Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Went Fridays....

I recently started following a WONDERFUL new blogger Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissing' Time and figured I'd throw my random stuff her way.

Better late then never right? :)


2 Fridays ago, Mrs. 4444 bestowed this little one on me and I almost poo'd my pants in excitement. (but managed NOT to).

Yeah, she thought my bug diving in my breastages thing was one of her favorites...(poor bug, yeah me)

Thanks Mrs. 4444....(again)


Like I always said I meet real interesting people at my job.

An 80 year old lady came into shop the other day and she was a little eccentric but fascinating to talk to. She grew up in Jersey. Had 5 children. Raised them. Moved to Arizona for many years to help one of her daughters help raise her children.

And then decided it was time for HER life.

She ups and moved to Hawaii, enrolled in college. Moved into a hostel until her search for a room for rent or apt for rent (whichever comes first) comes up. She told me her children weren't to happy because they worried because of the distance.

I really was in awe of this woman. She decided it was time for her and she didn't care how old she was and is doing it.



Ahem..... if you didn't come to my I LOVE MY NEW BLOG MAKEOVER post yesterday.....I LOVE IT STILL!


With my husband gone me and the daughter have bonded even more then I thought possible. When I had to go back to work after 5 straight days of just her and I...I was really sad. She just became my bestest buddy!


Speaking of the kid.

She found my wrapping paper unopened and she totally went Darth Vader on my butt! Ask Antibloggedy. She was on the phone with me while I was being 'attacked'. I never laughed so hard with her in my life. I was able to grab my own 'jedisword' and it was on like Donkeykong.


I didn't miss American Idol last night. I have the post in my To Click 'PUBLISH POST' line. I don't know why I haven't yet? I think it's just been a strange week for me. Because I also missed my Think About It Thursdays. Arghhhh


All went well at the vet with the dog. He better be fine. It costs me $254.00 deniros. My mouth hit the floor when the receptionist told me that. I had to buy Heartworm medicine (mental note to purchase online) AND do some special test to make sure he didn't have heartworms. (Nope.)

He's worth it, just had to swallow the SUCK IT UP pill.


My BFF's grandmother just passed away last night and I was sad today. I met her only once. But I absolutely love BFF and her mother so it's hard that they lost someone they love so much.


And that's all she rambling randomly wrote.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I just got a bloggy haircut...and it feels goooooood

You know that feeling?

The before you get the long overdue {blog}haircut feeling?

Haggard looking, ratty hair, tired eyes, ratty hair (did I say that already?). I don't even do my bloggy hair. It's between that stage of is your hair straight OR curly? Cause I can't tell.

I kept eying out that {blog}salon. And I can't justify (yet) that I can spend the money.

One day, I get tax money back and I say...

Girl, you DESERVE a present.

And so I take the plunge into April Showers blogsalon.

And let me tell you. I wait, excited, for them to call my name.

"Would you like some hot tea while you wait?"

Why yes I would.

"Hand massage? April's just finishing up with her last zillion clients.

Don't mind if you do.

And name is called and the magic begins.

You know the rest....we talk, we shampoo, I fall asleep cause any mother who gets a head massage is going down...and then the cut. And I walk out a different woman.

Those that have been around me awhile, knows it looks a little different. And I'm glad!

God Bless April and her incredible patience.

The amount of email back and forth with the following...

Umm...can my husband...

Oh uh, can my kid...

Uh, Uh, about the dog...

Otay, how about the layout...


If I were her I'd be banging my head on whatever hurt the most.

Maybe she did.

Whichever, we finally completed it to the point where I completely smiled and clapped my hands like my 2 year old when I give her a cookie.

And I told April that this would be THE I LOVE APRIL SHOWERS FOREVER post. :)

So please check her out!!! Just click her little thing.

Anyone that makes me look good while sitting on a couch=love.

Thanks April!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear letters....Back at Me.

So, if you didn't read Dear must read them first so this post makes sense to you!


Dear Overworked & Underpaid.

Sorry you feel that way.

Your payment is due....FORRREEEVERRRR. (imagine that in super slow motion)


Your Bills

Dear Woman who knows the vet techs will freak out when they see me coming with you,

We here at VET's R' Us regret to inform you we have dropped you as your choice of dog care provider. Your dog has gone through every doctor, vet tech, and janitor and we have lost all sense of sanity with you 17 pounds of crazy. We wish you and your dog AND your future Vet the very best.

Do NOT try to contact us. We will not answer.

Turn the lights off she's outside,

Your former VET and company

Dear Anxiety Driven mother who dares you to touch my car or my kid and I will rip you and your hunk of junk apart with my bare hands,

My bad.


White flag waving former tailer of cars in slow lane A-hole.


Dear Wife,



Husband on work/vacation in Seattle


Dear Tired & Overweight,

I think if you run in place for one hour while eating half of me, it will balance out.

Hope that helps,

Powdered Doughnut


Dear Mother,

No Momma, you Rock. Especially when you play that game where you pretend to be a zombie when cleaning the house, playing horsey, and walking the dog. Your so funny mommy.

