Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A little about myself....as explained by my BFF

I thought with all the new friends in my bloggytown I'd re-post an oldie of an interview I did with my real life BFF. She's absolutely the best part of our friendship. Enjoy the read everyone.

BFF on the left and The Rambler on the right

Originally posted November 25, 2008

Hi bloggy folks. Here we are in our 2nd day of my fabulous 777 series. If you didn't catch my first one, check it out. I think you'll enjoy today's person. She and I have been in each other's lives for tooo long...:) Well, she's one of my oldest friends. So of course I'd figure she'd know something about me to share with you! Enjoy.

My BFF...she's all kinds of funny! Thank you Miss A! (wink)

1. How'd you two meet? Was it friends at first sight?

We met our freshman year in college-we were partners in the lowest math possible-than she left me for another girl. True story.

I beg to differ!.....It was for another boy.

2. Has she grown since you've met?

OMG, with grace and with some stories to share!

**Whew, I was sure she was going to say in waist size too :) Thanks for my fluffy name...Heart you!

3. What drives you crazy in love with her? Why are you so obsessed with being her friend?

Her hair. And her unwavering loyalty. And really, she's obsessed with me!

**Damn! she must have seen my BFF shrine when she was over here last!

4. If you were listening to the radio, what song makes you think of her?

The Divinyls. I Touch Myself....snicker snicker.

**LOOONGGG story and involves a car and OLLLDDD boyfriends. And serious, you'd have to have been there in the car! What car? See, told you, you'd have to have been there!

5. If she were in a fashion magazine, what would the title be?

{I Bought it at} Ross

**Hey, whadda want from me? I'm a complete fashion victim....O, Tim Dunn, pick me pick me for your next show...I LOVE YOU!

6. If she were a character in Sex In the City, who would she be?

If I had to pick ONE...."One of Carries most loyal friends is Stanford Blatch, her gay galpal and confidante. Whenever Carrie needs advice or a stand in for a canceled date, Stanford is always there for her"

***OMG, that's so much better than being one of the girls!!!!! (also, for clarification, I am a woman :)

7. If we were both stuck on a deserted island, and could have one thing, what would it be?

It would be food, but if we had food, then filtered water with a twist, and if we had water-probably a dictionary or maybe a pair of dice (um, what is the plural of dice? Die? Die on the deserted island? Great!) Oh, did you say desserted island or a deserted island? Because if it was a dessert instead of a desert, it would be spoons!

**This is why I am in touch myself Stanford Blatch Ross buying love with this woman!

Thank you to Miss A for taking the time out to answer some quality research type biographical questions (thought of by me)! Every girls needs a BFF like this. One you can come home drunk late to your mothers house, and continuously shout whisper about how quiet we both are! One that rode buses with you when no one else would....not the short bus, but that's up for appeal now. And one that would drop heaven and earth to be there for you. Muah I love ya!


Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm' still going.....

Yuppers.....still going.

Just give me 5 more minutes AND then wake me up.

With a stick.

Cause I wouldn't come to close.

Can someone dab the drool off my face?

Are for goodness sakes....can you NOT post recipes on your blogs. My bloggy waistline has grown just reading them!

I didn't feel right about posting my Not Me's until Stellan gets better so for now, just click the button and send MckMama well wishes and prayers for her sweet baby boy!

Prayers for Stellan

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm here. Just not HERE.

UPDATE: 1/3 of the way through.....loving all the blogs so far.

Holy Crikey on a crutch SITSa's!!

Over 300 comments? What!


So I'm off to fulfill my promise.

(the one where I would say I'd visit EVERYONE that left me comments)

Somebody bring out some band aids (and Ibuprofen).

It's gonna be a long night.

(But soooooo worth it)

And to the new SITSa's that clicked the follow button...

You all supahstars in my book!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome....just don't open THAT closet door.

I've been cramming my noggin since Heather sent me an email (in the middle of my manager meeting) that Thursday would be MY day at The Secret is In the Sauce.

For some of my bloggy pals that don't know about this place. You must. It is part of the reason I've met so many GREAT people!! It's a site that encourages woman (and one man) in supporting by commenting with other bloggers. I could go on and on about them, but really go visit them.

