Thursday, April 30, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #17.....You. Real Life. Blog Life.

Hey Hey Bloggy loves.

Thanks to those that participated by commenting on last weeks Are you a Fake Polite?

Some of your comments.
Controlling My Chaos said...

Yes, totally. Like when you see someone and you, in your most chipper voice, ask "How are you?!" And then they start to tell you and you're like Oh, crap, I really don't care. But I would never say it, I just listen and wait, and nod in all the right places, while my stomach churns and I think about everything else I SHOULD be doing right then. Yeah, I do that.

Giggle. Giggle. Giggle. Just happened to me TODAY. And not ONE frickin employee jumped to save my butt. Clueless bunch they are.

Kalei said...

ALL THE TIME (me shouting). Like when I "run" into someone in the grocery store, then you find yourself saying goodbye only to follow them on the same path to the next food item, then you continue talking saying goodbye, finally someone cuts it short to go to the veggies, even though they have the veggies, just to get away, and say "Oh, I have to go this way,(in a sulken sort of way)" and "It was REALLY great seeing you"(in a really excited happy way)....then you end up in the check out together....."yikes!"

LMAO!!!! We ARE sisters! (No, really. This is my fo' real sister)
Wifey said...

Too funny. I've been known to turn on my "PR" voice from time to time. Shh... don't tell, it'll ruin my reputation.

Winks & Smiles,

Your secret is safe with us :)

My question I thought of while driving home from work last night......

"Are you as forthcoming in REAL LIFE as you are in your BLOG LIFE?"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Short post today....boys, boys, boys

Tonight at work, one of my servers was taking care of a large group of late teens/early 20's. One of the pretty girls (as all my male staff were drooling over them) in the party had a question that the manager (ME) needed to answer.

Me: Which girl is it?
Male Server: The girl wearing no bra.
Me: Um, what?
Male Server: Uh, the one with the holes in the side of her shirt.....and no bra.
Me: Erm, could you maybe more color of her shirt? (as I imagine myself scanning every girl trying to figure out who wasn't wearing a bra. And had holes in their shirt)
Male Server: Oh, the ONLY girl wearing pink.


He could have just said the girl wearing pink, but his first description is no bra.


Just watched this movie Superbad this past weekend while being lazy and this part almost made me spit popcorn out my nose. (ouch) I don't know why. Maybe because it's totally awkward, and it's so high school.. 27 seconds of your time is all it will waste. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where my brain went while sitting in traffic.

Sitting in my car waiting in traffic. Trying to get to a work out I didn't really want to do.

Texting people from work, Real Life Diet buddy on my status of snail crawl speed my Explorer was making, my mother, blah, blah, blah. (Look it was a LONG drive to the park of I'll make your feet hurt)

For some reason I went back in time and chuckled a bit on how much my not so tech savvy self has come.

I start with me being introduced to my mothers Hewlett Packard Computer that had about 1/18th the memory my current computer has. (Don't ask me...I'm not into the 800 gig this, 1,000,000 mb whatever that).

I had discovered AOL. And it's wondrous thing...Instant Messaging and Email. I couldn't wait to get home everyday and turn on the HP and wait 5 minutes for it to warm up and come alive. Oh glorious times.

Then I bugged the holy crap out of my mother to puhleassseeeeee purchase the newest and latest gizmo for teens and young 20 somethings. It was no longer the thing for the telephone repair guys to have hooked to their work belts.

My Beegeesus...the numbers that could spell messages! I couldn't live without this thing! And the oh so cool colors like transparent (so you could see how marvelous it was inside??). I was cleaning a work drawer and found one the other day and I stared at it like it was completely foreign to me. I don't even think I would remember how to operate it.

The high school to right after high school boyfriend had moved to Japan for wrestling (WWF style but Japan style) and we racked up the phone bill past my mothers boiling point. His calls came when he could get a moment through his workouts and strict house rules of being focused on wrestling. Sometimes I'd miss them. Oh, the pain. The agony. The roll of my mothers eyes.

We were perusing through Radio Shack and low and behold. A phone that you didn't need to be plugged into my kitchen wall. One that could be taken IN the car...hooked up to the fricking lighter thing....WOW. I don't know how, but we walked out of there with it. My mother. The single mom just trying to survive 3 daughters.
It came with it's own backpack. Everyone knew I had it. I wanted everyone to know i had it. We all wanted everyone to know we all had it. It served it's purpose. You big beautiful phone you.

I snap back to sitting back in my car. I chuckle as I cradle my sweet Boyphone and tell it we've come such a long way.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A list of crap about me for YOU to read....Beware.

I think about once a month I feel the bloggy blues. I search for things to write. A zillion things inspire a topic but when I attempt to write it doesn't quite flow out as nicely as I'd like.

