Friday, May 27, 2005


Babies. Above is my cousin's baby Kaha (with him is his grandmother, my aunty Nola). This picture was taken in December but he's still really really cute. I'm convinced he's going to be a model or at least strive to have the most attention when in the company of others. His birthday party is the one I was blogging about earlier. (party envy!)
I was visiting with him and his sick mother to do a project for her students end of the year thing. It is amazing how much a little person with only 4-5 teeth, words that can't be understood, snot running down his nose, hands opening up to you to pick him up can give you so much joy. And the new role as protector of young one if anyone dare say he's not cute or any danger that may lurk for such a little guy.

We played and played and his smile just knocked me out. The kind of smiles that leave you wanting more. Someone said happiness is when someone smiles because of your kindness, or in my case sometimes, plain silliness. It was like an accomplishment when this little guy that drools has a ridiculously huge smile because of you!

My cousin and I always said we would be mommies together (her above). She's always hinting to me and the boyfriend how great parenting is and aren't you ready (wink wink). Being with her son today gets me thinking about that biological clock and wondering how long it will hold out for me. Each year, I get a little less selfish with my own needs and get a slight closer to the unselfish want of being a mother to a person of my own creation. Its such a responsibility, and that usually scares me from the edge. One of these days, I know my cousin will just push me off, laughing and saying "don't worry cuz, you'll love it!"
For now, I am satasified with being mommy to a 16 pound hairy 4 legged dog.
Peace, love and baby bottles
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