Back to my boring...I mean pleasurable..... work meeting euphoric feelings took over.

Meeting over. On the way home . I call my real life blogging sister Antibloggedy.

uess what'ing back and forth transpired. OMG'ing ensued.

What should I post that day, what do you think about my 3 posts, how was Vai's birthday, ok back to me.....love love, kiss, kiss. Talk to you later.

And then....

.....a slight nervousness washed over me. I'm not "worthy" of a day like this. I think I'm funny, but am I really funny? I think I can write better then a 2nd grader. But do I really. (Scratching head).

I was kinda freaking out.

Thankfully a light bulb sorta flicked on in the scattered-over caffeinated-overworked-under appreciated in real life-mind of myself while driving the car.

I'll have others toot my horn. (er, totally no pun intended there....toot the horn...buwhahahahaha. Snap out of it Ramlber.)

Just recently one of my follower/stalker-but-not-TRO-stalker/reader Muppet Soul that I don't know how I lived without wrote this about me on her blog.

A Few of the Many reasons I love Ramblers sweet, Hawaiian behind:

1. Much like Sassy of last week, Rambler is a versatile poster. You are not going to tune in and get scrambled up versions of the same thing.

2. She is very reader-oriented - she involves herself with her readers, and if my experience is anything to go by - leaves uber supportive notes.

3. She's thought-provoking, she battles Ninja Cats, living in Hawaii she is not meant to ski, and she writes letters to inanimate objects.

4. New Monday drinking game: a shot for everytime Rambler says "Not".

And a little trailer if you will about MY three favorite posts....written by....ME (giggle)

andy said...

Seriously, that is the most I have laughed at a post since Cate's one on her cats.
You have an awesome knack for story telling. Frig. And I like the new catch phrase "freaked outedly". I'll try to use it in my post today...but don't worry, I'll give credit where credit is due my friend:)

Penz said..My daughter read this with me right now. She was laughing. I can't stop. How crazy is that! That is a memory that you will always have. Does the lady still give you the look of death? Like the picture too. Cute. Have a great weekend there cookie. :)

When it snows in hell....(my first and LAST experience snowboarding)

Sherendipity said... If anyone ever makes me go skiing (yes, I said "makes" me, because that's the only way I'll get there) I'm bringing you with me. That was awesome.

Wifey said...
HYSTERICAL. I've had a few fights with some ski lifts in my day, too.
Love this ... and your blog.
Looking forward to reading more.
Winks & Smiles,
7 weird things about me
The Bush Family said...
So I gagged and laughed cause I have alot of the same weirdness that you do...especially the tv thing...hehehe...and yes I will be posting 7 weird things about myself now :)

Cammie said...
LOL.....boy you came out of the gate strong with that lemon thing....
Roll Credits

So new people to visit my blog today. I hope to see you again.
And by God, I will visit EVERY single one of you that leaves a comment!

I may have to put my workout clothes on but it's cool, my fat bastard behind needs the exercise.
(Thanks for the warning Chicken Nugget!)

P.S.~ Think About Thursdays will be back next week. I sent her to the Spa so she's not pissed for getting bumped this week.

SPAM Email...You win.

Its farking official.

My personal email I've had since 2000 has been infiltrated on a daily basis by Spam. Not the luncheon meat, but the crap mail that has no business being there. And not just a little bit, but enough that when skimming I sometimes don't catch my real emails. The ones that count, anyway.

For example.

BFF: "Did you catch my email about our date tomorrow?"
Me: "Er....no"
Oh, there it is....200 emails into it.

Mother: "I sent you our itinerary for our trip. Why didn't you respond yet?"
Me: "WHAT. You so didn't! Yeah, I WILL check."
Mother waits....
Me: "Damn, you did. Argh Spamemail, I hate you."
Mother smirks and nods her all knowing nod.

Friend: "Hey,sent you pics of the kids"
Me: "Serious? When?"
Friend: "Last week?"
Me banging head on laptop.


