Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Went Fridays....

I recently started following a WONDERFUL new blogger Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissing' Time and figured I'd throw my random stuff her way.

Better late then never right? :)


2 Fridays ago, Mrs. 4444 bestowed this little one on me and I almost poo'd my pants in excitement. (but managed NOT to).

Yeah, she thought my bug diving in my breastages thing was one of her favorites...(poor bug, yeah me)

Thanks Mrs. 4444....(again)


Like I always said I meet real interesting people at my job.

An 80 year old lady came into shop the other day and she was a little eccentric but fascinating to talk to. She grew up in Jersey. Had 5 children. Raised them. Moved to Arizona for many years to help one of her daughters help raise her children.

And then decided it was time for HER life.

She ups and moved to Hawaii, enrolled in college. Moved into a hostel until her search for a room for rent or apt for rent (whichever comes first) comes up. She told me her children weren't to happy because they worried because of the distance.

I really was in awe of this woman. She decided it was time for her and she didn't care how old she was and is doing it.



Ahem..... if you didn't come to my I LOVE MY NEW BLOG MAKEOVER post yesterday.....I LOVE IT STILL!


With my husband gone me and the daughter have bonded even more then I thought possible. When I had to go back to work after 5 straight days of just her and I...I was really sad. She just became my bestest buddy!


Speaking of the kid.

She found my wrapping paper unopened and she totally went Darth Vader on my butt! Ask Antibloggedy. She was on the phone with me while I was being 'attacked'. I never laughed so hard with her in my life. I was able to grab my own 'jedisword' and it was on like Donkeykong.


I didn't miss American Idol last night. I have the post in my To Click 'PUBLISH POST' line. I don't know why I haven't yet? I think it's just been a strange week for me. Because I also missed my Think About It Thursdays. Arghhhh


All went well at the vet with the dog. He better be fine. It costs me $254.00 deniros. My mouth hit the floor when the receptionist told me that. I had to buy Heartworm medicine (mental note to purchase online) AND do some special test to make sure he didn't have heartworms. (Nope.)

He's worth it, just had to swallow the SUCK IT UP pill.


My BFF's grandmother just passed away last night and I was sad today. I met her only once. But I absolutely love BFF and her mother so it's hard that they lost someone they love so much.


And that's all she rambling randomly wrote.

21 ramblings of your own:

Sassypants Wifey said...

Love the layout! Thats funny that that lady's kids were so worried about her, yet she knew exactly what she was doing. Just wanted to drop in and say hello, rather than my typical lurking!

Muppet Soul said...

Oh dear.. God vibes towards your BF.

Just A Chic... said...

My BFF's grandmother passed away this week too. :-( I'm worried about her.

jineen said...

i love your bloggy makeover! i am jealous, someday maybe i'll ahve one of my own....
i also am in love with random blog posts that are all over the place, makes it seem like we really are all friends just conversing!
havppy weekend!

Martha said...

Love the layout, I need to spiff up my blog and you are such great motivation.
Sorry about BFF's grandma.
Great Random Ramblings.

Becky said...

Thanks for the update on the BFF -- I'll send her a note.

Dogs are expensive, but are worth it. My dog had a bump on him and it cost me $150 just to have it tested to make sure it wasn't cancer (fortunately, it wasn't).

Kim said...

I love that old lady. I want to be just like her when I'm 80. Too bad you didn't get video of Little Darth. That would've been a riot.

Mrs4444 said...

That story about the 80-year-old lady is so cool. (I might be her some day.)

I guess you and your twin really are twins! (You both posted your FF posts late. Better late than never :)

Holy cow-that's a WOW vet bill. Don't you wish you could do it yourself? Maybe I will start Googling that stuff: "How to check for heartworm using stuff from your kitchen."

Anonymous said...

I love the story about the women moving to Hawaii. My time is coming...just not anytime soon.

Anna Lefler said...

Love your new blog look! Very chic!

Rock on and have a great weekend...

:^) Anna

Sprite's Keeper said...

Hi, first time here. Hey! Loving the look of the place! Homey. I love these rambling posts, like a sampler plate with extra mozzerella sticks. I love the customers at my job too. Thank goodness most of my business is handled on the phone so I can cover my laughter when they get too crazy.

Patty said...

I love the new look. And again I think your little one is so cute.

Funny in my mind said...

I love the pink Uggs too, mine are both brown but if I were rich I would have every color. Blogger has since gotten back on my good side.

Debra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Muah! I love meeting new people, and I love comments. ;-) I am posting something REALLY exciting today, so I hope you come back over and check it out!

I see you live in Honolulu. I am SOOOOOO jealous! I have had the pleasure going there 3 times but that was not enough! LOL!

Shorty said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new blog look! and of course I'll take a copy of your with me!!! Congrats on the makeover... it's amazing!

Mammatalk said...

How is it that I am only just now following you? I've been reading you for months. And, wow! I scrolled down and saw my button! Thanks so much. They love me?? That just may bring me out of my writer's strike!!

Sherendipity said...

I think I'd be thrilled if one of my loved ones moved to Hawaii. I'd totally be vacationing with them every year! ;)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Stopping by from "The Rambler in OK". I love her blog, so I thought it was time to check our her "twin"!

Hope you don't mind if I follow you...

Megan said...

How awesome is that 80 year old lady? Go her!

Prayers for your BFF. =(

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