So I think I'll gladly do this meme I've been tagged to do. (ahem, can someone tell me what the hell meme stands for? I'm slightly blog stupid-o.)

Thank you to my twinkie The RaMbLeR (long story, but we have the same blog name and found each other a while back and LOVEEEE like long lost sisters)

and to Olive Street Studios ( I just love the word Olive since I saw it in a movie with Diane Keaton and dang it what's her name...The Other Sister...anyway they say Olive Juice if your saying I love you across a room to someone and it looks more like I love you. Weird, but hey, that's me.)

And off we go.

8 Things I'm looking forward to.

1. My fat ass going away.
2. My post pregnant stomach going away. (Buh bye)
3. My rubber tire hips going away.
4. The double chin that has made a home under my face only when I take pictures.
5. The day I can have a cheeseburger and not freak out it's gonna bring the weight back on.
6. When I can buy a shirt with buttons and not worry my boobies will pop them off. (some may find this attractive, but I'll go with depressing)
7. When I can put jeans on and they zip up without me sucking in.
8. When I can come back to this list and say. Done, done, done, done, done, done, done AND DONE!

8 things I did yesterday.

1. Woke up at 10 am.
2. Couldn't believe that my husband cooked breakfast for himself and Lil Rambler. (What?)
3. Took my kid to the tot park.
4. Read a book under a tree while she played.
5. Squeezed my fat butte on the slide with her. (And actually went down)
6. Thought it would be good to put back in my contacts after 3 days of eye glass wearing (hate it, but I was sick and my eyes were pissed and wanted them OUT)
7. Couldn't figure out why my new contact in my right eye kept hurting.
8. Didn't realize until today that apparently I didn't see the slit right in the middle of the lens. DAMN all to expensive Holy Contact hell! That was $10 for one contact down the hole. Ugh.

8 things I wish I could do

1. Own a home in the near future rather then the far future.
2. More time with my Lil Rambler.
3. A job that paid me what I'm worth.
4. Some writing conglomerate CEO to see my blog and say they want to make some of my posts into a book. (HA)
5. Buy a Wii Fit. I suppose a Wii first would make more sense.
6. A marathon. Or at least one of those walks.
7. Not be so insecure sometimes.
8. Confront my fathers girlfriend and ask why it was the way it was. (Heavy, I know.)

8 shows I watch

1. American Idol. (of course you'd know this if you've been reading me back when AI started. Right Sticky?)
2. The Mentalist.
3. The Office. (I have mad crush love for Jim)
4. 30 Rock (I'm fascinated with Alec Baldwins character, Jack. Why? It is what it is. And Tina Fey...she ROCKS.)
5. The Life of Old Christine. (Julia Dreyfuss makes me laugh sooooo funny hard)
6. Cold Case. (I like the solving of old cases.)
7. Wow Wow Wubzy (my kids show...that we watch ALLLLLL the TIMEEEE)
8. How I met your Mother. (Doogie Rules)

8 people to tag....

1. Muppet Soul
2. Anti-Supermom
3. Definitely Debilyn
4. For My Four
5. Girl in the Glasses.
6. Housewife Savant
7. I come to the Garden
8. In my mind it's always Funny.

Whew...who ever made this one up...Geesh, couldn't it have been a teeny bit shorter?

Here's to another week.

P.S. I'm down a total of 5 pounds now. Woot Woot.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guest Post: How I saved my sisters Wedding...

Rambler peeps, meet my sister.

Sister, meet my Rambler peeps.

You gotta love a sister that steps in when you've had a crap week.

Hello Everyone! (me you!)

My name is Kalei....I mean "Antibloggedy", don't tell anyone my real name. (link to me here-cheesy plug for myself).
One of the things about me is I am a Rambling type (geez, think it runs in the family?). Only my ramblings usually occur in my head...."the inner monologue".
Here's how that goes:
My Sister, Rambler: "hey, wanna do a guest post for me?"
Me:"sure"..... I was really excited. (cheesy smile)

That was yesterday.

Today, via text: "did you finish that guest post?"
Me: "working on it now"

Actually, I was not working on it, I hadn't even thought about it since saying "sure".....(don't tell her). So really when I got the text my inner monologue sounded something like this:

"Oh Shiznet! I gotta write something.....!" " yikes! She wants me to be funny!"
........Are you laughing yet? didn't think so. OOOOh all right, I will tell you a dirty joke.

Actually its the joke I told Rambler when I was walking her down the aisle on her wedding day. The purpose was to keep her from crying.

Let me set the scene:

Beautiful Hawaiian Afternoon, Rambler in her Pretty White gown. The family on white chairs in the open landscape surrounded by Mountains & Ocean Breezes: Here is a picture:

Nice right?!
That's our grandparents on the seats, and my Mom, her siblings, and of course the Bride and Groom.