I will be finding new digs for my real life peeps to send me emails of future dates, lame jokes, pictures of the fam, vacation details, blah blah blah. You get the jist.

Look the only email I want from a stranger is one saying they are coming to my house to hand me a check that will enable me to never work again. (Am I right? Or am I right?...anyone?...anyone?)

BUT, can I tell you the good kind of email that came my way Monday during my (YAWN) managers meeting??

Heather from The Secret is In The Sauce sent me THE email to ask if Thursday was cool for Thursday to be MY day as the Featured Blogger.


So bloggy friends....it's gonna be a special day tomorrow. My blog is putting on a pretty dress (with clean underwear), bake up some cookies (always be a good host, says Martha Stewart) and throw out the welcome mat.

Lil Rambler....just sweep that stuff under the rug. They probably won't go in there. (teehee)

P.S....can you stop by and help a blog friend out and leave a comment. She's going for 25 comments today. Jineen @ I come to the Garden. Thanks. xoxo.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm bloggy taking a break today...

Hi bloggy buddies.

Need to spend time with the little one today. Bloggy life has been seeping into our QT time.

Back tomorrow. For now....I'm off to save my kids day :)

P.S. Go check out Muppet Soul's love for me....please.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm so NOT in the mood for today....

It's time for Not Me Mondays created by the brilliant MckMama. Have you checked out her photography? They are so NOT holy Wow. Seriously NOT. :)

I did NOT work many many days in a row. (grumble mumble) I was so unNOTmotivated on Friday. Last day of work before Saturday's day off.

OMG....did I tell you all....I so did NOT have my first SPA fricking DAY! On Saturday!

OK, it wasn't a full spa day, but I totally did NOT have my first ever paid massage. One hour of complete heaven. It was NOT to celebrate BFF DEE's bridal shower party day.

Rambler's Checklist for spa.

Shave legs and armpits. Check.

Take shower. Check.

Do hair. Check. (just made me feel pretty)

New Spa clothes. Check. (Idk. Just felt necessary)

Pretty panties to be worn while getting massage. CHECK. (I'm still a new mom....who knows sometimes what we wear. I gotta get my crap together.)

No eating of fart producing foods. Check. (cross fingers)

We totally did NOT have a great time.

I totally did NOT almost fart. (Don't push there, don't push there...uh, yeah it hurts, that's right)I saved it for the car ride. Actually when I closed the car door and waved to my other BFF. Cheesy SMILE.

We did NOT have a wonderful time at lunch afterwards (the massage and the farting). It was a combo of our monthly girls day out thing. Next month will be her wedding. Oh.my.God. What a girls day out that will be!

I did NOT also get a great friend to come to my house and cut loads of inches off. THANK.YOU.STERF.

Oh....and my mother did NOT get eloped on Friday, March 20. You sneaky lady you!

Yeah. My weekend did NOT so rock! (knee down on ground with hands in air with some kind of hand signal stating I'm the sheesnack.)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whitest Dancer in the Room....Yeah. I suck.

Just watching one of my kids show Gullah Gullah Island.

Damn. The little 8 year old can rock the moves better then any drunken night I've ever had dancing my very best. I had to face it a long time ago that I'm always a beat behind and facing the wrong way.

Pray for Lil Rambler that she doesn't have her mothers 'graceful' moves. She likes my attempts in the car or at home but she's already rolling her eyes. And she's only 2.

Sigh....I don't know who's worst. Me or the people in the video below. I laughed so hard watching this.

Happy Sunday everyone!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Holy wedding bells....My mother just eloped!!

Sidenote today:

Ramblers mother's words to Stepdad.

"Let's get this over with and face the music after!"

My mother just called and said she and my stepdad eloped and are officially married! No more living in sin for those two! (giggle, then thought about it and said ewwwww....)

A few WTH's why didn't I get a call to show up?

And then congratulations!!!

And then "you better call Antibloggedy so she can call me and we can discuss!" :)

(Sisters. They are so important...chuckle!)

But really....I'm uber happy.

Congrats Mom & Stepdad!

Holy crap. My mother is someones wife!

Chance encounter with rouge cat that lurks outside my front door....

