. Posted by Hello

Ok, here is another shot of my best friend Ana (right) and sister Sammy. Right before the hordes of people hit the buffet line, this was the last lovely shot of these girls before the sweat hit! Posted by Hello

here is a shot of my cousin Brian (Keoki) getting married to my new cousin Kahea. The whole wedding was in Hawaiian! Posted by Hello

Relaxation is a wonderful thing

Yesterday was the first day that I took a breath from everyday life and just relaxed. I didn't mean for it to happen either, it just snuck up on me. I had gone over to my aunt's house and took my fat butt into the pool and went swimming. After driving my dog crazy going back and forth I decided to float (some might say like a whale, certainly felt like one). All of a sudden, for the first time in almost 2 months, I didn't have a thought in my head. Of course my uncle would say we girls don't have anything in there anyway!

I was literally at complete peace. I didn't have to entertain anyone, get anyone anything, do anything on a timeline, listen to complaining staff members how horrible their lives are because they had to work, hear my dog getting into anything....I didn't have to do a thing!

It was semi short lived because the rest of the family came back to my aunts house from the beach, and we finalized our plans for the evening, which meant to hightail it out of Kailua and get back to Aiea to get ready and take a quick nap, than drive to town...whew, like I said, it was nice while it lasted.

Our evening was great! Us cousins met up at Dave and Busters along with my two friends and we had a blast! Of course the two shots of Patron Silver and margarita helped. Needless to say it was nice being all together and having a good time. I'm not sure if we weren't related if we all would have been friends anyway, but I knew we all had each others backs if needed. Well this is my Sunday and I go back to work tomorrow...

aaoommmm (meditation sounds if you can hear it),

Most at Peace Rambler

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Aftermath of a wedding

Aftermath of a wedding. Day after.

Haggard looking family members that worked the event, glazed looks of some that are taking a nap with their eyes open while talking to ones that seem okay, uncle and grandfather cooking up a storm of leftovers so they don't waste what wasn't used.

Tonight we all congregated at my uncle Dickys and aunty Nolas house to get together and enjoy each others company. (I'm sure my uncle begs to differ). Everyone was there. All the aunties, the grandparents, cousins and their kids, sister. We sat in the backyard and we had a great time, talking, eating, drinking, and gossiping. Cause that's what we do best. We talked about what coulda been different or what worked out really great. Than it got into who would be next and all the single guys, which was my cousin Kalani and the boyfriends, Matt (my guy) and Didoboy (Leigh's guy) trying to make a pact to stand strong and don't give in...whatever guys. Leigh and I confessed that almost every holiday we call each other and ask if the other got a ring for a gift. Didoboy joked that Kamehameha day was coming up and to get ready for the call. Hahaha, so funny. Anyway, theres some kind of race going on now, which is different for all the girls versus the way the boys are seeing this race. We can't wait to be first, and the boys want to be in back of the line.

It was so nice though just chatting in the backyard, it made me feel so happy inside that I have a family like this that shared so much (my uncle troll under the bridge says too much), with each other. I looked at my grandparents tonight and was thankful because if it wasn't for those two getting together this night wouldn't have been possible.

Well, back to work tomorrow and just getting my butt kicked by work alone.

Ramling On...

The Haggard Rambler

p.s. I know I said i would post pictures of the wedding but I still haven't gotten copies from mom.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

thank god for best friends...and boyfriends!!!

So tonight was finally the wedding for my cousin and my "new" cousin! This has been a trying week for all in the family, which most of the stress was on the wedding couple of course!

Today started off with finishing the wedding video to play at the reception. Took 2 hours longer than excepted which put a little cramp on things. Everyone in the family, (and I mean EVERYONE) had some sort of assignment/mission/goal that needed to be accomplished to make the little details of a wedding party go sucessfully. Everyone worked so hard tonight and did such a great great job!

My cousin Leigh was trying to care for her baby. (Thank goodness for mucho grande babysitters. Scary at one point, cause I don't know if we knew exactly who had him!), MC the wedding, get coordinated with her brother (groom) to see what he wanted done, host the party and make sure everyone was happy, take care of the baby, get coordinated with me so we could do the food thang...., and if I didn't already mention this, make sure the guests were happy.

With that to tie into the title. My best friend Ana agreed, (don't think we both knew what she was getting herself into) to help me with the buffet line. She was like the extra hand when both my hands were tied which was all night. She was dressed so pretty with nice Coach heels and within an hour, she was working the party in my slippers getting nasty dirty with all the Poi, Kulolo, and haupia and whatever other hawaiian food might have gotten on her. The fact that anyone sacrifices their sanity for 6-8 hours for you has gotta be family or the best friend.

On to the boyfriends. All the girl cousins have boyfriends. Every single one of them worked like a mofo. And I mean that affectionately! Sammy's boy ran food (burning and non burning) from the kitchen a mile away, took care of juice/water area, lifted heavy stuff if needed, and helped cut Haupia with the best friend Ana. Whew, Leigh's boy helped decorate our pillars in the reception area, lifted heavy stuff, endured his crazy woman, and took care of the baby when it was his turn. My boyfriend also was a rockstar. He did the AV stuff (side note to my boss who drove, from home, to get me a replacement projector when the one we had didn't work, so the wedding wasn't off without this little detail.), sweated profusely, lifted food with Sammys man, let me takeover his computer (which is a lot) for over a week now and put up with my crap. To all you boyfriends you are the absolute best....Also, my cousin's Kalani's girlfriend Rachel helped at the buffet line, which was not an expected thing as she was supposed to just be a guest, but she rocked the house serving her rice...kudos to you girl! Kalani better give you a back rub later!

Well, it's been a long day, long week and now things should calm down. It's all about returning everything to it's normal place mentally, physically and what ever elsecally!

Like the supermarket cashier told us, (we bought some beer after for home)

"Your family nice, mine, I sit like a princess until I gotta go home! You guys crazy or what?"

Yes lady! Yes we are.!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Too much to do, so little time...

As you know, (if you have been keeping up), my cousin's wedding is this weekend. The whole ohana (family in hawaiian!) is down to "help". I mentioned in an earlier blog that we all love to get into each other's buisness and think we are helping but really maybe, just maybe we are getting in the way. Of course, we are all getting on each others nerves. Most everyone in town is staying with my aunt and uncle (grooms parents) which after a while can be draining. I talked to my uncle tonight and pondered whether to ask him a question regarding things that needed to be done, but realizing that if I ask, my uncle will either

1. pass out from such an overwhelming stupid girly wedding question,
2. snarl at me that he doesn't know what it's like to be in a normal household where no one is there except himself anymore(and I do mean himself! He likes and craves peacefulness and that is the only way he gets it)
3. say call your aunty, and ask her when she's going to be home, we got a lot of work to do!
4. actually answer my question but with me completely apologizing for interupting him.

However a little here and a little there added up to what he told me and I came out of it alive. You gotta love my uncle. He was feared by all cousins, taught us the meaning of keeping weeds out of his yard, and that if we clean the pool tiles with toothbrushes we could get Happy Meals....(boy did he get ripped off!;o), the boys were weary of his watch that shocked them. (us girls never got the privilige), and some of us got in a pretzel hold usually him pinning us down screaming "mercy, mercy! I'll clean the yard!"

All joking aside (kinda) he means the world to me! He knows why, so I won't go embarssing him on this site about the moment his existence in my life changed him from mean old troll under the bridge to knight in shining armor.

So, with one day away, everyone is at their wit's end hoping everything is getting done.

So will share the stories of our fabulous night!


Super Duper Tired Rambler!