Saturday, June 25, 2005

small kine scare....

As I got home from a long day at work, and dinner with friends for a birthday, I park my car on the far side of the parking lot and as I get out of my car and start walking to my house, my little 18 pound dog Mookie comes charging across the parking lot from some bush. Which by the way is not normal by any means.


(Story from this point told in third person)

He charges across the lot because he realizes his "mommy" is home and wants to greet her. And maybe because he's running at super speed, so his mommy has to grab his face to stop him from passing her to prevent a high pursuit chase of dog through the townhouse community which covers a lot of ground. "Mommy" grabs him, and storms to the front door of their house and almost feels sorry for the piss words that are going to come out of her mouth to "daddy" for not realizing the dog was cruising the neighborhood.

With the door already open which was a given, and carrying a excited dog, "mommy" screams "daddys"' name down the hallway.

Ding Ding Ding. The gloves are on and "mommy's" a swinging. Of course the dog has no idea why "mommy" and "daddy" have started world war three at 9:00 pm at night. (ring a bell aunty?) It's obvious that nothing can be change what happened, so the yelling stops and each boxer retreats to their corners. After some mellowing out time, and an obviously unhurt dog a truce was called between the two!

(end third party version of story)

Sooo, although I meant to come home and blog about my fabulous dinner this evening, I will save this for tomorrow night.

Freaked out by small kine scare,

(And in this corner....Feisty and Crazy

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leigh said...

Oh Daddy, you fucked up! Sorry, its true, had to say it out loud, but ...what the hell were you doing that my nephew ran outside! Hana ukulele, peanut butter jelly. Hahahahaha. Glad my terrified hairy but cute nephew is okay.

Ana said...

OOOOOOH, all that wine made you brave! Glad the child is safe and sound.