It rained the whole couple days before then, that morning, it cleared up! It was just beautiful!....I know I know I am getting to the joke. Just hang in there. =). I have to tell you a little about me too.
I am one of the appropriate people in the whole wide world.....

(not really)
(smile, quit laughing, this isn't the joke, it really hurt!)...yes, that's me.

.....Actually, I do not swear.....welllll, Hardly ever! I keep the mouth clean. Its not lady like. I just wanted to get that straight.

So anyways:

We were walking down the aisle, My mother on her Right and me on the Left (or was it the other way around?....hmmm, Rambler can clear that up later).....We walked out toward the supporters, and tears started to flow....very emotional giving your only favorite big sis away:

Me to Rambler: I thought of the joke....
Rambler: What?
Me: Well I asked around and it took me weeks.....
Rambler: What joke?
Me: the one to keep you from crying when we approach "Mr. Rambler"
Rambler: What is it? (she was not really focused....she had her eye on the prize.)
Me: Well I want mom to hear it too.
Rambler: Mom, can you hear her?
Mom: Girls, lets focus (maybe I added this, but she would totally say something like this.)

Me: What "Has Relations" (insert F word here) like a tiger and winks.....

Mom and Rambler in unison: WHAT!?

Me: "Wink"

.....And that is how I saved her Wedding. =)

Antibloggedy (smile) Waving goodbye.

It's been fun! Have a great weekend!


Think About It Thursdays #16....Are you a faker?


Happy Birthday to my Mom today!! I LOVE YOU!!


Thoroughly enjoyed every ones comments from last weeks how honest do you want your friends question.

Here are some for YOUR enjoyment.

DiPaola Momma said...

I'd only want them to be honest when I asked for it. Otherwise... lie to me, I promise I'll believe it.

Is that sad or what? I just don't think that because someone sees you a certain way it means that is who or what you really are... Like I see myself as a five foot nine inch, tan, blonde, skinny super model with the brains of a Harvard grad and the humor of George Carlin.. and well MAYBE sometimes I might not quite be that.. MAYBE! What do you think? No don't tell me. Alright, tell me but LIE.

Girl, your SO five nine and all that and a bag of chips. :)
Martha said...

Probably, "Eff you, now give me a hug."

Martha....CLASSIC answer. LOVE it!
BlogBaby said...

Well we all know that I am freakin' perfection on two legs so I have nothing to fear except strangers gawking at my cuteness...back off people..

As for my BabyMama, she ONLY wants to be told what she wants to hear. Brutal honesty is what you share with God, everyone else gets a "colored" version. That's what makes the world a happy place.

"colored" version works for me Blogbaby!
Sherendipity said...

I don't have any friends, and all my acquaintances think I'm a, No. Absolutely not.
Ignorance is bliss.

Oh I love thee.


This weeks question....

Do you frequently find yourself -just to be polite- saying things you don't mean?

For example....when you say goodbye to someone that doesn't interest you, do you act as though you enjoyed their company?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Nothing yet. you count the lizards humping on the newly power washed sidewalk something?

I got something heavy on my mind that I need to do for a friend tomorrow.

Wish me strength bloggy friends.

For myself.

And for my friend.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I hate dentists....and they hate me.

No question.

I'm the world's worst dental patient.


No, really. EVERRRRRR.

I'm 17 and haven't been at the dentist in over 2 years. Creative manipulation of a poor overworked single mother (guilt-ridden over this...I'm so gonna get mine with Lil Rambler).

The kind pediatric dentist that really "understood" me had to pass me on to his nephew because I was a 'big girl' now.

No. No I'm Not. You know this. That's why I squeeze myself in the kiddie chair at 17 to have YOU work on my mouth. YOU have magic fingers. I go to a place filled with unicorns and rainbows when YOU stick that damn drill in my mouth.

Nephew nothing like his uncle. He's the most impatient person you could give an anxiety filled teenager like myself.

We knew there would be trouble when I gagged aggressively while X-raying my mouth and the X-ray thingies flew out of my mouth and hit the wall.

Several times.

Sheeshnacks hit the fan when he told me I needed a root canal. The only memory I recalled of a root canal was a story my father told another friend about that being the worst thing to ever have done at the dentist. I believe I heard this story in like '79 at the age of 4 but somehow felt like in '93 they still used the same methods as the first dentists to graduate from dental school.

I panicked.

I came up with several excuses someone my age could come up with.

"I have prom coming up." (his eyebrows went up while he sharpened his mean evil dental tools)

"My B-Ball tournament is tomorrow."
(The bastard actually holds the needle to numb my mouth so I can see it....seriously do you want me to faint right here?)

"My boyfriend and I have plans" ( promise I won't...Ouch...)