I heart YOU Momma,

The Kid

Thanks to all of you for reading. And I absolutely loved some of your comments!! Well all of them really, just some of you made me laugh out really loud. Tooj, in particular.

And again, there be some changes going on round here! :) Soon, bloggy friends, soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pardon the mess....just trying to pretty up the place

Hi friends.

Please pardon my blogs changes for the next day. While I figure out how to pretty up the place for my NEW stuff from APRIL SHOWERS.

:) Tee hee

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear letters....

Dear Bills,

You Suck.


Overworked & Underpaid


Dear Dog,

We are going to the vet tomorrow. Be ready.

All my best,

Woman who knows the vet techs will freak out when they see me coming with you.


Dear A-hole tailing me in the slow lane,

That is what the other lane is for. You know.... Slower traffic stays to the RIGHT....all other A-holes to the LEFT!

Sticking middle finger with all I got,

Anxiety Driven mother who dares you to touch my car or my kid and I will rip you and your hunk of junk apart with my bare hands.


Dear Husband on work/vacation in Seattle,

Don't call me and tell me you've taken your 2nd nap for the day because your class lasted only 1 hour.


Your wife (who hasn't had a nap since you left)


Dear Powdered Doughnut,

STOP showing yourself and making me eat you. PLEASE!


Tired & Overweight


Dear Kid,

Who knew you could rock out on your little piano and when finished and make the rockstar stance! God.I.LOVE.YOU!

No one hearts you more,

Your Mother


Come back tomorrow for the response letters....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What are you talking about? That was sooo NOT me!

As always this was created by MckMama...whatever you do, do NOT check her out.


I always said I did NOT want to do this....

This past week was NOT full of ups and downs.

My husband did NOT leave for 16 days for work (cough under breathe and spit out...Bullsh?t...vacation is what I NOT call it)

I did NOT throw my staff their Alice In Wonderland/Mad Hatter appreciation party Friday night.

I did NOT get my mother to take her lovely granddaughter overnight so I could attend/host the party.

I did NOT kick back a couple I was some kind of rockstar.

I did NOT have to clean up after 75 wanna be rockstars.

I did NOT come home at 5 in the morning, tired out of my butt and teetering on the sober/drunk line and then did NOT sleep for 5 minutes while my dog did NOT lick the bottom of my jeans and then did NOT wake up so I could NOT do what I heard is called Drogging/Blunking. (Cammie?)

I did NOT sleep for just 5 hours because I promised my mother I would pick up my daughter late morning/early noon-ish...(She did NOT tell me late morning was preferred, because she did NOT have a hot date with Stepdad)

I did NOT return to work after picking up my daughter because I realized I hadn't done my managers schedule and it was on my computer....NOT AT work.

I did NOT buy 2 cases of Coke. (Dammit, suck!)

I did NOT just pat myself on the back for eating a salad for dinner and then an hour later shove my kids powdered doughnut in my mouth.

I did NOT just enjoy doing that. Really did NOT. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm blunking or is it drogging??

All I know is, it's 5am Hawaii time...and I'm a little tipsy and blogging. :)

Anyone out there? :)

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Go say hello to my sis...on her 100th post today :)

It's my FLS 100th post day. (gosh, there's been a lot of you lately :)

So if you could. Would you stop by and say hello!

Those kinda new to me...FLS is my First Little Sister (I have two.)

Congrats Anti-bloggedy!

She's even giving away a really cute homemade blanket.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #9...

Thank you ALL for participating last week with your answers to the question...

" Do you find it so hard to say "no" that you regularly do favors you do not want to do? If so, why?"

One of my favorite blogs to read is Lyndsay @ I Used To Be Witty and this is what she had to say:

To your question: I am a recovering yes-a-holic. I used to have a horrific time saying no, but got overcommitted, over anxious, and over stressed and realized I needed to start saying no and being okay with it. It's made my life 100 times easier!


Being part of this Welcomistas's group created by the wonderful ladies of The Secret is In The Sauce, I've got to be introduced to some great new blogs (while biting my nails, saying...but I have so many awesome blogs to read, can I find the room?).

One of these new blogs I went to welcome wagon it was Like A Valentine and one of her posts inspired this weeks question.

"What would you make/buy/have butler make for your absolute favorite meal? And if you could eat it with ANYONE, who would it be?"


Thanks Valentine! :)

And on your mark.

Get set.


(ahem and comment :)

My job has it's good points...Beautiful points...

My job has allowed for me to meet some really great and talented people. Some that come into my life briefly but leave a mark that I know I'll remember them for a really long time.

One of the things I used to do was meet guys and gals interested in playing music in the outdoor part of my restaurant. Some come in and the Paula in me keeps the twitch in my eye from exposing itself to the ones that don't quite fit the bill and appear drunk and happy and say

"I'll call you" Drunk Smile with that Hollywood cheese...cause that's Paula right?

And then there are the times that I meet people that blow me away. That have triggered some memory with the song they sing and the voice that they bring to it.