This story is about the 'wild' cat who linger in the bushes near the home of the Rambler. A Rambler who walks with her anxiety purse full of worries and drama.

It was a sunny day and Rambler decided it was time for Woof Woof's walk. Time to explore what was beyond the front door. So off we went.

A little pee here.

A little pee there. (Woof Woof, not me)

Wave at neighbor. (Rambler thinks "God, did I forget to put my bra on? Again!")

It was going as expected. Woof Woof was content. Leaving his mark on every.single.tree.possible.

And out of nowhere a ninja black cat flies out of bush of oblivion and onto Woof Woof's back. (No sheeshing you guys....SERIOUSLY!)

Rambler kicks crazy ninja cat off Woof Woof.

Crazy ninja cat attacks Rambler (Oh yes)

Woof Woof turns from little 17 pound dog into some freakish Freddy Kruger Nightmare on Elm Street and attacks crazy ninja cat while it takes one last swipe at Woof Woof while Rambler tries freaked outedly (my new word) to shake off crazy ninja cat.

It decides it's had enough and declaws itself from Ramblers leg and hisses scarier then a cobra snake at Woof Woof. And takes off.

Rambler picks up Woof Woof and runs for her life back to her front door where she frantically calls boyfriend (now husband) at work. He comes home to investigate. Rambler stays behind and just peers out the window. She wishes him Godspeed. And maybe he should wear some kind of protective armor.

Just in case.

Sherlock boyfriend comes home heated and spits out a neighbor feeds stray ninja cats and that ninja cat was only protecting her young and so attacked. And accused Woof Woof and Rambler of causing hate and discontent in the common area. Can you believe it?

The proper channels were then taken. Not much happened except Humane Society placing cages around and dirty looks between crazy neighbor lady feeding cats and Team Ramblers home.

They still lurk. Even years later. Ninja cat has birthed many new generations of new rouge cats. Woof Woof pleads for a rematch.....but not on Ramblers watch.

It's just safer that way.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Think About It Thursdays....#12...Asking for help?

I really want to thank EVERYONE last week that answered in last week's What If for Think about It Thursdays. I was really wow wow'd by some of your answers. And to those that branched off and wrote a whole post on your What If moment.

Read below some of the comments that made me say wow.

OliveStreetStudio said...

OK- here is one- kinda the opposite- if I HADN"T had sex with my husband that one night when I was seething mad at him, I wouldn't have my BEAUTIFUL daughter today. Mind you, this came after 3 years of infertility and failed treatments. I'm SO HAPPY about that night on the couch! :-0

(I am soooo glad that worked out for you!!)

Amy said...

If my nephew hadn't woken up to eat that night in December 2007 to eat, the entire family (my sister, BIL, and 4 other nephews) may have died in the house fire.

Some babies truly are angels.

(Yes they are Amy. Yes they are!)
Funny in my mind said...

If I had gone to the hospital to see my mother before the unexpected heart failure and ensuing life support and death, I would have been able to see her and talk to her and instead spent too much time working at the stupid restaurant that was staffed. I will not ever feel good about this.

(Funny...((HUGS))...we could have some serious convo's about this one. I, too, did not see my father at the end and it's a heavy bag of burdens I carry to this day)
MammaDucky said...

What if my OB hadn't INSISTED that I have a c-section less than 24hrs after my 39 wk appt. with Pickles? If I had tried to labor (which I was hell bent on), would the knot in his cord (and cord around his neck-neither of which were known about until he was born) have tightened? Would we have lost him?
Another "what if" that CONSTANTLY plays in my mind is the, what if hubby hadn't made it home from the war. So many didn't. Where would my life have gone?

(Mamma...I've loved you forever...and am happy that this did not play out the other way. Thought of you today when a big ass SUV drove past me with a big SO-CAL sticker on the back window.)

On to this weeks question that I picked out of the book this week.

Is it easy for you to accept help when you need it? Will you ask for help?



Comment. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An old post revisited....A Snow day in Hell.

I'm a little tired this week. And any creative juices that should be running through this body of mine is all dried up.