"My mother won't be able to drive me here"
(And my mouth has been injected. He walks out to wait out for the numbing to work its way to make me sound like a moron on a drunken rampage)

He drills.

He drills some more.

He yanks on my mouth.

He puts some fake puddy in the hole he just put in my bad tooth.

I need to come back for part two. He says VERY IMPORTANT.

1.5 years later (oh yes....that long. I'm stupid like that.) my fake temporary tooth cracks. I go into complete pain, and have to call the dentist.

He was NOT happy.

I got a lecture. What part of come back for Part Two did I not understand.

I didn't eff up the part one of two that bad that he could do the part two part. (you get that?)

To do this root canal they had to put a plastic dam shield (keep crap from going down my throat) with a clamp on the tooth he needed to work on. This is shoved in my mouth as far back in as he could get it without suffocating me.

Whatever I do, per him, I must let him finish the whatever was so important part or he'll have to start again.

Gagger + Mouth breather= choking on spit accumulating on plastic dam dripping down my throat.

He was frantic and quickly tried to finish as I dry heaved in the seat with this contraption clamped to my mouth with a clamp handle ready to puncture a hole in the plastic dam and go down my throat.

He BEGS for 45 more seconds.

I Dry Heave more.

It's a no go.

Very unhappy dentist.

Second time around proved better but has put him late for his next appointment.

I just had to come back for my crown to pop on and he made it clear that this situation would be a repeat if I didn't come back to get this done.

I listened.

Seriously if you see me in your dentists office waiting room.

For your own safety.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dang....don't mess with the She-hulk who's on a diet.

I'm always looking for visuals to post along with the ramblings that I type ferociously through these tired fingers of mine. I typed in female Hulk and got, it works.

Trying out my friends Wii Fit game yesterday just validated that One...I need that stinking game....Two, when the stupid thing gasped "Ohhhh" when I stepped on it I knew I needed to lose the poundage. (I flipped it the finger a couple times).

The diet is going to get an ass kicking tonight. We are walking the "How much more can I possibly sweat" kind of walk with Real Life Diet Buddy. A car in the middle of walk might prove to be useful. (eh, what do you want from us, it's a long walk)

I've really changed the way I've been eating. (Groan, mumble, grrrrr.)


It's been working. Because the freaking scale told me yesterday I lost 2 pounds after 6 days of not shoving fried/baked with a pound of butter & sugar/doused in syrup/ bubbly cans of Coke crap in my mouth.

This body has been pooping out anything that comes in the color green or classified as fruit. (What?....TMI?)

Water and I have agreed to disagree that I must learn to love him. I must. (whatever, fine. I'm squeezing lemon though....I draw the line)

So, dear bloggy pals, wish me luck!

And always....Mondays are dedicated to Stellan. Wishing him and MckMama hugs and kisses today.

Prayers for Stellan

Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Friday Stuff....couldn't be a more boring post title if I tried.

My boss (male) and I (female) were trying to download my videos from my Boyphone (lust crush name for my IPhone for you newbies) to the computer. Instructions on a website gave us a web address to try to use.

Insert web address.

Up pops up some Asian Naked chic groping her boob.

Nervous giggle.

From boss. too.

Um, Can you say Awkward?

speaking of boobs, check out blogbaby's post on boobs. I laughed soooooo hard.


Tired Mommy Moment.

Picked up kid from Nana's house. Go to store for diapers. Walk out of store. Stared at reflection in car window. Somehow placed hair clip in hair in a way only to be worn at home, after a wrestling match with 2 year old Toddla from Crazy Town.

Clears up why the cashier guy wouldn't look me in the eye.


WHY WHY WHY if I am shopping at Sam's Club/Costco for supplies at work (I run a restaurant) and I use a flatbed to push the more than normal items do people find it OKAY to stare at me. At least say..."Where's the party?" Or "Stocking up for Hurricane season!"

Don't just stare. And don't look surprised if I stare back and lip the words WHAT.


I did something a couple weeks ago.

I took off the word verification and moderating all the comments. So far. (cross fingers) Nothing to report except how awesome it is to not get double the email sitting in my inbox waiting to be deleted.

I'm such a lazy email inbox cleaner upper. Ask my BFF. I won't even show her my inbox. Or my purse. Or my wallet. God I love her.


Another Tired Mommy Moment.

Got confused and wondered why it seemed odd I was throwing away Lil Ramblers dirty diaper away in the fridge. Closed the door. Stood there. A moment of absolute confusion. It hurt my brain trying to figure out what was not right.

Repeat backwards what I just did to understand slowly what went wrong.

Open fridge.

:Shaking head:

Throw away stupid diaper.


Diet 13653709387978 is going well. Me and Real Life diet buddy have started our food journals.
My body is not pissed yet.

I'm sure in a couple days when Sweet Sweet love of carbonated beverages Pepsi/Coke haven't come to visit my body the evil Hulk like Rambler will come out. Sure of it.