My favorite time was when doing a local TV thing showcasing the restaurant I work for. The TV station had brought these 5 brothers with them to do funny skits for the piece.

While doing what we all had to do, we all started talking, laughing, pretending to pretend we didn't care the camera was on us and found out they were also a singing group.

I thought...oh no, not another person asking if they could sing here. I don't know how to tell people NO...(Uh, remember that post)..and so right outside on the table closest to the street, they stood up and all 5 sang THE BEST aCapella of "Pretty Woman" I've ever heard.

It was effortless the way they sang and mock fought with each other AND managed to make me blush like a teenager while singing that song for me. People stopped, listened, wondered who they were, wondered who I was (er, nobody really, just the boss of this place, nervous laughter to follow).

They finished.

I smiled all day long.

They were singing regularly in my place the following week. (What can I say, I'm a sucker)

Click above You Tube for just the music for rest of the post....

This leads me on to the following photo. The two guys below walked in and wondered if we had any openings for music. The girls that worked swooned a little as they had that "yummy" look about them. (Alright I did too, I was still not married yet :)

Ryan on the left and Josh on the right.

We really didn't have room for them and said we would be in contact with them if something opened. And it was like the fates aligned and an opening came up. And my mind thought instantly of them. Their first night playing was so interesting and fun to watch. Most of my female staff were walking with a lighter step, a longer smile, and that look in the eye that said...

"THANK YOU, Boss Rambler. Eye candy at work + singing voice candy=Happy Girl Staff!"

And you know what, they could totally sing. I mean, I was like WOW. They soon became a favorite amongst staff and the patrons of the restaurant. Everyone liked em. Everyone. Well except some of the boy staff that I think secretly wanted to be them. (wink).

Flash forward to my wedding.... I knew I wanted just chill music and I knew I wanted them to play. And graciously they accepted. Josh has this amazing voice and was so happy with his take on "Take My Breathe Away" ...

(just so you know Ryan is great also, but this bloggy love post is gonna be about Josh)

The song you hopefully clicked on before reading this portion of the post was written and sung by him.

"Beautiful" has made it's way into a Dawson Creek (pre Tom Cruise Katie Holmes) show and a Hilary Duff movie. Before I knew all that I had fallen in instant love with the song because I felt it said what I needed to say to my husband and then when I had my daughter, it fit. For her.

And I cry almost everytime.

Because the song makes me think of how Beautiful she is. (cheesy, I know, but it's my blog and I can cheese when I want to)

He has since moved to Nashville to record more songs and we keep in touch via email. I'm lucky to get a preview of some of his new songs and if I can farking figure out how to play just a farking song in a single post I'd love to play it for you...cause he said I could :) I'm excited because he's coming back to Hawaii in April and I'm hoping to get him some playtime while he vacations/works out here for the month.

Yes. I am thankful for this job that puts me in the path of some really amazing people with such wonderful talent. Him being one of them.

Thanks Josh Zandman, for walking into my restaurant that day and giving me a song that will forever mean the world to me. :)

American Idol....First 12

This is the night the fans get to vote.

First group of 12.

Giggly girl is on tonight. THIS should be good.

Jackie Thon...this girl is funny. She's pretty too.....What is she wearing? (maybe I'm just jealous cause I would look very different in skintight tights)...don't really care for her singing tonight. Not 'wow'd. Bummer. Simon told her straight and said the public wouldn't like her much. The other three liked her entertaining stage personality.

Ricky Braddy (not a typo, there is that extra D), did I miss you the whole season so far? Talking about cooking chicken nuggets for his job....I just got a nice chill, but not sure if it's cause I'm cold or because you sound good. Well at least better than Jackie. Paula confirmed that I did not see him. I have to agree with Simon. He sang good, but I'm not jumping out of my chair.
Alexis Grace....Sing some Aretha girl. You did give me the chills. She my favorite so far. Good job...(wait hold up, Paula is wearing that star jewelry that she gave to Giggly girl? What)....Simon's favorite so far.

Brent Keith...(awkward Live TV thing happened and awkward Seacrest trying to work around it)...Wowza, Brent's a hottie with his dimples. Or wait, is it dimple no S? Yup, think so. Not bad, but not my favorite either. He does get the extra points for being HAWT. :)Judges said he took he the safe route.

Stevie Wright....a young 17...mmmm, not sure. She must be nervous her voice is got that shakey thing. (HEY I'D PEE my pants if I were in her place)...I think I hate this song. Not her, just the song. Judges agree....Simon thinks she won't make it through.

Anoop Desai...he's funny...Simon called him Anoop-y, told him not to, but that Randy can call him Noop Dog. LOL. Good voice. Possibly my second favorite....So strange, you wouldn't expect him to sing the way he does...Simon says Massive Likeability...
Casey Carlson....She's very cute...really pretty....I'm not sure. I like her singing but I don't like her facial things she's doing while she's singing..weird?..wonder what the judges will say. They seem to agree. Paula said to stop winking...
Micheal Sarver...the roughneck...I heart this guy...I think I just got a crush on you....yes I did...I love your song....Love love love you....What Randy, are you crazy...Kara, shut your mouth...Paula, thank you...Simon hopes America picks the phone up for him tonight...
Anne Marie...I like her. She's the one they told to leave the room and 'star' up a little....she got some vocal skills...Simon gave her the best hotel singer title...not a compliment.
Stephen Fowler...I like Micheal Jackson, but this song feels kinda eh...judges also thought ehhhh...I actually fast forwarded him.

