Friday, June 03, 2005

Too much to do, so little time...

As you know, (if you have been keeping up), my cousin's wedding is this weekend. The whole ohana (family in hawaiian!) is down to "help". I mentioned in an earlier blog that we all love to get into each other's buisness and think we are helping but really maybe, just maybe we are getting in the way. Of course, we are all getting on each others nerves. Most everyone in town is staying with my aunt and uncle (grooms parents) which after a while can be draining. I talked to my uncle tonight and pondered whether to ask him a question regarding things that needed to be done, but realizing that if I ask, my uncle will either

1. pass out from such an overwhelming stupid girly wedding question,
2. snarl at me that he doesn't know what it's like to be in a normal household where no one is there except himself anymore(and I do mean himself! He likes and craves peacefulness and that is the only way he gets it)
3. say call your aunty, and ask her when she's going to be home, we got a lot of work to do!
4. actually answer my question but with me completely apologizing for interupting him.

However a little here and a little there added up to what he told me and I came out of it alive. You gotta love my uncle. He was feared by all cousins, taught us the meaning of keeping weeds out of his yard, and that if we clean the pool tiles with toothbrushes we could get Happy Meals....(boy did he get ripped off!;o), the boys were weary of his watch that shocked them. (us girls never got the privilige), and some of us got in a pretzel hold usually him pinning us down screaming "mercy, mercy! I'll clean the yard!"

All joking aside (kinda) he means the world to me! He knows why, so I won't go embarssing him on this site about the moment his existence in my life changed him from mean old troll under the bridge to knight in shining armor.

So, with one day away, everyone is at their wit's end hoping everything is getting done.

So will share the stories of our fabulous night!


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