Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear letters....

Dear Bills,

You Suck.


Overworked & Underpaid


Dear Dog,

We are going to the vet tomorrow. Be ready.

All my best,

Woman who knows the vet techs will freak out when they see me coming with you.


Dear A-hole tailing me in the slow lane,

That is what the other lane is for. You know.... Slower traffic stays to the RIGHT....all other A-holes to the LEFT!

Sticking middle finger with all I got,

Anxiety Driven mother who dares you to touch my car or my kid and I will rip you and your hunk of junk apart with my bare hands.


Dear Husband on work/vacation in Seattle,

Don't call me and tell me you've taken your 2nd nap for the day because your class lasted only 1 hour.


Your wife (who hasn't had a nap since you left)


Dear Powdered Doughnut,

STOP showing yourself and making me eat you. PLEASE!


Tired & Overweight


Dear Kid,

Who knew you could rock out on your little piano and when finished and make the rockstar stance! God.I.LOVE.YOU!

No one hearts you more,

Your Mother


Come back tomorrow for the response letters....

26 ramblings of your own:

Muppet Soul said...

Like the blog!

Oh man, I could write soooo many letters just based on things that happen in a car.

::shakes fist::

The Blonde Duck said...

You need some pie! Poor thing!

Anonymous said...

Cute kiddo story at the end!

Ugg...hubby calling w/ nap status. Last week my husband had off of work and I did not and he did the same thing!

Cammie said...

Dear Rambler.
You make me laugh.
I heart you
The one who lives in the house of no sleep

Lady with a View said...

((HUGS)) Rambler on the nap thing...with your schedule...I'm betting you could really use one!

Love the letters....can't wait for the responses!

Jodi said...

I like the letters, nice and short and to the point! LOL! Tell that darn donut to leave!

Me said...

I Love this!

Janna Bee said...

I love this post! So cute. And seriously- why don't people understand that the right lane is for the slow drivers?

Joy said...

LOL! Thank you for making me LOL.

jineen said...

thankyou! i feel the same things! and yet you put it so perfectly!
have a great day! you put yourself to follow my blog! aaahhhhhh! i am so happy i cannot contain the joy!

Melissa said...

LOL....these are great and can't wait to read the responses.

Have a great Tuesday.

distractinglybombastic said...

Oh god, so could I (write about what happens when I'm in the car)

And I'm not even talking about traffic or tailing, etc. I'm talking about the things other people do in their car. Like they think you can't see them, safe and sound in their invisible little bubble. haha

Kim said...

Amazing just how loud those donuts can get, isn't it?

The Bush Family said...

I heart YOU! Thanks for making me laugh and for writing letters that I have been wanting to write..lmao!! HUgs!

B said...

Love the letter to the idiot tailgating you. I think he was behind me yesterday actually and the funny thing is, I was thinking of doing a letter to him while he was checking out my back bumper.

Megan said...

Haha Love the letters. Can't wait for the responses!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMG too funny! Stopping by from Click fest at the nugest :). Can't wait to read more, I'm now a follower :).

Have a wonderful day!

Krissy said...

Dear Rambler,

I think you need a drink.



Anonymous said...

I like the powdered doughnut... today I had to have a benginet moment in honor of Mardi Gras...
Over from SITS - glad to have found your blog!

Krissy said...

**dear bills,
yes, you suck.

**dear dog,
your owner is actually freaking out more than you are.

**dear a-hole,
if you were the rambler's friend, she would've already slammed on her brakes to let you know to get off of her ass.

**dear hubby,
you wait until i leave you home along with kid & dog to go on so-called business trip. until then...suck it.

**dear doughnut,
you can come over to rambler's pregnant friend's house and she'll be happy to eat you. =)

**dear kid,
dude, you rock!!!

**dear rambler,
i think you need a drink.


rambler's friend =)

Brooke said...

lol! white powdered donuts are my weakness!

Lisa said...

This is great. Love the one about the driver. :)

Funny in my mind said...

Dear Rambler,
Cute letters. Sorry for the bills, and dog.
My husband went to Puerto Rico for business meetings/golf trip one year and tried to tell me how awful those outdoor meetings next to the pool with a beer in his hand were.
Seriously? It was February and I would have listened to Britney Spears sing if I could have been outside in the sun and alcohol.
Love, Funny

Tooj said...

Dear pretty, little donut....come here. Come to me. I've got milk for you....yes I do!
Tooj Teeth

kel said...

Oh my gosh... you kill me!!

Sticky (not too) said...

donuts? Pie? Drinks?

Damn, I gotta hang out here more often...where am I anyway..? it looks all different...