Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy Birthday SIS!!!!

This one's for you, sis! Love you!

Today is a special day for one of my sisters!

FLS...If you can, please stop by to wish her well on her special day.


Well, I don't know WHO that was yesterday? (sweetly and innocently written with batting eyelashes). According to my mother and grandmother we call that type of a person a NASTY person :)

Agreed! :)

I mean, come on! I have more class then that...or is it thAn that? I can't stand it....E or English buddies. Me standing with sign that says...."I fell asleep in English Class"

Yeah, I know I can look it up, but it's more fun getting corrected by my bloggy pals!

Until later. :)

13 ramblings of your own:

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy birthday to your sister!! She must be awesome....she shares a birthday with ME, lol!

the RaMbLeR said...

OMG Hawaii!! I am rolling over here! This cracked me up and I had to play a couple of times....what cracks me up is the dog at the end...and then the other one is looking at him like "well? are ya gonna bark your part or not?". ;)

I'm goin right now to check out your SIS!

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

ROTFLMAO! Because of the card, and because of your 'Grumble' post! OK, so thanks for entertaining me...even if it was at your own expense! ;)

Oh, and it's thAn... ;)

Happy B-Day to your sis - I'll stop on over there and annoy her, too! :)

Found you via SITS - I'll be coming back...yeah, I know, thanks for the warning, right? ;)

Tooj said...

My kid loved the video. He loves any video on the computer, but he was able to distinguish the song. I was laughing at the last note funny. And I see the then/than was answered, but I'll just remind you...THAN. LOL

Yaya said...

Love those dogs!!

Rhaingel said...

I love the video! Happy birthday to your sister! :)

Michele said...

What a crack up! How did they do that?

Auds at Barking Mad said...

That video is a riot!

Happy Birthday to your sister. I'm on my way to wish her well over at her place as well.

OMG!!!! The word verification word is BRAT! I am not kidding. I don't know why, but it cracks me light of this post.

kalei said...

Wow, Happy birthday to me, hAPPY birthday to me, Happy birthday dear MEEEEEEeeee, Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee....and many moreeeee. and THAN! ....No and THAN....and THAN.....NOOOOO AND THAN! Did you get it, it is THAN not THEN..... LOVE YOU SIS!

word veri: pershme.....what you used to do to me all the time: while puckering your mouth due to the sour words you are about to say to me you persh me instead of push me.

Katy said...

So, much fun! I love corgi's.

Jamie said...

Happy belated b-day to you sis! Over from SITS again...hehe, love the blog :-)

The Blonde Duck said...

Such a cute video! Happy B-day to your sister!

Martha said...

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family! Happy Chinese New Year also from Southern California. I tagged you for, please stop by for the details.