Did I mention my husband is coming home this Saturday after 18 days gone? Lil Rambler is beyond excited!! 21 minutes of her on my Boyphone (while Mama Rambler paced nervously hoping she didn't hurt him...the Boyphone) telling her father.

"DDadddddyyyyyy?....blah, blah, Momma rocks, blah, blah, blah, blah, Momma rocks, blah, blah, blah.....Daddyyyyyyyy."

(What?...I do rock!)

Insert Smirk.


Maybe I need Andy over at Finding Fairy Tales to write my post titles. She's one of my favorite swear wording blogs to read. Seriously. And she always has the most wickedly awesome titles.


Here's to a stellar diet friendly weekend. (grrrrrr)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #15....What your friends might say?

Thanks to everyone for your comments on last week's question.

I want to say in response to most of the comments that....

We all at some point in our life take a step off the path we want to lead, full of success, happiness, kindness, goodness, devotion, loyalty, etc.

But then, we step back on, with a deeper knowledge full of experience of the 'other' side that strengthens our drive to move in the direction we want for ourselves on 'this' side. Whatever that may be.

On to this week's question straight from the book.

"If your friends and acquaintances were willing to bluntly and honestly tell you what they really thought of you, would you want them to? What do you think they might say?"

That's a scary thought.

Your turn.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Letter...from the past.

I always liked this post that I wrote back in 2005....geesh...seems so long ago. In blog years, no?

Enjoy people. I did.

Originally posted May 11, 2005

Dear Mr. Car Thief,

To the Car Thief Club of America, (Hawaii local chapter preferably)

I just wanted to write your wonderful organization to thank you for all the great work your club performs. I realize you all work so hard, and no one takes the time to appreciate all that you do.

If it wasn't for someone in your Hawaii Car Thief Club actually taking my 8 month pregnant cousin's car from her home, she wouldn't have gone through all the stress that is needed at someone in her stage. I'm so sorry that you guys couldn't have kept the car longer, but the cops are so pesky with things like that. Oh yeah and don't worry about the hundreds of cigarette butts you left in her car, or dirty shoe marks all over the place. It helped her gain insightful knowledge that cars are meant for careless joyriding and massive chain smoking which results in her car having a dual purpose of also being an ashtray. And we thought you could only use the small little ashtray provided under the stereo. How could I forget, it wasn't even an inconvenience for her family to help shuttle her to and from work. No one minded that they had to get up earlier or to go without a car for the day. In fact, I am sure it made them so much closer as a family.

Your generosity did not stop there...No it didn't.

My baby sister who works full time, AND goes to college full time got the amazing gift of you guys TWICE. She was bummed you didn't' actually take her car though, but she' not complaining. She wants to thank you because she really didn't' want to take her final that morning. She was hoping she could prolong her school career this semester even if only for a couple more days.

It was like Christmas when she opened her door to discover that things were not as she had left them the night before! You kindly helped her dispose of her car registration, car safety check, CD's, CAR STEREO (who needs those anyway, you should be focusing on driving anyway!), and her paddle she uses for her outrigger (canoe) club. If it wasn't for you, she wouldn't have gotten to experience the joys of standing in line at the DMV to replace her car registration.

Well, my gratitude could go on til no end, but the letter has to end somewhere!


A most humble Rambler

P.S. If I ever get the pleasure of meeting the fine people responsible for all these acts, I will stick my foot so far up their ass, you'll see it coming out of their mouth! Have a wonderful day! :o)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The scale doesn't lie....

Madagascar almost had me with your song. You sly Motomoto you!

It's official.

Today marks the first day of Diet 1356387394889 of my life.

I will not make this journey alone. A real life friend has decided to join in as well.

Her identity will be completely classified, as not to harm Rambler at future socializing events. But may make appearances on Ramblers blog to give you updates on my waistline that hasn't seen the light of day since I was pregnant.

I may have worn my swimsuit bottom ONCE cause it sucked in my stomach one day and I really didn't have time to get one of those fancy smancy suck in panty hose spanx things you nonfat ones wear.

You know, so that I looked more elephant and not too hippopatamus.

Whoa, where'd that come from. Sugar induced maybe?

The day started off with Real Life Friend and I texting in the morning. How our weekend went, a little gossip here, a little I need to stop eating there, let's diet together....starting tomorrow, are you serious, yah I'm serious, you serious, yah...holy crap are we really doing this? Yes.We.Are.

By the end of the night we had sent several messages of our food binging of the day.

We called it our farewell party to frenemy named Fatty.

Let me tell you. I couldn't have picked a better partner to lose some of this nonsense that has taken hostage of my buttocks, hips and space formerly known as the stomach.

We can do this. Because she completes me.

