Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Idol Night...Hollywood Week

So YES the four judges have divided the room into 4 rooms....Yes...It's drama. All wrapped up in ONE stinking hour.

Alright, not really stinking, but...whatever.

Okay, I thought about it...and you know what...I think it best to forward to tonight's show.

Top 36


Judges Mansion? What? What happened to a long ride up an elevator?

Anoop is the first guy up. Kinda reminds me of Taylor Hicks. Um, the singing, not the look obviously. YOU are in buddy.

Paula doesn't really look drunk today. Good for you.

I BET the top 36 live in the mansion.

Giggly girl...geez...your just as annoying as Bikini girl.
Cody, horror show maker, is asked to sing off to see if he should stay....

Alex...realizes he must sing against Cody, someone he's friended.

I like ALEX. Elton John song. He sounds sweet.
Who will they pick???

Alex is picked.

Adam Lambert...I liked him in San Fran (?)...Love his blue eyes and black hair thing. Simon, you are sooooo dramatic. He's a hottie. Not Simon, well...a little, I like em mean I guess....but Adam.

DUDE, I will be sooo over it if they pass Giggly girl....I'm pretty sure she's a plant. Like they hired someone to be obnoxious. Makes for great television, right? Because I just can't believe she's that strange and annoying.

Taylor Vaifanua...she's young and 17. For a second I thought she wasn't gonna make it.

Jasmine....another young one...she makes it


Casey...your in

Megan...your in

Mishwhodaywhatwhere did you come from...yes


Joanna Pacitte..she's the one that had a recording label or whatever...but she never caught on? Mmmm, wonder if she'll get another chance? Bring it girl...awww, she's cute.

A bunch of no's from some I dont think I remember

Kendall...(like the wine,,,yum)...What word is better great or fantastic? Cause Paula told her it's not great's FANTASTIC news...

Jen your really pretty. She's in a sing off...

Kristen...awkward group day person....sorry Jen, but Kristen I think has this one.

The pretty one or the singer?

Oh, Oh, Paula feels drunk to me.....

Kristen makes it, but it's strange and Simon tells her he absolutely disagrees.

Alexsis....a SAHM realizes if she gets chosen she'll be away from her 2 year old...and she's crying and she's gonna make me cry while she talks about that distance, but that it's for her...What a cute little girl. She makes it.
Scott...the awesome blind guy who plays a mean piano...they let him through...OMG, I'm gonna cry cause Mom is crying and I understand why.

Lil Rounds..Hurricane Katrina victim, trying to make it with her 3 kids and husband after being displaced....She made it through. Yeah.

Uhhhh, another sing off...Frankie vs. Jesse

Frankie...the Rehab girl singer...why can't I remember her name?...she's nervous...she sounded it like Norah Jones there.

Jesse...I like her but I think I like Frankie....Simon told her it was a horrible song.
Awww, Frankie didn't make it.

Commercial break...WHAT? My two teddy bear singers have to sing off? Damn. And me thinks they are saving Giggly girl for the last one. If they pass HER and not Frankie...something is wrong.

Allison Iraheta....another 16 year old....Paula smiled a little and gave it away...(to me anyway)..They label her the dark horse.

Don't THEY DARE make the two friends sing off...the BFF's....

Danny...I heart him the MOST out of made it. Keep fingers crossed for BFF. Dude, BFF is so happy HE'S crying for him....damn it, I'm gonna cry...again.

BFF Jamar...I loved his Delilah version and I hate that song.....WHAT....NO WAY...HE DIDN'T MAKE IT!!!! WHAT?? Totally WRONG. They said NO.

Man, I'm shocked! Seriously.

I don't even want to watch the rest of this...yuck.
Fine I'm done pouting. For now.

Stephen Fowler...he has a good voice...even though you jacked up the solo song, your through.

Norman, make me laugh. Dude you need to be a reality show comedian. Cause you dude are F.U.N.N.Y....hahaha, he's through...and he gets a nasty funny tort from Simon and says thank you Simon for that jab...Ow.


Jackie...Are you the Teriblah girl? made it..I remember saying I liked you cause you were all kinds of funny.

