Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello? Rambler? Hello, you there?

{Me opening bloggy door to dear Mr.MYBLOG.}

Mr. MYBLOG: Do you have ANY idea how bored I've been? Just sitting here WAITING for you to post something? Anything?

ME: (eye boogie sticking eye lids together) But I put that cartoon up on Monday and...

Mr. MYBLOG: What's wrong with your eye...and why does your breathe smell like (sniff again) it died in your butt and went to hell for vacation?

ME: (breathe on hand, smell it...GAG)I ,uh, just woke up dude. Come on.

Mr. MYBLOG: Thank God our readers can't see you right now! Your a mess. Did you know you missed American Idol post last night?

ME: I know, I know. LOOOONG Story.

Lil Rambler stumbles to bloggy door: (pulling PJ's)Momma, EAT.

MR. MYBLOG: Blah, blah, blah, blah, more attention to me, blah blah blah

Lil Rambler: Blah, blah MOOOOOOMMMMMAAAA, EEEEATTTTT, blah, blah

Lil Woof Woof joins to add his two bloggy cents: Bark, Bark, Bark, take me out or I'll pee on the couch, Bark, bark, bark.

My eyes glaze over and I go somewhere else for just a moment....before popping back to Blog Reality.

Give me a break. I just worked a triple shift on Saturday, and went back 8 hours later the next day for 7 hours. I don't even understand what day it is today. I'll double post the shows together tonight. Get off my back.

ME to Lil Rambler: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes....I'm coming. I'm coming.

ME to Woof Woof: I will mentally break right this minute if you pee on the couch. We are going out, just let me get rid of Mr. MYBLOG.

Me to Mr. MYBLOG while Lil Rambler has climbed up me like the jungle gym I have become: Are we square now? Will you not bother me like a creditor trying to get their money? Please? I totally...YES, LIL RAMBLER MOMMA IS COMING...DAMN IT DOG, PUT THAT LEG DOWN...need to go.

Door slams in Mr. MYBLOG's face. Oh well.


By this weekend, I should be back to normal (whatever that really is). Which entails, commenting, reading, lurking, laughing, reading more, awwwwing, the whole shebang.

And I'm pretty excited about two things. My blog makeover has begun over at April Showers AND me and my favorite Bloggy BFF Shorty have been working on our guest posts for each other. Until tonight folks.....


15 ramblings of your own:

sandy said...

ha! Too funny!

I can't wait to see what April does for you! She is awesome! My second blog will soon be getting the April Showers touch! I can't wait:0)

Cammie said...

I was thinking about you this morning.....Patrick (fat guy on the idol auditions) was on the radio this morning (remember, I told you he worked for them) --they had sent him to the Grammies this week. reminded me to tell you that if you think his little audition was awesome....he TOURS with the morning show in a BAND that they KNOW sucks....he is the lead singer and their shows here in local bars get super crowded just to hear that tool butcher songs. too funny

MammaDucky said...

Screw Mr. Bloggy right in the...wait, this should probably stay PG and I'm already pushing it.
I'm all about Old I hate going clothes shopping!!! Nothing fits anyway!

TuTu's Bliss said...

hmmmm normal. I think I remember those days. Nope. I can't remember my "normal" days afterall. Normal is WAAAAAAY on back

Krissy said...

mary, why the hell are you working so much?

Shorty said...

Hang in there, my friend! Sending you lots of hugs!

Tooj said...

Loved this. :) Sounds like you are having some jam-packed days/nights. Mr. Myblog will be just fine. He's a man, he should be able to entertain himself with very little trouble.

Kim said...

Too funny! I've been there.

Missy said...

Funny post! I just figured out why my computer shuts down for "no" reason! LOL

Janna said...

I'm glad he kicked your butt into gear. I am finally caught up with idol and need your updates!

Chris said...

WOW! Get some rest!

Maki said...

I know exactly what you're going through - busy is good for some reasons and a hell for another.

Hope you can find the time to relax, my girlfriend:)

bernthis said...

Good for you. Putting it in it's place and I'm hoping the dog put his leg back down

bernthis said...

not sure if you got my comment so to repeat, good for you for putting the blog in his place and I pray for you that your dog lowered his leg for good

So Not Mom-a-licious said...

No need to explain. I think I will be on posting hiatus for a few more days. The husband leaves Saturday so I don't have the mental capacity to put together any sentences that don't have tears attached to them! But I wil be reading and commenting.