Guess who's up nexxxxxttt..

Tatiana Del Toro...dang don't want to like her but her voice is really not that bad....but if she starts talking or giggling while she's over...really....oh geesus...she's so farking dramatic by being 'demur'...Paula said they miss the 'crazy'...Simon called her a drama queen....funny...she doesn't do her annoying giggly thing....OHMYGOD...her little plea for votes from America....she's really too much.

Danny...MY FAVORITE...i still can't believe his pal BFFJamar didn't make it....he kinda looks like David Cook...Singing Hero....He's got such a great voice...WOW, my favorite song of tonight....Blazing hot from Randy...You were GREAT from Kara...Stellar, Paula (drinkie drunk)...Simon, it wasn't fantastic, it was good.

Great way to end the show..

So my top Three...

Alexis, Michael Roughneck (hubahuba), and Danny


Who were yours? Those that watch and comment :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

100 comments needed :)

So my bloggy galpal Cammie at Life in the house of NO sleep is celebrating her 100th post.

And a while back she asked her readers for suggestions and I mentioned she should try to get 100 comments for her 100th post.

And she was like...HELL YA. YOUR SO BRILLIANT.

Okay, maybe not HELL YA, and all that but you know, I'm sure the brilliant part was in there.

Sooooooo.....All she's asking for is just one comment from you...and some of your bloggy pals maybe.

So far at this post she's hit 54....Help a sistah out :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Love Day...

Flashback Fridays....

Head over to Tara's TMI to post your own Flashback Fridays....


September 1950.
Grandpa & Grandma Rambler's wedding.

December 2005
at my wedding

These two people right here mean the absolute universe to me. My grandfather is a retired police officer of the Honolulu Police Department, and my grandmother is a retired stay at home mother of 5.

My grandmother is celebrating her birthday soon in April and I want to share a moment that took my breathe away and a unexpected tear showed up just by watching them together.

Last year on her birthday they had come home to Hawaii for a visit.
(New/old home, San Francisco).
While her clan sang Happy Birthday she stared at her cake and enjoying that glow in her eyes being around her husband, children, grand children and yes...GREAT grandchildren.
My grandfather stood behind her. Hands on her shoulders.
And in the middle of the song, he gently leaned to her head and kissed her.
she smiled in that way of contentment because of it and patted his hand and held it
It was very sweet watching that exchange....

It felt like it was only the two of them in the room.

I'm not sure what caught me off guard emotionally. Maybe because when I am around them they are everything I hope for in life.

They are LOVE.
They are the center of our FAMILY

Maybe one day...I can sit down and write the love story that is them.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Went Fridays

Boy do I have ALOT to say!

Setting scene...

Hubby has his own coffee in the fridge with it's own scoop. (A spare cooking measuring scoop 1/4 cup size)

We use an OLD 1 cup size for Woof Woof's dog food.

My kid couldn't locate Woof Woof's scoop (because it's on TOP of the fridge) so instead went into the icebox and grabbed her fathers coffee scoop (that only HE drinks) and used it to scoop Woof Woof Barkers food.

And so I thought....

Mmmmmm, are we getting along today? Well, yes. Check.

He cleaned up last night. Check.

He put our daughter to bed at a reasonable time (not up when I walk in the door REALLY late). Check again.

Man, he's sooooooo lucky.

I washed the scoop and put it back. (And yes I used soap!)

I really thought about it...I giggled about it. With a maniacal Evil giggle. Because I wonder if she did that one before?


While running not so gracefully for the elevator the other day, this man just STARES at me from inside.

"I'm coming...I'm coming"

And lets the door close.



A nasty unfamiliar looking bug took a nose dive down my shirt the other day. While I freaked out it suffocated between my breastages and is now in bug heaven. Or wherever they go after Kamikazi'ing.


A kid came by my restaurant and asked my employees if they sold weed.

Er, dude this is a restaurant, not a supply store says my fab hostess.

He hung around seeing if anyone had that "I sell it, ask me look" and finally left. He wasn't really ON my property so I couldn't really tell him to scat.

An hour later a new host for the night shift mentioned she needed an application for someone. I went down to hand it to the applicant.


Yup. HIM. Maybe he got so high he 'forgot' he had stopped here earlier for other reasons??


Pro Bowl was in town last week. I'm sure if someone important in the NFL walked in I wouldn't even have the slightest knowledge.

I mean, isn't Joe Montana still the QB for the 49'ers?


As I mentioned before in a previous post....I worked a marathon shift. Well my daughter got sick. Let's just say that my husband kind of 'freaks' out in the "CHILD SICK" department.

