Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The scale doesn't lie....

Madagascar 2....you almost had me with your song. You sly Motomoto you!

It's official.

Today marks the first day of Diet 1356387394889 of my life.

I will not make this journey alone. A real life friend has decided to join in as well.

Her identity will be completely classified, as not to harm Rambler at future socializing events. But may make appearances on Ramblers blog to give you updates on my waistline that hasn't seen the light of day since I was pregnant.

I may have worn my swimsuit bottom ONCE cause it sucked in my stomach one day and I really didn't have time to get one of those fancy smancy suck in panty hose spanx things you nonfat ones wear.

You know, so that I looked more elephant and not too hippopatamus.

Whoa, where'd that come from. Sugar induced maybe?

The day started off with Real Life Friend and I texting in the morning. How our weekend went, a little gossip here, a little I need to stop eating there, let's diet together....starting tomorrow, are you serious, yah I'm serious, you serious, yah...holy crap are we really doing this? Yes.We.Are.

By the end of the night we had sent several messages of our food binging of the day.

We called it our farewell party to frenemy named Fatty.

Let me tell you. I couldn't have picked a better partner to lose some of this nonsense that has taken hostage of my buttocks, hips and space formerly known as the stomach.

We can do this. Because she completes me.

Or maybe because I'm the whiny lame-o that cries it hurts and she tells me to SUCK IT UP.

The next serious holiday that goes hand in hand with candy and anything sugar is Halloween? Right? So we have a fighting chance.

She listed 20 pounds for her goal.

I listed 13 for mine....to start with...and then another 13 after that. And then maybe another 13 after that. Baby (elephant) steps I say.

Please see my 5 things I will vow to change.

1. Drink more water....and less Pepsi/Coke. It is my kryptonite folks. This is a tough one.

2. Eat more salads, fruits and veggies. (It takes 4 more seconds to park the car and go in the store to get healthier items than cruise into the drive thru at McDonalds right next door.)

3. Exercise. Mondays will be part of our weekly routine and commitment for Real Life Friend and I exercising together. God help her to help me to help us to....whatever.

4. For the next 2 weeks, journal the crap that goes in my mouth.

5. I will NOT quit.

I want to open the door of smaller clothes that sit there, waiting for me. Whispering my name and saying.....

wearrrrr meeeeeee, before weeee go outttaaaaa styleeeeeee.

40 ramblings of your own:

Cammie said...

Im so there with you. it seems like every other day I tell Joe that "we start over tomorrow" I suck at dieting.

DiPaola Momma said...

Okay so now I get to join in as the "not for real life" friend... I'm about 25 diets ahead of you though. Lost 50 last year, found about 25 between Halloween and Easter.. hubby lost about 5 (by sneezing!) I found them a few days later when Aunt Flow came to visit. They liked the squishy spot on my comfy couch butt so they desided to stay a while. I'm back at the gym again.. but I'm staying away from the REALY fat people (my peeps) for fear that I'll find what they might loose as well. Think Flubber.. all those little gushy glops of green goo, mushing together to form large bumps all over my tummy, hiney and thighs.

I too will take those vows with you. Though my soda jones is of the Diet Pepsi Max varitey, still not a good habit. WE CAN DO IT, YES WE CAN... CHANGE... I BELIEVE...yada yada

Mighty M said...

Good luck - it is hard work, but I truly believe it can be done. :-) Can't wait to hear the first progress report!

Shorty said...

Yes, you can do it! I'm so happy for you! You are going to feel so much better in so many ways...I promise! Just cutting out the sodas will help tremendously, and once you get out of the habit of fast food I'm confident you'll never easily drive through a drive thru again. (I speak from experience.) Your heart and mind just won't let you do it once you get in your new habits. Make sure you give yourself little daily rewards so you don't feel totally deprived.

You deserve to feel great about yourself, Rambler! Kudos to you and your real life friend for taking the leap. You won't regret it! And, thanks for taking us on your journey...I can't wait to hear about your continual progress!

Cassie said...

Good luck! I am trying too, I just wish it were easier!! LOL

Me said...

You can do this!

I totally think a good partner in crime can be key. I sooo need to get my act together. I know I could shed just a few with NO effort if I would ditch my Pepsi habit.

OliveStreetStudio said...

This is great!! BTW, I watch "The Biggest Loser" and those people inspire me to get my butt off the couch. I'm wimpy tho in the cold NY weather. GOOD LUCK!

hotpants™ said...

