Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Girls Night Out...A MUST!

Last night....

top-(BFF, Me)
bottom- (BFFDEE & Mrs. K :)

Couple girl nights ago.

I believe to keep any sanity for a woman (or man) is to have a good group of friends that really know you. The pretty You, the ugly You, the REAL-ly ugly You, and the OMG-so-you You...you know what I mean?

When your nasty, they call you a brat (egad, or worse...wink), but they still heart you and your friendship is in tact...with comments to be made when the nasty HULK You dives deep back inside.

I am so fortunate to have that with BFF and BFFDEE (Yeah, I think Miss DEE it's time to change your name, I'm not even asking :)!

I mentioned a couple posts ago (I think, maybe I just thought I wrote it), that in 07 me and my BESTIES had cocktails after work and made a pact to see each other the first Monday or Tuesday of the month.

A forever standing date if you will. Proud to say we've not missed many. Possibly only ONE?

Last night was our first "date" for 2009.

Holy crap.

Me, the flake, make it this far? Yup, I used to be that girl. The one that said "oh, I'll be there." and your girlfriends look at each other and smirk. Cause they know.

I've changed my ways (right?) and our friendships have grown more than I realized possible. (yeah, yeah, BFF I'll stop being mushy)

Before dinner I was able to catch up with them at the Bridal shop because BFF is getting married in October and BFFDEE is getting married in April (she's so done and organized I can't stand it...:) Love her), BFF is just or if not more (telling you Shorty, she's so you) as organized and I doubly can't stand it....

(From one of our together dinner in Sept. when they showed off rings)

I don't know how they let my unorganized butt in their friend club. I lie. I do know. Because I make them laugh. And they play mean cruel jokes on me for their enjoyment! :) I kid. Kinda.

We decided on a Japanese style restaurant. One of us chose this place GYU-KaKU.... or was it GYO-TARU.... or was it GYU-TAKU? Damn, I did forget BFF! I love Japanese food. I just don't know what the hell I'm eating half the time and thank GOD these girls are here to clarify it CLEARLY for me :)

Our dinner started off like any dinner should and that's with a cocktail. I ordered a margarita cause I could pronounce it and they ordered some chubabamaimai (Maki, I can't frickin remember) which is like a Japanese version of vodka mixed with an apple soda. They said it tasted like an apple martini on the rocks. Yum, maybe next time. I'll stick to my white girl drink :)

They ordered the food and off we (more like they) were to cooking.

It was extremely YUM YUM and more YUM.

But the best part was at the end....you guys are gonna die and say why in the world would we PAY for it....but come on!

Smores. O-fricking-M-yum-G! Melted chocolate with melted marsh-yum-allow!

After dinner I shared a really disgusting story that I'm saving for Random Wednesday....so you'll have to come back to check out BFF's version of it. Me and BFFDEE played with our boyphones. In fact we took photos of each other taking photos of each other with our IPhone to attach to each other's contact photo in our phones. Did you get that one? I'm sure BFF and Mrs. K's eyes glazed over in boredom as me and BFFDEE gushed over how much we loved our boyphones, and compared notes of dislikes (just a small slight slight) and likes (a tragillion likes). But then Mrs. K busted out her ITOUCH and only BFF maybe might have been bored.

And soon dinner had come to an end. Always the sad part.

I'm a total camera/picture whore. I don't like being in them, but I love taking them. Capturing the moment of a time when I am happy.

With my friends.

They are one of the reasons I smile.

And laugh.

And have a good time in life.

My first attempt.

Second attempt with the help of BFFDEE. (even though I know she HATED it {she's like 90 pounds, but I'm sure felt 95 pounds...hehe}, but me and BFF in the back thought we looked good:) {not 90 pounds}

Again, I love love love these ladies. And I LOVE girls night out. Til' next month my friends!

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Lady with a View said...

Great pics - and you guys look like you would be trouble..er...I mean fun! (sometimes the two are synonomous!)

Way to go girl!

sandy said...

I need a girls night out!

Tooj said...

This looks like so much fun. I am totally jealous. :( Seriously. I have some girlfriends in town, but we aren't as diligent about getting together. Everyone is too flipping busy being pregnant! When will the madness stop?

The Bush Family said...

Awwww Love IT! You really look like you guys are having a blast!! I miss my girls :(

Cammie said...

Not sure where I would be without my besties.....we are blessed to have good friends like that!

AngieS said...

I wanna go with you guys!!!!
J/K- I'm on the east coast... too bad. You guys look like you had a great time. Yay for girlfriends!!

Katy said...

That is so fun and I'm jealous. I also LOVE Love Japanese food, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought you'd make Smores at a Japanese resty though. Good times for sure. Y'all are cute, invite me next time.

Becky said...

Awww...I wish I could've been there! The girls look great -- isn't it cool that they're both getting married this year and exactly six months apart? :) BFFDEE = Squirt to me and the other one is too close to her real name so I won't share on the site.

Maki said...

This is why I miss Hawaii. Is that Gyukaku??

It seems you had a great night out with your best friends! You deserve it!!!!

Girls rule!!

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Aw--fun times! It's great that you get out with your friends... it feels so good when we do. We're headed out tonight for martinis at a really cute restaurant that I'm sure will be so much more fresh when we get a little drink in us and get to giggling!

Shorty said...

Sounds like a great time! And, I totally dig the smores! I would've paid for 'em, too! Love the pictures, too. Nothing beats some good girl time!

Janna said...

Aww... I do the same thing with my friends! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Penz said...

how awesome and fun does that look. I am all for girls night out, if only my friends had the time...I will actually bring it up to them, its time for a change...have a great day love.

MammaDucky said...

I'm a tad jealous. I wish I had a girl's night. Hell, I wish I had girls! My bestie lives so far away. Can I come? I'll just hope on my ol' jet and...wait, I don't have one. Nevermind. Cute pics!

the RaMbLeR said...

Ok..so next month "oh, I'll be there."...........

LOL, I crack myself up sometimes! Man, I would SO love a girls night out once a month like this! And OMG - we are SO freakin really twins!! I swear I am the most UNorganized person EVAH!! And, I swear my friends are clean FREAKS...and I know they are really laughing AT me not WITH me...I just know it!

It's great to see you IN the pics for once! You are beautiful...you should get in there more often! Ummm...hellooo....OMG-smores and I wasn't invited? GAH!!

Yea, whatever, BFFDEE, 90, even 95 pounder girl...you still look great! What a HAWT group of girls!