Thursday, June 23, 2005

Full Moon

I just got home a little while ago. Its about 2:30 in the morning. Still have to stay up and do some schedules for work. Probably another hour and I'll be done.

Anyway, tonight had to have been a full moon with all the weirdos I dealt with at work tonight. First of all, I mentally was in no mood to be at work, (but I was there!). Second, it's so hard being the manager trying to tell your staff to stay positive and be motivating. Too much energy needed for something like that.

I can't shake the tired feeling, couldn't do it all night.

I think I will continue this blog another time. Got to get back to finishing my schedules for work so I don't spend my day off doing it.

AAAAOOOOOO (wolf howl, full moon, get it?)

Rambling on

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older sister said...

Poor baby,
You work too hard.
Your mommy..