How many times can a person go to the store for Kids medicine in one hour?


I stop at the store for medicine. I leave said medicine in shopping cart. Never made it out of the cart to even be rung up. It like slid in the far corner of the cart. And my tired butt didn't realize I hadn't put it on the conveyor belt. I go home. I take things out of package.

Sh*t. Check receipt.
Double Sh*t. No medicine on receipt.

Husband: "I'll go...what kind, what flavor, what aisle..."


Said husband comes home. I thank him profusely. I open said medicine. I open plastic and wonder why it's sticky.

Triple Sh*t.

It's completely cracked.

Husband: "Just pour it into another container."
ME: "Are you mad?" as in crazy, el loco, mucho stupido (?)
Husband: "I already went once"


Me, at the store AGAIN. But in my Pajama dress that have been shoved in my workout (what workout..HA) pants and a big fleece jacket to cover the lack of support that would have been provided with a bra.

Some baggers steer clear of me.

I put broken item of medicine on counter and say "PLEASE...PLEASE...I JUST WANT A BOTTLE of KID'S BUBBLE GUM TYLENOL. PLEASE.....Yes, I want to open it before I leave. No, I don't need your professional medical opinion. I want to take this, give some to my kid so she can breathe through her nose and go to sleep. And then I AM GOING TO SLEEP."

End dramatic story here.


UPDATE::::I am so lame. I totally meant to post that you can find other great 'randoms' at Mrs4444's place Half-Past kissin Time. If you don't want to participate just stop by her place anyway...cause she's awesome! :)

No, wait, like Paula, AI,'s not's fantastic! But insert 'she' in the place of 'it'.

Think About It Thursday....#8

Alrighty.....clicky here for the origin of how Think About It...

Last weeks post lead me and my sister in HEAVY email that needed to happen. Thanks to those that commented and shared their own answers. :)

So I'm digging back into the book and came up with this question for us this week to ponder....AND comment on (Puhlease)


Pg. 118...Question 137...

Do you find it so hard to say "no" that you regularly do favors you do not want to do? If so, why?



American Idol Night...Hollywood Week

So YES the four judges have divided the room into 4 rooms....Yes...It's drama. All wrapped up in ONE stinking hour.

Alright, not really stinking, but...whatever.

Okay, I thought about it...and you know what...I think it best to forward to tonight's show.

Top 36


Judges Mansion? What? What happened to a long ride up an elevator?

Anoop is the first guy up. Kinda reminds me of Taylor Hicks. Um, the singing, not the look obviously. YOU are in buddy.

Paula doesn't really look drunk today. Good for you.

I BET the top 36 live in the mansion.

Giggly girl...geez...your just as annoying as Bikini girl.
Cody, horror show maker, is asked to sing off to see if he should stay....

Alex...realizes he must sing against Cody, someone he's friended.

I like ALEX. Elton John song. He sounds sweet.
Who will they pick???

Alex is picked.

Adam Lambert...I liked him in San Fran (?)...Love his blue eyes and black hair thing. Simon, you are sooooo dramatic. He's a hottie. Not Simon, well...a little, I like em mean I guess....but Adam.

DUDE, I will be sooo over it if they pass Giggly girl....I'm pretty sure she's a plant. Like they hired someone to be obnoxious. Makes for great television, right? Because I just can't believe she's that strange and annoying.

Taylor Vaifanua...she's young and 17. For a second I thought she wasn't gonna make it.

Jasmine....another young one...she makes it


Casey...your in

Megan...your in

Mishwhodaywhatwhere did you come from...yes


Joanna Pacitte..she's the one that had a recording label or whatever...but she never caught on? Mmmm, wonder if she'll get another chance? Bring it girl...awww, she's cute.

A bunch of no's from some I dont think I remember

Kendall...(like the wine,,,yum)...What word is better great or fantastic? Cause Paula told her it's not great's FANTASTIC news...

Jen your really pretty. She's in a sing off...

Kristen...awkward group day person....sorry Jen, but Kristen I think has this one.

The pretty one or the singer?

Oh, Oh, Paula feels drunk to me.....

Kristen makes it, but it's strange and Simon tells her he absolutely disagrees.

Alexsis....a SAHM realizes if she gets chosen she'll be away from her 2 year old...and she's crying and she's gonna make me cry while she talks about that distance, but that it's for her...What a cute little girl. She makes it.
Scott...the awesome blind guy who plays a mean piano...they let him through...OMG, I'm gonna cry cause Mom is crying and I understand why.

Lil Rounds..Hurricane Katrina victim, trying to make it with her 3 kids and husband after being displaced....She made it through. Yeah.

Uhhhh, another sing off...Frankie vs. Jesse

Frankie...the Rehab girl singer...why can't I remember her name?...she's nervous...she sounded it like Norah Jones there.

Jesse...I like her but I think I like Frankie....Simon told her it was a horrible song.
Awww, Frankie didn't make it.

Commercial break...WHAT? My two teddy bear singers have to sing off? Damn. And me thinks they are saving Giggly girl for the last one. If they pass HER and not Frankie...something is wrong.

