Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goin' to Texas! (Guest Post)

It's about bloggy time my arse got in gear......Shorty @ Securityville

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and I have been talking about doing guests posts for a kinda a while and FINALLY we've completed our masterblogpieces and invite you to read along.

Let's take a visit with my good friend shall we...make yourself comfortable, pull up a tumbleweed, suck on a yum yum margarita and Yeehaw!!

Oh, and WHATEVER you do...Do NOT eat Calf fries....TRUST ME.

And if you, to each their own. Right? :)

Another thing. Stop over at her place and see MY guest post.

Say hello.

Take it away Shorty!!


Let me begin by saying a huge Thank you to The Rambler for taking me on a virtual blog trip to Hawaii today! As a token of my appreciation I am virtually bringing her to Texas! This is the story of what our bloggy friend date included...

The Rambler flew in to DFW International Airport bright and early. Even though she flew in on a private plane, with snacks on board, I took her straight to eat after we grabbed her bag. One can not tour a state as big as Texas on snacks alone! We stopped in at the Dallas Museum of Modern Art to dine at their lovely Atrium Cafe, then check out their King Tut exhibit. I wanted to make sure Rambler saw a bit of beautiful downtown Dallas before I took her to the more traditional Texas environment. Cowtown. Isn't that what all the strangers to Texas picture when they think of our state??? Longhorn cattle, cowboys on horseback and everyone screaming "Yeee haw!" Well, folks...I hate to burst the ever-loving bubble, but we've got sooo much more in Texas than just cowboys and cows. Rambler wanted to get on one of these cud-chewers to have her picture made, but I talked her out of it. I started to stop off at a steakhouse in the Stock Yards so we could order up a round of "Calf Fries" and some super sweet Texas Tea but Rambler mentioned she didn't like to eat things that were named after baby animals. It was probably for the best anyway since she didn't really know what she would be getting. For the record, Calf Fries are really bull testicles. (I TOLD YOU GUYS!!~Rambler) Just dip 'em in a bit of gravy and they taste like chicken! We did stop at the historical Leddy's Western Wear so she could order some custom made cowboy boots. She was in hog heaven, let me tell you! She got to pick out the materials she wanted them made from, the colors & detailing...the whole nine yards. It was a mere$1,000 for her order, but hey...when in virtual reality you can buy what you want, right? Plus, I wanted to make sure she had a truly memorable souvenir from The Lone Star State!

Next we headed South to Austin. As evening was drawing near we looked forward to kicking back in a city that is full of so much diversity, life and excellent music. Plus, that's the Hill Country...a truly beautiful part of Texas. After getting settled in our rooms at the Four Seasons Hotel (they've got the best beds and pillows EVER!) we started walking around downtown Austin. There are tons of places to go to hear live music...any kind you can think of! We had a blast hanging around town amongst the city life, listening to some excellent tunes, having a few totties, and relaxing in style.

The next day we soaked up some of Texas' very cool natural scenery by stopping off at a place called Barton Springs Pool, which is fed by underground springs. The water is a chilly 68 degrees year round...typical Texas river water temp when you're in the Hill Country. It's excellent for cooling off when the temperatures can climb above 100 degrees in the summer. We didn't actually swim since it's not exactly summer yet, but it was a beautiful place to be...

Next stop.... the Alamo! You just can't go to Texas without stopping at our most historical venue ever! The Rambler was dying to be able to say, "Remember the Alamo!" when she got back to Hawaii. We took the official tour, learned about the battle that lives on in history, and walked down to the River Walk to find a lovely spot to eat. And, of course I had to make sure Rambler had one of the best margaritas on earth from the Iron Cactus!

Rambler mentioned that her deadline to get back to Hawaii was fast approaching. Since planes are always on stand-by in Virtual Bloggy World, she was able to leave right from San Antonio. We said our goodbyes on the tarmac, promising to visit each other again very soon. Before I knew it she was off in a flash. I'm hoping she posts on her blog what she really thinks of Texas...was she super excited to get back home, or did she like it enough to want to stay a bit longer next time. We're full of hospitality in the South, and as the saying goes... "Ya'll come back now, ya hear?"


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Tooj said...

What a lovely virtual tour...but Shorty....I really DO think that TX is full of cows, countryside and cowboys! I mean...you've named schools "Longhorns" and "Red Raiders"...."Aggies". The only thing that would lead me to think we might be in Colorado or Montana (countryside, again) are the Bears from Baylor! :) I didn't know about those springs pool. Interesting. *noted*

Wayne said...

hey thankyou so much for visiting and becoming a follower and I love your joke.

Ill post a link on it for you to your site. you can post it on your page if you like

Take care I hope you will join in tell a joke tuesday next week also

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour! I wanna stay at that Barton pool place.

Anonymous said...

I want to come to Texas and do all of that (minus the bull testicles). Let's not even go to a restaurant serving those.

The Bush Family said...

Awesome guest post!!!! Brightened my crazy day!! :)


Anonymous said...

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