But first....my darling niece who I call Vai Vai is turning ONE today. I can't believe it! I seems like just yesterday we had a big family trip and her mother Antibloggedy saying..."I'm pregnant". So if you don't mind real quickly after reading the post today....stop by Anti's blog and wish my niece a Happy Birthday? (Pleeeeeeasssseeeee)

Don't you just want to snuggle with this little girl?

So on to a rerun of an old post. Actually it's one of my favorites.


Originally written November 14, 2008.

Destination: Northstar, Lake Tahoe
Objective: To break every bone of spirit and humility in Ramblers body
Age: 28

I was inspired by Ben at No Ordinary Rollercoaster to write about MY experience on the slopes. (thanks buddy, for the regurgitation!)

About 17-20 of us congregated in the Tahoe area to do the "family" thing. Of that bunch, it would be my FIRST time in snow. I'm not gonna lie. I was excited.

We arrive at Reno airport and our small caravan of cars drive the hour to our temporary home for the week. I stared out the window on our drive like a kid waiting for Disneyland to appear.

There it is....OMG...there it is...SNOW!!!!!!

My husband asks me to peel my face off the glass.

Flash forward to our first day on the mountain.

It's "recommended" for the first timers to take a series of classes through the day for us newbies. So what if my class included a bunch of 10-12 year olds.

The first class was something like...

"Learn-to-put-your-snowboard-on-the-right-way" class.

No problem. I aced it. I got my good-to-go high five from my 16 year old instructor. Come back in an hour and you'll move on to the "learn-how-to-NOT-slide-down-the-hill-on-your-ass" session.

While I was waiting around (by myself cause remember it's my first time in snow, so the other people with me were skiing/snowboarding like olympic medalists), while one of my boy/man cousins who was on "break" said to come with him. On the "easy" hill.

I stared at it, and the ski lift and felt okay.

I mean, I passed my first class...so what's the big deal?

We stood in line for the lift. I'm not thinking until we get on and I ask him...

ME: "Soo, they turn the lift to super duper slow so you can get off right?"

HIM: "Yeah!." With mock sarcasm.

Panic set in, and in the next 45 seconds he tries to cram the lesson of how to get off the chair when we get to the top. In my frantic state, I recite what he tells me...push your butt toward the edge of the chair, turn in an angle, remember only one foot is in the board, when you get off....wait, what the hell did he say about when I get off...Fricken holy hell, what did he say? Think, think....

Now I want you to imagine this, cause it's exactly how it happened...

I tried to get off the damn chair with panic-ridden determination, I really did. My not strapped in foot didn't know what to do, so I tripped. Yup, tripped. And THEN, I tried to get up and SMACK. Right, the chair behind my chair, right in the head. So, I'm thinking this is what will happen until I clear the whole thing. I start to crawl like an army guy in boot camp doing that crawl in the rain through mud with your guns crawl....(back to me) dragging my foot and snowboard and cursing myself. And then, to add humiliation syrup to my bruised ego pancakes, the ski lift operator (who by the way must have been the twin of my 16 year old instructor), walks over and tells me he has SHUT the lift off until I can get out of the way.

HIM: Do you need help Maam?
ME: O, you shut this monstrosity of metal with seats off?
HIM: Uh, yeah (in that cocky high school tone)
ME: And I'm continuing to crawl like a moron?


Well, after an HOUR of me trying to get DOWN a 2 minute hill, I swear to HOLY God above that I will never go on this again.

Crap, and I've missed my second class.

Third class, and finally an employee of the mountain that is legal to drink is my last instructor for the day. We learn to snowboard down the really really small bump of snow we are learning on called a bunny hill aka the kiddy hill. (That might have helped going down the first time).

Toward the end of the class he tells us we are all going up the Hill of Death.

What girlfriend? (head snap) I don't think so!

After some coaxing and the fact that he was hot and he promised to go on the ski lift with me, I actually convinced myself it would be okay. I don't know what happened but I got on the chair and my foot (damn you, don't you know what to do in the snow?) did something and I was slipping off the chair. The hero hottie that my instructor was tried to save me and we both landed face down in the snow. 5 seconds. That's how long we were on the chair. We barely left the staging area. GEEZUS! And I just know at that moment my hero hottie was questioning his certainty in my ability to be normal.