Or maybe because I'm the whiny lame-o that cries it hurts and she tells me to SUCK IT UP.

The next serious holiday that goes hand in hand with candy and anything sugar is Halloween? Right? So we have a fighting chance.

She listed 20 pounds for her goal.

I listed 13 for start with...and then another 13 after that. And then maybe another 13 after that. Baby (elephant) steps I say.

Please see my 5 things I will vow to change.

1. Drink more water....and less Pepsi/Coke. It is my kryptonite folks. This is a tough one.

2. Eat more salads, fruits and veggies. (It takes 4 more seconds to park the car and go in the store to get healthier items than cruise into the drive thru at McDonalds right next door.)

3. Exercise. Mondays will be part of our weekly routine and commitment for Real Life Friend and I exercising together. God help her to help me to help us to....whatever.

4. For the next 2 weeks, journal the crap that goes in my mouth.

5. I will NOT quit.

I want to open the door of smaller clothes that sit there, waiting for me. Whispering my name and saying.....

wearrrrr meeeeeee, before weeee go outttaaaaa styleeeeeee.

Monday, April 13, 2009

After Bunny blues....

(not my child but could be a ringer for how mine DOES look.)

Nothing much to report here in Ramblerland.

The kid is in a chocolate bunny induced sleep slumber yelling "No, No, bunny...Stop."

(and yes, I wiped the chocolate off her face...what kind of mother do you think I am? Woof Woof, go lick it off real quick before someone checks Lil Ramblers face...go....good dog)

I had to work.

Daddy Rambler still on work trip.

My poor mother. She had Nana Duty.

She videotaped everything, cared for a very rambunctious 2 year old with enough energy to kick the Energizer Bunny's ass, and dealt with constant mommy call ins for a play by play on moments I was missing.

Nana Rambler said Lil Rambler was like this crazy tracker hunting eggs with her little cousins.

Words, heard while on phone with Nana Rambler during egg hunt, screamed/whined/spoken in child language:


No. Miiinneeee.

No, wait, me me me (my kid not gotten the word mine down totally)

Eggs?....Ewwww...ohhhh....chocolate....(or more like.....chdjhdhsighlwsdlate)...NICEEEE.

Mommmmmm, I only have two!!!

Lil Rambler, SHARE PLEASE.

Um, (Nana's Sister to Nana), we must hide eggs again, they were too fast. :)
Ages 2-4 so it worked a second time too.


I'm trying REAL hard to behave and not even look in her Easter goodie stash.

I saw photos of myself and swore not to eat until the skinny bitch in me comes screaming out yelling...FINALLY!!!


FINE, I'm putting the bowl of cereal down.

To finish typing this sentence.

When I'm done with it, me and the rescue team will come after YOU.

We're coming Skinny B....


P.S....Keep this guy in your thoughts....

Prayers for Stellan

Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy sheshnacks go check out this giveaway...

So one of my favorite places to go crazy and unwind my pissy self is at Mama Loco's.

She totally is doing one of my favorite 100th post giveaway I've seen. So if you don't want to check it out, totally DON'T because....more for me...(insert master evil laughter while rubbing hands together)

And uh, did you say Happy Birthday to my friend Shorty yet? And Hot pants? Do it. Go. Forget all about Mama Loco (insert more evil laughter...can you tell I totally want to win something?)

A little song to get us into the weekend with some rambling thoughts....

Nothing much to report here except I have a wedding this weekend.

I work Easter Sunday (boo hoo). The kid celebrates without her mother AND her father.!

My husband is coming home soon rather than later.

I FINALLY tackled a nasty part of my house that needed major tending to and I feel sooooo much better about it.

What IS up with the people on the freeway that need to drift. Get off the phone if you cannot concentrate on staying between two lines!

And, Mr. Creepy guy that keeps calling my job telling me Lions/hyenas/hippos/insert any animal he's said it- have escaped. Stop. Your annoying. Especially when you call at 11:30 PM. Find some other business to bother.

Not feeling the funny past couple of days. Looking for it. Send her back when you find her.

Happy Easter everyone!! (No....really, have a good one!)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #14.....Tell me your Secret

First off....

She's awesome.

She's the crafty, beautiful & smart version of me! I'm her funny 'fluffy' bloggy bestie (hahahaha). You know, the one the guys fight over NOT to have.

Please stop by after you leave me your thoughts on today's question and give her some birthday love!!

Securityville Button

Small UPDATE: Another birthday visit if you please....Love this gal as well...
Lady Hotpants! :)


Thank you, thank you for all the wonderful comments from last week's Who Would You Be?

Per usual, here were some left by you awesome blogpeople with my feedback on what you said.

Saskia said...
The Queen...I'd love to know what she is REALLY like - I bet Prince Philip and she have a right old laugh behind closed doors!
I hope so. You think they turn on the disco music and Bogey down?
Housewife Savant said...