I should probably drink less Coke. Keyword being should.

Martha said...

I need to eat more fruits and veggies, so we can keep each other motivated and all that!!
I'm working out on Fridays with your sister, Kalei.
Let's kick some butt.

kel said...

good luck girl! I wish I could say I joining with you... but I'm not. I like food... alot.

Wayne said...

good look on your 1356387394889th diet.

have a great day

The American Homemaker said...

Oh I sooo need to be losing weight too! My weight-loss blog has tumbleweeds blowing through it... LOL

K said...

Good luck!

Now that I've eaten way too much Easter candy I'm having similar thoughts too.

First step, get my butt to the gym tomorrow for the first time in a week.

Pam said...

You are too funny! Good luck. Having a buddy for support should be a big help.

Christina said...

I hate dieting also. Your list sounds a lot like mine.

Anti-Supermom said...

Good luck. I say stick with the sodas if it will keep out the chocolate. Everyone's gotta have a vice, seriously.

Looking forward to updates :)

The Blonde Duck said...

You can do it! I know you can!

Muppet Soul said...

I'm totally with you.

Trying to cut down on Pepsi is IMPOSSIBLE. How is one to stay awake, otherwise?

Christine said...

I'm with you...I'm still trying to come down from all the chocolate that I consumed on Easter....

Whitney said...

Good luck! I just started dieting again, too. For me, Nintendo Wii Fit has been very helpful... -15 lbs so far. Let us know what works for you! :)

Krissy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krissy said...

actually, i really liked the capri sport pants you were wearing this morning. were did you get those from. they looked really comfortable. also, get at me after the first week of july, i'll be happy to try and diet with you then. =)

Michelle said...

It's rough isn't it? I've noticed my pants are getting mildly tighter and that I need to start watching it more... then again having things like Mister Man break his arm so I go to the ortho four times during my workout time, having our preschool's major fundraiser come up that I do a ton of work on that I can really only do during the regular workout time... it's adding up and not in a good way.

btw - Sparkpeople.com -- free and a GREAT resource and way to journal. I LOVED it.

Wifey said...

Good luck! I'm sure you can do it! Love your list. If you drop the soda, you'll definitely drop some pounds, too!

I know, much easier said than done.

Winks & Smiles,

Tooj said...

Okay, is it horrible that I didn't make it past the Big and Chunky song? LOL I hit play and then proceeded to tell my husband that I was singing it for him because I always tease him about being "chunky"...and I kept repeating the lines of the song...and now I'm down here commenting and laughing. LOL

Kalei said...

Good for you sis! Hey remember to go by the measurements first so you can see the results.....scales can be dis-heartening. You'll drop the inches faster than the pounds. really. I can't wait till May....share a watermellon with me?

Aubrey said...

Oh crap!
You have me almost peeing my pants over the Baby (elephant) steps!

You are going to do great!

BTW, I love Moto Moto because he loves me! You know, I'm chunky!

Controlling My Chaos said...

I love that song. It made me get up and dance. Well, I danced in my chair anyway, while I read your post. And now I've done my exercise for the day. Yay!

Anonymous said...

The biggest thing...is the last thing on your list. Don't quit. No matter how hard it gets - or how long it takes.

I just celebrated the loss of #40 and I can tell you it is so worth it...you sleep better...you FEEL better...and you are so worth it!

Your BBF (that's big butted friend instead of BFF...)


Janna Bee said...

Hey diet buddy- trying again right now too! Good luck!

Becky said...

Good luck with everything! I'm in that boat myself and am a little frustrated at how little progress I've made, but at least I'm not gaining and I'm getting exercise 3 - 4x a week.

RT said...

I'm with you on the soda. Its my guilty guilty pleasure. Although I have way cut down on it for reasons other than weight, like I want my teeth for a long time and so forth. LOL! You can do it!!! Get in the exercise and you will be where you want in no time!

Erin said...

Good luck dear! You can do it!

Life, Love And Lola said...

You can do it! 23 days and I will be there. Be prepared to don a suit and have a drink!

Brittany said...

I suck at diets.
I suck at getting to the gym.
I love sucking down a cold coke, and McDonanld's has the best french-fries ever!

Good luck to you!!!

I hope you can motivate my big ol' bottom to get off the computer and onto the treadmill! :)

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