Allison Iraheta....another 16 year old....Paula smiled a little and gave it away...(to me anyway)..They label her the dark horse.

Don't THEY DARE make the two friends sing off...the BFF's....

Danny...I heart him the MOST out of made it. Keep fingers crossed for BFF. Dude, BFF is so happy HE'S crying for him....damn it, I'm gonna cry...again.

BFF Jamar...I loved his Delilah version and I hate that song.....WHAT....NO WAY...HE DIDN'T MAKE IT!!!! WHAT?? Totally WRONG. They said NO.

Man, I'm shocked! Seriously.

I don't even want to watch the rest of this...yuck.
Fine I'm done pouting. For now.

Stephen Fowler...he has a good voice...even though you jacked up the solo song, your through.

Norman, make me laugh. Dude you need to be a reality show comedian. Cause you dude are F.U.N.N.Y....hahaha, he's through...and he gets a nasty funny tort from Simon and says thank you Simon for that jab...Ow.


Jackie...Are you the Teriblah girl? made it..I remember saying I liked you cause you were all kinds of funny.

Tatiana...giggly are so annoying....SHUT UP please...Simon, thank you so much for telling her to TRY to not be annoying...Paula, gives her a ring to match giggly girls bracelet...Get it over with. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. You passed HER but not BFF JAMAR? I'm sick...cause your just annoying...DVR fast forward....FAHREAK...

Jackie....Sing OFF time....awww, you look like a good kid....

Nathaniel....Grandma hopes for him....Simon asks "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING" ...sing it Nathaniel cause I've bonded with you already...Alrighty, I think you brang it....

Lets see what THEY say.

Ryan Seacrest while chatting makes me think "he's so like thinking..."What/who am I gonna do for dinner tonight?"

Yayyyyy, Nathaniel you made it.

Kai Kalama....yay, one of my favorites makes it through.

Anne Marie....your in...she's the cutie they told to glamour up and come back..

My two teddy bears are up. And Seacrest says I won't believe the outcome...

Matt...the welder...

Michale...the roughneck...he's so darn polite...calling Kara ma'am...awww man, your the one they gotta pick...LUCKY WIFE..:)


They both passed!!!

Gosh, Seacrest...I thought it would be a little more dramatic then that? Like bring back BFF JAMAR to sing off against them both...and it's either Him or Them. But whateva's, it's cool.

I'm still pissed about BFFJAMAR. know i love you right? Righttttt?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello? Rambler? Hello, you there?

{Me opening bloggy door to dear Mr.MYBLOG.}

Mr. MYBLOG: Do you have ANY idea how bored I've been? Just sitting here WAITING for you to post something? Anything?

ME: (eye boogie sticking eye lids together) But I put that cartoon up on Monday and...

Mr. MYBLOG: What's wrong with your eye...and why does your breathe smell like (sniff again) it died in your butt and went to hell for vacation?

ME: (breathe on hand, smell it...GAG)I ,uh, just woke up dude. Come on.

Mr. MYBLOG: Thank God our readers can't see you right now! Your a mess. Did you know you missed American Idol post last night?

ME: I know, I know. LOOOONG Story.

Lil Rambler stumbles to bloggy door: (pulling PJ's)Momma, EAT.

MR. MYBLOG: Blah, blah, blah, blah, more attention to me, blah blah blah

Lil Rambler: Blah, blah MOOOOOOMMMMMAAAA, EEEEATTTTT, blah, blah

Lil Woof Woof joins to add his two bloggy cents: Bark, Bark, Bark, take me out or I'll pee on the couch, Bark, bark, bark.

My eyes glaze over and I go somewhere else for just a moment....before popping back to Blog Reality.

Give me a break. I just worked a triple shift on Saturday, and went back 8 hours later the next day for 7 hours. I don't even understand what day it is today. I'll double post the shows together tonight. Get off my back.

ME to Lil Rambler: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes....I'm coming. I'm coming.

ME to Woof Woof: I will mentally break right this minute if you pee on the couch. We are going out, just let me get rid of Mr. MYBLOG.

Me to Mr. MYBLOG while Lil Rambler has climbed up me like the jungle gym I have become: Are we square now? Will you not bother me like a creditor trying to get their money? Please? I totally...YES, LIL RAMBLER MOMMA IS COMING...DAMN IT DOG, PUT THAT LEG DOWN...need to go.

Door slams in Mr. MYBLOG's face. Oh well.


By this weekend, I should be back to normal (whatever that really is). Which entails, commenting, reading, lurking, laughing, reading more, awwwwing, the whole shebang.

And I'm pretty excited about two things. My blog makeover has begun over at April Showers AND me and my favorite Bloggy BFF Shorty have been working on our guest posts for each other. Until tonight folks.....


Monday, February 09, 2009

Friday, February 06, 2009

Flashback Fridays...

Alrighty, I'm a little late here but wanted to jump in as last week I mentioned an octopus photo.

That is me, clutching my nanny Kumiko, while she holds the octopus in the other hand.

