Sunday, June 26, 2005

Good friends, wine, garlic and way too much food..

(Denise, Edie, Ana and I) Happy Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Happy Birthday to you!
Happppyyyyy BIIIrrtthhdaayyy dear Deniseeeeeee!
Happy Happy Birthday to you!

Whew. Now I have sung (wrote whatever!) this to you twice today! Hope you enjoyed it?

So last night us girls went out to this restaurant called Ninniku-Ya, (Garlic Restaurant), for Denise's birthday. For Garlic lovers, this is a place to absolutely try again and again. If you can't stand it, and I mean revolt at the thought of garlic, do NOT go to this place unless you want to
just drink wine and eat their chocolate decandant cake. (Yummmy!)

Ana, Denise and I polished off a bottle of white wine (more like ana and I put she still had a glass). Later, Ana and I attempted to tackle the red wine when our entrees came. (we couldn't even finish what was in our first glass of it)

We had all skimped on our meals for breakfast and lunch to have room for our garlicy meal. This proved to be a little on the wrong thing to do since we ordered more food than our tummy's could handle. By the time our entrees came, we were taking those deep breaths you take to make room in the stomach for more. A little while later and some small bites of our food, we called it. Can't do anymore! Absolutely can NOT eat another bite! You can't make us! Please take out boxes. No more!

What, did you say dessert? UMM, we really shouldn't? But OK! ;o)

So us fatties rolled out of there, as we kept saying just one more bite of dessert, but not without begging our server to take our pictures so we can remember the night.

The girls joked with me (since I was a garlic lovers restaurant virgin) that I will reek of garlic for a couple of days. I know that I made it home (and if you read my last blog you know what happened), and tried to relax but no matter how much teeth brushing and listerine gargling I still tasted it in my mouth. My dog kept biting the air when I would breath his way. Forget about the burping and farting!

Well it was a fun evening with the girls, as always! A nice reminder how important it is to have friends in your life!

Happy Birthday D!


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older sister said...

They say that garlic is good for your health. Low chance of cancer...Of course no one wants to get in an elevator with you but youre healthy.

Glad you had a good time...