Monday, June 20, 2005


My mother is going to kill me!

I won't say what but lets just say that certain things should not be said to ones children. She knows what I am talking about and her younger sister knows what I am talking about. I don't know why but I don't understand why some love to say things to others just to watch them squirm, keel over, vomit, turn absolutely white, or and plain just run away.

Who am I kidding, I love spilling the beans, or grossing someone out or being the reason why someone gasped at what I just told them! Anyway, not much else to say that yes mom, (aunty and cousin), I do realize my mother has done everything (if not more) than I, and I may not like it. But tough!

One day my kid will be gossiping with Kaha about how silly their mothers are and I too will not understand or believe they are just like me.

Damn, were getting old!

Love yah mom and mean it!

A most deaf and blind rambler after taboo facts were unfolded to me the other night.
(mercy Aunty, mercy)


2 ramblings of your own:

old person said...

I didn't do it. You're mother has already grilled me.

leigh said...

Wait...I am so confused. Oh aunty dearest, what is everyone talking about? Could you explain, I am really quite confused!

Hey SElena, what happened? How come my most favorite aunty was not there on Sunday, oh how I missed her. Kaha kept asking me, "Mamma, where is my Aunty Wenette? I miss her so ..."

Love ya
Us Devils