Monday, June 13, 2005

movie night and old married couples

The other half and I went to watch a movie tonight. "Mr and Mrs. Smith" with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. (These two actors are so damn good looking together, sorry Jenn Aniston).

I won't spoil the movie and go on about how funny it is for couples to watch together. I think no matter what type of person you are, you'll relate in some way to the way this movie couple portray a married couple who hit a rut. ( oh yeah and discover their both spies for rival agencies but somehow managed to marry each other with secret identities.)

My sister blogged about old married couple syndrome. How it affects those even under the age of 60, even 50 really. She referenced how my relationship had moved into that phase almost whole heartedly. It's as if she pictures me as an old jewish lady yelling at her semi-deaf, semi-bind husband that wears wife beaters with pants that need to be held up with suspenders. The other day we were eating breakfast and noticed an older couple where the husband was pushing his wife in her wheelchair. Matt (other half) said that could be us later in life. I said he'd be senile by than and I'd probably be still waiting in the garage for him to put me in the car for breakfast while he was eating it! Some of you reading might think it's funny, (and it is!) but I fear that this could be truth.

Well, not much else to say except just 2 more days until my weekend. (mine lands on Thursday this week). Counting down.......49 hours, 53 minutes and 20 seconds to go....

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