He said to try again and my slight concussion of a brain said ok...I got on and your not going to believe it but when I got to the top I just threw myself off the chair and did a duck and roll thing. Why fight it? The lift operator wasn't sure to turn off the thing or not.

He did, just because I guess they are taught to recognize crazies on the mountains.

3 times in one day. From one person. Is that a record?

-The Rambler

p.s. Sorry so long (insert guilty cough)


Yeah, pretty much, if you want me to come skiing/snowboarding with you.....I'll be sipping by the fire with hot cocoa (and Kahlua...duh) waiting for your cold butt to finish. Don't forget to say hi to the hottie snowboard instructor for me!

Oh and don't forget....stop by Antibloggedy's blog and spread some birthday comment love to my niece. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goin' to Texas! (Guest Post)

It's about bloggy time my arse got in gear......Shorty @ Securityville

Securityville Button

and I have been talking about doing guests posts for a kinda a while and FINALLY we've completed our masterblogpieces and invite you to read along.

Let's take a visit with my good friend shall we...make yourself comfortable, pull up a tumbleweed, suck on a yum yum margarita and Yeehaw!!

Oh, and WHATEVER you do...Do NOT eat Calf fries....TRUST ME.

And if you, to each their own. Right? :)

Another thing. Stop over at her place and see MY guest post.

Say hello.

Take it away Shorty!!


Let me begin by saying a huge Thank you to The Rambler for taking me on a virtual blog trip to Hawaii today! As a token of my appreciation I am virtually bringing her to Texas! This is the story of what our bloggy friend date included...

The Rambler flew in to DFW International Airport bright and early. Even though she flew in on a private plane, with snacks on board, I took her straight to eat after we grabbed her bag. One can not tour a state as big as Texas on snacks alone! We stopped in at the Dallas Museum of Modern Art to dine at their lovely Atrium Cafe, then check out their King Tut exhibit. I wanted to make sure Rambler saw a bit of beautiful downtown Dallas before I took her to the more traditional Texas environment. Cowtown. Isn't that what all the strangers to Texas picture when they think of our state??? Longhorn cattle, cowboys on horseback and everyone screaming "Yeee haw!" Well, folks...I hate to burst the ever-loving bubble, but we've got sooo much more in Texas than just cowboys and cows. Rambler wanted to get on one of these cud-chewers to have her picture made, but I talked her out of it. I started to stop off at a steakhouse in the Stock Yards so we could order up a round of "Calf Fries" and some super sweet Texas Tea but Rambler mentioned she didn't like to eat things that were named after baby animals. It was probably for the best anyway since she didn't really know what she would be getting. For the record, Calf Fries are really bull testicles. (I TOLD YOU GUYS!!~Rambler) Just dip 'em in a bit of gravy and they taste like chicken! We did stop at the historical Leddy's Western Wear so she could order some custom made cowboy boots. She was in hog heaven, let me tell you! She got to pick out the materials she wanted them made from, the colors & detailing...the whole nine yards. It was a mere$1,000 for her order, but hey...when in virtual reality you can buy what you want, right? Plus, I wanted to make sure she had a truly memorable souvenir from The Lone Star State!

Next we headed South to Austin. As evening was drawing near we looked forward to kicking back in a city that is full of so much diversity, life and excellent music. Plus, that's the Hill Country...a truly beautiful part of Texas. After getting settled in our rooms at the Four Seasons Hotel (they've got the best beds and pillows EVER!) we started walking around downtown Austin. There are tons of places to go to hear live music...any kind you can think of! We had a blast hanging around town amongst the city life, listening to some excellent tunes, having a few totties, and relaxing in style.

The next day we soaked up some of Texas' very cool natural scenery by stopping off at a place called Barton Springs Pool, which is fed by underground springs. The water is a chilly 68 degrees year round...typical Texas river water temp when you're in the Hill Country. It's excellent for cooling off when the temperatures can climb above 100 degrees in the summer. We didn't actually swim since it's not exactly summer yet, but it was a beautiful place to be...

