Thursday, June 23, 2005

How was your day?

My eyes opened barely with overnight sleep sealing some of my lower and upper eyelids together until I peeled it off. The time was 7:58, the reason I was up, because some moron thinks it's OK to call another person at that time. (No, it wasn't Leigh either) I didn't answer the phone because it was out of reach on the computer desk and lord knows it's so much more comfortable under the covers than out of the covers.

So far I've had 4 and half hours of sleep. I think that if I get up now I could do laundry, finish schedules that I could not finish the night before, vacuum all the dog hair around, clean the kitchen up, and maybe get to that cleaning of the spare bedroom project I've been meaning to do.

I opted for more sleep. (are you surprised?) I'll do all of that later! Right?

I think I slept another hour, before the phone rang again. This time it was the other half trying to tell me what he did to the computer the night before. My brain had not turned on yet so everything he told me sounded like a foreign language. After not responding to him like I should have been, he got the message and let me sleep again.

My eyes fluttered open on their own, looking for the time on the cable box. 9:45 a.m. Ummmm, I should get up. I turn over and Mookie the dog is sleeping next to me but on his back totally in lala land. Who could blame him, it was so damn comfortable sleeping today. Back to reality, must get up and get started with my day. Phone rang a little bit later and this time it was my cousin Leigh. She wondered if she woke me and I told her only if that was her before 8:00 which she quickly said "That wasn't me this time!" We made our plans for the day.

Day off of work, but still had some work business to finish and email off so I could continue my day in peace. Vacuumed, laundry, kitchen, fixed bed and I was good to go before the sister and cousins came over for our weekly pool date.

Had fun at the pool, everyone left to do their other things and I did an errand for the other half. Came back home and told myself I deserved a nap. TV on (cause that's what helps my family fall asleep), pillows all propped up and off I went to the happy place called NAPLAND. Drool and heavy snoring followed.

AND how was your DAY?

Da Rambla

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older sister said...

I swear it wasn't me that called.
Cause you lived with me for years and "I"
know that you are a vampire and live only at night. I know that no one should ever try to wake you before at least 10:30, 11:00 or 12 even.

I hope you had a great long nap...
LOVE YOU......

senior moment said...

It was me...nah..just kidding. Though I recall an incident, many years ago, when I shared a bed with you (no where else to sleep) and you woke up and punched me. At first I thought you were dreaming and didn't remember who I was, until I reminded you and you punched and kicked me again. I guess you could say it was your "payback" call forwarded 15 years later.