Tuesday, May 24, 2005


So, this past weekend was my good friends wedding. She's the kind of friend that doesn't like makeup AT ALL. (maybe lipstick or eye liner). Above is almost all the bridal party. Teddy (bottom left) and the bride (duh) Krissy and maid of honor Luana on the right
In the back is Brenda to left and me right behind the bride. Could that be a more difficult explanation of who's standing where? Missing is Aida.

It started Saturday morning. Some of us bridesmaids (did I mention I was in the wedding party?), went to get our nails done. The beautification process can be so tiring! ;o) You know what I love about getting nails done at a korean/chinese/vietnamese nail place? No matter how jacked up your feet are, they only talk in their native tounges to their other co-workers (in front of you). And than of course smile at you. I pretend she's saying my feet are the best looking feet she's ever had to work on!

Okay, off we go our seperate ways with some hours of our own before we have the wedding rehearsel. I take my dog, see many pictures below of him, to the vet with Matt. It's time for his annual. I'm not allowed (per myself and Matt) not to go in because I cry like a retard when the vet does her thing. It's worse when Mookie stares at me with sad eyes like the vet is killing him.
Anyway, this blog is not about the dog.

3 hours later, I am on my way to our wedding rehearsel (spelling?). It goes fast, practice walking, hold flowers in the right place (I kept holding mine by my crotch...too low I was told), stand her left boob to front bridesmaids right shoulder, smile, clap, walk down with groomsman, blah blah blah...

Then my white self (and I mean this ethnically) joined everyone at rehearsel dinner at a Korean Yakkiniku (cook it yourself is what that means) restaurant. Okay above is Aida (missing bridesmaid) and groom Richard in the back. He's smiling huge cause my big butt is in his way! I've always had Korean food from the food courts but never like this. The other more exprienced bridesmaids were kind enough to direct me and tell me how to eat stuff. I need to get out more! Saturday is over, time to go home get some gifts for the bride taken care of and try to sleep.

Sunday morning 7:30 am...
Need to get up, pack everything in the car, take a shower, get in the car. Sit there for a second to make sure I didn't forget anything. Okay, time to meet the girls at our makeup and hair place. Some of us were a little late, but we made it there. Straighten the hair, add a crapload of makeup to last the whole day since the wedding wasn't until 4:30 pm. Only thing they were missing was martinis and champagne. Oh well, we'd have plenty of that soon enough.

Makeup done, time to go to hotel to relax and partake of alcoholic beverages. We had exactly 30 minutes of relaxation, McDonalds, and 2 glasses of champagne! Whew! Off to the place where the bride and groom were to be married. We arrive at a beautiful restaurant/wedding chapel location, go into a private area for the wedding party and partake of MORE champagne. Wedding time came, and I was so nervous. One, because I couldn't believe my friend was getting married, and two I always hated when people stared at me and here I was walking down the aisle to the chapel with a restaurant full of people staring at me! Despite the anxiety which was dulled by the alcohol, we made it. Of course us girls cried when she walked down the aisle with her dad! The ceremony was beautiful, and the party was great. Some of us in the bridal party didn't get to eat, but we definetly drank heavy. (which I paid for the next day as I am sure so did the rest of the bridal/groom crew)
Okay, lame but true, my camera died at the wedding so I have to wait for some of the girls to send me their copies of the bride and groom in makeup and dress.

Well, to happy endings and happily ever afters!

Till the next wedding (june 4th)!

The exhausted Rambler....

P.s. will post pics later so please come back to read blog again!

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