Next stop.... the Alamo! You just can't go to Texas without stopping at our most historical venue ever! The Rambler was dying to be able to say, "Remember the Alamo!" when she got back to Hawaii. We took the official tour, learned about the battle that lives on in history, and walked down to the River Walk to find a lovely spot to eat. And, of course I had to make sure Rambler had one of the best margaritas on earth from the Iron Cactus!

Rambler mentioned that her deadline to get back to Hawaii was fast approaching. Since planes are always on stand-by in Virtual Bloggy World, she was able to leave right from San Antonio. We said our goodbyes on the tarmac, promising to visit each other again very soon. Before I knew it she was off in a flash. I'm hoping she posts on her blog what she really thinks of Texas...was she super excited to get back home, or did she like it enough to want to stay a bit longer next time. We're full of hospitality in the South, and as the saying goes... "Ya'll come back now, ya hear?"


Don't forget....Stop by her place....Right here

Securityville Button

Monday, March 16, 2009

Things that Piss me off at the Movies...

Mama Loco
Okay....it's time for me to share some pet peeves.

Please join Mama Loco over at her place and link up. She gives you total permission to get pissed off wild.

Movie Etiquette
As adhered to by the Rambler

  • At least have some idea when you get to the counter what movie you want. Haven't you seen the trailers? Isn't that why your here? Why are you asking the ticket lady what movie is good?
  • Make sure you have your form of payment in a 5 second or less arm length away.
  • When you go to the condiment counter....BE READY. Nothing sucks more then hitting that smaller line only to discover you've hit the "All UNDECIDED NON EXPRESS LINE"
  • Repeat form of payment rule.
  • Turn the damn cell phone on vibrate. OR even better. OFF. And if you need to take the call. Could you possibly take it......OUTSIDE? Seriously, I don't want to know how your brother in laws girlfriends sister's kid took first at his poetry contest. I paid a gazillion dollars to watch a movie that I don't get to partake in much.
  • Speaking of how much the movies cost....COME ON.
  • And you loud talkers. I don't need to know if you think the actress is smoking hot or "NO, Don't Go In There, It's Scary!"....that should only be heard at Disney movies with my 2 year old.
  • Lastly....am glad this has stopped somewhat....but you annoying red laser light thing people. It's.Not.Funny.It's. Annoying!
Whew....thanks Mama Loco. I needed that one.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yuppers....It's NOT me Mondays.

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend was NOT great.
Not Me Mondays was NOT created by MckMama. Do NOT check her out.
So on to my Not Me's this week.

My Lil Rambler did NOT learn to burp, say Ahhhhh and rub her belly. She did NOT think it was the funniest thing ever.

I did NOT giggle in amusement. What? It was so NOT funny! She's only 2.

I did NOT witness the most God awful outfit worn by a much older lady. I am pretty sure the creator of the outfit was NOT NOT (double negative implying positive connotation) intended for a woman of her age to wear. In fact I'm sure the creator meant it to NOT be for strippers or tricks on the street. (hey, to each their own....I'm just saying...Anyone who knew me would commit me to the crazy farm if I walked out in that. And I'm at least 20 years younger then you.) I kept cringing and wondered if her dried up milk producers were gonna pop out.

I did NOT kick out a scary bum guy from my outside cafe and have my 90 lb bus boy as my backup. (He was so NOT proud. We did NOT bump fists after like "Boss Rambler, I got your back")

I did NOT work 6 long work days this week. Hence my NOT grouchy attitude.

I did NOT almost consider buying the Flirty Exercise DVD program. Can you imagine....this big girl trying to dance it out, chair it out and then pole it out. NOT pretty. NOT pretty at all. No really, it.won't.be.pretty. Just imagine Fat Bastard from Austin Powers. I feel like his twin sisters sometimes.

This would be me if I worked out. But with a bra on!

I did NOT have some margarita's on my one day off this week.

And then did NOT go check out the brand new TARGET that finally fricking opened in the state of Hawaii. Drinking and shopping was NOT interesting.

