Thursday, February 05, 2009

Think About It Thursdays.....Making wrongs right?

Thank you so much for all your input. I'll have to say my favorite was from my sister who had wrote I could get my husband back by changing some of his letters on his keyboard and spell the word JERK and see how long it would take him to see it. (hehehe).

And remember this was all in fun. So thank you all for your comments and feedback.


I was going through some of my old drafts that I never posted and found this post written back in November 2005. During my wedding plans things came up that I started to think about and wonder about....

11/18/05 1:56AM

Should one go through life trying to correct things in their life they feel needs to be right?

When is it better to leave well enough alone?

If you had the chance to make things right with some effort, would you do it?

If it involved great emotional stress, but with rewards of forgiveness and closure, do you put yourself through it?

Why all the questions you ask? The last day or two, I've had questions pop in my head regarding my fathers' ex. We never got along. I knew she didn't care for me much, and I'm sure she knew I didn't care for her either. But since my wedding is coming up, I feel this subject eats at me sometimes because I haven't been able to close the book on this one. I'm not sure what I feel I need from this, but I feel it would help me in....


Flash forward back to the present.

I never did contact her.

But that's another post. A therapeutic one possibly.

So bloggy friends....your feedback as always is appreciated!


4 ramblings of your own:

Kalei said...

.......write her. I think you will find her a much different person then you think.

You will find the monster you think she is, is someone who is just as unsure as we are and has a lot of flaws and good qualities. like i said before, she was NOT our mother, She is only human following her own path (imperfection is common), and I appreciate she took care of our father till the end...he didn't die lonely or without someone comforting him. This takes away any guilt I have of him dying alone.

....and just because I appreciate her for one thing, does not mean I approve of her parenting skills, just note we were not HER children.
You can move on with the past being the past.

I think if we all sat down with her, we would find she could shed some light on "who" he was, she would know him better than anyone. If anything, knowing her and forgiving her, will bring you closer to dad. =) Love you.

P.S. and if you do contact her, it doesn't mean you become instant B.F.F's or that you are going against would understand, this has nothing to do with loyalty.

I stopped doing word veri as they keep giving me way lame words....or I stopped being creative and imaginative.

jmt said...

I think it's interesting that you ask this question today...for me, at least. I have been struggling with the "should I contact somebody who was left at loose ends?" question. Problem is - I don't know why the ends were left frayed instead of hemmed up nicely. Maybe it was just a dissolving effect that happens over time, or maybe there was something I did that triggered the loss of communication? Should I leave well enough alone? I can't decide, so my answer is "back at you, Bob". LOL

Unknown said...

This is kind of a tangled web, for I think it varies on that particular circumstance and why you might feel the need to reach back out. If I would have any regrets that our relationship (or lack thereof) would end today in its current status, then I usually try to do something about it. If not, then I'd probably let it go.

MammaDucky said...

For the most part, everything in my life has collected to give me th life I have today. I have a pretty good life so I don't think anything needs correcting.
With my mother in law, I've tried and tried. I essentially gave up on her and "us." She's slowly coming around now, but I don't think I would change anything between us.