Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Friday Stuff....couldn't be a more boring post title if I tried.

My boss (male) and I (female) were trying to download my videos from my Boyphone (lust crush name for my IPhone for you newbies) to the computer. Instructions on a website gave us a web address to try to use.

Insert web address.

Up pops up some Asian Naked chic groping her boob.

Nervous giggle.

From boss. too.

Um, Can you say Awkward?

speaking of boobs, check out blogbaby's post on boobs. I laughed soooooo hard.


Tired Mommy Moment.

Picked up kid from Nana's house. Go to store for diapers. Walk out of store. Stared at reflection in car window. Somehow placed hair clip in hair in a way only to be worn at home, after a wrestling match with 2 year old Toddla from Crazy Town.

Clears up why the cashier guy wouldn't look me in the eye.


WHY WHY WHY if I am shopping at Sam's Club/Costco for supplies at work (I run a restaurant) and I use a flatbed to push the more than normal items do people find it OKAY to stare at me. At least say..."Where's the party?" Or "Stocking up for Hurricane season!"

Don't just stare. And don't look surprised if I stare back and lip the words WHAT.


I did something a couple weeks ago.

I took off the word verification and moderating all the comments. So far. (cross fingers) Nothing to report except how awesome it is to not get double the email sitting in my inbox waiting to be deleted.

I'm such a lazy email inbox cleaner upper. Ask my BFF. I won't even show her my inbox. Or my purse. Or my wallet. God I love her.


Another Tired Mommy Moment.

Got confused and wondered why it seemed odd I was throwing away Lil Ramblers dirty diaper away in the fridge. Closed the door. Stood there. A moment of absolute confusion. It hurt my brain trying to figure out what was not right.

Repeat backwards what I just did to understand slowly what went wrong.

Open fridge.

:Shaking head:

Throw away stupid diaper.


Diet 13653709387978 is going well. Me and Real Life diet buddy have started our food journals.
My body is not pissed yet.

I'm sure in a couple days when Sweet Sweet love of carbonated beverages Pepsi/Coke haven't come to visit my body the evil Hulk like Rambler will come out. Sure of it.


Did I mention my husband is coming home this Saturday after 18 days gone? Lil Rambler is beyond excited!! 21 minutes of her on my Boyphone (while Mama Rambler paced nervously hoping she didn't hurt him...the Boyphone) telling her father.

"DDadddddyyyyyy?....blah, blah, Momma rocks, blah, blah, blah, blah, Momma rocks, blah, blah, blah.....Daddyyyyyyyy."

(What?...I do rock!)

Insert Smirk.


Maybe I need Andy over at Finding Fairy Tales to write my post titles. She's one of my favorite swear wording blogs to read. Seriously. And she always has the most wickedly awesome titles.


Here's to a stellar diet friendly weekend. (grrrrrr)

30 ramblings of your own:

Saskia said...

Haha, I've done the fridge / rubbish thing too many times to mention. I've also thrown away things to be put away in the fridge. Not nice.

Have a wonderful weekend with Mr.Rambler!!


Mighty M said...

Happy Random Friday! I took the comment verification off too and haven't had any problems.

Amy said...

i love me some cursing blogs (if you couldn't tell from my expletive laced blog)!!! Off to check out Andy!!!

BlogBaby said...

Yes indeed you do Rock, that Lil Rambler is one lucky lil lady!

As for the diaper in the fridge....yummy thought.....*vomit*..*spew*...just tell me it wasn't touching any other food items....seriously..TELL ME.

Thanks for the BOOB shout out! BOOB. Giggle.


Funny in my mind said...

When you (and I) push those flatbeds through Sam's and they stare, mumble over and over about the end of the world and it is near. Fun for everyone.
I'm running on over to the blogs you recommended.
Have fun with the MR.!

Tooj said...

I love random rambles. It's probably why I decided to continue my Monday Mumbles. It's easy to do, and it's honestly has a day in the life feel to it. The dirty diaper thing - don't sweat it. I've found diapers in sooooo many places. Weird stuff, that mama brain. I've found myself at the store too, in totally inappropriate "out of the house" attire. Oh well. Just try and remember to knock 'em dead the next time you're there. LOL

Me said...

I totally dig the random posts more and more!

I'm gonna have to say the moment..with your boss..beyond awkward!

andy said...

thanks for the happy happy:)

and "swear wording"?

you say i have cool words?

if i am not mistaken...which NEVER also came up with another favourite of mine, "freaked outedly".

hahahahahahaha...still that one gets me.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Your boss moment was priceless.

Alex the Girl said...

Yeah, and I was hoping for the web address. Hmphf.

Penz said...

I can't believe that I have been gone soo long.. I have missed your posts! wel, I'm back and life is gettin a little easier...take care of yourself. I hate those people who stare too, only I do tell them something, I like to say, " Hey toots, take a picture, it'l last longer. "

Martha said...

Yeah for hubby's safe arrival home.
I get I.pod anxiety if I don't know where the blasted black thing is. Sigh.

mo.stoneskin said...

What was that web address again? Ha, if that happened in my work I would be in huge trouble.

Stereos and Souffles said...

Boyphone, ha!

K said...

I've definitely had those tired mom moments before too (and I don't work full time - very impressive).

Hope the homecoming goes well.

Christina said...

HaHa. I never put diapers in the fridge, but PLENTY of time I've walked over, opened the door, and just stood there trying to remember what I needed out of fridge in first place.

What sucks is I didn't need anything from the fridge... I meant to go to the garage.

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

I'm so impressed the Hulk Rambler hasn't come out yet. I can only go about 28.4 hours without caffeine. Anything over that and you'll see some kind of King King havoc wreaked on the Houston area.

The Blonde Duck said...

In the newspaper business, they have a headline writer. Why not have one for the blog business?

Sherendipity said...

Maybe you should have shown the cashier your naked Asian chick pics?

Shawn said...

Great rambling!

Good stories all around...

Muppet Soul said...

Oh dear g-d.

Did you have poopie in your fridge?

I will never eat at your house.


But I adore you anyway.

Kalei said...

What a freaken weirdo you are. You must come from a family of crazy's!!!!

Congrats on the fitness fun! I am going on walks several times a week with the kiddies and reduced my income, so i can't afford as much food, like when I was in college....=)

Counting the days till may!!!!

Kalei said...

and like Muppet Soul I will not eat at your house either.....I don't want to be served with a side of diaper.

Becky said...

Seeing a woman with a flatbed full of crap and assuming that it's for her business makes far too much sense -- that's why they stare at you :)

I sometimes struggle with a post title, but in all honesty, I rarely even notice them on anyone's blog anyway -- I just go to the post.

Debbie said...

You amuse me so much. I loved the diaper in the fridge.
And I've never had WF or comment moderation and I've also never had problems. I hope you don't either.

Life, Love And Lola said...

LMAO! Love these rambling thoughts! Boyphone! Love it!

You run a restaurant??? I must eat there when I visit!

Michelle said...

Nice! I love the mini porn incident. That one has to be fun. And the staring? That's bizarre. I always figure people have a reason for what they're doing. People are weird :)

Fiauna said...

What a great, rambling post. I'm sure you do rock!

Patty said...

The pop up thing was so funny. I would also be mortified if that happened to me.

MammaDucky said...

I wish I had peed before reading this. TMI???