My parents ran a resort like I mentioned in last week's post and left us with our nanny who was a wonderful native women. Wonderful! She was a big part of my childhood while there in Truk as we were there probably the first 7 years of my life.

But, a very vivid memory that stays with me about this place and with her was that we used to lay jellyfish traps, (holes dug on the beach and covered with palm trees.), along the resort beach. The jellyfish season would bring them close to shore and when night fell and the tide rose, these suckers got stuck in the deep holes we dug. My nanny took them for eating. (*shudder*)

My mothers rule was that my sister and I did NOT eat anything she didn't approve of and this was one of them.

Okay so to the actual picture story.

When the tide was low, I was taken along with her out to the seaweed trenches of the beach. As a native she knew that octopus hid in them. The water was never really deep. As long as I stayed on her hip, we were always in maybe thigh high water.

As I think about it, she was amazingly quick. One memory is of her pushing her hand quickly in the water and out in one motion. With it came an octopus. I notice in this photo she has a spear, but I'm sure this wasn't that time. Or maybe it's how my little kid brain remember its.

I have to thank my parents for giving me and Antibloggedy some really fantastic memories of a childhood one could never imagine.


So even though Friday is almost over, please stop over at Tara's TMI and post along your own photo!!

Random Went Fridays...


Dear Cousin K....I am sooooooooo sorry I forgot. Well I didn't forget, I've been stressed and my brain seeped out of my brain on the H3 the other day. Forgive me?

LOVE YOU CUZ...and hoped you liked the song!


Me and my little one went to McDonald's play land today.

Another little boy pooped his pants so bad my daughter came running out of the slide yelling....

"Momma, EWWWWW" and shoved her arm at me.

Yup. This little boys poo all over her arm, and the other little girl in there AND the slide. Lord knows how high up the poo got. (yakkity GAG GAG)

At least my little girl came out on her own accord.

The other little girl's mother had to go in the slide/tunnel contraption to bribe/frantic convince her daughter to come out. I think we all secretly gagged inside watching her not touch the poo, but having to inhale it.

MY kid actually grabbed HER shoes and said "LET'S GO, Momma!" That has NEVER happened before.

And then I wondered what person had to crawl up in the play land. A small one of course that could turn I would assume. My fatty butt most certainly couldn't get up very far.

Oh, and as soon as we came in the house the longest biggest bubble bath took place.


I had put in some crazy hours at work the last two weeks. And yesterday my body just went on strike. As soon as my husband had come home from work (couple hours early), me and the little one took a nap. But my nap turned into 6 hours long. Husband had taken over and had let me sleep. I slept so hard that even my hands and arms fell asleep.

It was nice.


I got this real great award from my twinnie the RaMbLeR...

I can't gush enough about her...She's all kinds of great wrapped up in a pretty box with a pretty satin ribbon.

So I believe she said there are no rules....and so I just pass this on to...all my bloggy mommy pals. You know who you are. Every stinkin one of you's! Bada bing...(sorry, I read a blog the other day and it got me all thinking Italian there)


I'm in the process of getting a bloggy makeover....:) so the unveiling will be in the next couple of farking excited about it.

Until the next post...


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Think About It Thursdays.....Making wrongs right?

Thank you so much for all your input. I'll have to say my favorite was from my sister who had wrote I could get my husband back by changing some of his letters on his keyboard and spell the word JERK and see how long it would take him to see it. (hehehe).

And remember this was all in fun. So thank you all for your comments and feedback.


I was going through some of my old drafts that I never posted and found this post written back in November 2005. During my wedding plans things came up that I started to think about and wonder about....

11/18/05 1:56AM

Should one go through life trying to correct things in their life they feel needs to be right?

When is it better to leave well enough alone?

If you had the chance to make things right with some effort, would you do it?

If it involved great emotional stress, but with rewards of forgiveness and closure, do you put yourself through it?

Why all the questions you ask? The last day or two, I've had questions pop in my head regarding my fathers' ex. We never got along. I knew she didn't care for me much, and I'm sure she knew I didn't care for her either. But since my wedding is coming up, I feel this subject eats at me sometimes because I haven't been able to close the book on this one. I'm not sure what I feel I need from this, but I feel it would help me in....


Flash forward back to the present.

I never did contact her.

But that's another post. A therapeutic one possibly.

So bloggy friends....your feedback as always is appreciated!


American Idol NIght...Hollywood...again

And ANOTHER American Idol....

Ohhh, group round.

The weird giggly girl (Tatiana)...her group starting to realize she's a little crazy.

Damn it..Bikini girl...Don't let her get you down Rose.

Back to Giggly girl switching groups...I forgot how annoying you were.

Team Bikini Diva team...Bikini girl left her group and went to bed. Her group is like No she didn't. They let her sleep, go to her room in the morning. She can't get up. She's only slept 2 hours. Boohoo....

....Bikini girl QUIT.

Wait, she's back. ((sigh))

And her girls are P-O'd

This is gonna be good.

