Thursday, February 19, 2009

Go say hello to my sis...on her 100th post today :)

It's my FLS 100th post day. (gosh, there's been a lot of you lately :)

So if you could. Would you stop by and say hello!

Those kinda new to me...FLS is my First Little Sister (I have two.)

Congrats Anti-bloggedy!

She's even giving away a really cute homemade blanket.

10 ramblings of your own:

Melissa said...

YAY!!! I just commented for her. Hope you're having a great evening.

Unknown said...

Of course I have been over there! You guys are such nice sisters- love reading both your blogs!

Kim said...

I am going there now. I love blankets.

Cammie said...


Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I can't wait to post Kalei's button. You all have the most beautiful little girls!
Thanks for the comment on my blog, I hope you're okay now.
I loved the Think about it Thursday, a recovering Yes-aholic, Absolutely fabulous!

Rhaingel said...

I am going there after I hit the PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT button here. Have a nice day! :D

MammaDucky said...

I'm kinda starting to freak out as I approach my 100th post. But yay for your FLS!!!

Anna Lefler said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments today - that means so much to me.

Hope all is well and I'm off to visit your sis!



Kalei said...

Thanks sis....but you know, I did that prepost option and It wasn't supposed to be up till today, sunday! I am letting everyone know that left a comment. Just typical! Anyway, Thanks again for the Love!
P.S. We are about 98% close to having a running toilet in the upstairs! By the end of tomorrow it should have the water and the flushing working, the tub has all the piping, and we can begin the tile install!!!!!!yippey!

Megan said...

Congrats to your sis! Headed over there now!