I'd like to be Jillian Michaels IF I could still wake up next to my own MR.
What would I do?
Did I mention my own Mr.?

(If that's too Disgusting Pig, delete without hesitation.)

Are you insane? Delete this comment? I'm sharing it girl.

kel said...

I need to get that book.

I would pick.. um....Angelina Jolie and then I would roll over and make sweet sweet monkey love to Brad Pitt...

This was my FAVORITE comment. Who doesn't want to make sweet monkey love to Brad Pitt?

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

I always say I want to be guy for one day. Parts and all. Just to see what it would be like. I don't need to be any certain guy just some dude on the street. But I also say I'm positive I wouldn't get anything done all day I'd be to busy with the parts. At least I'm honest.


Alex the Girl said...

Okay, so I can't narrow this down to just one choice, multiple choice will have to do.

1. Husband: Seriously, though, if I make him do the things I do in one day, if I were the one in his body, then he'd enjoy being me, now, wouldn't he?

2. Vin Disel: But then I'd stand in front of the mirror all day covering my body with baby oil, and reading outloud. (swoon)

3. My nine month old son: So I can find out just what is so fascinating about the ceiling fan.

1. How soooo true! In fact, mine would be crying like a baby if he did what I did.
2. How much oil do you need? And will you be having photos done?
3. Do you think the fan just needs to be clean and he can't stop looking at it until you Swiffer it off?

On to this week's question:

"Have you ever done something you were ashamed off? Hurt someone, something, anything that has been eating at the very core of you?"

I ask that you post anonymously if you like and just unload. Be honest. Let it out.


It's your secret.

To share with me today.

One rule: Don't be nasty about other blogger's secrets. Or I'll delete your ass :)

Ahem...and don't forget to stop and wish Happy Birthday to Shorty @ Securityville.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A little Lil Rambler love and some extra crap.

The only thing I gave her was my curly hair and sassy attitude! Other than that, she's all Mr. Rambler.

Mr. Rambler's off on another work thing. Whatever.

Me, Woof Woof and Lil Rambler are holding down the fort. (eek, English professionals, I know, it should be Woof Woof, Lil Rambler and I....give this mama a break)

Mama is still working full time, shuttling back and forth between day care, worrying the dog will pee all over something new he hasn't if I don't get home, wondering if some home cleaning fairy will appear while I sleep and help me straighten the mess that is my home and concerned if she hears mama a zillion more times in a minutes worth of time span her brain might implode.

I turned into a zombie today. I downed a tall Espresso Truffle from Starbucks, a cup of work coffee, 2 Pepsi's and finally a Monster Energy drink to try to pep my step up.

Nothing worked!

Not even a pinkie toe's worth.

I fell asleep for a couple minutes on the work toilet.

There I said it. That's how tired I was/am still.

Thankfully, I left early. The shell of my body picked up the kid, drove home, spoke with a friend on how I have a new found respect for single parents. (SERIOUSLY, WOW) made play date/doggy date/lunch date with friend. Must remember, do NOT forget. You are tired. Someone remind me...Wait she reads me, so she'll remind me. Right Krissy?!? :)

And why do I find myself here blogging instead of sleeping?

I am asking myself the same question.

Monday, April 06, 2009

What would YOU do?

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

What would I do?

It would be like not having my cell phone all day. At first I freak out, then I psycho-lee think that everyone important is calling me. Minutes feel like days. I can't think about anything else and am completely unfocused and distracted....

And then....

A calm realization of I will survive moment washes over me.

It is kinda liberating, actually.

(Just for the day of course)

And I.AM.OK.

What would YOU do my blog savvy peeps?

Friday, April 03, 2009

Random Stuff on Friday....

The other morning on my way to work, I ran into a bike cop trying to herd a cow that really got lost and ended up on a very busy road. It wasn't a normal sight. The cop was sweating a little barking into his shoulder radio thing. The cow. Just chilling, munching on the roadside grassy goodness.


I just dropped off the kid for a sleepover with her Nana & Papa.

I'm sitting here, in a quiet house.

I'm bored.

I miss her.


When doing some friendly disciplining with an employee the other day in a staff meeting his co-worker joked...."Dude, they (me, the manager) have to ask themselves one question....Is the juice (disciplined employee) worth the squeeze?"


Just had a conversation with my cousins wife...We might spend a day at Disneyland while on a trip in May. Cross fingers. Hoping to drive from San Fran with a bunch of kids, spend the day, spend the night, drive back home. Holy crap. I love Mickey.


I've almost finished visiting everyone that stopped by last week on my SITS day. Woo-hoo. And they said it couldn't be done! :) (I always love a challenge!)


