Thursday, February 05, 2009

American Idol NIght...Hollywood...again

And ANOTHER American Idol....

Ohhh, group round.

The weird giggly girl (Tatiana)...her group starting to realize she's a little crazy.

Damn it..Bikini girl...Don't let her get you down Rose.

Back to Giggly girl switching groups...I forgot how annoying you were.

Team Bikini Diva team...Bikini girl left her group and went to bed. Her group is like No she didn't. They let her sleep, go to her room in the morning. She can't get up. She's only slept 2 hours. Boohoo....

....Bikini girl QUIT.

Wait, she's back. ((sigh))

And her girls are P-O'd

This is gonna be good.

Wow, the first group is AWESOME!!! Tough act to follow. They all made it.

Buwahahahhahahaha, they made Paula evil in this segment.

I don't know why, but I LOVE Simon's comments. And his sneer when he hates something.

The BFF and guy who's wife passed.....Somebody, somebody to Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee, My favorite favorite group.

Bikini girls group included Sweet Rose (you know the one with the parents not 'here')....Good and bad news.

Good news is this should be the LAST night we see Bikini Girl,

bad news, Rose is gone :(

SHUT UP giggly girl. PLEASE. (sorry, she just thanked the sound stick guy for...??) Judges you passed giggly girl AND NOT ROSE. Come ON!

I want to comment on the last group but I won't. My brain wasn't WOW'd. But that's only because I'm T-I-R-E-D.

Peace out y'all.

14 ramblings of your own:

Katy said...

Bikini girl drove me crazy. Some of those folks are weirdos.

Don't forget to enter yourself in my giveaway!!! You'll like it.

MammaDucky said...

Curses! I missed it. We were at Chuck E. Cheese, and despite my protests, they would not turn off the cheesy Chuck E. Cheese and friends videos and switht it to Idol...the nerve!

Tiffany said...

I was so glad they didn't put bikini girl through.. I couldn't believe how she was posing!!!!

Brandy said...

I'm not really watching this season but I hear the recaps on the radio in the mornings. They have been talking a lot about bikini girl...and it's not good.

Just saying hi to another Welcomista!

Me said...

*lalala [fingers in ears]* I've got the last two episodes sitting in my DVR begging to be watched..I am SOOO behind!

The Blonde Duck said...

I just love your descriptions!

Rachael said...

i didn't actually read this post, because i watch AI with my daughter and we haven't caught up yet. but as soon as i do i am heading back here to read your recap!

just saying hello to a fellow welcomista!

Krissy said...

THE ACAPELLA GROUP ROCKED IT!!! actually my two favorite people were in that group. the guy who's wife passed & the samoan girl. cheeeewhoooo. =)

I am Harriet said...

I just cannot get into another season.. maybe later. :)

Martha said...

You have AI Fever really bad.

tara @ kidz said...

I was sad about Rose too. I wish they would have shown all the group performances and less of the lame drama. I wanted to see why some of the people I liked got the boot. I am so in love with that show!

JodiJeanne said...

great re-cap...i love love love AI and appreciate the news.

i missed it this week :(

Kalei said...

Okay, you suck! Because of your Idol rants, I went onto and watched some of the stupid auditios. Giggly girl is really annoying, and lame, and wayyyyy too giggly, psycho too....I think if they axed her she would still show up for the next show to try again, or maybe sing from the audience while someone better sang, damn you for making me listen to that horrible voice....Jorge rocks, bikini girl is NOT that hot, she is like get the drift (everything BUTTER face!) bah dah dum! I don't agree with you on rose....she didn't have it, nice girl, but get the hell bikini girl still wearing a bikini? or was that only the auditions? I am obviously not watching the actual show. you suck, thanks again!

kels said...

I DIDN'T see Steven this week!!! Actually, I saw like the back of him... he was lifting a girl up in the air, haha. But they didn't show him at all... and believe you me, I kept my eyes glued to the screen! He's out at this point, so I guess that one glimpse I got of him in the previews a few weeks back, was all I will ever see! :(