Tatiana...giggly are so annoying....SHUT UP please...Simon, thank you so much for telling her to TRY to not be annoying...Paula, gives her a ring to match giggly girls bracelet...Get it over with. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. You passed HER but not BFF JAMAR? I'm sick...cause your just annoying...DVR fast forward....FAHREAK...

Jackie....Sing OFF time....awww, you look like a good kid....

Nathaniel....Grandma hopes for him....Simon asks "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING" ...sing it Nathaniel cause I've bonded with you already...Alrighty, I think you brang it....

Lets see what THEY say.

Ryan Seacrest while chatting makes me think "he's so like thinking..."What/who am I gonna do for dinner tonight?"

Yayyyyy, Nathaniel you made it.

Kai Kalama....yay, one of my favorites makes it through.

Anne Marie....your in...she's the cutie they told to glamour up and come back..

My two teddy bears are up. And Seacrest says I won't believe the outcome...

Matt...the welder...

Michale...the roughneck...he's so darn polite...calling Kara ma'am...awww man, your the one they gotta pick...LUCKY WIFE..:)


They both passed!!!

Gosh, Seacrest...I thought it would be a little more dramatic then that? Like bring back BFF JAMAR to sing off against them both...and it's either Him or Them. But whateva's, it's cool.

I'm still pissed about BFFJAMAR. know i love you right? Righttttt?

11 ramblings of your own:

Just A Chic... said...

I was SOOOOOO disgusted that they let that twit Tatiana through. I mean, honestly...there's NO way she's going to win. And not even because she can't sing. She's just going to be voted off because she's the most annoying bimbo in the entire world! Paula totally should not have given her the ring. She may as well get ready for stalker #2.

And I also couldn't believe they didn't let Jamar through. WHAT! I thought he rocked.

I was happy about my favorites: Norman Gentle. I doubt he'll go too far but he's funny as hell and I love to laugh; and of course, Danny Gokey. I think he's got it.

distractinglybombastic said...

two things: the giggly girl is totally there for pseudo-drama and because she's so effing annoying they have her there so people will watch and hate her.

other thing: the guy, I forget his name, the drama queen with the heinous red pants and the headband (ugghh!) and the mom in prison. I don;t care if he has a mom in prison or if he can sing, he's soooo freakin' annoying.

They should have made Red Pants and Giggly Girl have a song off, that, or a death match...just saying.

i like the cute guy with the glasses who lost his wife. I'm rooting for him.

Me said...

I'm very disappointed that they cut Jamar and kept giggly girl! What a joke!

MammaDucky said...

I'm secretly in love with roughneck guy...crap, it's not a secret anymore. SWEARING YOU TO and every other blogger reading this...crap, again.

P.S. You should totally make those cake balls, dress up like June Clever and deliver them in your sing-songy way. That's my vote. MammaDucky, OUT!!

Janna said...

I'm SOOOO pissed about Jamar too! Darn thing is rigged! My husband and I were like "wha..." and they let in Tatiana (giggly girl) over him? Whatev's!

andy said...

I think Simon Cowell is kick a** hot. Is that gross?

I need someone to remind me to watch American Idol when it comes on 'cause my computer keeps calling me from the bedroom like some jealous girlfriend. Then I's like she hypnotizes me.

I am so weak minded.

The Bush Family said...

I AM SO SAD FOR DANNY!!!! I seriously wanted to cry because Jamar didn't make it! The dude just lost his wife now you're taking away his BFF, who was GOOD, so UNFAIR!!!!!!!! Ok I feel better now that I got that off my chest! :)

Lady with a View said...

I swear Rambler...reading these posts is like watching the program + steroids...a much better experience overall but leaves me exhausted.

Krissy said...

i can't believe that they cut jamar. that was lame. but i think they cut that joann pacitte girl. that's what it says on msn or something. they don't say why though.

sticky said...

Dude, SO over that Tatiana chicky...Hubby muted her, seriously bad! So sad for Jamar...
It was hard to watch without the laptop last night -wanted so bad to write you an email as I watched...
Awesome recap!

Lisa said...

Ah, love this. I'm so glad to see another American Idol watcher! Danny is my favorite too and I was so bummed when his BFF was eliminated. My fingers are crossed that Danny is voted through to the finals next week!