I just watched Marley & Me. I bawled like the biggest crybaby and grabbed my poor dog and tried to make him sleep with me and the kid. He appreciated the love. For about 5 minutes.


Have a great weekend People of Blogland!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Think About It Thursdays...#13...Who would you be?

Thank you to everyone who participated in #12's Think About It Thursday's question.

I found it ironic that I got into a situation of having to ask for help this past week. I don't normally like to have to ask for help. I'm the kind of girl that likes to keep my work life work. And my personal life personal. But they kind of had to collide a bit when my husband had to leave on 3 days notice for a 18 day work trip. We both work opposite schedules which help us with not having to pay for childcare.

The schedule that had been done at work, had to change. Calls to my mother to see if she had any vacation time to spare to help a daughter out. A "I'm-gonna-freak-out" call to my friend which resulted in a margarita session.

It was stressful, overwhelming and humbling all at the same time. Stressful, what do I do if they say no? Overwhelming, they ALL said whatever you need, whatever you need. Humbling, the insecure part of me got a nudge from the You.Are.Special part of me and said deal with it.

It was simple really. I had to ask for help. I had to. A lot of you commented how hard that was. And I couldn't have agreed more.

On to share some comments from others...

Shorty said...

Sometimes it is very easy for me to accept help, and other times I don't really want to accept it. I guess it is totally dependent on what I need help with and who is doing the helping.

I do ask for help from certain husband, my mom, my sis, my closest friends. People who I feel really close to and can tell if they genuinely are willing to help. But, its not always easy to do so. I can be quite prideful, but I like to think that I wouldn't let my pride get in the way if I was about to lose my house or not have food in the fridge or something devastating like that.

Then, there are some people that I would never want help from. People that have hurt me in the past, or people that I know don't truly care.

Shorty.....I couldn't ask someone that hurt me in the past either. Let me ask you this, though, what if they were the only one you could ask? Would you still?
Tooj said...

Those were wonderful selections to highlight. Thanks for putting them in a post. Sometimes I'm just in a hurry to comment (and then get back to work) so I don't take the time to read the other comments. :)

Asking for help was very difficult when I was younger. Now that I've hit 30(+1) and have 3 kids in the house, and have a hubby who demands that I designate duties....I've learned. And it feels good to rely on someone else. It builds a trust in others, and I think that's important as opposed to thinking you need to do it all yourself. Others ARE CAPABLE, if we only allow them.

So very true!! I've had to tell myself to do this more when I got promoted at work, becoming the person with a bigger workload and leading a team of managers.
Fiauna said...

It is so hard for me to ask for help, something that has caused me a lot of unnecessary drama. But when my daughter was having 30 seizures a day, my other three children needed a stable mommy, and my husband needed somewhere to rest his worries at the end of the day, I knew I needed to humble myself and ask for help. Now I'm much better at asking for help when realize I can't do it all on my own.

Oh Fiauna....Sometimes I feel like there's a woman inside me screaming for help but no one can hear her. Only way I've been able to soothe that woman was to ask for help. Baby steps...I tell steps.


I kept flipping back and forth. This question or that question. And I stumbled on this one and thought....why not?
Were you able to wake up tomorrow in the body of a different person, whom would you pick? And what would be the first thing you did as THAT person?

Rambler's answer:

My husband. First thing....let the wife sleep in, take the kid OUT for breakfast, and then to the park, and get it. Right?

Your turn.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Some drunk person could benefit from my kid's diaper bag.

So I'm at work the other day and my staff and I were chit chatting.

Drunk story here.

Crazy person talk there.

Baby stuff (from the only mom in the

Scared look in young peoples eyes. (Sheesh)

And you know what? I got a post idea from it.

Of course.

Some drunk person could benefit from my kid's diaper bag.

Or maybe I'll call it....The I'm Drunk and Need my Mommy Bag?

I don't know....think of some other names while I ramble on here.....

And now....items you, the drunk person, will find useful if you were stuck with my diaper bag.

When you've kicked back a keg or two, reality gets skewed a bit. So be prepared for those embarrassing moments when you've had that one too much for your bladder to handle.
Girls....I'm not sure this comes in thong options. I'll check and get back to you.

When drunk, people have been known to eat things on the way home or when we get home that don't quite agree with the tummy. Like the 7-11 nachos with extra cheese and chili from a can with a super sized Strawberry/Blue Freeze Slurpee. Use for AFTER poop area becomes a little rashy. (Or hey, whatever rash comes in the lower region area after a long night out. To each their own.) It works. Ask my husband.

Actually, don't ask my husband.

How would you NOT feel a little better wiping the left over vomit with this?
I advise sober person to pre-pour your choice of liquid hydration(gatorade or water). When sober turns into drunk, operating a sippy cup can be easy and less messy. All you have to do is hold on and drink.

Have I forgot anything bloggy pals?