And finally, I am so NOT annoyed with my husband who left me all the dishes from HIM cooking lunch and dinner today. I only NOT worked 11 hours. After my 10 hour shift yesterday. NO biggie. Irkface!

P.S. I do NOT have a guest post tomorrow from my favorite Bloggy BFF....Shorty. Absolutely do NOT NOT forget to come back tomorrow. Got it?

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random went What If....

Yesterday I posted in my Think About It Thursdays post the loaded question "What If?"

Reading all the comments and 'inspiring' 2 others (Antibloggedy & Lady With a View) to actually write a post on the subject made me feel inspired to do my own list of What Ifs.

So, to share with you in my Friday randomness (and for others please join Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissing Time for other Friday Fragments)

My What Ifs.

What If...

.....My parents never got divorced.

.....My father would have stood up to his girlfriend more and forged a stronger relationship with me and his two other daughters.

.....He never died from cancer my senior year in high school.

.....I actually went to the California for college after I graduated instead of staying for a "boy".

.....I stayed 'true' to said boy instead of finding a new one.

.....I actually stayed in school and got a college education instead of focusing on the 'job education'.

.....I married the wrong person.

.....Did not befriend my new roommate.

.....I never took the chance to do what I wanted for the first time as an adult.

.....I listened to the person that said I couldn't do it by myself.

.....Never started a relationship with new roommate and eventually marry him.

All of this, every single WHAT IF has lead me to the absolute reason for the path I am on.

My kid.

Changing just one thing above would change this one absolute truth in my life.

No regrets.

Just the life journey I have chosen to walk-crawl-sprint-mad dash on to meet the most beautiful person who would come into my life.

Think About It Thursdays.....#11...What If?

Wow....thank you so much bloggy friends for all the comments last week....so hard to just pick one...lemme see, lemme see.....last weeks question was....

"Have you ever loaned money to someone, only to not get it returned? And then it become a subject slightly uncomfortable to bring up when said loan repayment is well overdue? Sometimes to never get it back? Or have you been THAT person?"

Most of you agreed on the the standard code of "Don't loan if you can't afford to not get it back". And I have to agree. Not that I have much money but I would gladly loan it to family and certain friends no question asked. (And NO Antibloggedy, you don't owe me money. I thought I owed YOU money?) But Midlife had this to say about it....

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

You know Rambling Thoughts, I used to be the loaner....not the loanee. I used to "loan" a little money to a friend of mine quite often. Of course I never saw a dime of that back. It was really uncomfortable when I finally had to tell her that I just couldn't loan her anymore. She actually got mad!
Don't hear from her much these days. Whatever......that's not much of a friend anyway, right?

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Totally agree Reggie Girl!


So on to this week's question.

"Tell me about your What If moment? Like if I hadn't eaten that last doughnut I wouldn't be 100 pounds overweight, OR, if I had left 5 minutes earlier I would have been in that horrible accident I came upon."

You get the point.

So spill blog friends.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wanted.....Your Questions. My Answers.

A new blog, Muppet Soul, that I started reading (er, more stalking like a dog to trashcans) left me a funny comment to my Procrastination post:

"Maybe we should ask you questions.

Or tell you what to write.

Or attach a cattle prod to you.

No? Too much pressure?"

And I thought.

You know what? She's so all sorts of right. Sooooooooo......

Inspire me! Ask me, tell me, prod me like cattle....(wait, how about hold a Starbucks Grande Espresso Truffle Coffee & a Chocolate Crossiant over my face while I jump for it). What do you want to know? Or is there a subject you'd wonder how I'd spin my version of it?

Fist pound to the heart at ya Muppet Soul. Thanks girl!

Check her out. She wrote the FUNNIEST post here on a question I had given her. Seriously if you want to laugh about bumping into celebrities in her hometown of Hollywood. Go. Right now.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Procrastination....can be so tiring.

I have several posts just waiting for me to finish.

The Procrastination Bug has bit me in the arse....

I have a Guest Post I'm doing for my Bloggy BFF Shorty at Securityville. And I keep adding, taking away, changing the word, etc....so please look for that coming up!!