Wow, the first group is AWESOME!!! Tough act to follow. They all made it.

Buwahahahhahahaha, they made Paula evil in this segment.

I don't know why, but I LOVE Simon's comments. And his sneer when he hates something.

The BFF and guy who's wife passed.....Somebody, somebody to Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee, My favorite favorite group.

Bikini girls group included Sweet Rose (you know the one with the parents not 'here')....Good and bad news.

Good news is this should be the LAST night we see Bikini Girl,

bad news, Rose is gone :(

SHUT UP giggly girl. PLEASE. (sorry, she just thanked the sound stick guy for...??) Judges you passed giggly girl AND NOT ROSE. Come ON!

I want to comment on the last group but I won't. My brain wasn't WOW'd. But that's only because I'm T-I-R-E-D.

Peace out y'all.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

American Idol...Hollywood Week

Ugh, I won't even tell you that I missed Fridays New York auditions...but I got over it.

FINALLY, it's Hollywood week.

I was in LA last sister, an old employee (LA Native), and I looked and looked for the sign driving up and down Hollywood Hills wondering how could we miss it. Probably an hour of driving through neighborhoods betting my vacation money someone was gonna call 911 for a suspicous slow driving car. Come to find out they TURN off the lights at a certain time. OHHHHHHH. Dude, don't you LIVE here? Don't you know they turn off the lights?



Idol bootcamp...

Barry Manilow. Mentor. Cool.

Kansas favorite...Wowza...sing it girl....a standing ovation from the judge. Did well.

Dennis Brigman....sounds like Usher...the facial impressions were a little mmmm.

**Kansas gal makes it but Dennis does not and is VERY UNHAPPY with it. Oh, for the love. Telling Simon he has cheap pants. So Project Runway.

Oh, oh...Bikini Girl is BACCCCKKk...

New York Nathaniel....I like him...his voice is sweet...don't cry, don't cry....crossing fingers, hope you make it.....

Anoop....the guy you don't expect to have a voice like that the Boyz II Men in an Indian looking guy..

Jasmine...I LOVED Her in Jacksonville. The cute 16 year old with the cute sisters.

Rose...loved her...she was the sad story about both parents passing...she reminds me of my sister...Sinead O connor sounding.

**They all made it through.

Stephen Fowler....I love love him...he makes me feel giggly and warm inside...'You slayed it dude' says Randy., love the yellow your voice. Looks like I missed you too.

Von...toooo much dramatics for me...stop dude...Simon said really annoying....

**Those three made it...

Nick MItchell...How did I miss this guy? Oh right, he was in the show I missed...strange...I'm snorting in laughter right now...I feel like he's supposed to be my jazzercise teacher...YOU HAVE to PASS HIM! He's hilarious!

Paula asked him to strip down...Whoa boy, she meant sing it without being the comedian.

He DID make it!

The blind guy made it...yipee.

Oh, geesus...Bikini girl...AGAIN....born for us to be annoyed by her....


Micheal Buble...I heart his music...

Another New York girl....I didnt see the damn show...She's pretty. Teriblah, her words...She makes me think of that rocker chic from last season who sang Joplin all the time...

She makes it.

She's funny.

The guy with the wife who had died....awww, he's got the greatest best bud....

Jamar...the best friend...wowza again...I love his voice.

Guy with wife who passed....Seal...I love Seal...I love this guy...WOW WOW WUBZY...Love you!!!

For all that is holy...why do you make Bikini girl a big deal?

And she's up...Stop, be nice Rambler, don't let her irritate you...ugh, hate your frilly farking dress...ugh...please don't pass her..please...Simon, don't make me virtual smack you right now...

First time I liked Kara in this whole AI thing....when she said..."you better bring your pole tomorrow." to Simon...a little catty, Kara?

The roughneck...Jeremy...I still like you....they liked you...

Jesus....I like you too!

**** no make it...WHAT? And Bikini girl did?

Osmond guy....still didn't hear much from him.

Punk Rocker Emily....o,o. They did NOT like her song choice....She changed it last second...her mother was like...WHAT?

And they make it through...whew...Now I can rest.

Where's my Hawaiian Kalama dude?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Bloggy funk...

It's been kind of a hard week. For me and others that I have been reading.

I wanted to say that two mothers that I have found via Bloggyland have lost their children this past week and my heart goes out to them. (Tuesday & Aiden-bug). I'm so sorry for the lack of linky love but I know most have already gone to offer their condolences and I'm kind of the late shower up.

I've been thinking a lot since reading about Tuesday's passing that I need to look harder at my daughter, to hold her hand a little longer, to kiss her one more annoying time (not for me, but her apparently, but I know secretly she adores it), and to really enjoy this time I have with her.

Because we don't really know how much time we have.

With others.

And we need to remember to make the most of that time.

With no regrets.


I've worked a lot this week, and have faced some things at work that requires a lot of my attention.

Things that have really occupied my time and mind and it's exhausting. Not whining but explaining my absence in our fabulous bloggyland.

Until the next post....Muah! (Hug, Hug & Kiss, Kiss)